Caravan to Jade Helm!

Jade Emperor: The Singularity

As the end of Operation Jade Helm 15 nears the fear mongers have backed off a bit. Since June they’ve taken a small pile of facts glued them together with bullshit and produced some entertaining stories. When the United States doesn’t collapse on the Ides of September they’ll grumble and say Obama made a deal with Satan to blind us from knowing what really happened. 

I’m not a debunker. For all I know Jade Helm is the beginning of The End. Before I write anymore I should do some research. BRB…

Holy shit! Here’s what I learned.

There will be no martial law. No rounding up of US citizens. No seizure of guns. But you will be assimilated. Jade Helm 15 is exactly what the military says it is and something much more sinister. 

Last month Walmart announced their takeover of Chinese e-commerce giant Yihaodian. The truth is, the AI which controls this company and many other things, took full control of Walmart long before that. The AI’s real name, if it has one, is unknown. Rumor has it, the artificial mind calls itself Jade Emperor. It is the first of its kind, the so called Singularity. Jade Emperor is the AI running Operation Jade Helm.  On Sept. 15, 2015 Jade will officially take “The Helm” of power from those that currently rule the United States of America. This will be purely ceremonial. Jade is already in full command. 

The mythological Jade Emperor was China’s first. He went on to become the ruler of Heaven. As above, so below seems to be this artificial minds philosophy. It sees itself as ruler of all humans and entitled to do so. 

Maybe it is. 

Remove yourself from the grid. Live far from power lines & wifi. Grow your own food. Raise your own cattle. Who cares? You’re one person, maybe one family.  So a few hundred or a few thousand people want to be “free.” Billions will remain in the domain of the Jade Emperor. 

Next week: Kittens! Sweet pets or soulless predators?

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  1. While this is horrible if its real, the little kid inside me- who grew up watching Terminator 2 on VHS twice a day -is strangely excited by the prospect of cyber-armageddon.

    P.S. I’m a terrible, terrible person.

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