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Kevin Booth, filmmaker joins Darren and Graham to discuss the latest in the American drug war. Our drug culture is changing rapidly and it seems we are witnessing historic times in many ways. Kevin created both American Drug War 1 and 2, The Last White Hope and Cannabis Destiny. This is a heavy topic of course, so we try and keep it somewhat light….

In the intro the Grimerican’s chat about life in space from meteors, new book and guest ideas, and conspiracies heard on other podcasts regarding music and society.

Kevin Booth

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No agenda – The best podcast in the Universe!

Efrain’s book

Life in space from meteors

Inner Traditions

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Bill Hicks – Sane Man

American, the Bill Hicks story

Bill Hicks and Kevin Booth’s band “Stress”

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When I was about 16 years old I went on a long weekend vacation with my girlfriend (at the time) and her family.  We went to a little town in extreme Northern Maine known as Limestone.  This was a total culture shock to me as, at the time, I was a city guy.  Coming to a town where a good portion of the town didn’t even own a phone was mind blowing to me, but it was really peaceful.  Within the last day or so of our trip we were travelling down a road no wider than a car width, yet it was a two way street surrounded on both sides by some of the thickest woods I had ever seen.  I was sitting in the furthest rear seat of the minivan looking out into these woods mesmerized, and even though it was pitch black, hoping to see a moose.  At some point I looked up into the sky and above us, and slightly behind, was a glowing orange light hovering a few hundred feet above the tree line.  At first I paid it no mind thinking it was a reflection of a car’s headlight or maybe even the moon.  I realized after a few seconds that neither was possible.  We were the only car on this dark, desolate, dirt road and there was no way for our own headlight reflection to reflect back and up; and even if it were possible, there was nothing for it to reflect off of.  A strange feeling began to wash over me as I realized I was looking at a UFO.  I stared for what was likely only ten seconds, though it felt like minutes had passed at the time, as the ball of light suddenly darted across the sky and out of sight within the blink of an eye.  I told my girlfriend what I had seen and, seeing the shock in my eyes, she believed that I had seen SOMETHING out there that night.  The strangest part of this story is what happens after.  From that night on, just about every time we had a sleep over I would awake in the middle of the night, go over to the window (sleepwalking), open the blinds and stare off into the night sky.  She would call to me and ask what I was doing whereupon I would become irate, climb back into bed, and fall asleep; I would have no memory of this the next day.

15 years has gone by since that night and yet I can still remember it as though it were yesterday.  Although I have thought about it many times throughout the years I have never done any research on the area…until now.  I discovered that Limestone, Maine is home to Loring Air Force base and has a bit of a rich UFO history.  (I want to add a quick disclaimer here.  The term UFO is used here to mean LITERALLY Unidentified Flying Object.  I do not pretend to say what I saw, or any of the stories I will relate here, are referring to extraterrestrials.  I fully believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, but without definitive proof these sightings must be considered terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial equally.)

On the nights of October 27th and 28th 1975 there were multiple sightings of a UFO that flew into the Loring Air Force Base and patrolled the base for nearly 40 minutes.  Caution was observed at first but intense anxiety became apparent when the UFO began hovering over the nuclear weapons storage facility located within the base.  Calls to hail the UFO went unanswered.  When the UFO finally left the base, heading towards New Brunswick, it almost immediately dropped off of radar.  Reports of the incident tell of silent, unconventinal movement, with turns with no radius and extreme rapid movement; appearing at one end of the base one moment and the opposite end the next.

Retired pilot Michael Wallace reported in a self made Youtube video being called into a briefing where you needed “secret” level clearance to receive the information.  They were briefed on the appearance and told that if local media caught on to the news or influx of military help that was ordered that they would report it to be a Canadian helicopter that had been harassing the base.  Wallace goes on to report the following night being in command of the #2 plane in a 3 plane formation headed outside of New York on a refueling mission.  On the return flight home, as the squadron was over Maine, Loring radioed the commander of the squad and asked to change stations.  With curiosity in his mind Wallace tuned in on an extra radio in his flight and heard the tower say the UFO had returned and was currently flying overhead.  They ordered the commander to hand command over to Wallace and go radio silent, approaching the base at his discretion.  The commander confirmed and faded into the night sky.  As Wallace returned back to the base he heard radio chatter discussing what was going on and clearly heard “We lost it” over the radio.  During the mission debriefing the commander of #1 plane was not present.  Days later Wallace saw the pilot and asked him about the incident.  His response was that he could not talk about it, and Wallace would not believe him even if he could.

This is one account from military personel that were housed at Loring Air Force base during these nights in 1975.  I have sent out an email to Mr. Wallace for further comment and requesting any other information he may have on that or similar incidents at Loring Air Force Base.  I am awaiting a response currently.  I will update this blog with any new findings on these and similar cases at Loring.

Until next time….

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Hello fellow paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike.  I’d like to welcome you all to my very first blog “A Paranormal World”.  I hope to make this one of your first stops on your monthly, weekly, or even daily readings of all things paranormal.  I wanted to dedicate this post tonight to talking a bit about who I am, where I come from, and the experiences I have had first hand.  I encourage any reader to share their own experiences, privately or publicly, and continue to grow this blog from an aspiring writer’s first time attempt at something he passionately loves, to weekly publication that you can all come to for a great read about extremely thought provoking topics.  If nothing else, I hope to inspire you dear readers to think outside the box and realize there is more to this world then what you can see on the surface.  That this truly is a paranormal world.

My name is Jared and I currently live in the North Eastern part of the United States.  New England is known for it’s crazy weather (which I can vouch for personally as it was 44 degrees last Friday night and 92 by Sunday afternoon), beautiful Fall foliage, and its many paranormal happenings.  I’ve had the opportunity to witness phenomenon many times throughout my life and it has become not only a hobby, but a passion for me.  I have dedicated the past 20+ years of my life to researching and seeking out paranormal phenomenon throughout the New England region.  Though I would certainly consider myself a novice in the actual investigations (I hope to soon up my credentials to intermediary, haha), I believe that my knowledge of paranormal occurences and the history of local areas is fairly strong.  With this knowledge I hope to teach some of  you things you may not know or understand, and conversely I hope to be taught some things from you as well.  Here is how I came to be the paranormal fanatic that I am.

I grew up in a small house in Randolph, Massachusetts.  We lived on the corner of a busy street but the neighborhood was filled with kids and most of us all got along great.  Our days were spent playing baseball or kickball in the street and our nights were filled with large neighborhood sized games of manhunt.  It really was a great childhood, but mine was a bit different than the other kids in the area.  I learned from a very young age that I was living in, what I now believe to have been, a very active household.  I say active rather than haunted in this sense because I have come to believe (and perhaps I will touch on this topic a bit more in later blogs) that the house itself may not have been haunted as much as I, and to a somewhat lesser extent, my brother were capable of experiencing this phenomena.

The first experience I ever had occurred when I was no more than perhaps five or six years old.  I was taking a nap in my upstairs bedroom when I was awoken to the touch of fingers on my bare feet.  As I slowly came out of my dreamlike state I recognized the sensation of being tickled.  I had assumed it was simply my mother or father trying to wake me from my nap and as I tried clearing the sleep from my eyes I said something to the effect of “Hey, stop tickling me”.  I cracked an eye and through blurred vision was able to see a figure sitting at the end of my bed.  The tickling had stopped and I was simply too tired to care who was sitting there.  I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep again.  No sooner did I lay back down I noticed the tickling sensation start again.  Now I was annoyed and sat straight up in bed, opening my eyes wide….when the words caught in my mouth.  No one was there, but I continued to feel the fingers tickling my feet that were uncovered from the bottom of my blanket.  I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, crying to my mother.  From that moment on, after the fear had subsided slightly, I wanted to learn what had happened and what I was experiencing.  While in the house I experienced being touched, hearing voices and my name specifically being called, and even seeing the ghostly outline of a man walking through my basement.

So here I am today, many experiences in many locations and my research continues.  My love of all things paranormal hardly stops at ghosts however.  Ufo’s, cryptozoology, and many more topics are all in my repertoire of fascinations.  There are many more stories to come, not only of my personal experiences, but accounts of phenomena throughout New England, and eventually the world..but hey we all have to start out small, right?  I hope you’re all excited to go on this ride with me and delve into the paranormal happenings that many of us experience each day.  I look forward to your insights, opinions, and personal accounts.  Until next time, look beyond the normal world and into the paranormal world.

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The Forgotten. We’re the people you ignore in your daily life. The cashiers, the cooks, the janitors of the world. We are the faceless army of people that fight to survive. We make ourselves slave away every day to make ends meet. We have no security nets, no food, no health care. We are a breath away from failing.

We make up 15% of America. We make up the majority of the poorest of poor. And we’re The Forgotten. The systems in place to “help” us either don’t exist or don’t help at all.

We are told there are programs and projects to give us food, housing, utility assistance. There are but the guidelines and paperwork neccessary to apply for help are designed to prevent us from getting help.

When you’ve moved six times in the last 10 yrs and you lose important documents like Social Security Cards or Birth Certificates and don’t have a way to recover them you’re screwed. Because to receive assistance you need all that and more, so you don’t starve or freeze to death.

And when The Forgotten have had enough bad things happen. You have a father killing his family then himself. You have people lighting up movie theaters with guns. Because they had no way out other than violence.

And they are labeled bad people or worse, terrorists. But what if its the governments that cause these people to break down and snap are to blame? Those people were born bad, or it was eventually going to happen.

Because The Forgotten don’t exist. They don’t happen in capitalist countries. Just in those evil socialist and communist nations. The brown people we need to bomb are the ones who do that to their poor.

No. Americans do it too. We’re some of the worst offenders of human rights needs. We are having 40 billion dollars stolen from the food assistance program across the nation.

For bombs. For war. For anything but the people who deserve help. We are The Forgotten. Children are starving. Adults are dying from lack of medical care. The elderly are starving and dying.

Why? Because our nation is greedy and wants to make money. Wars “make money”. Well, they do actually. But not for the nations. For the private industries and corporations that provide the weapons of war. The supplies neccessary for war.

And we keep feeding bombs into planes to kill those brown people who are trying to send terrorists to kill us. While our own nations are creating “terrorists”.

Because they’ve been forgotten. They’re tired of starving, or moving, or feeling helpless.

And when someone feels so powerless that violence and killing is the only way for the plight to be noticed, its wrong. It is sickening. But people will turn to the simplest method of being noticed. So they are not forgotten.

And it hurts my heart and soul to know that people feel this is the way to make waves.

Because the system is designed to do so. We are told that wombs are to be controlled. We are told that higher education will save us. We are told that we have what we need.

We don’t have what we need. We are The Forgotten. Our lives are shown on TV when its gone to hell and we’ve done something horrible. People gather and call us horrible things to make themselves feel better for not caring.

For a “Christian” nation we sure do a piss poor job of caring for the weak. For a country that is “The land of opportunity” we sure seem to love keep the poor still poor.

And The Forgotten will never forget what you’ve done to us. The lies you told to keep your government job and lifetime healthcare. The bombs you dropped instead of food you could have given. The pain of watching a loved one die because we couldn’t afford chemotherapy.

And I do not advocate violence. I do not advocate any harm to innocent people.

What I do advocate is understanding and sharing. I advocate for people to give a hand up when you can. I advocate for prosperity through peace and services designed to erase debt, hunger, and housing issues.

Because if we can stop dropping bombs and feeding The Forgotten, those people can rise and become active citizens and people of the world. When you show that we are not the enemy to your nation we will help you rise.

Because we just want to be noticed and understood. We want to not be second or third class citizens. We want to be remembered.

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Passport to Grimerica with past guests and fans. Jared, David, Jagger, Efrain Palermo and Red Pill Junkie get a passport to Grimerica on this episode. The fellas chat about everything from their own personal experiences, New Zealand politics, Mars, Synchronicities, the Oz affect, and of course Efrain crazy theories… including one on ice crystals in your very own kitchen freezer!!

Red Pills of the week

Efrain’s website, including his upcoming book… 

No agenda podcast 

Jagger’s band “High School Sweethart”

Bruce Lipton


Russell Brand Nazi Rant


Grimerica Theme Song – Lock&Key

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The future of warfare is going to be much different than any of us could ever imagine. I think that if we keep pushing the boundaries of human ability, the next step is mechanical.

If we humans make our world inhospitable and have to fight in wastelands, we humans will need to adapt. To our environment, to our physical needs and abilities. And if cybernetic upgrades are necessary I do believe that we will do so.

Maybe we will do it willingly. Maybe it will be forced upon us. But I do know that films like Elysuim and Robocop (2014) are a sign of the future.

But it might not be nations we fight. It might be a total civil war, or World War III. And it will be person against person if a WWIII breaks loose.

And we do have this to worry about.

That can be weaponized in minutes, because we already have automated turrets that can confirm kills up to a mile away. North Korea already has them placed along the DMZ, and they kill people weekly.

But when warfare changes, its drastic and instant. Look at Tokyo and Hiroshima.

And in movies and video games these are kickass and cool. Reality has shown us (or should have by now) that it isn’t.

If drones were to take the human equation out of warfare, Id have no issues with them. But they don’t. They make us look at the inhumanity of war, especially when its a school full of kids and not a terrorist cell blowing up.

We can rage all we want that we need to make sure a mistake like that never happens again, but it will. The Pentagon and DARPA and any other government scan promise better software, and that automated systems are the future.

But it won’t happen. We need a human at the helm of any killing device. Because the human can choose to disobey orders, to feel that gut instinct to not shoot.

Machines can’t. They do as programmed. They do as instructed.

And we need to stop and consider this: is fighting wars that necessary? Especially if its not an extinction level event like WWII?

What would it take for us to not fight wars? The armed services of all nations standing down, disobeying orders? An alien threat?

If you want to answer these questions, feel free to in the comments.

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Antonio Paris of joins Darren and Graham to talk about his nuts and bolts type UFO organization and the excellent research they are doing. Antonio and his team are doing some hardcore research into this convoluted and allusive phenomenon and are not getting bogged down by old cases, government conspiracies and anecdotal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation.  

Link to Antonio’s Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization 

Speaking at 


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Look for Grimerica’s newest blog “A Paranormal World” soon…

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Frank Joseph, author of “Before Atlantis” and many other books joins the Grimerican’s on this episode. Warning….. If you are an archeologist, you won’t want to listen to this. If you are learning to be an archeologist you really want to listen to this. 

Darren and Graham chat with Frank about human evolution with a bit of a twist. Loads of evidence often overlooked about global megalithic seafaring cultures and what they have left in their wake. And then more stuff goes way way back thus the title of his latest book.  Maybe Revolving in and out the oceans over time has uniquely made us who we are as humans.


Frank’s current books on Amazon

His new book coming in October 2013 “Lost Colonies of Ancient America”

Some recommended reading from Frank 

Virginia Steen-McIntyre 

Scott Wolter, PG, Bat Creek Stone

Mars One Applicants

Chinese guy

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In some of this planet’s driest regions, where rainfall is rare or even nonexistent, a few specialized plants and insects have devised ingenious strategies to provide themselves with the water necessary for life: They pull it right out of the air, from fog that drifts in from warm oceans nearby.

Now researchers at MIT, working in collaboration with colleagues in Chile, are seeking to mimic that trick on a much larger scale, potentially supplying significant quantities of clean, potable water in places where there are few alternatives.

Fog harvesting, as the technique is known, is not a new idea: Systems to make use of this airborne potable water already exist in at least 17 nations. But the new research shows that their efficiency in a mild fog condition can be improved by at least fivefold, making them far more feasible and practical than existing versions.

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