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Dr. John Ward and Scotty Roberts are in the Grimerica house!! These two fellas are trying to track down the truth of the Exodus in full Indiana Jones form. Who was Moses really…? Was he a eunuch or was he just one of the world’s first porn stars?!?   Darren and Graham chat with these two gentlemen about all of their upcoming projects including the Exodus Reality Adventure, new books and upcoming conferences.

In the Intro Red Pill Junkie talks about his recent appearance on the Paracast. They also ramble about history, stolen bloody pope cloth, Fatima, the Global Consciousness App and the Great Grimerica Global Flyer Campaign. 

Intro Links: 

Dan Carlin’s hardcore history podcast 

Heavenly Lights. 


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Kris Weston, formerly from “The Orb” joins Darren and Graham. Partially responsible for Graham’s obsession with electronic music…. Kris now hates electronic music  He chats about his new fundraiser for some real music production and some of his past interest in the strange and conspiratorial scarring of the collective consciousness, along with a different way of sharing via web. 

Kris “Thrash” Weston’s site 

Krisstarter campaign 

In the intro Darren and Graham talk about their new global flyer campaign. THC podcast comes up again, episodes with Dave Asprey and Stephen Greer.

Dave Asprey and the upgraded self 

Stephen Greer – Sirius Disclosure 


Radio Misterioso and RPJ 

RPJ on the Paracast 

IRATI Investigating RINA 

An Intro to RINA by John Day 

Neil Postman, Our we amusing ourselves to death? 

The smoking gun by Colin McLaren 

Marshall Mcluhan 

Catch 33 by Meshuggah 


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Gidday from the antipodes my fellow Grimericans,


Finally I am back after a much deserved break over the Xmas period, with time to reflect and delve into some of the bigger questions we all have about the universe we live in.


In this blog I want to take a look at free will.


I do wish to start by making clear that I am not a metaphysicist and  have no formal training or qualifications. I am merely looking at this topic from my own amateur, but inquisitive , point of view.


Now free will is a biggie in this bloggers eyes. We all have roughly the same  take on what these two words mean to us when they are side by side but here are two good definitions I have found online:


free will


  1.  the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.

free will


1. the ability to choose how to act

2. the ability to make choices that are not controlled by fate or God

1.  voluntary choice or decision <I do this of my own free will>

2.  freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention

Ok, pretty straight forward. A voluntary act as such. No one is forcing you to do it, not even GOD, but we will get into that little chestnut later!! Essentially nothing outside of your being or consciousness, apparently, is guiding you to perform or act or make decisions in a certain way. Ok, so we are clear on what the term is supposed to mean and we agree on this as our reference point for at least the length of this blog?

Now lets look at our own experiences.

Have you ever had feeling that you real had to do something?? Doesn’t matter what that thing was , just that you had a drive to do what ever that thing was? Maybe you had a “vision” or a dream? but deep down you had a burning desire to achieve that goal.  Now does that fall into the above category of free will? Where does that motivation come from? Some instances can be explained away, lets blame a challenge from someone or advertising that convinced you that you couldn’t exist without the new I-Phone, that’s easy. That’s not free will as the catalyst for that particular goal came from somewhere in your day to day, concrete existence. Why do we have a favourite colour or maybe a style of music that we listen to? Is this dictated by our environment or do we truly hold these ideals in our heads and stick to them. As a Chef I know that seafood or mushrooms are a love or hate thing for most people. Ok, I love wild mushrooms, but why ? Is it just that the texture or flavour really agrees with me or makes me feel good or excites my taste buds? But what is behind THAT conclusion? Why do I like it? What is so good about THAT flavour? Am I getting too deep into this or have I missed something. I don’t know about you, but I want to know what is behind my choices in life and why I feel compelled to enjoy or favour item A over item B when I cant explain any difference between the two.

But what about the ideas or goals that just show up from nowhere? Do we have the equivalent to a random number generator in our heads?? Or is this maybe  a segue into the concept of a non-local mind??

To me , this is the most logical answer. Big words huh? I understand that is a big statement , but it just fits right for me. It does give me a least a theory of where these ideas came from. You know , how everything in the universe exists only if it is being observed?? The old quantum physics laws covers this, so why break with tradition on this one. Even the random number generator needs to be in existence before those random numbers can exist. So our ideas , or “free will”, maybe do come from the non-local mind. Which then makes the idea of free will redundant, in this universe or dimension anyway…?

So then we better mention the aforementioned capital “G”. I did notice that “God” did pop up a lot as I researched the definition of free will. Surely not all lexicographers are religious or hold religious beliefs, so why should he get a mention? If I was more savvy with Google translate I would love to see what other languages define free will as and if the big Fella gets a mention their too?

According to Oxford, Webster and at least half of the other search results, God makes up our mind for us most of the time anyway. So,  if you do regret some of the decisions you’ve made before, you can blame him or her I guess? But the truly off the wall shit is all free will, which is yours, I think, but isn’t really if you look at the above points again?!! Or am I really barking up the wrong tree? Do all of our decisions positively arrive to us from the ether  with no guide rails or training wheels to coax us onto some fateful path or whatever? Or do we actually have some form of consciousness that our ideas and motivations stem from. Some hidden mind that broadcasts our deepest truths to us from another dimension maybe. Or is it just how we are wired, how we are programmed to live out our existence, is our fate a predetermined  path and we only think we have free will to make the choices that we do?

If anything I hope this little piece has helped open your mind to the take I have on free will. As I say it is only my opinion, my perspective on this topic. Even though I have asked more questions than I have answered, It is the questions that make us all stronger and keeps us growing. On that note, my fellow Grimericans, I leave you to ponder….

Till next time,



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Susan B. Martinez, author of “The Lost History of the Little People” and “The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man” joins Darren and Graham on this episode. First Giants, now little people… what is this – Middle Earth!?!  Apparently the little folk go way way back to the beginning and we humans are merely the leftover hybrid race of crossbreeding species for thousands of years. 

In the Intro with Red Pill Junkie we talk about his latest appearance on Greg Bishop’s, Radio Misterioso!! And a couple of his top new stories of late.

Links to Susan’s book on Inner Traditions 

Red Pill Junkie on Radio Misterioso Gene Steinberg from the Paracast – fundraiser Soldier of Fortune, Green Beret Mothman

Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, Richard J. Dewhurst 

Barry Hoon, The Art of Deep Seeing, Mindful Insights. 


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I hate UFOs. I hate them utterly now. Its because of several reasons, and I believe that we can’t escape them because they affect all of us in the UFOlogy field.

The people associated with UFOs are so varied and have wildly different levels of believability you have to research them all. I’m not going to name people, but when you can’t vett your people you have a problem. But others in the field are so awesome I have to listen to them even if I have to download a crazy podcast. This is a problem that we face. We have to have people who wouldn’t normally associate themselves with the field in scientific studies that will bolster our cases. For example, the O’Hare UFO event in 2006 was witnessed by over 300 people. It shut down the airport for several hours and accounts and footage of the event hasn’t surfaced yet. I would like to assume that out of those 300 people we had one person who is respectable enough to step forward. And if that person was a scientist that could confirm or deny the report of a UFO in a respectable manner, all the better.

The other problem with the people in the field are the witnesses themselves. I’m a UFO witness and I’ve shared my account before. But I’m so unsure of what exactly happened that I don’t talk about it anymore. And if I doubt myself, how can we trust any memories? I know that we tend to trust people like police officers, military personel, and teachers more than a man down on the river. But whose to say that any of them are able to remember it or be more truthful than the others? We can’t, and we have to vett everyone. Eh, that’s not a bad plan, but we also lose time and money doing so.

So, the people involved are a huge problem. How do we fix this? Data. We collect the data and keep it in an open source where we can filter results by thousands of factors.

Imagine a database where if we wanted to research the top colours worn on the day of a UFO or alien encounter we can. Or air temperature, or other variables at the snap of a finger. MUFON isn’t searchable like that, private collections of data certainly aren’t either.

The data collected is another issue. In the last 15ish years we have reports of lights. That’s fucking it? No real concrete landing evidence? No interesting ship designs? Just a bunch of different coloured lights bouncing around the skies?


The data from UFO encounters needs to be studied by anyone who wants to look at it. And the data needs to be in-depth about everything from the sighting to emotional states of witnesses before, during, and after. We need more data than what we get.
We can’t capture a UFO as civilians, so until we do, we need data. Searchable, quantifiable data in our hands. Minutes after the report goes live on the network. And the other thing is the occupants, or lack of interactions. I’ve noted elsewhere that the occupants were so varied and interesting… but they’re boring now. Grays. Grays. Grays.

Thanks Whitley.


But my biggest issue with UFOs are them. The ufo stereo type has evolved and changed over the last 50 years to be anything from a flying coffee can to balls of light. The biggest change is from nuts and bolt designs to light ships powered by love.

While the phenomenon can change, the underlying message is that as our opinions and knowledge change, they do too. They always seem to be one or two steps beyond our current tech and they change right before we make a leap in technology.

And I can’t tell you if they are nuts and bolts or if they’re light ships. In my own sighting it looked like a red light surrounding a physical craft.

And that pisses me off. We don’t know a damn thing. About the crafts, occupants, or anything really. And we have so many people telling us what they are. Or who they are. And not one of us has a theory that we can definitely say is the truth, and not have it evolve or outright change eventually. We have our thoughts, but we also fall back on classical thoughts on UFOs when we can’t decipher new data.

And I think if I’m to pay attention to UFOs any time soon seriously I need
A) people I’m not going to write off the moment I see them.

B) Data. Data that anyone can search and promote findings in an unbiased manner online or publications. Data that tells us something more than an anecdote does.

C) UFOs being better categorized by people, and solid theories and ideas on how we can test hypothosis’ of researchers.


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For many years I have experienced dreams in a very vivid way.  Now not all the dreams I have are of this vivid, almost lucid, style; there is however a certain consistency in them that is the reason I write this now.  As a lover of the paranormal I often dream of hauntings and, at times, alien encounters.  There is nothing strange in that as I spend a good portion of my time thinking about, researching, and asking questions about paranormal activity.  What becomes strange about these dreams is that they all have the same reoccurring idea and feelings to them.  Recently, over the past year or two, I have learned to sense this feeling within my dreams and stay focused on them rather than wake up from them.  Don’t get me wrong, the experiences are often terrifying but I truly feel as if there is something more to them.  I want to retell a few of them here that I still remember very well to this day, in some cases almost a year later, and I welcome thoughts and comments about what this could be.  Perhaps it’s nothing at all.

The oldest dream I can remember that involved these same feelings (of which I will describe later in as much detail as I can) involved me walking around in a previous house that I had lived in.  Prior to this dream I had had these feelings before but as this is the oldest one I can vividly remember without making up filler facts I will start here.  I was walking in my kitchen when I felt a tug on my shirt, I knew at that moment in my dream that it was about to happen again.  Suddenly I feel a force come into my body, I’m lifted into the air and left hanging, weightless.  This is usually about the point that I wake up however in this instance I remember telling myself “this is just a dream, stay with it” and I did.  Often times I am able to turn around while hanging in the air, other times I am paralyzed; this particular dream was the former and I rotated myself in midair.  I began hearing whispers, something trying to tell me something, though I was unable to understand it at the time.  After struggling to hear these whispers I was suddenly dropped and I woke up from my dream.  Though these dreams are very intense and I can obviously remember them after an extreme amount of time has passed, I never wake up with a jump or screaming, I simply open my eyes.  I find that to be a strange part of this.

The next dream I can remember well occurred about six months ago.  I had hit a rough patch in life and was forced to stay at my father’s apartment for an extended period of time where I slept on the living room couch.  Not a great situation but it is better than sleeping on the street.  On this particular evening I was awoken (in my dream) to a sensation of something in the room with me.  I stood up and began to look around when out of nowhere the force entered me again;  This time with quite a bit more violence.  I was lifted into the air and hung there for a second or two before being thrown through my apartment door (I will say here that I don’t know if the door was open in my dream, closed and I slammed through breaking the door down, or simply passed through the door itself) over the railing and down the stairs.  Again I simply opened my eyes at that point, and though I do remember gasping a little there was no sudden jumping or anything like this.

The last dream I remember well, and the one that actually led me to write this blog tonight, occurred only about two weeks ago.  In my dream I was at a neighbor’s house and as I was getting ready to leave I recognized that I was in a dream.  I remember knowing that if I went to his basement I would be able to create this happening again.  I clearly remember telling myself “hmm, I wonder if I can create that feeling again.  I haven’t sensed it in a while.”  So off I went down a flight of stairs and into a door on the right side at the bottom of the stairs.  The room was well lit with another door on the opposite wall that I associated with an entrance to his garage, though I never got that far.  I took no more than four or five steps into this basement and felt it a split second before being thrown into the air weightless again.  I hung there for what seemed like minutes but I know was only seconds.  The sensation was stronger this time, it very rarely is a “good” feeling I get from this but this time there seemed to be a lot of anger.  As I mentioned before I am often able to move around while being hung there…..however this time I had no need to try to move on my own.  I remember hearing a bit of a growl or a grinding type of noise (though full disclosure here I may be adding that in now as I think back on it, I cannot be positive about this) I was, I don’t know whether to say dragged or thrown but I think the better description is dragged (though I was still weightless) across the room aggressively and I noticed a small wooden door, no more than maybe three feet high.  I was being dragged to this door and I knew very well that I did NOT want to go in that door.  Just as I was being dragged into it I was able to move my leg to press it against the wall to stop myself.  It was then I woke up.

I have had this dream many times, more often than these other locations, happen in the home I grew up in.  I don’t mention these accounts here because I cannot clearly recall the details of them other than the room (my old bedroom) and the feeling of being grabbed, pulled into the air, and hung there weightless.  I can attest to the feeling I get every time I wake from these dreams (a feeling that I am getting as I write this as a matter of fact and that in and of itself is a bit strange to me as I am sitting at work in my office on lunch and have no reason to be having these intense feelings).  The best way I can describe it is the sensation you get after you get a cold shiver.  Goosebumps all over your flesh, hairs on your neck standing up, and you can simply feel prickles all over your body.  The one part of my body I notice feeling strangest each time is the upper part of my legs by my quads and hamstrings.  The sensation is always the strongest there and I often have to rub them or simply lay there and try to forget about it for a bit before the “shiver” feeling goes away.

I mentioned this story briefly during a paranormal podcast recently in the chat room and a woman who claims to have a “vision” of people and what is going on around them mentioned the thought of alien encounters.  For some reason that is often what I have associated this with, although the dream itself always feels more of a ghostly variety.  I really do not have any answers, and frankly I’m not really all that afraid of it even though at the time it is occurring it is some of the most intensely scary moments I can imagine.  I am learning to allow myself to sense these feelings in my dream and to know I’m in a dream so I can stay with it.  In my everyday life I have trained myself to sense my surroundings well and have had confirmation on multiple occasions about paranormal activity being found or believed to be in an area that I sense.  This is what I am trying to do with these dreams now and hopefully I will have an answer someday.  I just feel like there is something to these that I am supposed to understand.  Though I do caution myself that each time these dreams occur (especially lately) they seem to be getting more intense and more violent (I don’t know if that is the right word given that I don’t remember being hurt in them and I don’t wake up in any sort of pain but it is the best word I can give to describe it at the moment).

So that is my story for now.  If and when this happens again I will make it a point to blog as soon as possible in hopes of giving you all the most accurate information.  With all that said if any of you have thoughts on what this could be, perhaps it’s nothing more than a bad dream, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you’d have a similar situation but do not want to post please feel free to shoot off an email to me. I’d love to hear from you all.  Thanks for taking the time to read.

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             Last month I received a text from an old friend of mine telling me to, “Google ‘Earthing’ and then do it.” This friend of mine I’ve known for half of my life. He can at times be a little overly enthusiastic when it comes to government conspiracies, holistic medicine and government conspiracies to cover up the healing powers of holistic medicines.




Visual approximation of my friend.


Despite those facts, I again have known him for half of my time on this planet and consider him one of my closet friends and decided to at least humor him. What I found when I searched the inter webs was an idea so simple, so mind boggling easy, that it caught my attention. I had to find out more. But before I go any further, I want to play it safe so here’s a disclaimer.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This blog should not be used in any legal capacity whatsoever, including but not limited to establishing “standard of care” in a legal sense or as a basis for expert witness testimony.  No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any statements or opinions made on the blog. I take no money from drug or device companies.  By reading this blog, you agree not to use this website or blog as medical advice to treat any medical condition in either yourself or others, including but not limited to patients that you are treating.  Use of this website does not constitute a physician-patient relationship.  I am not a medical professional. Consult your own physician for any medical issues that you may be having.




My legal department



                Earthing, also known as Grounding, is a concept in which one connects the human body to the Earth via conductive material such as grass, wet sand, dirt or bodies of water and it’s as simple as taking off your socks and shoes and walking around. The idea behind it is that our bodies generate a positive voltage that is bad for our health if not neutralized in some way or another. The Earth’s surface is just teaming with free electrons from lightning strikes and solar radiation from the Sun and when one makes physical contact with it, their bodies will absorb these free electrons and in turn, eliminate the negative effects of the positive voltage our bodies produce.  Wet surfaces are supposed to be better than dry and even unfinished or unsealed concrete is also conductive enough for the healing properties of this idea. So is there anything to it?




I rest my case…



                It turns out there is some science behind it. The human body generates what is commonly referred to as ‘free radicals’ during the normal processes of metabolism. Free radicals appear to have some beneficial effects in that they can and do destroy nasties in our bodies such as bacteria and viruses. But, as the old saying goes, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. And too many free radicals can be very damaging. They are linked to chronic pain, disease and even ageing. Well, the process of aging. They are linked to inflammation as well, which, from what I gathered, is part of the healing process but also can be damaging if not within the right amount.  ‘Low grade’ inflammation however can lead to aches and pains throughout muscles and joints in the body. They are believed to be an integral part in chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease amongst others.

                So where does Earthing come into play? Remember when I said that the earth’s surface is just teeming with those free electrons from lighting and solar radiation.  The free electrons are the bit of energy that the radicals lack. By providing a positively charged body with these free electrons, these free radicals and the damaging effects of inflammation can be neutralized. Now you can attain these electrons through such means as  ‘polyphenols’ which are plant substances contained in chocolate, black tea, fruits and veggies amongst other sources such as nutrients from vitamins A, C and E and in theory, Earthing can provide these free electrons as well.




I don’t think these count…



                There have been studies into the subject including one done in 2012 that was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine about how Earthing can reduce blood viscosity and cardiovascular risk factors. There seems to be endless benefits to Earthing.  But from the other side, I have read that there have been blind and double blind studies on Earthing with the results that would suggest that the healing properties are more than just a placebo effect, but have yet to actually find any. It’s easy to get swept into the idea of something so cheap and easy to have wonderful effects on one’s health. There is a small industry that has sprung up around the concept of Earthing. You can buy Earthing mats, shoes, books, sheets, patches and kits. Are these claims just to make a profit, an evil ploy to get you to unsuspectingly step on legos, or is there something actually to it? The answer is a simple as kicking off your shoes and going for a walk, which I plan to do… once it warms up.




You can follow me on twitter for updates in the world of the Fringe @ForteanMindset

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David Weatherly, Paranormal Investigator and author of “Black Eyed Children” and “Strange Intruders” joins Darren and Graham in Grimerica on this episode. The master story teller himself chats with the guys about his upcoming book “Tulpas” as he recounts his personal experiences Weatherly is a boots on the ground investigator and has lots to talk about from all over the globe.!eventdetails/c2414


Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

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Pale Blue Dot – Evan Merklin

Creepy Ring a round the Rosie

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                 In September of 2012, a man by the name of Rick Dyer had asserted that he had shot and killed the legendary Sasquatch near San Antonio, Texas. You may recognize the name. That’s because he has been associated with a dead Bigfoot body before. Back in 2008, Mr. Dyer, along with Sheriff Deputy Matt Whitton, claimed to have found a body of a Bigfoot and then attempted to preserve the body in a freezer. You might recognize this event as the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax.

 Seems LegitSeems legit…

                The hoax gained widespread media attention when known Bigfoot hoaxer Tom Biscardi jumped into the mix. They went as far as holding press conferences and promising newscasters to join them on site. The charade lasted until August of ’08 when the sham was revealed to indeed be a falsity, to no one in the field of Sasquatchery, let alone cryptozoology’s surprise. After being shown to be in fact a hoax, the group of unscrupulous men claimed it all to be a big joke.

080818_bigfoot_claim“Geeze… learn how to take a joke world…”

                Mr. Dyer has shown up since then. You may have seen the video on the web of a Sasquatch outside of a camper’s tent. This was Rick Dyer. He captured the video of the alleged Woodbooger called “Hank” with his cell phone as it passed by to supposedly feast on pork ribs Dyer had set out as bait in a forested area on the out skirts of San Antonio. When the creature returned, Mr. Dyer shot and killed the animal. After dispatching the legendary creature, it was hauled off to an undisclosed location outside of Las Vegas. His “investors” provided the funding for the scientific testing, e.g. DNA testing, 3D Optical Scans and body scans, which have yet to be released.

1533931_10152515107058858_531302497_nWho needs “Scientific” tests with a picture like this?

 Despite his checkered past, and stateing in an radio interview that the one reason for his website was “convert people who believe in Bigfoot into Bigfoot haters.”, Mr. Dyer has now stated that after a long dispute with his investors, he has once again reclaimed the body of the Sasquatch named Hank and plans to take it on a national tour. He will be charging a small fee for viewers to gaze upon this magnificent monster.  I have been unable to find out exactly how much but I doubt it’ll be 25¢ a pop. Dyer also released a documentary of the event called “Shooting Bigfoot” back in April of last year.  I’m sure that this isn’t a self-promoting campaign at all and that we can all have a sigh of relief knowing that the mythical hominid is finally proven a reality.

 dyer-logo“Oh, how embarrassing. You caught me looking stoic.”

And definitely not an excuse to plaster his face on the side of his vehicles. That would be absurd…

dyers-hank-tour-trailer“Oh this ol’ thing… I just had it lying around.” 

In all fairness, if Mr. Dyer has the body of a real Sasquatch, I wouldn’t care that it was he who proved the reality of the animal to the world. I really don’t think anyone would. But if this is the greatest discovery in the history of zoology, the history of mankind even, it is hard to swallow that it would be carted around in the back of a trailer being viewed by paying spectators. Well, at least not this day and age. There are all too familiar parallels between this and the Minnesota Iceman which had made headlines again in the Fortean world last year being once again displayed, this time in the Museum of Weird in Austin, Texas. (Fun Fact: Austin is just a little over an hour away from San Antonio) For those of you who don’t know or can’t remember, the Minnesota Iceman was a human like hairy creature that was encased in a block of ice and exhibited at carnivals, side shows, shopping malls and state fairs in the U.S. and Canada in the 60’s and 70’s.  There is still debate on its authenticity in certain circles today. So if history has taught us anything, we can be sure that Dyer’s Bigfoot body will remain in controversy for years to come. Maybe that’s what Mr. Dyer wanted all along.

rickdyerattention“Bigfoot is 100 percent real. There’s no question about that. I’m going to go down in history as the best Bigfoot tracker in the world.”

                                                                      -Rick Dyer

You can follow me on twitter for updates in the world of the Fringe @ForteanMindset

You can also check out a website dedicate to all the fakery associated with Mr. Dyer here.

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Hello fellow paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike.  We’ve come into yet another year and as I look back on what 2013 has brought me, both professionally (not much lol) and personally, I got to thinking about some of the paranormal stories that captured my attention and my imagination throughout the year.  Firstly, I want to take a minute to mention a few of the new people and discoveries I’ve made this past year.  As someone who has always been involved in researching and learning more about the paranormal I really did not know a lot about the podcasting world and for the most part, up until mid year, really only listened to MU.  Now granted MU is amazing and I am not knocking that show in any way at all but with only one podcast to listen to each week (2 now gentlemen if you’re reading this, signing up for plus FINALLY in the next day or two) I was left searching for more throughout my daily grind.  Finding Darren and Graham here at Grimerica has been great and their podcast has opened me up to some new ideas and adventures I’d like to delve a bit deeper into and hopefully I will do just that in 2014.  Great work guys.  Keep it up this year, eh?

I also found Cam and Kyle at Expanded Perspectives and they have greatly influenced my paranormal research, etc throughout this year.  Listening to them mentioning their hesitations at beginning a podcast and seeing the success it has had thus far has left me with a desire to do the same, when time permits. For now I am more than happy writing this blog (and perhaps others to come this year) and interacting with you all as I can.  Of course a shout out to the guys at the Gralien Report, Jim Harold and his paranormal podcast, and anyone else I may have missed…you guys are great teachers, researchers, and investigators.  You all delve into this field in the right way and give credibility to a field that is often laughed at and shunned in the mainstream media.  I am honored to call you all acquaintances and hopefully in 2014, friends.

Moving on from that I want to take a few minutes to mention some of the headlines and stories that captured my attention throughout 2013.  Here’s a look back at some of my favorites.

I have to start with a documentary about a location that I have lived in for a large portion of my life.  Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare directed “The Bridgewater Triangle” documentary about the unexplained phenomenon that haunts the area of south eastern Massachusetts.  Though I have to be honest with you all, I have not scene this production as of yet, I have studied the area and have had first hand experiences there.  The reports of everything from UFO encounters, to mass hauntings, thunderbirds, and who could forget the pukwudgies.  The reports are many and very detailed and it is about time someone took the time to look into this location.  The Hockomock swamp, where much of this activity is centered, has a very creepy and ominous feeling even during the day-I can attest to this first hand.  Though creepy does not equate to anything supernatural the reports certainly have needed research for a while.  I recommend everyone (including myself) to watch this documentary.

2013 is the first time I have heard of the slender man as well.  The first situation in which I heard of this creature was in a computer game that many in the gaming community swear may be the scariest game of all time.  The goal of the game is simple, wander around in the woods while trying to avoid the slender man and retrieve pages cryptically written on (Help me), who will creep up on  you and scare you to death.  I have to admit, after watching this video I needed to play. Recently a video surfaced out of Russia that some believe shows the slender man himself.  Though I am a bit weary of the video, the creepy factor is certainly heavy.

The stories that have surfaced on the web about children who remember past lives have intrigued me from the start.  These children are often able to recall locations, details about friends, family, and locations, and in some cases, even the way they had previously died.  Some of the most compelling evidence involving these cases are the birthmarks or scars that are often associated with the way the previous life had come to an end, appearing on the children who believe they are that person reincarnated.  Having read Tom Shroder’s book “Old Souls” was one of my favorite reads of the year, though the book came out many years ago.

Though this is only a small sampling of what I have learned about and discovered this year, I wanted to mention these few topics as it is a step away from the typical ghost and UFO stories that everyone knows about.  Every day fringe topics pop up around the world and, though often mocked by the mainstream media, deserve the attention that many other news stories get.  It’s been said often but until these topics get serious coverage they are going to continue to be considered nothing serious and filler for some news stations.  Hopefully with the coverage given to the topic by the likes of Micah Hanks, Ben and Aaron, Jim Harold, Cam and Kyle, Graham and Darren and with people like RPJ and all the others that ask the hard questions, question the facts, and seek the truth, these topics will finally get the respect they deserve.  A great job to everyone and continued success to us all in 2014.

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