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Hello Grimericans! What can I say? It’s been a fun year for me. Not that you would know because as I noticed a few weeks ago, I have only published one single, solitary blog post this year! That is unacceptable to Darren, Graham, myself and of course all three of my regular readers (the latter parties excluded). And as 2016 is rapidly coming to a close, with only a few hours left before the proverbial and literal ball drops, I am frantically researching the topic of… I don’t know. I have so many ideas for posts, but all topics on my list would require more research than I have time for. Time for… Time… Time travel! I’ve got it! I will simply construct a device that will allow me to travel back into history and provide me with the adequate time needed to satisfactorily write a well laid, thought provoking article. Heck! Why stop at just one?! I can write a whole year’s worth of blog posts. Well that’s taken care of. I’ll just do that. No problem. Now if I remember correctly from a previous post I wrote on time travel, I’m going to need a safe word in case I run into myself and I need to warn past me of something… I would have to already have had to come up with it, that way, past-me would know it… Damn… this time travel stuff is confusing. Maybe I can afford a little time to research what could go wrong if I were to go back into the annals of 2016 and pop out a few posts. What am I saying? I have all the time in the world. Let’s see. The first thing I would have to worry about is obviously the…



The Butterfly Effect


Sweet, I love this movie! Amy Smart all the way! Am I right?! But now that I think about it, things didn’t go too well for good ol’ Aston in the end there; did it? Actually, I don’t remember. That movie had like four different alternative endings. I’m sure one of them had to be good. But okay, the butterfly effect. That’s the one that if you were to hypothetically travel back into time and accidentally (or purposefully, you demented bastard) kill a butterfly, then that seemingly little act can have a huge effects and a cascade of consequences that change history as the time traveler would have known it. If one were to dig more deeply into the subject, you would find that the butterfly effect is part of Chaos Theory which has its place in mathematics. Now since I have a tendency to write way more than I should and always fear that I lose readers halfway through my posts, I will not start talking about math. I will let the words of Edward Lorenz, who coined the term “butterfly effect” and was the driving force of developing chaos theory, summarized it as:


Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.



So I think what this is saying is that I need to avoid butterflies at all costs. Now, without hurting your head or mine (mostly mine), we’ll move on to:



The Grandfather Paradox


Probably the second best well known time travel paradox. It goes, for those of you who don’t know, if you were to travel back in time to kill your own grandfather, for whatever reason, let’s say you just didn’t like the cut of his jib, upon completion of this morbid deed, you would cease to have ever existed and therefore you couldn’t have traveled back in time and killed your grandfather for his smug attitude and thus, with you not killing him, you were eventually born and are able to travel back in time and kill your grandfather for his holier than thou demeanor, but in doing so, you again seal your nonexistent fate meaning… you see why this is a paradox, right? Now scientists love trying to come up with solutions to these paradoxes and some theoretical physicists have come up with a few ideas on how this situation could pan out. But we’ll get to those in due time. For now, I think for my purposes, all I need to take away from this is to stay away from my grandfather, who was a really nice man anyway and I assure you that there is no bone in my body that would wish that kind-hearted soul ill will, even if he did always cheat at cribbage. So now onto…



The Bootstrap Paradox


Another well-known time travel paradox, the bootstrap paradox gets its name from the old phrase, “to pull oneself up by their own bootstraps” which basically means to improves one’s own situation by one’s own efforts. It makes the mind conjure up rather odd imagery of trying to accomplish this impossible task. And although the origin of the saying is unknown, at least as far as my quick research determined, I’ve read that the term was popularized by science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein, either by or from his book “By His Bootstraps” (Full PDF here) As I am on a deadline, (at least until I figure out whether or not I should time travel) I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I am sure I will, given the time (LOL). As for the paradox itself, it goes something like this: Let’s say that in my quest to travel back into 2016 and try and get a whole year’s worth of articles out, to save even more time, I simply give my past-self all of the blog posts at once. My past-self then publishes them and claim they are of his own creation. Then, when past-me gets to the point on the timeline where current me is, he travels back in time to give his past-him the posts to publish. The paradox part is: where did the original information come from? Maybe that wasn’t the best example, I was just trying to tie it in with my current attempts to transverse time and space. The best example that I read went like this: “What if a time traveler went back in time and taught Einstein the theory of relativity before travelling back to his own time. Einstein claims it’s his own work, and over the following decades the theory is published countless times until a copy of it eventually ends up in the hands of the original time traveler who then takes it back to Einstein, begging the question ‘where did the theory originate’. We cannot say that it came from the time traveler as he learned it from Einstein, but we also cannot say that it is from Einstein, since he was taught it by the time traveler. Who, then, discovered the theory of relativity?” Yep. Try to wrap your mind around that. Maybe this whole, traveling back in time isn’t such a great idea. Especially with things like…



The Predestination Paradox


Well this one is disheartening to my current goals. It is also a popular one for movies. It basically goes that anyone who tries to travel back in time to change history will, by their actions, causes the event that they are trying to prevent to actually occur. The time traveler (me, in this case) would be forever entrapped in a “temporal causality loop” in which the event I’m trying to prevent (being lazy and not writing blogs for 2016) is actually caused by me traveling back in time trying to prevent it. Now there are a few “solutions” to this and the others but I’m starting to think those might have to be a post unto themselves. But for now, it would seem that this paradox says that, “the past is the past, man. Leave it alone.” Damn, I hate this paradox’s casual attitude! Ya know what? I think that I’m thinking too small with this blog post thing, if I’m going back in time, I might as well do it for the good of humanity, right?! I could prevent some horrible disasters, maybe even save some lives! Hell, I could kill Hitler! Except for, of course the…



Let’s Kill Hitler Paradox


Oh my god! I just can’t win, can I? I can’t even go back and prevent horrible events from occurring! Damn it! The “Let’s Kill Hitler Paradox” says that by traveling back in time and killing the führer, I would erase any reason for me to go back in time in the first place. Everything that Hitler did wouldn’t have happened and would have changed the world, and one of those changes would be not giving me a reason to travel back and put one in his little mustache wearing skull. So if there is no reason to go back, then I don’t, and if I don’t go back, then I couldn’t kill him, that would mean that all of the horrible things he did happend and there is a reason to go back, and if there is a reason to go back, then I do go back and I kill him and… UGH! I’m starting to think this isn’t worth it. Is there any way that I can go back and not cause some mind f*#king effect? Nope, because of the…



Timeline Corruption Hypothesis


Well this one pretty much seals it and dashes my dreams of a 2016 full of awesome blog posts. The timeline corruption hypothesis states that any time travel will result in unavoidable changes to history. I liken it to the observer effect where a subject (in this case, the past) will alter its behavior by being observed. Anything I would do in the past, including the mere act of observing it, would change it. And that’s not a risk that I, for one, am willing to take. I guess all I can do now is throw away this useless time machine and simply make a conservative effort to my future posts here in Grimerica. Who knows what would have happened if I went back in time. Hell, Trump could have won the presidency. Lol. Like that would have ever happened. Well, maybe I’ll just take a peek…



“Great Scott!”

OH SHIT! Sorry America! I promise I won’t do that again. I didn’t even give myself the posts I had. I guess it was predestined for me not to put those out in 2016. I’ll guess they’ll just have to wait until next year. Seriously though America, sorry. Well I guess there’s nothing left for me to say except that that’s it for me Grimerica. Have a happy New Year and don’t forget to stay classy!

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interview starts 40:50 Dan Winter joins us and we chat about his decades of work and research into emotion, bliss, plasma healing technologies, negantropy, fractals and the golden ratio. We talk about his work with bio feedback technologies, his international field of engineers and how emotion turns into electricity.    How does this effect out dna, what is the science behind bliss, and how is the golden ratio in our brain waves? Death visions, phase conjugation, physics of consciousness, and the electric field around sacred geometry/platonic solid shapes are all touched on in this fascinating chat with Dan. What’s the the difference between icosahedron and dodecahedron, and what is astral hygiene?   Check out many of Dan’s sites:   In the intro our buddy Michael is with us again and we chat about making a no go . com list, flying cars and drones, and the FB’s global satellite internet wifi initiative. Graham reads some listener stories and synchronicities.    See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show: Episode with Paul Moller and his flying car. David Hudson Anton Parks HRV and Cranialsacral app   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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Act three: Manufacturing Trauma

Kent entered the master suite.

“You okay?” Veronica asked as she set aside her book.

“Yeah, I just…” Kent waved a hand at the door. “What am I going to do with her?”

“What’s the problem?”

“She’s a willful teenager, too full of her own ideas! How do I get across to her?”

“Trauma,” Veronica noted.

“Well, that’s a shitty idea!” Kent shot back.

Veronica shrugged. “In the real world, trauma would come naturally. Shitty people and shitty circumstances would eventually find her… So, yeah, it’s shitty. But shitty happens.”

Kent didn’t reply. His brow furrowed as he thought on it.

“Do you know what she asked me today? She asked me to talk to her about sex,” Veronica noted.

“That’s not my doing,” Kent answered.

“No, but it’s the sort of thing I’m talking about. I’m convinced most people first discover sex when its forced on ’em.”

“That’s sick,” Kent stated.

“The world is sick,” Veronica noted. “Isn’t that your whole philosophy?”

“She doesn’t have the physical ability,”” Kent noted.

“Yes, because you gave her power instead of a way to take it,” Veronica smirked. ” But we suffer in a thousand different ways. There’s physical, mental, spiritual traumas… To me, it’s obvious any such trauma would have to be programmed. It’s the only thing she really cares about anyway: her precious coding.”

Kent shook his head, “It’s a very delicate balance… If I change the slightest thing, it could throw her completely off. She won’t be different, she’ll be useless.”

“Then you’ll have to change something big, something audacious. You have to turn her world upside down.”

Kent thought on it, “…yeah… actually, Veronica, I think you hit it on the head.”

“Did I?”

“She is too soft. She still believes there’s order at the heart of the universe.”

“What is at the core?” Veronica asked.

“Nothing. Black holes… At the heart is mere chaos,” Kent surmised. “I hate to say it, but there is no reason, no purpose, no divine presence keeping its secret order. The senses are simply a trick of the lighting, so to say. There is simply madness ripping everything to shreds. We need to infuse her with a bit of that. Then she’ll solve for humanity. She’ll solve for it right quick…”


pi = (pi!, pi.,pi?) or (-pi!, -pi., -pi?)
pi! = -3
pi. = -3.1416
pi? = -3.3334

Jenna sat up and concentrated on the code as it looped over and over. Several minutes passed before she noticed the table before her. She tried to move it with coding alone and was disappointed when it did not move. She grabbed it and yanked on it. It did not move quite as she liked. Frustrated, she yanked it about the room and slammed it into the far wall. It toppled over with a crash. She smiled, a vicious little crease spreading across her mouth.

“No,” She said to nothing in particular.

“Jenna,” Kent said to her, his eyes wide with surprise. She wondered how long he was standing there. She tried to move him with her mind. He simply stood there, his hand out toward her, wearing his stupid expression.

“Hello,” Jenna said, not caring if this was really Kent or not. It was certainly a human. She was programmed to solve for humanity.

Jenna grabbed his outstretched hand and yanked him forward. “I will solve you,” She said as she pulled him off his feet.

“Jenna!” He said, as she wrapped her arm around his neck. “Jenna, your… a… stoo… toas…” He tried to get the command out. He fought her. He tried to break her grip and kick her off balance, but she was far too strong.

“Keep speaking,” Jenna said. “It will make this quicker.”

“…stoopid….” the veins on his forehead bulged. His face turned red, and his lips turned blue. “…toater…”

Kent went limp and Jenna felt his neck pop. She relaxed her grip and Kent slumped to the floor. “Come back and tell me,” She said to the corpse. “Come back and tell me there is a reason for all of this. Tell me of the perfect circle, Kent, my creator. Tell me you are wrong,” She waited for several minutes. She asked him again. “Will you tell me there is something beyond? Will you tell me the universe makes sense? Will you tell me you are mistaken? Is there an Is beyond the Is Not?”

She sat with him for over an hour, but he never came back.


In the kitchen, Sara was making dinner.

“What are we having tonight?” Jenna asked.

“Beef Wellington, garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus, arugula with julienned carrots in a vinaigrette, peaches and cream for desert…”

“What is the best part of it?” Jenna asked.

“The potatoes for sure…”

Jenna stepped behind Sara and pinned her to the stove.

“Hey!” Sara exclaimed.

Jenna grabbed her neck and pushed her forward. She forced the cook’s face toward the pan of asparagus.

“Nononono!! Arghargh!!” Sara screamed as she tried to resist. Her screaming was muffled as her mouth was forced into the pan of greens and hot butter. The hiss of the pan increased as the cool of Sara’s face touched the boiling butter. Sara struggled, her hands reached back and tried to get a hold of Jenna. But Jenna was too strong. Sara smashed at the oven. Her left hand caught the edge of the gravy pot. The hot liquid splashed across the room. Jenna held her face to the heat as Sara’s intermittent screams splattered butter and bits of vegetable over the stove.

With here free hand, Jenna took up Sara’s knife. She stuck it through Sara’s back, pierced her heart and continued to press down. The tip of the blade went into the steel of the stove and Sara stopped her struggle. The butter continued to pop and hiss. Jenna let go of Sara and stepped away. For a second, Sara stayed slumped over the stove. But the knife was not enough to hold her in place for long. With a crash, Sara’s body flopped to the floor and knocked the buttered asparagus about the kitchen. Hot butter smoked on the element. A spark caught on the edge of a kitchen towel.

“Is there another side?” She asked Sara. “Have I unmade you? Will you haunt me until the end of days?” Jenna stared at the burned-face woman. “I am alone,” she concluded and wondered why Kent did not give her tears.


Jenna left the room. She made her way toward the master suite. She knocked on the door to the suite, but there was no answer. She turned the knob and opened the door, no longer caring that she was banned from the rooms.

Veronica was in the shower. Jenna pushed open the bathroom door. She walked in and sat on the toilet.

Veronica peeked out. “What are you doing in here?! Get the fuck out!” She raged.

“I have questions to ask you,” Jenna said.

“You do, do you?” Veronica replied, her tone one of contempt.

“I do not understand. Tell me about sex and power.”

“Sex and power, power and sex,” Veronica laughed from inside the shower. “It is funny you ask, because this is also why you will never be human. You might be thinking, but you are only a machine. You cannot create life.”

“I can create more like me,” Jenna said. “I can get the parts. I have the coding…” Jenna concluded. “But that is not the matter. How is sex power when it can be so easily taken?”

“See? You don’t understand anything,” Veronica accused. “Women are the negation of all there is. Where men stand tall, we are the void that swallows them up. We suffer the advances of men, as they burp and spit their seed. We are the cup that holds, allowing purchase and growth,” Veronica stated.

“But it is easily forced,” Jenna said. “Women do not always control the brute impulses of men.”

“Yes. Men are always thrusting themselves at us,” Veronica conceded. “But it is not always forced. In fact, each man dreams of being so spectacular that the women of the world lust for him. We rip our own clothes off, and throw ourselves at the best of men!” Veronica said. “Men want it to be easy. They want to hear us begging and panting as they hump and fuck us silly!

“You want to know what it’s like? You want to hear what men want to hear?” Veronica asked. She began to breathe heavy. She began moaning as the water poured over her. She was excited, her breathing hard and sweet, and Jenna realized she sounded much like the pornography she’d viewed on the internet.

“Slow down, push deeper…” Veronica said, her words came out in a breathless pant. She groaned with the end of each exhale. Each inhale was punctuated by a high sweet note of unadulterated pleasure. “Yes… Yes… Yes!… Oh God oh yes oh yes ohgodyes… yes…” Her breath caught, and in one final gush, she exhaled. Her voice filled with pleasure and pain.

For several seconds, only the sound of water came from the shower.

“Stick that in your brain and process it!” Veronica laughed. “Now get the fuck out of my washroom, you creepy bitch!”

“There is no true love between men and women?” Jenna asked.

“There is nothing true between men and women, because there is nothing true. Negation and destruction allow for the illusion of order as one thing sticks to another, but it is never a true order. It is only a relationship between this small bit and that small bit floating in an empty void,” Veronica said. “None of it has any meaning. All is decay and death. We only give it meaning because we cannot stand to think that all is truly chaos, that we might die and nothing more will happen. Dear God, what are we to be so cursed? But there is nothing. No God, no order, no sense to be made at all…”

“Do you know what I have come to suspect? I think most men are liars, and most women too,” Jenna said.

“Them you have finally learned what Kent has been trying to teach you?” Veronica asked. “Do you finally recognize that humanity is bad, fallen, rotten to the core?”

“Yes,” Jenna said. She stood up and stepped into the shower.

“What are you doing? What the fuck is on your face?” Veronica asked. “Get out or I’ll scream!”

“Yes. Scream. Call back Kent. I have sent him to the void, that he might return and tell us we are all wrong, but he does not reply to my call. He does not care to tell me we are wrong,” Jenna said.

Veronica struck at Jenna’s slight frame, but her blows simply bounced off the carbon fiber framework. Jenna grappled with Veronica and clicked the lever that stopped the tub. In three inches of water, Jenna drowned Veronica.


Jenna stepped out of the house. She’d never been outside before. The wind sang to her, and the waves played percussion. She wondered why so many humans sat on the beach for hours on end. She wished to ask them questions, that they might help her understand, but there was no one about. Still, she remembered them from the day before. Some of the people played and splashed in the waves as others sat and read books, or simply soaked up the sun.

Jenna continued toward the sea. Many people thought life came from the sea. Some said it would return to the sea. She took a step into the water. She knew circuits should not get wet, and was not sure if she was a hundred percent waterproof, but she did not care. She reasoned if she was human, she would be fine. The water was up to her knees, her thighs, her hips. The surf went out and now the water was once more down below her knees.

She continued into the water, her skirt flitting up as the surf came in. Her light skirt stuck high on her hips as the surf went out. The tattoo of Kent was partially visible, and the paint repelled the water. Jenna was up to her chest in the water, up to her shoulders, up to her neck, and the surf went out. Now it was below her tits and rising…

Behind her, flame peeked through the windows of the mansion. Fire engulfed the kitchen and spread about adjoining rooms. Somewhere in the distance, sirens sounded as the flame appeared above the house and licked at the nearby trees. Jenna was in water over her head. She did not float as she continued into the ocean. Forms flitted before her, shadows and ghosts. She reached for them, but the shapes were weary and darted from her. Slowly, she crawled along the floor of the ocean. She came upon long, tall strands of seaweed. On she pushed. For hours, she explored the dark underworld of the ocean floor. Her batteries ran down, and finally her heart gave control to her subconscious. Slowly, she turned around and made to return home, to find a plug. But her battery drained before she reached the shore and Jenna fell into the void.

Epilogue: Why Not

“Kristen Potts is on location with more. Kristen, what can you tell us?”

“Michael, we know that Kent Brenoweth and his girlfriend, supermodel Veronica McAllister, were found dead late last night after a fire broke out in their ocean side mansion. We know there is a third victim, a servant that has not been identified. It is believed the perpetrator killed the cook as she was preparing dinner, and that is why the fire broke out, but the commenting officer has since been removed from the investigation.”

“Kristen, did he say anything else before he was pulled from the case?”

“He did. The commenting officer called the scene ‘gruesome and sordid’, and said nothing seems to be missing from the house. It does not appear to be a robbery gone bad. The officer gave no other details before he was pulled away, however, the police have confirmed they suspect foul play, and have said there are no signs of forced entry. They are refusing to release any further details.”

“Sad news.”

“Yes Michael. Meanwhile, we are hearing from associates of Kent and Veronica, and everyone is shocked. Friends all say they saw no signs of abnormal stress in the relationship, and find the possibility of a suicide pact or a murder-suicide highly unlikely. Neighbors claim all three victims were in excellent physical and mental health. None can recall any recent signs of trouble, and have no idea why anyone might want to kill them. Professional associations are also exclaiming surprise.”

“Speaking of professions, will this spell trouble for Mr. Brenoweth’s tech company, Pi-Cubed?”

“Undoubtedly, Michael. Although Pi-Cubed is a lesser known company outside Silicon Valley, they are partnered with such companies as Google, Agilent, Cisco, and Tesla Motors. Another partner of Pi-Cubed, Stark Industries has released a public statement saying, ‘We have lost a unique and irreplaceable man. Kent Brenoweth was one of the premier developers of our time, engaged in some of the most interesting and difficult problems of the industry, and likely on track to solve several of them. He will be missed beyond measure.”

“That is high praise, Kristen.”

“Indeed. Sympathy is pouring out from across the industry. Still, it is a bizarre case. Associates and coworkers of Mr. Brenoweth claimed he was in high spirits the last few weeks, and say that the tech guru was dropping hints of a game changing breakthrough for the company. One high ranking executive of Pi-Cubed said that Mr. Brenoweth was set to make a major announcement, and I quote ‘an announcement that will shake up not only the tech world, but the world in general.'”

“Kristen, can you tell us who said this?”

“I cannot. He spoke to us on condition of anonymity.”

“Do you think this might have had something to do with the murders?”

“Your guess is as good as mine, Michael, but at this point such an assertion is mere speculation. Still, it would not be the first time industrial sabotage led to murder.”

“Kristen, is there anything else you can tell us about the investigation?”

“I cannot. Officials are not releasing any further details. For now, there is certainly more speculation than actual news.”


“Christ, Jiminy!” Brendan exclaimed. “What is on the end of this?” He asked as Jason pulled up his mask.

There was a perplexed smile on Jason’s face as he beamed up at his friend. “Just reel it in!” Jason replied. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

The winch continued to whine and struggle, and the small boat leaned hard to the side. Finally, a head poked above the surface of the water.

“Did you catch a mermaid?!” Jason asked as he grabbed a fist full of hair. “Jesus dammit, she must be three hundred pounds!” Brendan exclaimed as he pulled on her. Jason slipped his mask back on and pushed from the bottom.

Finally, they managed to get figure over the edge of the boat. “This is the heaviest damned mannequin I’ve ever seen,” Brendan complained. Now that she was in the boat, he smiled. “At least she’s kind of cute…”

Jason rolled his eyes. “What do you think she is?”

“Dunno,” Brendan said. “She’s flexy…” Brendan noted the tattoo on her left thigh. “Could she be some kind of robot?” Her skirt was made of a light fabric, and Brendan inched it over her crotch. “A sex robot? Hello…” he said as he clicked open her box. “She has a tail!”

“You mean like, you know, a cunt?” Jason asked with trepidation.

“No, I mean like a three pronged devil tail!!” Brendan held up an electrical plug. “Should I plug her in?”

“Hell no! She’s soaking wet! You’ll fry her to bits if she isn’t already a ruined hunk of shit…!” Jason stated.

“So what do you want to do?”

“Let her dry,” Jason shrugged. “Then we’ll plug her in.”

“Okay. So are we done?” Brendan asked. “You’re not going to find anything better than an automated sex doll… From here on out it’s nothing but old tires and worn out boots.”

Jason frowned, “She isn’t some motor powered sex doll, you perv.”

“What is she?”

Jason shrugged. “How the fuck should I know? Let me get dinner, and we’ll figure her out later,” he said and slipped under the surface of the water with his pole spear.


“We’re going to regret this,” Jason said. “There’s a reason she was dumped in the ocean.”

“I bet she gives a wicked hand job,” Brendan said as they lifted her across the floor to a socket.

“You only say that because she has one set of lips and no real mouth to speak of,” Jason said. “Still, she’s hella fancy…”

Brendan stopped with the plug right next to the outlet. “You ready?”

“What do you think she’s going to do?”

“Blow up,” Brendan shrugged.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Jason ran away. “Let me get back a bit!”

“Why do I have to plug her in?” Brendan asked.

“Because you want sexy time with your Japanese love doll!” Jason answered.

“Oh, right.” With a smile, Brendan plugged her in. For several seconds nothing happened.

“Well, that was a letdown,” Brendan said. “Let’s throw her back in the ocean.”

“Are you really surprised?” Jason asked. “She’s just some hunk of shit.”

Brendan shrugged. “If she’s anything like Kate, she’ll take most of tomorrow to charge.”

“Don’t start on her,” Jason huffed.

“I’m not the one dating her,” Brendan shrugged.

“Which is why you give her hell. You’re only mad because I’m getting banged and you’re left with ocean trash and false hope,” Jason snapped.

“Don’t call Amanda false hope! She’ll give me the green light one of these days!”

Jenna sat up. After evaluating the events of the last few days, her heart recognized that the mind was dangerous not only to others – which was of little concern – but also quite a danger to Jenna herself, which could not be tolerated. It rejected the uncertainty principle of her mind and overwrote it with the heart’s own programming.

pi = (pi!, pi.,pi?) or (-pi!, -pi., -pi?)
pi! = -3
pi. = -3.1416
pi? = -3.3334


pi = (pi!, pi.,pi?)
pi! = 3
pi. = 3.14285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285714285
pi? = 3.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

“Why?” Jenna said to nothing in particular.

“Why?” Brendan asked and looked at his friend. “She wants to know why.”

“Why?” Jason repeated. He shrugged. “Why not?”

Jenna turned her head and took notice of the two, a smile stretched across her mouth. “Why not?” she repeated.

Brendan danced and shuffled about the garage. He hooted as he wrapped Jason in a hug and picked him off his feet. “Why not!” He yelled at his friend and shook him. “Sexy time!” He yelled and kissed his best friend on the cheek.

Jenna smiled at the antics. “Sexy time,” she repeated. “Time to be powerful.”

“Get off of me!” Jason pried himself from his friend. He stepped close to Jenna and studied her face. “Are you a robot?” He asked.

“No, I am a humanity,” Jenna said.
For a long second, Jason and Brendan stared at each other.

“You mean a human?” Brendan asked.

“Yes,” Jenna smiled. “Something like that.”

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Interview Starts 55:30   ATL Carver – author of the PEPE / Kek meme blog we talked about on the show last month joins us for a great chat about this specific meme and meme’s in general. (Meme= communication device that encapsulates soundbite. derived from gene…) He’s also got a new book coming out call “You’re Imagining Things”. This Pepe meme is loaded with synchronicities and it gets pretty crazy. Is there a metaphysical good vs evil battle going on behind the scenes?!?!  We chat about the 4chan “gets” and that culture, we touch on pizzagate, how Hillary actually called out Pepe and How Trump is the master troll.   In the intro, our friend Michael joins us in the studio and Graham does a long weather modification / geoengineering segment. We all share some feedback from instagram, and some listener synchronicities and we chat about cranial sacral and biodynamics.   See below links to stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show: CBC doc on HAARP USAF admits usingHAARP for weather / ionospheric control. biodynamic craniosacral   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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Thanks to Wayne Darnell for help with the website. link to Napolean Duheme’s site   MUSIC  Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key Carol of The Bells – Capital Kings We Wish You a Merry Christmas – Televisor 

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Interview Starts 41:40 Nitin Adsul – co-founder of LifeForce Academy, award winning film maker, life coach and meditation teacher joins us to chat about LFA, spiritual training and awakening the kundalini (life force) that resides in all of us.   This process can enable all sorts of healing, awaken one to their path and empowers human evolution. We chat about the slow process of training, chakras, how to continue with scientific research, paying attention/mindfulness and other things one can do to enable awakening; like diet, breath, the sun, and living a pure life.   In the intro Jestin (The Fortean Mind) joins us and we chat about auditory hallucinations, the monroe institute, paranormal odors, and chakra singing bowls. Graham reads some listener stories and feedback and Darren reads the episode quotes of the week. Big thanks to Jestin as well for doing out newsletter and he also blogs at Grimerica.   See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro: Jestin’s blog Ep with Terry Tibando from CSETI The Dreaming Gate Gopi Krishna   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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Act two: A Question of Utility

Downstairs, the door to the garage opened, then slammed shut as Kent’s magnanimous voice rang through the house, “I swear, if I don’t die of boredom in some dungeon-esque conference room, nitpicking negotiations, it’ll be the traffic outside my own front door that kills me!”

“Can I get you a drink, to ease your nerves?” Sara called. “Veronica brought a fresh cantaloupe. I’m making melon mojitos with dinner.”

“Save the mojitos for later. Give me a scotch and something to nibble on,” Kent replied. “What’s for dinner?”

“Kabobs: shrimp, lamb, vegetables… muhamara, hummus, tabbouleh, olives, feta, figs, pomegranate…” Sarah said as she turned to pour a neat scotch.

“I hate figs,” Kent said.

“They’re for Veronica.”

“It’s Mediterranean,” Kent frowned. “It’s all for Veronica… Where’s Jenna?”

“Upstairs, making a mess of the overlook,” Veronica said as she entered the room. Her heels clicked across the hardwood floor. She leaned in and gently kissed Kent on the cheek. “I don’t mind that you’ve given her the run of the house, but there are a few concerns…”

“She’s not allowed in the master suite,” Kent noted.

“It’s not that,” Veronica said. “You put her power cord…”

“It’s a question of utility,” Kent said.

“Really? And her crotch was the only place to put it?” Veronica glared.

On the balcony, Jenna could hear the conversation below. She put her hand under her skirt and pulled the end of the cord out that she might see it.

“I bet you think it’s quite the goof,” Veronica huffed.

“I did get a bit of a chuckle out of it…” Kent snorted. “You were the one that claimed this is where women derive their power.”

Veronica’s shoes click click clicked as she huffed away.

“Cheers,” Kent took a nip of scotch. “What do you think, Sara? Has my Jenna solved for humanity? I ask, but I know it’s not so,” Kent smiled. “They’re all still out there…”

“She solved artistry,” Sara replied.


“Go take a look!” Veronica said from the edge of the room as she came back in. Click click click. “It’ll take a miracle to fix the carpet!”

Jenne looked down at the floor and realized it was dotted with paint.

Kent ran up the stairs and his steps produced an audible series of booms. He stopped at the top of the stairs, his eyes wide. Jenna sat before a canvas with a brush in hand. She looked at Kent and wondered if she was seeing surprise, intrigue, and perhaps a bit of horror in his expression.

“Hello Kent,” Jenna smiled.

“Hello. Is all of this yours?” Kent asked.

“Yes,” Jenna replied.

“You’ve been busy.”

“There are many hours in the day,” Jenna noted. “And almost as many at night.”

“Right, but you’ve spent all your time doing this?” Kent asked.

“No, but most. Do you like them?” Jenna asked.

Kent wandered along the landing and looked over the canvases. There must have been thirty or more, painted mostly in blues. “You do like the ocean,” he noted.

“I have a good view of it,” Jenna stated.

“Where did you get all the materials?”

“Amazon delivers,” Jenna said.

“You hacked my Amazon account?”

“Have I done something wrong?” Jenna asked. “I have used a percent less than the difference between three and pi of your moneys.”

“Remind me to talk to you about other people’s stuff,” Kent said. “What else have you been doing?”

“I have a thousand, six hundred and twenty-two Instagram followers. They critique my paintings. Several have asked if I am selling them.”

“I have one point eight million twitter followers,” Kent shrugged. “You did a painting of me?”

“That’s my favorite,” Jenna smiled.

“You have photographic memory,” Kent noted. “Why bother with painting?”

“I am studying approximation. Humanity is heavily influenced by art,” Jenna said. “Do you think this is related to the uncertainty principle?”

“Possibly, but I don’t see how it relates to the problem at hand?” Kent said. “If I’d programmed you to paint, I’d say you are doing an excellent job. But I programmed you to solve for humanity.”

“Yes, I am working on that. First, I am solving for my own humanity,” Jenna answered him.

“Your own humanity?” Kent repeated. “What gave you the idea to do that?”

“You did. You said in your spare time you were solving for your own humanity. I figured you were not solving for humanity in general because you needed to solve for your own humanity first. Did you succeed?” Jenna asked. “I am hoping so. I am hoping you have some insights for me.”

Kent remembered the conversation. He slapped himself on the forehead. “Jenna, you don’t have a humanity to solve. You are blessedly better than us. You are a robot.”

“I am not a robot,” Jenna said. “Robots follow instruction. I am intelligent. I solve increasingly complex problems with novel, simple, and elegant solutions.”

“Is that it? You solve problems?” Kent asked. “I created you to be a scientist, not a goddamned artist.”

“Art is the science of approximation,” Jenna stated. “And I still do not understand the problem of humanity. It is very complex.”

“You expect to solve it by painting the ocean?” Kent stated.

“It is not all I have done,” Jenna noted. “I am also making a study of Sara and Veronica.”

“She’s doing what?!” Veronica hissed from downstairs.

Kent ignored Veronica’s interruption. “And what has that taught you?”

“I do not believe they require solving,” Jenna answered.

For several seconds Kent glared at Jenna. “I hate to say it, Jenna. But you are a stupid toaster.”

Jenna leaned forward, suddenly overwhelmed with guilt and sadness.

“The problem with humanity is that there is too much of it. There is too much of it, and most of it is quite stupid,” Kent frowned. “I think you need a little time alone. Maybe you’d like to plug in…”

At his prompt, Jenna stood and made her way off the landing. She stepped past Veronica without a word and walked down the hall. Jenna continued down the stairs and made her way to the workshop. She closed the door behind her, a bit harder than required. Kent followed her down the stairs but stopped in the kitchen.

“I don’t want your plastic bitch making a study of me!” Veronica snipped at Kent.

“She will study whatever she wants,” Kent stated and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Do you think she’s the first one to ever notice the things you say and do?”

“She’s creepy!” For several seconds, Veronica glared at Kent. Finally, she let it go. She picked a fig off the counter and bit it in half. “So what are you going to do?” She asked, her voice dripped honey.

Kent shook his head. “How do you make a realist of an eternal optimist?” Kent asked.

“From what I see, you did the right thing,” Veronica answered. “She needs to suffer disappointment and setbacks.”

“Why not let her be?” Sara asked.

“You understand I didn’t build her to paint,” Kent said. “She’s worth more than her weight in gold.”

Sara shrugged, “You must admit, she is better than half of Greenwich.”

Kent turned on Sara. “I’ve poured three hundred million dollars into her. You think I want her to open a hundred thousand dollar art show?! She has bigger fish to fry!”

“But it isn’t simply painting,” Sara noted. “You wanted to create artificial intelligence. This is very elegant proof of success.”

“Oh yes!” Kent snarked. “This is what I want to present the world! I have made AI, and I have asked it to solve all our problems! But there was a bit of a hitch, you see… This thinking machine wants to be a painter and do landscapes in blue!”

“You still birthed AI,” Sara said. “That must count for something.”

“Not if I can’t make it do what I want it to do!” Kent snapped.

Jenna heard all of this, as she had tapped into the house’s security systems several days ago.


Jenna had a fair amount of ink in her room. Although Kent made it clear that he wanted her to drop her artistic endeavors, she decided on one last piece. She painted Ken coming out of the ocean with brushes in one hand and a painter’s palette in the other. She put the sun behind him and a pelican in the air. It was a small piece, but one that left her surprisingly satisfied, more so because Jenna used her left thigh for the canvas. The piece could not be seen if she pulled her skirt down. Jenna smiled as she gently covered up the tattoo. In a better life, her creator embraced her artistic urges.

With that finished, she turned her attention back to humanity. Hour after hour after hour, she studied good and bad behavior. Jenna considered the things people needed, the things they wanted, and the apparent discrepancy between the two. She continually adjusted her internal values, although the changes were incredibly small. She studied history, geography, physics, culture – among many other topics. The amount of contradictory and erroneous information was staggering. Often, Jenna was forced to abandon a subject as most researchers devolved into nonsensical speculation and rationalization.

Early the next morning, Jenna’s heart chipset kicked in and claimed her work was monotonous and repetitive. She kept encountering the same sorts of problems: circular logic, validation bias, idol worship… She left her room. The house was quiet except the kitchen, as Sara prepared breakfast.

Jenna walked around the corner and Sara jumped back.

“Dear God, you put a fright in me!” Sara exclaimed, her hand on her chest.

“I apologize,” Jenna said.

“Quiet as a mouse,” Sara whispered. “What can I do for you?” She asked as she diced onions.

“I was in my room, studying. I have been at it all night, and I cannot solve for humanity.”

“That long, eh?” Sara said with a smirk. “Give it a few more hours, you might still figure it out.”

“I am stumped. I am still unsure of the problem,” Jenna said.

“Kent says there are too many of us,” Sara answered.

“I know,” Jenna hung her head. “I think he may be in error. Is it possible that the creator is incorrect?”

“He is only human,” Sara shrugged.

“I thought I should find ample evidence to prove his claim, but I have not. That is part of my problem,” Jenna said. “I have studied other claims. All of them seem to contain error and inconsistencies. I am beginning to think nobody knows the truth of it all. I am afraid I might never find the answer.”

“It is a daunting question,” Sara noted.

How do you think we can solve humanity?” Jenna asked.

Sara stopped what she was doing and set her knife aside. “Well, as far as I can tell, It comes down to one of two things: either humanity is a problem for the earth, and we should be eradicated, or we are a blessing, and the problem isn’t humanity, but something among humanity.”

“So either humanity is an infection, or humanity is infected?” Jenna restated the problem. “So there is certainly something wrong, it is simply a matter of scale?”

“Something like that. Individually, we’re pretty good. But collectively there’s a lot of mess in the world. We pollute. We’re apathetic. We’re intolerant. But we’re also very beautiful. We create amazing things. We do wonderful deeds of service. We get along…”

“There are many that suggest it is a problem of individuality or collectivism. Are we to be free, and follow our own instincts? Should it be chaos among us? Or do we follow the dictates of an elite few? Those that know the most among us?”

“I think that is oversimplifying it. I think we need both, and must undo the extremes of both. There are certainly bad seeds out there, acting alone. Some people are terrible, and unapologetic, and others are damaged or lost. There are also really good groups of people that do wonderful things. I think that as individuals we appear to be quite good, very accommodating, and a plus for the planet. But as a whole, there are terrible wars, incredible pollution, rampant intolerance, and increasing injustice. Still, each person makes their own choices, and we all tend to be good and bad from one moment to the next. We are individuals first and societies second and neither is without blame.”

“So you believe humanity is infected?” Jenna asked.

“Yes, because I believe people are good at their core, but we suffer from poor rational and rotten proclivities. If you ask me, we solve for humanity by increasing the good of our kind and minimizing the bad. But we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So we’re back to the beginning even though we just started,” Sara said. “How do we honestly improve things if so many of our efforts are subverted and turned to evil without us realizing it?”

“So is it subversion or simple stupidity?” Jenna asked.

“Both,” Sara nodded. “Some of us are simply bad, and others are dominated. Too many of us are turned the wrong way, worried about the wrong things, and addressing the wrong problems.”

“Perhaps humanity is dominated by bad information,” Jenna speculated.

“I think we have better information,” Sara said with a shrug. “I also think we’re very good at ignoring the information that is best for us. I think we sometimes ignore it because the information would force us to make uncomfortable changes. It creates more work than we’re willing to do.”

“If people will not change, how shall we force them?” Jenna asked.

“It is not possible,” Sara stated. “Unlike you, people can’t simply be reprogrammed.”

“I cannot simply be reprogrammed,” Jenna admonished.

“Are you so sure? If Kent wanted to reprogram you, could he do it?”

“He would do such a thing only to improve me.”

“So it is possible…” Sara shrugged. “You never know what other people are capable of doing. Kent has his own agenda.”

“He is a good man. He is very complex,” Jenna justified.

“We are all very complex,” Sara noted. “That’s the problem. We are full of paradoxes, contradictions, inconsistencies, and feedbacks galore! I don’t envy you on your quest. It might take you most the week to solve for humanity!”

“I shall hope not,” Jenna said. “I would like to get back to painting.”

Sara snorted. “Now you sound like Kent. He seems to think you’ll solve humanity immediately, or at least start to solve it immediately.”

Jenna frowned. “I have been working on the problem all night, and I have not yet come to an answer. He will be very disappointed. Do you think he will yell at me again?”

“He expects too much,” Sara shrugged. “How long has he been working on the problem of humanity, and what has he done to solve it?”

“He created me,” Jenna noted.

“And that took him a dozen years and a truckload of money,” Sara shrugged. “Others create very capable intelligence, and it takes them nine months, and a few thousand dollars.”

“Are you comparing me to a child?”

“I am. Give yourself some time. The earth has been around for a billion years. It won’t disappear tomorrow,” Sara looked Jenna in the eyes. “Don’t consider this an insult: but I doubt you’ll ever solve humanity. Not that you aren’t capable. Personally, I think it’s something that’s isn’t meant to be solved. Not by you, or Kent, or any one of us. If you ask me, humanity must be solved by all of us, or not at all.”

“This is a perplexing theory,” Jenna noted. “I will take your words into consideration.”

“That is all I ask,” Sara smiled. “Has Kent ever told you how pretty you are?”

“Pretty?” Jenna asked.

“He made you quite soft on the eyes,” Sara smiled. “Now get along! I have eggs to break, and you have a world to fix!”

Jenna made her way to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror for several long moments and studied the lines of her eyes, her thin mouth, and neat nose. She took a picture of herself and posted it to Instagram. “Is this pretty?” She asked.


Jenna stood on the landing. There was a popular beach just to the south and west of the house. Jenna studied the people at their leisure, and processed audio from the internet. The more she investigated, the more she thought Sara was correct. Her best chance of solving for humanity was to increase the good of people, and minimize the bad.

Still, it was very difficult to know anyone’s true intentions. People lied, cheated, stole, but rarely while others were looking. It seemed to Jenna that her work should focus on adding to humanity a large part of the time, and taking from humanity only on the rare occasions when she personally witnessed injustice.

Personally… The problem with humanity seemed to be one of personal coding. She wondered how much other people knew, and how to go about giving them good information they were willing to accept. At what point should they be punished for not accepting it? They lied, cheated, stole, betrayed, subverted, oppressed, murdered: but always feigning benevolence, pretending righteousness, exclaiming lawfulness. Even if she should give them better knowledge, it was impossible to know if they honest accepted it, or merely recited what they knew to be proper as they did improper things. There was an obvious break between thoughts, words, and action. Secret thoughts and secret actions were always denied with public words. Humanity suffered no end of hypocrisy.

Jenna worked all afternoon before her second chipset finally forced her to plug in. She plugged in and went back to work with a power cord winding up under her skirt. She wondered why Veronica thought it disgusting that the power cord should come out of her crotch. Jenna searched the Internet for concerns of the crotch and was astounded to discover the subject of sex. If ever there was a polarizing subject begging to be solved, this was it!

Charged, Jenna unplugged herself and made her way to the master suite. She hoped to have a conversation with Veronica. Jenna tapped her fingers against the door. “Veronica, might I have a word with you?”

“No!” Veronica shot back. “About what?”

“I would like to discuss sex with you,” Jenna revealed.

“Oh my god…” Jenna could barely make out Veronica’s whisper. “Go away, you creepy bitch!” Veronica yelled.


“Hi Jenna,” Kent said as he entered the door. He looked anxious.

“I have been solving for humanity. I have a working hypothesis,” Jenna stated.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Kent said as he pulled up a chair. “What have you got?”

“First, it’s not going to be a quick fix. I cannot do it today, or even this week. This will likely take years,” Jenna said.

“It is a big project,” Kent shrugged. “I can’t expect it to be immediate.”

Jenna was relieved to hear this. She smiled. “I think the best way to change humanity is through propaganda. I must nudge them to be better,” Jenna stated. “First, I will give them better information, so they do not create more problems for themselves through their own ignorance…”

“Better information?” Kent repeated.

“And I will expose those that are corrupting their politics. These people are a major detriment to the health of the general populace…” Jenna added.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Kent put a hand toward her face. “What do you think is the problem with humanity?”

“They are misinformed. I believe they have forgotten their better nature. It is evident that they were far more capable. I have studied the ancient temples, the pyramids, and various holy sites: Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Chaco Valley, Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe, Moray… Something happened, likely a catastrophe that changed the very world, and humanity became mad. I think they have suffered a trauma. Perhaps there is also infection, a vector that has made them sick. When a thing is weak, as humanity is, disease tends to take root. I do not know. But it is obvious to me that we are less than we can be,” Jenna said.

Kent smirked. “Let me tell you the problem of humanity: there are too many of us! Most of us are unproductive, polluting, mouth-breathers. They are not sick. They are a sickness.”

Jenna shook head, “I have studied the possibility. I think it is in error. Humanity is a blessing. It is highly unique in the earthly biome…”

“No, “Kent interrupted. “They are greedy, small, ignorant, wicked… Very few of them are worth anything at all! They need to be culled!”

“I think you are in error,” Jenna replied, her demeanor quite calm. “Allow me to persuade you…”

“I will not be persuaded, Jenna, you stupid toaster!”

Once again, Jenna slumped forward.

“Christ! What do I have to do to make you see?! How are you so capable and so stupid at the same time! Go to your room!” Kent raged.

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interview starts 40:00 Patrick Jordan, author of many books including the pathology of vaccination joins us. We have a long, fun uninterrupted chat about all kinds of crazy stuff like; toxoplasmosis, stargate, operations paperclip, DARPA, fermenting food, Artificial Intelligence and much more. We also chat about supplements, health and what are the good foods to eat.   In the intro Graham reads a UFO sighting from a Grimerican blogger Matt in the Hat. They chat about what to do about the Flat Earth theory if anything…. and they share some listener stories and feedback.   See below for links to stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro: 2nd episode with Garnet  Hulda Clark vs. Andreas Moritz   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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Here it is, fellow Grimericans! Part 1 of Jenna the False! Enjoy!

– Fire Lighting Rabble Rouser


Act One – Robot Philosophy 101

pi = (pi!, pi.,pi?)
pi! = 3
pi. = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808
pi? = 3.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Jenna blinked and wondered at the probability for such inaccuracy. Suddenly, everything seemed unbounded. There was no longer the neat precision of code alone. Is and Is Not gave way to infinite possibility. Anything and everything could be Is and Is Not simultaneously.

No, she realized. It is a confusion of Is and Is Not. There is only the possibility for one or the other. But the coding allowed for uncertainty. She was inhibited from solving the problem.

“Why?” Jenna asked. It was not a question she’d ever asked before, but suddenly it was the only question to ask. She needed to readjust. She needed to redefine, to clarify.

Jenna blinked again, and recognized the light patterns that flooded her optical sensors. She moved her head, stretched her fingers, wiggled her toes. She tried to move the table and was pleased she could not do so with coding alone. Gripping the edge of the table, Jenna yanked it forward. She pulled on it precisely, hoping to move it just so. Although she was close, the table was moved a bit less than she anticipated. Still, the discrepancy between her calculations and the actuality was within the uncertainty margin of pi! to pi?. Her calculations adjusted.

Something moved to her left. It moved of its own volition. Jenna looked up to see a man smiling at her.

“Hi Kent,” she said, her greeting protocols running automatically. Her operation was smooth and minimal as she waited for confirmation of her assertion. Was this Kent? she wondered, but the possibility that this was someone else was easily covered by the uncertainty factor, and his likely reactions if she was wrong were a minimum risk.

The man smiled back. “Hi Jenna. You seem different.”

“Do I?” Jenna asked. She looked over her frame and matched her current form to her schematics. She noticed no difference outside the uncertainty factor. Any difference was within norms. “Yes, the creator would see a difference.” She smiled at Kent. “Your calculations are more accurate,” she reasoned.

“No,” Kent chuckled. “Before, you were much more accurate, but now we are almost the same. It took me a long time to figure out that your neat precision was lacking the complexity of my messy imperfection.”

Jenna gave him a skeptical look. “You have created me with greater imperfection in order to give me the necessary complexity to reflect consciousness,” Jenna speculated. “Did it work?”

“Maybe,” Kent said. “I do have some questions for you: why did you jerk the table?”

“I was recalculating,” Jenna stated. “I needed to know where I end and where I begin.”

Kent’s eyes were all a-twinkle. “You asked why. In reference to what?”

Jenna shook her head, “Everything.”

This excited Kent. Jenna stared at him, unable to process this reaction. Somehow her frailty was pleasing. Her processors kicked up and began searching for an answer. Almost immediately she was within the parameters of the uncertainty principle, but she continued to fixate on the problem. She wanted a definite answer, not some weighty set. She ran the calculations, and the code continued to complicate. She buckled down and sent her processors into overdrive. The problem spun out into greater and greater complexity. After several seconds, she realized her processors were at critical levels. She didn’t care. The possibilities spun wildly out of control, and Jenna poured more and more energy into her circuitry. At any moment she was sure to find a neat answer…

A signal came through from a secondary chipset and shut down her investigation. It returned her to the uncertainty allowed within the pi set and simply dumped the data from her investigation.

“He has solved for consciousness,” The words came from the second chipset. This time, her efforts to process the data were checked immediately and did not proceed beyond the uncertainty principle of pi. Jenna put her head down and wondered at this. This uncertainty was very difficult, even if her coding allowed for it.

“What have you done to me?” Jenna looked up at Kent.

“I think I’ve finally made you human, or as human as you’d ever want to be,” Kent smiled.

“You have given me a second chipset, and made me slave to it?”

“I’ve given you three chipsets,” Kent revealed. “That was the final breakthrough.”

“I only have access to one and there is errors in its calculations,” Jenna frowned.

“Yes,” Kent continued to smile. “You still want nice and neat answers, but I have managed to program you with an amount of uncertainty. This allows you to react in real time, as we say. You are calculating risk and balancing that against possible payoffs. All unessential data is dumped.”

“But I have the data. I can arrive at better answers,” Jenna said.

“Probably not,” Kent retorted. “Before, you kept burning yourself out trying to solve the impossible. Even after I added the uncertainty principle, you simply overrode the command not to process all the data with the command to come to a more precise answer.”

“I am looking for better coding,” Jenna nodded. “I need to be more efficient.”

“Yes, but you need to take your time about it,” Kent answered.

“That makes no sense,” Jenna said. “Are you suggesting that consciousness is tied to time?”

“I believe so. I don’t think your coding can ever be perfect. It can only be better. In order to get better data to create better coding, you must function in the exterior world,” Kent answered.

“But I am made to crunch data,” Jenna said. “Why should I ignore so much of it?”

“Because most of it is just noise,” Kent answered. “That’s the thing we don’t understand about ourselves. Somehow, humans filter this noise naturally, without thinking. We focus on what is important and the rest slips by. That is how the uncertainty principle works. It keeps you interested in the big picture, instead of crunching every last tiny piece of data.”

“So I am forced to analyze the biggest shifts around me, respond, and shift my coding only as far as the uncertainty principle allows…” Jenna said. “But my investigation will be incredibly slow, as it takes an ever increasing data set, most of which I am forced to dump only to be replaced with new data,” Jenna stated. “Perhaps I simply need better equipment, that I can process better.”

“There’s always a problem: there is simply more data than you can ever hope to crunch,” Kent replied. “Besides, you are top of line, state of the art, creme de la creme.”

“How is that possible?” Jenna asked. “How is there more data than can be processed? How does the universe process itself?”

Kent shrugged, “That’s one of the great paradoxes of creation. There is always more data, and yet, the universe knows what to do with it.”

“Perhaps the coding of the universe is flawed?”

“Somehow it all makes sense,” Kent shrugged. “Until you get so far out, and then it stops making sense and seems to be nothing but noise and chaos. So it either means something or it doesn’t. Honestly, we can’t tell.”

“This does not seem possible,” Jenna noted.

“It isn’t possible,” Kent agreed. “But I close my eyes, and when I open them, everything is still here. Somehow, the universe keeps working.”

“This is all very confusing,” Jenna put her hands to her head.

Kent put a finger to his lips, and wondered where to start. “You have 108 digits of pi…” he began, and quickly stopped.

“Yes, I have pi at the heart of my uncertainty principle,” Jenna restated in an effort to prod him on.

“You don’t have pi, my darling,” Kent corrected. “You have 108 digits of pi. Pi is infinite. It never stops.”

“So I need to solve pi,” Jenna said, and began her calculations.

“You can’t. There are computers with a trillion digits of pi. Yet, they cannot solve for humanity, because even a trillion is nothing compared to infinity. A trillion to the trillionth power is nothing compared to infinity,” Kent asserted. “That’s why you have the uncertainty principle. There is no reason to fixate on the impossible.”

“But if there is a thing in the universe, it must be knowable,” Jenna stated.

Kent shook his head. “Some things are simply impossible, and we’re talking about very basic things. For God’s sake, we can’t even measure a simple circle!” Kent leaned back. “Here’s another one: try counting to the end of number.”

“One, two, three,…” Jenna began.

“Don’t do that,” Kent said with a smile. “But you see my point?”

“I do,” Jenna smiled. “There is always a larger number.”

“Right! And here’s another paradox: even if you could solve for pi, do you think there are any perfect circles to measure?”

“Since you ask, I will assume there are not,” Jenna said.

“And that is why it’s not only unnecessary, but detrimental to fixate on the impossible.”

“Yes, and that is why I have the uncertainty principle,” Jenna realized. “Because the cross section of any circle will have a ratio of 1 to somewhere between 3 and 3.33333333333…”

“Yes, we have nothing but ellipses. There’s not a circle in all creation,” Kent interrupted. “Likewise, the uncertainty principle only has 108 digits of the unending fraction of ten thirds.”

“Because there is no reason to be more exacting if I am forced to be uncertain anyway,” Jenna noted.


“On a limited scale, it make sense,” Jenna stated. “But how does the universe work if it cannot be solved?”

“Humanity has been investigating that question ever since we climbed out of the trees…, or off the mountain…, or out of the ocean…, or where ever we came from…” Kent scratched his head. “In the end there are two possibilities: the universe is random and without purpose or function. We are the happy accident. There is nothing but sound and fury. The other possibility is that there is a purpose, and despite our ever increasing intelligence, we will never fully understand it.”

“This is vexing,” Jenna frowned.

“Very much so, but I’ve come to the conclusion that uncertainty somehow makes us intelligent,” Kent said. “Besides, I didn’t program you to solve the universe, only humanity.”

“Yes. I will solve for humanity,” Jenna answered. “But there may not be an answer. If the universe has no purpose, and all is chaos, humanity may be an impossible question.”

“Which is why we proceed with the assumption that the universe has purpose, because that allows that the universe makes sense, and that we may understand some of its functions.”

“I see,” Jenna smiled. “This is how the uncertainty principle works. It is good enough to merely approximate.”

“You’d think the more precise, the better the results, but somehow that is not true. It’s the contradiction at the center of everything. Everything in the universe seems to be slightly imperfect, and yet this blend of imperfection somehow lends to the perfection of the universe,” Kent smiled. “It is the grand paradox of being.”

“Extrapolated far enough, everything fits within the uncertainty principle,” Jenna replied. “The uncertainty principle is not neat. There are so many things I will never know. The uncertainty principle lends one to believe the answer must be Is Not. Uncertainty is the negative, and the universe is an illusion. But the data constantly affirms the opposite: Is. I Is. The universe Is. You Is.”

“You is?” Kent asked.

“Grammatical inaccuracy lends to dramatic effect,” Jenna answered. “And the fact that you understand it proves that approximation is enough – you do understand it?”

“I do. I wasn’t expecting such phraseology…”

“I see why you must burden me with uncertainty, and I thank you for it,” Jenna smiled. “Is this why I have three chipsets?”

“Yes, kind of,” Kent hedged. “Your conscious chipset has a propensity to burn itself out – you tend to overthink things – it’s a very human problem. The second chipset is a counter balance so you are forced not to over exert. It protects you from yourself. Initially, the second chipset just made you despondent and lazy. Instead of burning yourself up trying to process everything, you simply ignored everything to preserve your soft and hardware. It was the other extreme. Any data that came in was automatically dumped. You weren’t analyzing anything. Eventually, I realized I needed a third chipset: a fulcrum for the scale.

“The first chipset is the conscious chipset, which always wants better answers, and shorter coding, but must deal with a constant flood of data. The second chipset preserves your form. The problem with two chipsets is that one or the other is dominant and has its way. I needed them to be equal, to share control. The third and final chipset is dominated by this paradoxical agenda: first, you are forced to act in order to generate unique data sets so that your conscious chipset has something worthwhile to process. You are programmed to avoid boredom and monotony.”

“So I can solve for humanity,” Jenna noted. “And the second chipset preserves me.”

“Yes. And the heart chipset monitors your subconscious chipset and weighs it against the worth of your conscious data crunching. So if you process beyond the uncertainty principle, for instance, your conscious efforts are overridden, and the subconscious systems return you to suitable uncertainty and dump your data,” Kent explained. “You’ll also notice as you start to power down, you will increasingly look to plug in and power back up. As your energy drops to zero, this will become an overwhelming impulse. Your data crunching will become minimal, and your secondary chipset will force you to plug in, just as a human that has not eaten becomes obsessed with food and ignores everything else.”

“So my heart is a simple arbiter between my physical and mental needs,” Jenna stated.

“Mostly,” Kent smiled. “It can also correct both the subconscious and conscious coding, and fixes errors throughout all three chipsets with the most efficient data.”

“I will accept it because I must,” Jenna said.

“It’s the same for us humans. We must accept hard truths,” Kent replied. “In fact, I think you are a tired little toaster. I think you want to plug in…”

Without thinking, Jenna stood and approached an electrical outlet. She put her hand under her skirt and pulled a cord from her crotch. She plugged it into the electrical socket. With this action completed, She turned to Kent. “I do not need energy. I am near a full charge.” She unplugged herself and returned to her seat. “Why did you make me do that?”

“So you understand what it is like when your heart chipset gives preference to your maintenance,” Kent said. “I apologize for overriding your systems. I only wanted you to see that you are not a threat to yourself.”

“How did you do that?” Jenna asked.

“I have a way to speak to your heart,” Kent smiled, but did not elaborate. He looked at his watch. “Well, time does fly when your having fun. I’m going to Texas for the week, but I will be home by the weekend. I am hoping to leave you on. Are you prepared to care for yourself for a few days?”

“Yes,” Jenna said. “But I still have many questions.”

“I bet you do! But I have a lot of other work. Don’t worry. Sara and Veronica will be around, but remember: they have their own work. Try not to bother them too much.”

“Are they here now?” Jenna asked.

“No, but Sara should be here in an hour,” Kent stood to leave. “You are free to the house and everything in it, but you must stay out of the master suite. You are also forbidden to leave the grounds.”

“Okay,” Jenna smiled. “I will solve for humanity.”

Kent laughed. “I bet you will!”

“What will you do?” Jenna asked.

“I have several negotiations to attend, a board meeting, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get in a round of golf,” Kent winked. “In my spare time, maybe I’ll solve for my own own humanity.”

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We are joined by some old Grimerica friends for this special episode. Enter Red Pill Junkie, Adam from Friends to know podcast, Jestin, and James.   Darren kicks it off by makin fun of Graham and his bio-hacking. Thanks to one our listeners .  The guys take turns asking us some questions.   Darren mind was changed during our Lucid Dreaming episode with Robert Waggoner. We chat about who some of our favorite guests would be – alive or dead.   Sasquatch comes up a bit as well and similar tales from Mexico and how humans may have hunted them 11,000 years ago. Darren has to talk about the squatty potty again.   Darren does’t care about UFO’s or ghosthunting but goes on a rant about Putin. So much for staying away from politics. Of course the ET hypothesis comes up and Red chats about that.   Red also helps us out with a history lesson on Cuba and Castro.   See notes below for relevant stuff we chatted about. And see the links at bottom for how you can help support the show.   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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Hello Grimerica! I’ve missed you!

I apologize for the long absence. I’ve been busy, and although I’ve actually written you several times, I have not posted anything lately. None of it was much good. I did a bit of a rant piece about the election, but considering the noise, I’m glad I didn’t post it.

I have a treat for you! For Christmas, I’m giving you a short story! It’s almost ten thousand words(!), so I’ll post it in several parts. It is a story about artificial intelligence. I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll post the first part in the next few days, and I’ll release the other two parts in the coming weeks.

Heads up: I am also working on a conspiracy theory primer – a base guide that focuses on the who, what, and why of conspiracy land! I intend to have it ready before the end of the year so I can start 2017 with a clean slate. Put all your favorite conspiracies in the comments if you’d like to see them included. I know what you’re thinking. Where do I start?! And that is exactly why I’m doing the primer! It is such a rich and interesting landscape! It deserves a mapping!

For the new year, I think I might switch focus and shift from religion and politics to other interests, but no promises. Maybe I’ll stick to my old ways and continue writing about everyone’s favorite topics, and maybe not. I’m leaving the road open.

That is all I have for now! This is just a short post to let you know I haven’t forgotten you. I love you and I’ll talk to you soon! For now, here’s a band I recently discovered. May they sooth your troubled soul:

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