Day: March 6, 2017

Ha! You didn’t think I could do it, did you? You doubted in my ability to post with regularity, didn’t you? Yep, me too.

There is a character who reemerges in this story, who if you look back through my archived issues, was formerly a background character. I guess one of the benefits of posting consistently would be not having to explain that, and instead having the story develop organically, but… oops.

There’s 7 Easter Eggs hidden in this one, some are quite small, likely too small. This is kind of a test to discover just how small I can make those eggs before they lose meaning. So, let me know how many you can spot.



I’m blowing up the Easte Eggs on my phone for all to see!


Graham hiding in star.


Grimerica written in the grub’s segments.


Super secret message #1!

Super secret message #2!

Moai face on vertebrae.

Psychedellic Graham party!

Grimerica in my zipper.


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