Day: April 30, 2017


interview starts 34:10 Dr. Katherine Horton – creator of is here to chat about the latest in her battle against harassment abuses from the “one agency” a global network of national and international intelligence agencies. She has a team of women now creating awareness in the public and helping other victims around the world. Katherine is a particle physicist, who used to work for CERN then decided to try and do something a little more helpful. She started studying human systems until she became the focus of intel groups after attending a high profile court case in London.   We chat about this global network and the current polarized paradigm of globalists vs nationalists, and the elite power structure, central banking “the one bank” and the current surveillance state. Modern high tech weaponry – lethal and non lethal is talked about, and the new news of wiki-leaks vault 7, and the huge potential of helping through crowd funding court cases.   In the intro we discuss feedback from last weeks ep with Kosta and Hollis from ET LetsTalk and a listener sighting and corresponding youtube video that triggered his memory. Graham talks about the benefits of prolotherapy in the bio-tinkering segment. And the UFO quote of the week is from cia…    See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro: Ep with ET Lets Talk UFO quote of the week Sighting in Vancouver talked about in email all the blogs here    Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Join the chat / hangout with a bunch of fellow Grimerican’s   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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