Adam’s Transgression, the Crime of Bastardy, and the Enslaving of the American People


There is a long running argument in the Abrahamic religions. The argument is centered on this question: are we individually punished for Adam’s sin? For some, this is a question of tantamount importance, though I never really considered it. I simply said no and went on with my life.

Yet, questions that have plagued mankind ever since the Bible became relevant will not be so easily dismissed. Besides, I was missing the finer point. Extrapolated, the question of Adam’s Transgression asks, am I punished for my father’s sins? Brought down to this tangible level, I change my mind. I would argue yes on this point. Let me explain.

We are each born to the circumstance of our parents. If your parents are terrible people, prone to beating their children, then we are punished for their wrath. If that is the case, drawn out, we are indeed punished for Adam’s transgression. It is a necessity that any choice made by the progenitor of our race will invariably affect us, just as our choices will affect the lives of our children, and our children’s children. This works in both directions. If our parents affect our circumstance, it is simply a compounding of their own punishment as they were born of their parents, and on and on and on. Our punishment is one of natural consequence.

This punishment is very real. We all know someone with terrible parents, and they are most certainly punished for their parent’s sins. For my particular circumstance, I believe i was punished and blessed. My father has his faults, but he is certainly no villain.

Still some would extrapolate this argument even further, and carry it into the public sphere. Some argue the crimes of my father aren’t simply a matter of natural consequence. They are a matter of public scrutiny. I speak of one “crime” in particular. I speak of the “crime” of bastardy. For the acts of his father, the child is shunned. He or she is a pariah and of a second class.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not apologizing for delinquent parents. But I do think life is more complex than simply saying anyone born out of wedlock is a bad person. Indeed, I think the world offers ample evidence of those born to low circumstance becoming incredibly good people. What do Booker T. Washington, Shaquille O’Neal, Avita Peron, Jack London, Alec Guinness, Leonardo daVinci, Pope Clement VII, Billie Holiday, and Tobey Maguire have in common? If you called them a bunch of bastards, you get a gold star! Besides, why are we punishing children for something they didn’t do? The universe has already levied a rough punishment. Why should we compound it with our overly simplistic moralizing?

Honestly, I think most the world no longer cares to divide people into two categories based on the relationship of one’s parents. We see that any given child may become the next Spiderman as easily as the next Ted Bundy (also a bastard). Yet, the government has a very old memory, and laws go back to a time when such things were common concern. And their writ is large. In fact, they are so reticent to believe anyone means well by their children that they have categorized almost all of us as bastards. Whether or not we are guilty of Adam’s Transgression, our government would certainly see us punished. The punishment is subjugation to the 14th Amendment, a law that is touted as one of the great additions to the U.S. Constitution, but secretly shackles a majority of the American public. For the sake of argument, let us call it voluntary. After all, your own mother signed your birth certificate, giving you over to the federal government as a bastard.

What? You didn’t know the birth certificate is a crime report? That is why your mother signs it as an informant. Let us use one of the most scrutinized birth certificates as an example: that of Barack Obama. Notice line 18a. “signature of parent or other informant”. Either way, the “parent” or “other” is an “informant“.


Here is the rub: The government can do as they like with you because your own mother unwittingly named you a bastard. This is why US citizens are subject to the statutes and codes of Washington DC. You are guilty of a “crime” your parents may or may not have committed. Before your foot ever touched earth, your sole was claimed by the powers of government. In a circle of quasi-logic, the government heralds this as a voluntary act and denies standing to anyone that identifies with their certificates, licenses, and obligations. Yet, they insist you must have these documents in order to work, travel, or do business. But because you have these documents, you have no access to the Bill of Rights, you bastard.

For the most part, our loving government has kept the general populace unaware of the con perpetuated against the American people. The government purposely obscures the law. It is their meal ticket. Why would they tell you, a stupid bastard, about the laws of the land? There is one simple answer: fraud is illegal. Any contract signed under false pretense is no contract at all. There must be full disclosure if there is to be any agreement.

The people of this country are well aware that many things are wrong with their government. The secret slavery of the 14th Amendment is one of the keystones that represses the rights of all Americans, and the criminals know it. Now you know it too. Are you surprised it is related to a topic as old as history itself? I for one deny the faults of Adam. If I am guilty of his transgression, then all others are just as culpable. I am equal to any and all. And I will be treated as such.

Those that have willingly deceived the American people should be punished for their very real crimes. Let us march down to our courthouses and judge those that pretend to rule us, and hold them to the same exacting standards of an impossible code. If we would have a government that serves us instead of repressing us, we must establish the will of the people, by the people, for the people. As it stands, very few people attend court whatsoever; only magistrates, commissioners, clerks, officers, and a bunch of stupid bastards.

Billie, you glorious bastard.

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