Agree to Disagree

Disagreement is a good thing. If we are free to disagree, than our agreement will be genuine. Besides, I think we will find we agree on more than we disagree. If not, if we simply do not agree on vital matters, then we are free to go our seperate ways without lies. You don’t like people? You think humanity is a cancer and deserves to die? Okay. Have a nice day. Your friends are over there, and maybe over there, but they are certainly not here. Beyond that, I thnk we can get over our differences.

It takes strength to disagree, to contradict your friends, family, and neighbors. It can be a hard thing to stand alone, but not if its done often, by everyone around. The more we are willing to disagree and be our own person, the more we allow others the same freedom. Besides, we don’t agree on so many of the specifics: I love brussel sprouts, but I am not a fan of olives. I also think dates are disgusting, but I love just about anything spicy (unless it has fruit in it – yuck!). I find machinery frustrating – unless it is working as intended – so although you bore me, thank god for tinkerers, inventors, and gearheads!

We all fall for bad information. Someone is always fooled. If I am the one believing lies, I hope the people that love me will have the strength to set me straight. Lies send me down a difficult path of heartbreak and confusion. I do not want it, though I occasionally still find it. Disagreeing with my bad ideas makes me check my information, and might save me valuable time and effort. Those that have given me a quizzical look and talked me out of some terrible idea, I thank you. Those that have tried to talk me out of good ideas, I thank you too, so long as your concern was genuine.

Besides, disagreements are fascinating. To see the world through the eyes of others is engrossing and expanding. Disagreements are at the heart of every great piece of drama and comedy! How much of our history is influenced by disagreement? How many of our great movements were inspired by disagreements? Women’s liberation, the Civil Rights Movement, the Constitution, the Magna Carta… Disagreements taught me to think for myself, to trust my own instinct. I know my real friends by the way we disagree. Real friends don’t hold my individuality against me. Real friends forgive me when I cross lines, and celebrate with me when I win victories. They know my individuality is a strength more than a liability.

If I was afraid to disagree I would have missed out on all sorts of wonderful things! I would have missed out on the wonders of beer, coffee, jaywalking, cannabis, speeding, kissing… In fact, agreement almost ruined me! Too many shit ideas got into my head at one time or another. Disagreements saved me from all sorts terrible decisions and faulty stances. Disagreements with friends, family, strangers, myself… Without disagreement I never would have found myself! I’d still be living someone else’s shit ideas. At least now all my shit ideas are my own! Thank God for the strength to find my own way!

Many of you may disagree. If so, kick rocks. Or better yet, have a seat, and tell me all about it. Maybe you have the information I’ve been dying to hear. Maybe you’re just the person to set me straight. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Felix says:

    Who was the music at the end if this episode?

  2. Craig Flowers says:

    I like that, it’s insightful and well written. And this is a fitting place for me to put something I wrote, for two reasons. You did say you were interested, although I’m not disagreeing with you specifically about anything in particular but rather wrote something that everyone in the world is going to disagree with to some extent: The Heretic’s Guide to Reality is aptly named, not just cleverly — as it is indeed a work of pure heresy. That’s the second reason. The first is because you said you were interested, and the second is the subject matter makes it too perfect not to leave it right . . . here

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