Aliens as our Gods?

Throughout history civilizations have battled over religious beliefs and doctrines.  Cultures  have been destroyed and rebuilt again all in the name of God.  But what if all of this death has been in vain, not for one God but for many, and what if our creators were not an all-powerful, Supreme Being, but an extraterrestrial intelligence?  Now this may ruffle some feathers but take a step outside of the box for a moment and look at some of the possibilities.

In ancient history there are countless reports (be it left in cave drawings, writings, etc.) of beings coming from the sky, often in metal “chariots” spewing fire.  For an ancient people, seeing an object coming from the sky, complete with lights, fire, and depositing humans (or humanoids) would cause fear and wonder like nothing known before.  For these ancient people they would only be able to come up with one solution, these beings are supreme; these must be our creators.

In ancient Greece the Gods are spoken of in much the same ways we would speak of everyday humans.  Many were lustful and had sex with human women.  Perhaps this is not because these beings were all powerful, but because they were much like us.  Coming from the skies in chariots of fire these “Gods” would be worshipped for the power and technology they would bring with them.  If we as humans are cut from the same cloth as these humanoids it is fair to assume they would often have many of the same traits as we.  Could the ancient Greeks have been worshipping, and fearing, the extraterrestrial powers that be in the universe?

Let’s travel to the time of the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception.  The Bible will have you believe that Mary was visited by God and, VOILA, she is pregnant with the baby Jesus.  Now although I have no use for organized religion as a whole, I do believe the characters portrayed in the Bible (Mary, Jesus, Noah, etc.) all did exist but simply not in the holy sense that they are depicted.  If Mary was truly a virgin as the Bible claims she was, perhaps she was not visited by an almighty God and impregnated, but rather she was abducted by the “Gods” and artificially inseminated.  This means that Jesus himself would be an alien-human hybrid, possibly allowing for some of the wondrous things (turning water to wine) described in the Bible.  I am not asking anyone to believe that because he was an alien-human hybrid he was capable of waving his hand over a cup and BAM! Water to wine.  What I am getting at is that he may have had a capability or technology that allowed for some of these amazing incidents created in this book.

There are plenty more examples of alien interaction throughout history, this is simply a sprinkling of random thoughts I am having tonight.  As I continue researching all things unexplained or unidentified I will continue to share my thoughts and accounts for all the readers.  Thank you for taking time to read the ramblings of this overworked paranormal researcher.

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  1. Graham says:

    Thanks for the post Jared.

    Is it really any more of a stretch than what is our current religious paradigm. I think not!


    1. Jared Grace says:

      It really is not. It amazes me that people can believe things like immaculate conception and the parting of the red sea, or the receiving of the ten commandments (possibly my next post regarding aliens as Gods), and yet the belief in aliens or even in large part ghosts (which always amazes me since the belief in Christ rising after 3 days is such a hardcore belief) is simply shunned and not even considered. Simply take a step outside the box for a moment and see what else could be.

  2. smnorthbird says:

    I agree “think outside the box.” The deeper or rather the more obvious meaning to ancient legends, have to be viewed with an imaginative spiritual scientific mind.

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