Aliens, or a more logical answer?

In the seemingly ongoing saga of paranormal activities that seem to happen in or around myself I submit a story that my brother relayed to me just the other night.  For years now my brother has had many cases of sleep paralysis, he has witnessed apparitions, and has heard whispers in the dark.  Within the last two years he would drift off to sleep but just before entering the dream state he would suddenly get a feeling of fear and dread pass over him.  He would explain his fear and reluctance to even open his eyes as he knew he was not alone in his room.  He would then feel a presence sitting on his chest and hold him down.  This could simply be chalked up to a simple case of sleep paralysis, an actual diagnosable condition, however combined with his previous experiences with the paranormal, including witnessing an apparition standing at the end of his bed a few years before, his testament to what he believes is true is very persuasive.

About two weeks ago he was lying on the couch about to go to sleep with his girlfriend sleeping soundly next to him.  He suddenly had that feeling of not being alone in the room.  He lifted the blanket over his head and rolled to his side, with his back facing the back of the couch and his front in the direction of his girlfriend.  What he felt next scared him more than any other experience he’s yet had.  He felt a needle prick enter the back of his neck and he became instantly paralyzed.  He insists he was fully awake and, though he tried to speak and wake his girlfriend and move his hands to grab her, he was unable to do either.  After only, what seemed to be, a few short minutes, he was able to move again.  He woke his girlfriend up and searched the house top to bottom, no sign of anything.  Though there is no evidence of missing time or an intruder, one can’t help but think about a possible alien presence interfering that night.  Or perhaps it was simply a dream?  Either way this is a terror inducing moment for another member of my family all too familiar with the paranormal.

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  1. smnorthbird says:

    Kind of sounds like he may have an attachment that knows a little something about acupuncture.

  2. Edward says:

    There are many similar cases of this happening around the world with reports of a presence in some cases an old hag woman sitting on there chests! youtube has a few good documentaries on this stuff….should look into it.

    1. Jared Grace says:

      Thanks for the comment Edward. It is something I am personally becoming more and more familiar with and have found that it does span many different cultures and locations. Fascinating stuff I think.

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    1. Jared Grace says:

      Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words. I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from here as I finished up school, etc but I will be returning in force in the very near future. Please make sure to check back. Have a great day.

  4. James says:

    I am sure by now you have seen the many reports about sleep paralysis. The argument now is, is it spiritual as in Judeo-Christian or is it a medical issue. One thing has proven true in this discussion. The name of Jesus being called out by believer and non-believers not only stops all sleep paralysis episodes, it has also been proven to stop alien appearances and abductions on the spot instantly. It is just so strange to me why people are continuing to plow down extraterrestrial avenues looking for little green men on mars ad the like when it is obvious that alien beings are nothing more than fantastic visions and dreams created by fallen angels to deceive non-believers so they will continue to chase aliens down a rabbit hole and never discover the true love that God made for us to seek when He sent Jesus to die for us so that we would not have to. Seek the Holy Spirit, call out to Jesus, He will not only destroy all these demonic beings for you He will give you the peace that surpasses all understanding. How do I know? His Holy Spirit lives within me and He says it is all demonic deception and this alien deception is the mastermind of fallen angels including lucifer and it is working perfectly, unfortunately. If you find yourself being carried out of your bed at night or laying on a cold steel table with a probe stuck who knows where or you wake up (or thought you woke up) to see some big eyed mantas looking freak in your bedroom, just call out to Jesus, Jesus, help me. You will fin yourself back in your cozy bed with the coast all clear. The key to keeping it from ever happening again is to seek Jesus and find all the awesome promises that He has made to you and He has never broken a promise ever. He loves you and I with a love that has no end. We are all being prepared for eternity and no one ever dies. You have a choice as to where you will spend eternity. If you do not choose Jesus, Satan will make the choice for you, and everyone regardless of religion or nationality has to make that choice. Choosing not to choose make a choice for Jesus and the love He has for you and the sacrifice He made for you is no more that flat out rejection of our Maker, our Lord and Savior.

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