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Hello fellow paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike.  I’d like to welcome you all to my very first blog “A Paranormal World”.  I hope to make this one of your first stops on your monthly, weekly, or even daily readings of all things paranormal.  I wanted to dedicate this post tonight to talking a bit about who I am, where I come from, and the experiences I have had first hand.  I encourage any reader to share their own experiences, privately or publicly, and continue to grow this blog from an aspiring writer’s first time attempt at something he passionately loves, to weekly publication that you can all come to for a great read about extremely thought provoking topics.  If nothing else, I hope to inspire you dear readers to think outside the box and realize there is more to this world then what you can see on the surface.  That this truly is a paranormal world.

My name is Jared and I currently live in the North Eastern part of the United States.  New England is known for it’s crazy weather (which I can vouch for personally as it was 44 degrees last Friday night and 92 by Sunday afternoon), beautiful Fall foliage, and its many paranormal happenings.  I’ve had the opportunity to witness phenomenon many times throughout my life and it has become not only a hobby, but a passion for me.  I have dedicated the past 20+ years of my life to researching and seeking out paranormal phenomenon throughout the New England region.  Though I would certainly consider myself a novice in the actual investigations (I hope to soon up my credentials to intermediary, haha), I believe that my knowledge of paranormal occurences and the history of local areas is fairly strong.  With this knowledge I hope to teach some of  you things you may not know or understand, and conversely I hope to be taught some things from you as well.  Here is how I came to be the paranormal fanatic that I am.

I grew up in a small house in Randolph, Massachusetts.  We lived on the corner of a busy street but the neighborhood was filled with kids and most of us all got along great.  Our days were spent playing baseball or kickball in the street and our nights were filled with large neighborhood sized games of manhunt.  It really was a great childhood, but mine was a bit different than the other kids in the area.  I learned from a very young age that I was living in, what I now believe to have been, a very active household.  I say active rather than haunted in this sense because I have come to believe (and perhaps I will touch on this topic a bit more in later blogs) that the house itself may not have been haunted as much as I, and to a somewhat lesser extent, my brother were capable of experiencing this phenomena.

The first experience I ever had occurred when I was no more than perhaps five or six years old.  I was taking a nap in my upstairs bedroom when I was awoken to the touch of fingers on my bare feet.  As I slowly came out of my dreamlike state I recognized the sensation of being tickled.  I had assumed it was simply my mother or father trying to wake me from my nap and as I tried clearing the sleep from my eyes I said something to the effect of “Hey, stop tickling me”.  I cracked an eye and through blurred vision was able to see a figure sitting at the end of my bed.  The tickling had stopped and I was simply too tired to care who was sitting there.  I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep again.  No sooner did I lay back down I noticed the tickling sensation start again.  Now I was annoyed and sat straight up in bed, opening my eyes wide….when the words caught in my mouth.  No one was there, but I continued to feel the fingers tickling my feet that were uncovered from the bottom of my blanket.  I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, crying to my mother.  From that moment on, after the fear had subsided slightly, I wanted to learn what had happened and what I was experiencing.  While in the house I experienced being touched, hearing voices and my name specifically being called, and even seeing the ghostly outline of a man walking through my basement.

So here I am today, many experiences in many locations and my research continues.  My love of all things paranormal hardly stops at ghosts however.  Ufo’s, cryptozoology, and many more topics are all in my repertoire of fascinations.  There are many more stories to come, not only of my personal experiences, but accounts of phenomena throughout New England, and eventually the world..but hey we all have to start out small, right?  I hope you’re all excited to go on this ride with me and delve into the paranormal happenings that many of us experience each day.  I look forward to your insights, opinions, and personal accounts.  Until next time, look beyond the normal world and into the paranormal world.

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  1. Graham says:

    Hey Jared.

    Thank you for your contribution to Grimerica. Welcome!! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your experiences and maybe a little update about what’s going down in NE.
    I hope this will be a space where people feel free to share their experiences, feelings and opinions without fear of ridicule or judgement….
    What a fascinating time we live in, being able to truly connect with so many like minds.

  2. Sheila says:

    There is a belief among my family about where the spirit enters ones body I find it interesting the spirit was tickling your feet. Thanks for sharing was a good read.

    1. Jared Grace says:

      Hey Sheila thanks for the read. I have never heard any specific theories as to where the spirit may enter the body. I’d love to know more about where this thought comes from. Thanks again for the read and I hope you check back for more soon.


  3. Paige says:

    Great Blog. Where are the others?

    1. Jared Grace says:

      Hi Paige, thanks for reading. If you want to read more blogs by me you can simply go to the blogs tab on the main screen at and find the “A paranormal world” blog. There are several there. Thanks for reading.

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