Asking Permission to Get High

The impending financial meltdown, catastrophic eventiromental collapse, the disintegration of our civil liberties and the birth of a police state…

This upcoming election season will give American culture the chance to redefine itself in the eyes of history. A chance for us to show this moment in time as the moment where we turned it all around, where we finally sought repentance for the sins of our fathers. A chance to stand up together, arm and arm and let our voices ring out in glorious union, crying out for the law of the land to finally reflect will of the people. Ladies and Gentlemen these next 18 months may be the the most important 18 months in the entirety of American history, where we as a nation decide once and for all…

Should pot be legal?

Not decriminalized, not sanctioned for medicinal use. I’m talking 100% bought from civilian business owners, taxed by the government legal…

Honestly? I gotta say No.

Two points I want to try and make here before you start calling me a square and pelting me with tomatoes.

I think there’s a fundamental flaw in the logic of people that lambast the government for wanting too much control over our private lives but then willing let them regulate and tax the drug trade. That’s just being shortsighted. The black market is all we got left! I’m all for the decriminalization of certain drugs but can’t we have one without the other? Sadly the answer is probably no, because at the end of the day it’s not in their best interests.

It baffles me when I talk to counter-culture types that push for this without seemingly taking the time to think it’s through to it’s logical conclusion. Once we establish that a system is corrupt and operates without our best interest in mind we need to stop seeking their approval on things and start being leery of the things they do approve. Think long term, because they are. Stop playing checkers and start playing chess.

And medical marijuana? I think if it’s a viable form of treatment it should be considered but when did we all start trusting the pharmaceutical companies now? I must have missed that memo.

As it stands now weed is a crop organically grown in mass by hardworking, independent farmers all across this great land of ours. No GMOs or involvement from Monsanto. All of that stands to change. I can’t help but think to make the comparison between the marijuana we smoke now versus the government sanctioned marijuana we can expect after legalization, and a pure crop of organic tobacco versus the shit we buy in cigarette form. People talk about the tax revenue legalization could generate (like cigarettes) but where exactly do you think that money will go? The schools? Ha!

And my second point is…are we really sure our society needs marijuana more readily available in the first place?

Now first off let me make it perfectly clear that I am (at times) a recreational drug user. I won’t rattle off my laundry list of accomplishments but safe to say if I haven’t done it, I’ve sat there and watched someone else do it and then passed on it because it didn’t look fun.

I’m not going to start listing a bunch of numbers and statistics to prove my next point because, well for one I’m too lazy to look that shit up, but also because if there’s one thing The Wire has taught me is that it’s possible to juke the stats to say whatever the hell you want them to say. Instead I’d rather focus on what I KNOW. What I’ve seen. What I can say with absolute certainty.

I have seen young men and women let days upon weeks upon months upon years of their lives slip by under the seductive lull of a thick smokey haze.

I have seen people lose careers and opportunity for advancement because of their inability to stop smoking pot long enough to pass a fucking drug test that goes back a 30 days.

I have witness marijuana lead to other drugs, and those other drugs cost people their sanity and livelihood.

And I have seen all this down living in a state where marijuana is illegal, and not made readily available to its populace. Being a reasonable man of average intelligence I cannot in good conscience support anything that makes this drug easier to obtain. We’re all so concerned with what they’re putting in our water and what the chem-trails are dumping in the air but what about what we are willingly putting in our bodies? They don’t need some covert program to sedate the populace into compliance, we’re all too willing to do it ourselves.

Drugs can be educational. Drugs can be tools. But they can also be distractions. They can also be crutches. Finding that balance is up to the individual. I just don’t see anything that encourages wide spread consumption being part of the solution. We had our party, and it was a blast, but things have changed, and what the world needs now is for us be stronger and faster and more focused than we’ve ever been before. This is big show kids, game time. The world needs us, and it needs us at our best.


– Pat O

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  1. D-ron says:

    good post, there are some points i can agree with, but ultimately I have to fall on the side of full legalization. If we don’t have freedom over our own consciousness then what freedom do we have, it never should have been illegal in the first place IMHO. Granted there will always abusers, as there is with alcohol now. Keep em’ coming I can’t wait to see this comment thread in a few weeks

    also, the views of Pat O do not necessarily represent the views of Grimerica LOL

    1. Graham says:

      Thanks for the post. Interesting points indeed. I have kind of avoided having an opinion either way on this complex topic and feel like I flip back and forth a bit on it.

      Although I think we should have sovereignty over our own consciousness (as Graham Hancock puts it) I can see what Pat O is saying here. I don’t trust these institutions so why should we trust them with pot. And I’m not saying it should stay the same as it is now but should we not look at wake of destruction caused by alcohol, cigs and prescription drugs. Pot will not only become more readily available it will be “pushed” by advertisers and corporations.

      also, the views of Pat O kinda represent the views of Grahamerica. LOL

  2. Teachm says:

    This is a poorly written article that used faulty logic and deduction as well as false assumptions. For example, you say that marijuana is a gateway drug. Study after study has proven that this is not true. You say weed quality will get worse? How? You are naive to think that other countries have small weed farms and that everything is organic and natural. Personally, id rather have advanced science make outstanding strains and the FDA regulate it. Where will the money from tax revenue go? The schools? Ha!—are you kidding me? Millions of dollars is revenue doesn’t just disappear. It gets used reasonably efficiently. For bankrupt states, legalizing weed would be the best way to get out of bankruptcy. I’ll stop there but I whole heartlessly disagree with almost all of your points.

  3. Fortean Mind says:

    It’s hard to comment or express your own view point on anything controversial without getting a little blow-back. With that said, I must say that my view point on the topic should be full legalization. It’s not because I’m a habitual user, because I’m not, anymore at least, but because as D-Ron and Graham have mentioned, it’s about allowing an individual the freedom of choice and indeed the sovereignty over our own consciousness. If the system is corrupt, then we must change it. This is a step in that process. If or when “They” corrupt our new system, we make the next step to change it. We cannot just idly stand by on the side lines while “They” go unchecked. We move toward change and if the change we seek doesn’t work, we push forward. I collate the populace’s wilfulness to sedate itself with the populace’s willful submission of personal information via social media; as in not everyone uses those mediums for those purposes. As some people use social media to observe or stay updated whilst not divulging anything personal, users of marijuana (and some other drugs) use it for observations as well. Whether it be of the world, a particular situation or themselves. I have seen people use marijuana and wasted a good portion of their lives but the majority of the users I know are productive and well rounded; some more so than a lot of ‘non-users’ that I know. And whilst everyone has their own personality and usage of a drug might bring those ‘undesirable’ personality traits out, the populace as a whole shouldn’t be forbidden the choice because of the possibility of laziness. Where’s the line to be drawn in the sand? Weed? Tobacco? Alcohol? Coke? Crank? Heroine? The line in the sand is to be determined by the people and if that line gets obscured, it’s up to the people to redraw the line. Good post and I look forward to reading more.

  4. It’s weird how I’ve become such an advocate of the decriminalization of drugs in general, and the de-satanization of marijuana specifically, without being an actual USER of these substances. Yet here I am.

    So you’d rather keep the War on Drugs because you hate Monsanto? I’m sorry, but that seems very biased. Countless people have lost their lives either by the violence created by the drug cartels, or by the industrialized penal system seeking to criminalize people who should instead be offered assistance in treating their addictions.

    (So yeah, the fact that I’m a Mexican also makes MY take on the matter pretty biased as well, but consensus is a matter of finding an agreement between differing opinions)

    And I’m sure there are plenty of conscious growers that seek to offer organically safe weed to their clients, but don’t kid yourself: A great amount of the marijuana consumed in the United States is exported from Mexico by the cartels. I hardly think they are the quality-caring folks, do you?

    It is precisely because these substances have been relegated to black markets that consumers aren’t offered any guarantees in quality control.

    And finally, look at what’s happened in countries where they have moved toward legalization. Portugal has actually seen a DECREASE in drug abuse, instead of an increase.

    So sorry, I do not agree with you on this matter. And the evidence is mounting in favor of the benefits of legalization.



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