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Alex Tsakiris, creator and host of Skeptiko joins Darren and Graham. They chat about the battle over consciousness between the hard core Skeptics and the believers and everyone in between. Where will the research and our society/culture end up in the crazy information overload age we live in?

Red Pill Junkie chimes in for the intro with some strange news… like ghosthunting arson, new dinosaur found in our home province of Alberta, bit coins going into space, and the face off between the FDA and 23&me…

Alex’s website and podcast 

Alex, host of Skeptiko, is a successful entrepreneur turned science podcaster. In 2007 he founded Skeptiko which has become the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness.  Alex has appeared on syndicated radio talk shows both in the US and the UK and is well-know within the parapsychology and near-death experience research communities.

Links t to people /topics discussed in show…. 

Links from the intro with Red Pill Junkie:


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Rev. Michael Carter chats with Darren and Graham. Don’t think this is all about Religious scriptures and Aliens… Rev Michael Carter is so much more. This is also about an old school reiki master and the coming out of a Contactee. We talk about his book, “Alien Scriptures” and much more.

Red Pill Junkie joins the boys in the intro. Darren and RPJ try and debunk one of Graham’s synchronicities. They chat about 3d printing, lie detecting tattoos, the 5 year old Batman, Blue angels, crack smoking mayors, non stinking undies among sum uvah crazy &*%$!  

Rev. Michael Carter’s site and his book “Alien Scriptures” 

Other interesting book we chatted about…: 

Links from intro with RPJ:,0,5703072.story#axzz2kmP9txHI


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Chase Kloetzke, Author, UFOlogist, Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator extraordinaire joins the boys on this Ep to chat about some of her creepier encounters while chasing these illusive phenomenons. Although a tad late for Halloween, Children of the Corn meets Signs meets Blair Witch in this episode!! Check out Chase’s radio show,“Project White Papers” on KGRA to find out more about this fascinating woman. 

In the Intro Graham reads Darren a couple of the not so creepy stories from Jim Harold’s, “True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold’s Campfire 2”

KGRA Radio Global Radio Alliance and Chase’s site:

Jim Harold’s site for podcast and books 


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I was not expecting to have a mini encounter like the one I did when got up on a perfectly normal Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. The story that follows I am telling first hand.


I was in a small town called Fielding, which serves as a rural crossroads for the central lower north island of New Zealand. There is a large race track to satisfy every back wood petrol head for miles around, and a smattering of stock yards for auctioning livestock destined for the paddock or the plate. I had decided to take my partner and my son to the Fielding Coach Museum , under recommendation from a local.


I did not know much about it, or what to expect but was I was pleasantly surprised as we entered an entirely patron-less hanger like building full of interesting historical artefacts. The place was full of old restored cartridges, coaches, tractors and various farming equipment. i was actually blown away by the size and number of different displays recreating early rural New Zealand in the Manawatu.


Blissfully unaware, we proceeded to examine each display with interest, well as much as you can with a bubbly 5 year old boy in tow. Yet it wasn’t until a large yellow loader attracted my attention, that my day took an unexpected twist.


As I examined the size of this huge wheeled loader, I accidentally kicked something with my sneaker. The loader was down the far end of the hanger , yet the back half was not very well lit so I had to struggle a wee bit to see what I had interrupted.


As I looked down I saw to my surprise, a small ancient looking tricycle. It was wedged into the corner at the apex of the rear wall of the building and the back left hand tyre of the loader. I looked at the tricycle and then back to where it may have come from, which made me feel as if it was just pushed from one end of the hanger to eventually terminate here in this slightly awkward position, wedged on it’s lonesome here. I stepped back slightly and got a shiver down my spine. It was like in a split second, I had a flash that told me what was going on! It was fast and it was sharp!

Instantly the hairs on my arms stood erect, and I had a feeling like the nerves on my spine, neck and the back of my head , had all shortened and retracted inward slightly.


At this I stepped aside and called my Girlfriend over. ” Do you feel something ? ” I asked. At this point she had no idea about the tricycle, as it was still in the shadows.

“wow” she replied, ” I can feel something here… What is it?” I pointed at the small child’s toy before us at which she also stepped back. At this point I was actually starting to feel a wee bit dizzy, so i also stepped away from the toy.


My girlfriend has a bit of a knack of picking up on things , in a psychic way, but very minimal, yet she had a clear picture of what was going on that day. She felt like this was a very closely guarded and beloved toy and that we need step away. I still had chills and tingles sparkling down my spine and arms. I felt slightly nauseas also  but decided to take some pictures and move on.


It was weird, I have seen enough episodes of Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters to pick up on the subtleties they speak of, yet this was very clear to me. I decided to snap some pictures and move on. I had a quick look up and around for any air conditioning vents or drafts , but nothing was obvious to explain the chills that shot through me.

We shook it off and carried on looking at the rest of the displays. We hung around for at  least another half hour or so then decided to head into town for Sushi, at my sons request! As we left, the kind old gentleman at the counter offered us a pass back if we decided to come back later in the day. I took it on the off chance and we got in the car. As I pulled out on to the main road my girlfriend alerted me to a scratch I had on my arm. It was a short fingernail type scratch that was still open and bright blood red. I was taken aback by this and pulled the car over. I had no idea how I got this scratch and was confused as it was still bleeding and fresh. I had another chill, could it have been the entity we had just encountered?


I didn’t want to go there, it had been an eventful enough experience for the morning so I decided that we get lunch and explore town. Good Idea in principle, but my mind couldn’t let go of the feelings and experience we had just been through.


I wanted answers. After exploring town and a bite to eat we headed back. The afternoon shift was on at the museum, so we were let in after another elderly gentleman explained the explicit instructions he was given to expect our return!

We went in to the same large hanger where I made a bee line to the loader.


As I hurried through the hall I was stopped in my tracks by a display that also had a wee tricycle as part of it. I looked at the display and then examined the placard before it. I will include a picture of it , but in essence it states that the tricycle was a much beloved toy that belonged to the Mayors daughter. It was passed on through the generations , much to the displeasure of the original , jealous owner.


In closing , I really do feel that I had a run in with this entity, or at least the residual spirit of the daughter who once cherished this tricycle with such fervour. The thought did cross my mind to approach the gentlemen at the counter , yet something stopped me. I also thought , as the hall was under constant camera surveillance, that the tricycle’s journey would be documented in a digital form somewhere in the archives. yet , the ridicule factor took over for me. In retrospect, the mystery is a better memory for me to have, even though this event only took place two weeks ago.





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Robert W. Sullivan iv, 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason joins Darren and Graham and they discuss his latest book, “The Royal Arch of Enoch” and his new book coming out, “Cinema Symbolism”. They also chat about the history of Freemasonry, how you can get in, and if they are any secret societies for women.

Robert W. Sullivan iv, website: 

His book, “The Royal Arch of Enoch 

Facebook for “The Royal Arch of Enoch”

Robert’s Youtube channel 

Robert’s Twitter

Freemasons book of the royal arch, by Bernard E. Jones


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Red Pill Junkie and Graham join Darren to summarize the experience at the Paradigm Symposium 2013. They chat a bit about all the presentations and the good times over the 4-5 days. 

Links to all the guests and their sites: 

Micah Hanks and the Gralien Report. 

Scotty Roberts and Intrepid Magazine 

Dr. John Ward and Dr. Maria Nillson 

Nick Redfern 

Robert Bauval 

Robert Shoch 

Scott Wolter 

Dan Madsen 

Laird Scranton

David Weatherly, Two Crows Paranormal 

Chistopher O’brien, Our Strange Planet and The Paracast

L.A .Marzulli

Thomas P. Fusco 

PZ Myers 

Gary Evans 

Joseph Mara


Will Sparks – Crazy

Sam F – Grey 

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Karen Hudes, famed whistleblower of the corruption at the World Bank chats with Darren and Graham about the latest indicators – what’s happening to the whistleblowers, geo-politics, the financial system and other conspiracies that will make you wonder…. what is really going on here. 

Graham chats about the Gregg Braden presentation on the weekend. 

Karen Hudes website

Annual meeting of the World Bank and IMF, Oct 2013 

TZM – The Zeitgeist Movement

G. Edward Griffin’s “Creature from Jekyll Island” 


Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

Chris Mallinchak – So Into You

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Amej – Adagio

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Joe Bullard, author of “waiting for Agnes” and long time researcher of the famed Coral Castle in Florida join the guys for a fascinating talk. Everything from magnetism oxygenating the blood, Tesla, Ley lines, and the life of the Coral Castle builder Edward Leedskalnin are discussed.

In the intro the guys chat about the upcoming release of Grimericus Psilocybus – Enter the Mushroom episode among others.   

Joe Bullard Books site and his new book “Bolita Sam”  

Joe Bullard 3864388512

Coral Castle tour video by the funny Bostonian dude 

“The enigma of Coral Castle” by Ray Stoner 

Bruce Cathie and the world energy grid 

In search of…. the TV series from the 70’s and 80’s

Greg Braden coming to Calgary 

1930’s Coral Castle video


Figure – Beetlejuice

Zelda Lostwoods – Ephixa

Moments – Mutrix

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Kevin Booth, filmmaker joins Darren and Graham to discuss the latest in the American drug war. Our drug culture is changing rapidly and it seems we are witnessing historic times in many ways. Kevin created both American Drug War 1 and 2, The Last White Hope and Cannabis Destiny. This is a heavy topic of course, so we try and keep it somewhat light….

In the intro the Grimerican’s chat about life in space from meteors, new book and guest ideas, and conspiracies heard on other podcasts regarding music and society.

Kevin Booth

Go to and click on Amazon to buy your almost anything…. products like a 55 gallon drum of personal Lube!!

No agenda – The best podcast in the Universe!

Efrain’s book

Life in space from meteors

Inner Traditions

Bill Hicks – Ranting e minor

Bill Hicks – Sane Man

American, the Bill Hicks story

Bill Hicks and Kevin Booth’s band “Stress”

Cheech and Chong


Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

Amadeus – TroyBoi

Interminable – Just a Gent

Alien Twerk Dub – Tsoki


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Passport to Grimerica with past guests and fans. Jared, David, Jagger, Efrain Palermo and Red Pill Junkie get a passport to Grimerica on this episode. The fellas chat about everything from their own personal experiences, New Zealand politics, Mars, Synchronicities, the Oz affect, and of course Efrain crazy theories… including one on ice crystals in your very own kitchen freezer!!

Red Pills of the week

Efrain’s website, including his upcoming book… 

No agenda podcast 

Jagger’s band “High School Sweethart”

Bruce Lipton


Russell Brand Nazi Rant


Grimerica Theme Song – Lock&Key

Fairies and Shit – Joseph Delano

Pegboard Nerds – Rocktronik

Quill – Joopiter

To A friend – AlexisonFire(AdventureClub Remix)

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