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Orb video from Cathedral Vortex in Sedona

After the hike up to the top of Cathedral I took some time to meditate and take a short video of the surroundings. I didn’t look at my videos until after the trip and while showing a friend she noticed the orb. I didn’t believe her and when I went back I was shocked to see the little guy float across the bottom of the screen.

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In the very first chapter Darren and Graham discuss how they became interested in recording their own podcast. They talk about the UFO sightings that each of them had and about some of the favorite podcasts they listen to.

Mars one is discussed and Graham wants to sign up and Darren thinks it’s a scam. 

Chat with Efrain Palermo

Efrain and the Grimerican’s discuss the stains on Mars and the monolith on Phobos. How much research and investigation Efrain put into Mars and how he was vindicated many years later by an article in Astronomy Magazine confirming his hypothesis. Unfortunately he received ziltch/zero/nada credit for the many hours labouring over a dial up connection in the late 90’s!!

Efrain also mentions for the first time publicly, a plan that he is putting in place that may help the minions of our lonely planet out in this regard. 

Mars anomalies podcast


Dr. Frankenstein – Emergency Exit

Kevin Mcleod – Slow Burn

Lomovolokno – Overlay Star

The Blackman – Get up

Pharaos – The Pharaos

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Planetary scientists at the European Space Agency have released 3D images of the “striking upper part of the Reull Vallis region of Mars,” which reveal a 932-mile-long (1500 kilometer) river running from the Promethei Terra Highlands to the vast Hellas basin. This river was huge. The image data from ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft shows that, at some points, the riverbed is 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) wide and 984 feet (300 meters) deep.

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New photos of a huge crater on Mars suggest water may lurk in crevices under the planet’s surface, hinting that life might have once lived there, and raising the possibility that it may live there still, researchers say.
Future research looking into the chances of life on Mars could shed light on the origins of life on Earth, scientists added.
The discovery came from a study of images by NASA’s powerful Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that revealed new evidence of a wet underground environment on the Red Planet

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 Until someone figures out a way to manufacture antimatter, fusion is by far the cleanest and most abundant source of power we can hope to harvest. We’ve known this for a long time, but fusion is hard, and it’s expensive to build the giant lasers or toroidal plasma containment systems that are needed to get it to work. By most estimates, we’re something like 40 years away from an operational fusion power plant.

“Most estimates” do not, apparently, include research being done at Lockheed Martin’s secretive advanced development center, Skunk Works. 

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A team of astronomers from Penn State led by Ravi Kumar Kopparapu and Ramses Ramírez, also PHL collaborators, announced a redefinition of the classical stellar habitable zone. Their study has strong implications on how we search and study potentially habitable exoplanets.
The main conclusion of their study is that the habitable zones are actually farther away from the stars than previously thought. Interestingly, Earth appears to be now situated at the very inner edge of the habitable zone.
The new study builds on the previous work of James Kasting, Evan Pugh Professor of Geo-sciences at Penn State, also one of the co-authors. Currently, all definitions of the habitable zone were based on Dr. Kasting’s pioneering work.

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A teen who consumes alcohol is likely to have reduced brain tissue health, but a teen who uses marijuana is not, according to a new study.Researchers scanned the brains of 92 adolescents, ages 16 to 20, before and after an 18-month period. During that year and a half, half of the teens — who already had extensive alcohol and marijuana-use histories — continued to use marijuana and alcohol in varying amounts. The other half abstained or kept consumption minimal, as they had throughout adolescence.

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My introduction to professional paranormal investigation/journalism, came in the summer of 1997. I was living in a small seaside town, in Devon, located in the beautiful Southwest of the UK. Exmouth then had around 25,000 people living there. Its main income came from tourism, and fishing, it also had a thriving little commercial docks.

At that time I was still earning my living from being a taxi owner. Life was pleasant, routine, just an ordinary town, with all of us leading ordinary lives, that was all to change for me, when the UFO’s started to show up in our night time skies!. In the space of just three months or so, some 40 events were reported in the area, involving over 120 witness reports! I, as a very keen amateur ufologist, had been fascinated by this aerial activity, and decided to join a local paranormal research group. My brother-in-law was the sports editor of the local paper at that time, and during a conversation with the editor, the subject of theses strange sightings in the local skies was brought up. My brother-in-law told him that I was a ufologist, ands so, a couple of days later my phone rang. The editor of the paper asked me if I could write up the events for the paper! Although I was a total amateur writer, I agreed to do so, and so it was that I started my journalistic career!, ending with me writing a weekly column for the same paper, on all matters paranormal.

The types of UFO’s reported were weird, to say the least. We had the FT’s, axe-head shapes, cylindrical shapes with wings, and orange glowing orbs. Along with the UFO’s, we also had sightings of USO’s, strange glowing lights, which came up from the bottom of the sea, and rose quickly into the air. Things became a little mad, during those two months or so, throughout the local area!. Reports of ghosts, big cat sightings, strange, lit-up creatures, all cropped up!. It was if the entire area has been supercharged with paranormal energy! We also received reports of animal mutations, this brings me to what is, perhaps, the strangest event of all, during those mad two months of 1997.. a sad case of mammal mutilation, which occurred in the exact area of a USO sighting, within a day or two of the sighting itself. A case for which I was to turn out to be the first on the scene, to witness a most peculiar, and tragic sight!. A strangely mutilated pilot whale!!!…

The poor creature was around 15-20ft long, its carcass was in perfect condition, apart from a very weird wound. A wound which even the official from English Heritage, who are responsible for the disposal of whales carcasses, could not explain away. Its entire genital area had been very neatly removed!. A perfectly circular wound had “cored” the whole area from the body. The edges of this wound were smooth, and showed no signs of tearing or teeth marks. As a ufologist, I immediately recognised this wound as being very similar to wounds reported in cattle mutilation cases.

This wave of paranormal activity in that area only occurred every ten years or so, and had done so for at least 100 years by then. During the last period of activity, in 1987, yet another whale had been washed ashore, again with strange mutations. This time it was a cuviers beaked whale!, a very rare species, this poor creature had its lower jaw removed! This action was, at the time, put down to souvenir hunters, after the teeth of the whale. Only one problem with that explanation, ..female cuviers beaked whales (which this one was) have no teeth!. These two cases were the only beached whales in that area, during the 10 years.

The whale was not the only creature found mutilated during that wave of paranormal activity. On Woodbury Common, an area of grasslands just above Exmouth, (itself a very strange place with burial tumuli (around 40!) a very well preserved Iron age fort, and a history of big cat sightings, UFO’s, ghosts, and witchcraft,) came reports of deer found with heads missing, their flesh stripped to the bone, but with no knife or bit marks on the bones themselves.

One morning, towards the end of the two months, we awoke to perfect silence!. There was no paranormal events anyway in the entire area!, no ghosts, no big cat sightings, no UFO’s/USO’s, nothing! It was if these events had been turned off by some paranormal switch!. In the next 9 years that followed, there was only the very occasional ghost story heard, perhaps a vague big cat sighting, nothing major at all!..This area had gone into a long paranormal “sleep”.

There is much, much more to this story. But I shall leave that for the next time!. Until then bye for now!..

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The universe; how mysteriously beautiful and alluring it is. So easy to understand yet so complicated to fathom the thought of such creation. I’ve tried many times throughout my life to imagine a universe in one thought, but alas I am not omnipotent and have failed many times over. I know many of us struggle everyday with the want to know and understand why it exists as it does, but we never really reach that finite answer that says, “yes” this is the deriving point of all creation. This is what the Universe is; this is where we originated from. Certainly Mathematics and many other scientific fields help us come to a sort of understanding; the most recent which I find very fascinating is that organic molecules have been found in space. However; that finding and many other still do not explain the entirety of the essence or consciousness as I like to refer to it as, behind the “magic” that is the universe.

So for now I hold to the legends and the myths told to me by my family and the lore’s that I have come to know through my own personal spiritual growth and that are kindred to the Mide way of life. It is these teachings and the legends of Pythagoras, Einstein, Newton, Odin, Thor, Aryans, Anishinaabe, Druid, or Celtic and many more that have help me reach some sort of imaginative conscious understanding of the origins of life in the cosmos.

Creation; this has been a word I have thought about many times over and more intriguing to me are the sounds of creation. Something I will most likely touch on in the future. Today I want to share a part of the creation story one told to me as a child, one consisting of the earliest conditions of the universe and one similar to other legends in other cultures from around the earth. This living legend is part of a long tale of creation and migration and because it is quit lengthy I will only tell a portion of it as it is told by my family and it starts as follows….

During the time of great quietness a time what we would call peace after a long epic war in the outer worlds was a wondering and lonely omnipotent being that came across a darkness that was full of nothing. Longing as this being did for companionship and looking at the darkness Chi-Maanidoo in one thought saw all that there was, that is, and that will be. Chi-Maanidoo (the great spirit/consciousness/essence) sent this thought out into the darkness and as the wave of it touched the void it crackled and shook until it broke through the nothing’s barrier creating a bright flash of blinding light that scattered the darkness farther than any man could ever see. As the wave of thought (consciousness) traveled through the darkness it continued to flow like water, crackle like a fire, and shake like a bee. As Chi-Maanidoo’s thought shook clouds of mist and dust fell here and there and one could see the likes of the light of many thousands of fireflies.  

I love legends such as these and the Celtic belief is much similar to the beginning of this creation story. They too have many oral legends or lore that I find very kindred to my spirit, possibly because I also have historic ancient roots among those traditions as well. Their legend begins much the same with an “eternal quietness and then a great spiraling wave of melody subdued at first but gathered momentum until at last a great crescendo and then there was life, but it did not stop there the melody continued its song filling all of creation.” (Oran Mór and text, Frank Mills, 1998)

I also cannot ignore the Hindu Veda hymns of creation which were never intended to be written, but to be past down orally The Aryan belief in “secret”  knowledge reminds me much of how my family believes it is a way of life not something that should be written down but lived and taught. A part of the Veda Hymns poses similar beliefs:

“There was neither non-existence nor existence. There was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond. There was neither death neither immortality. There was no distinguishing sign of day or night.”  “Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning. With no distinguishing sign, all this was water. The life force was covered with emptiness. That One arose with the power of heat breathed by its own impulse. Other than that, there was nothing beyond.”  “Desire upon That One in the beginning. That was the first seed of mind. Poets, seeking in their hearts with wisdom, found the bond of existence in non-existence. Their cord was extended across. Was there below? Was there above?”

There are a few other legends as well I find fascinating and intriguing; so many to choose from so many to ignite ones curiosity and imagination. The Norse Folks legends talk of other worlds such as Muspell, Ginnungagap and Neflheim and a possible war in those outer worlds and then Asgaard is created where Odin resides watching over us like a protector and Thor the almighty his might and strength to see that it is done.  The Dine as well speaks of other worlds/universes outside the one we know so little of and there are those who also tell tales of creation as a thought such as the Mayan.

How imaginative all these legends are and yet so close to what we know right now and over time I am sure some words may have been changed to reflect the changing knowledge of our growth, such as the fireflies, bees, harmonic melodies, neither mortal or immortal and so on. These changes brought imaginative thought to children over time as they were told and as they do now when telling them and bringing them back to life as is a belief of my family when speaking of legends such as theses. Whatever the belief and reason for the legends, myths, or lore the initial essence and teachings behind them still remains intact these creation stories are very similar some small differences, but when the pieces are put together kind of like a jigsaw puzzle my silly thoughts think it shows us a map; a map that may show us the way to our past, present, and future.  What an adventure that would be wouldn’t it.

I have been raised to believe we all derive from the same root and I have total admiration for those that seek to find this truth all those scientists, mathematicians, physicists, paranormal seekers, Legend and Lore keepers. This is where I find my home for now, in the legends and lore of our ancient ways of life until the day the Ancients call.


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I had previously attended an event put on by Kai and Serah… so I kind of knew what to expect. But I had no idea what type of experience I would have this time around. The previous one was a gathering of a couple hundred of us all lying down in a large circular room with an array of ancient instruments pumped through a massive sound system. There were incense burning, crystals and other new agey type stuff. I’m ok with that. Guys were walking around with Didgeridoos throwing sound through the air at you. Chimes and beautiful vocals rang throughout.

I love audio as it is, so this was amazing to me. It really affected my physically… at one point my body was vibrating. It started with a small shiver and built up to a full vibration and it felt like every cell in my body was alive and vibrating. It was like the wildest guided meditation but live, with amazing energy, sounds and smells.

So when I heard about another little event put on by this fabulous couple I didn’t hesitate to sign up. This was the Shamanic Sound and Breath Journey, in a smaller venue with only 12 of us. With towering Bose speakers hooked up to all kinds of instruments I knew I was in for a treat. It was a very loving atmosphere and it started with us gathering in a tight circle setting our intention for the 3-4 hour evening. Kai then went around and did a sort of reading with each of us in turn. I didn’t really like what he had to say to me and I didn’t agree. But I forced myself to be openminded about it and in a genuine effort to grow I really tried to look deep inside to learn something about myself.

After we had settled in on the floor they taught us a breathing technique to follow for at least 30-45 while the music was played fairly heavy and loud. I think this was to shake things up and out a bit.  After that we would relax to a smooth flow or all kinds of music and just enjoy the ride. Throughout this journey they would come around the room and perform hands on or crystal healing. One of the guys would roam around with his didge – I had no idea what crazy sounds that instrument could make.

I’ve always known that our Chakra’s were true energy centers in our bodies, but I hadn’t really felt them physically before this experience. Needless to say…. it must have been a little ways into the journey and my whole body was vibrating with the beautiful music. I heard the didge coming closer to me and the sound must have been thrown at my root chakra because I felt this swirling vibration just above my pelvic region over my root chakra. The feeling moved up my body a bit to the next two chakras. That went on for a while until I felt this twinge beneath the skin at my third eye. This shocked me – a real physical sensation beneath the skin.

Soon after that she came around and jabbed the point of a massive crystal into the top of my head. She had my head in her hands opening up my chakras. I felt my third eye open up, and although my eyes were closed I felt my vision change/open up slightly. I now felt my whole head vibrating and I could honestly feel the vibrations going through my crown. I soaked it in for a while and then became completely aware that everything was open except for my heart and my throat. Soon after thinking this he comes over and somehow knows to put one hand on my heart and one hand on my throat. He goes through his healing ritual and sure as shit I completely open up. My heart and throat are vibrating and it’s flowing up and down through my whole body. He releases his hands for a few moments waiting. Then he puts them back seemingly to check and make sure he was successful. Well, he was… they all were. It was blissful – full on vibrations coursing through my body.

After a while the sensations calmed down and it was just relaxing to a variety of music, singing and sounds. Once it was over we all got back together in a circle and checked in. Some of us talked about our experiences. Every one was unique and there was truly lots of love in the room.

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