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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had nightmares that pretty much kicked my ass. I don’t know why. My childhood wasn’t really any more traumatic than the usual. Where things take a turn for the weird here is that unlike seemingly everyone else in the world, I can’t wake up from them. Yeah, it’s pretty much as bad as it sounds. It’s not all wet sheets and sobs though! As a result of this little glitch, I stumbled upon lucid dreaming pretty early on. Basically, a lucid dream happens when you become conscious of dreaming. When you catch on, you can start to pull the strings from within…kind of, it doesn’t always work out perfectly. Lucid dreamers usually have what’s called a dreamsign, or something that signals you to the fact that you are dreaming. For whatever reason, my dream sign is Meg Ryan, the beloved rom com queen of the 90′s. I don’t know why, but I suspect it has to do with compulsive viewings of Top Gun as a child. My young mind heard: “Take me to bed or lose me forever!” And damned if I didn’t do just that! I suppose I’m lucky that Tom Cruise doesn’t saunter around in my dreamscape, (shirtless, with a volleyball in hand and a beckoning smile.) Anyway, I’ve decided to try and illustrate some of my dreams here for your amusement. You’re welcome. - Napoléon Dûheme

Last time we left our heroes, and I use he term loosely, they were slowly deflating towards their demise! Could hope loom just beyond the horizon?! Probably not… but you should go ahead and read this issue anyway.

If not because of my loving and painstaking work then do it for the 7 Easter Eggs hidden in this issue, including 3 hearty shout-outs to Adam Loyal, the ferocious voice behind  The Friends To Know Podcast  which you really should be listening to, and if you’re not… well, I’m not mad so much as disappointed.You simply must! Its all the fun of eavesdropping on a really juicy conversation without being an actual creep! I’m even on a few episodes, where I talk about all the wacky stuff that happens to me when I’m not lucid dreaming!

And now, on to the show.


Adam Loyal, of Friends To Know

The rare Rainbow T-Rex of Friends To Know fame.

Moai tat on a cloud mummy!

Patty the Squatch is flying high!

Mothman is just taking in the show, he even brought popcorn.

An adorable peeking alien!


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Last week, I used my trusty knife to cut The Robert! free from his floating bondage, trusting that the balloons passing beneath would catch us. Unfortunately, I neglected to consider one very important thing when I concocted this plan, that being I’M AN IDIOT!!

The cover of this episode is a shout out to Grimerican Kevin Stephens, that I couldn’t quite get to work in the panels. I was worried that adding another distinguished bald headed character would just be confused for the comic’s resident cue ball, The Robert! -That’s not to say all bald guys look alike-that would be insensitive!

7 Easter Eggs in this one, with 3 shout-outs to Kevin, who I should mention is part of the U.K Posse! The eggs are super tiny this week, so keep that in mind while hunting.


Shout out to Kevin and the UK Posse

Kevin, as in Stephens

My signature, weeeee!

Don’t you hate it when you get moais stuck in your hair?

UFO tilted sideways

Alien in the shadows

The word Stephens, as in Kevin, hidden in a goatee.


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A little late this week. I’ve been busy, and I’m very grateful! I love having new projects to tackle, and hope to share more about my latest endeavors with all of you soon!

To recap, Last issue I was bouncing between saving The Robert, and killing him myself (I mean, he moved in on my ex… there’s an unspoken rule about that, am I right? Though, this is my dream, so its kind of my fault I guess. It probably represents some kind of insecurity/ mistrust/ competition for dominance issues running rampant in my head… I dunno. Leave an in depth analysis in the comments below!)

Anyway, I decided that since I had come all this way, I might as well save the jerkwad…

7 Easter Eggs in this one, each more fiendishly hidden than the last… so fiendish I forgot to do a shout out….sorry about that!

P.S. If you know the historical significance of the insignia on my knife, leave a comment saying so. The first to get it right will get a surprise!

Lil’ baby moai!!!

Alien lurking

Grimes, spelled in blood


Another moai!


More moai action!

My signature!!!!!!!!


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Soo, it turns out I’m not that good at playing the hero, at least where The Robert! is concerned.

Hopefully I did a better job hiding this weeks 7 Easter eggs, including 2 shout outs to psychonaut extraordinaire, Justin Edelman. If you haven’t laid your eyes on his artwork yet, please check out his instagram @je1337 Consider buying a masterpiece of his to hang in your home and plunge your consciousness into fathoms unknown.

Psychonaut coming down hard.


Moai face


My signature, and also my hair…the fight got a little savage!


Buckets of Graham!


Magic ‘shroom balloon!


The littlest Moai!


A more majestic moai!



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So, it looks like The Robert might not be condemned to death by balloon, but is he really in the clear?

7 Easter Eggs in this one and a special shout out to fellow blogger, and bundle of joy Fortean Mind!

Fortean Mindset, the cuddliest lil’ flying brain ever!


Hidden aliens are among us, just saying.

This lil’ UFO even fooled Felix! Sneaky n’est-ce pas?



Tiny precious moai… who is probably strawberry flavoured.


skull tears

spitting ufos



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This week’s shout out goes to that incorrigible sewer urchin, Nick The Rat ,whose subterranean antics never fail to delight.

There are 7 Easter eggs here, including the shout outs.

Also, I’m sorry I was so late! I was doing a photoshoot with Craig Owens of Bizarre LA , who explores and investigates haunted hotels, then recreates famous ghost stories through his photography. He’s also a historian, who works to dispel fake hauntings using actual documentation and records of a property. There’s a lot  of hotels out there who have invented ghosts as way to draw in tourists.

I’ll be posting a behind the scenes of all that on social media soon, until then, here’s proof! This picture is just a candid from sitting around on he set. Care to venture a guess as to who I was portraying?

And now, on to the comic… where I draw myself looking slightly more rugged…slightly.


Oh no Nick The Rat, look out!

Tiny moai

Nick brings the sass!

My signature.

Hidden Graham


Alien eyes


UFO eyes


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Thanks to everyone whose been following along, hope you’re having fun! Fewer Easter eggs this week, but more sneakily hidden, I hope!


The Moai


Strawberry Graham


Dunlop shoes are apparently very hot in this universe.


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Val has decided to save me from my own ineptitude and hopefully, save The Robert! in the process.

This week’s Easter Egg shout out goes to Grimsteak, the mighty Fortean meat cutter who takes up his blade against both ignorance and cold cuts! All the rest are devoted to general Grimerican wackiness.


Mothman Lurking

Dunlop shoes


Mothman flying


Moai Cuteness!


Grimsteak 1

Grimsteak 2

My signature

A Tiny lil’ Graham


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The saga continues! Val and I are teaming up to valiantly rescue The Robert!

I’m not telling you how many Easter Eggs I hid this week, let’s see if you can find them all. Most are conspiracy theory/Grimerica themed and one is a shout out to Felix Berto, who is a bonafide Easter Egg hunting hound!

Hope you don’t mind!


Three lil’ moais!

The Flat Earth


Felix The Cat

More Felix

A regal looking Graham (I draw him as Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters, due to a long running inside joke.)

Cuddly lil’ alien

Illuminati confirmed

More Grahammy goodness.



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For lucky issue 13, I wanted to invite a very special guest into the Breadverse. Please join me in welcoming everyone’s favorite matriarch, Ma Dunlop!

Ma Dunlop will be assisting me in hiding my Easter Eggs, since these sequences without much background make it pretty tough! There are 7 total. Be on the lookout for:

  1. A wooden spoon
  2. The “G” from Ma Dunlop’s ring of power
  3. A hair curler
  4. The word “NASAW” (Dunlopian prononuciation of NASA)
  5. The word “NASAW” again.
  6. A pot leaf (Darren’s on the goofballs don’cha know.)
  7. The Moai logo

DISCLAIMER: Ma Dunlop is a fictional character and not meant as an accurate representation of persons who at present or in the past have given birth to Graham. Graham’s mother is a saint!



  1. A wooden spoon

  1. The “G” from Ma Dunlop’s ring of power

  1. A hair curler

  1. The word “NASAW” (Dunlopian prononuciation of NASA)

  1. The word “NASAW” again.

  1. A pot leaf (Darren’s on the goofballs don’cha know.)

  1. The Moai logo

























































































































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