Author: Napoléon Dûheme

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had nightmares that pretty much kicked my ass. I don’t know why. My childhood wasn’t really any more traumatic than the usual. Where things take a turn for the weird here is that unlike seemingly everyone else in the world, I can’t wake up from them. Yeah, it’s pretty much as bad as it sounds. It’s not all wet sheets and sobs though! As a result of this little glitch, I stumbled upon lucid dreaming pretty early on. Basically, a lucid dream happens when you become conscious of dreaming. When you catch on, you can start to pull the strings from within…kind of, it doesn’t always work out perfectly.

Lucid dreamers usually have what’s called a dreamsign, or something that signals you to the fact that you are dreaming. For whatever reason, my dream sign is Meg Ryan, the beloved rom com queen of the 90′s. I don’t know why, but I suspect it has to do with compulsive viewings of Top Gun as a child. My young mind heard:

“Take me to bed or lose me forever!”

And damned if I didn’t do just that!

I suppose I’m lucky that Tom Cruise doesn’t saunter around in my dreamscape, (shirtless, with a volleyball in hand and a beckoning smile.)

Anyway, I’ve decided to try and illustrate some of my dreams here for your amusement. You’re welcome.

– Napoléon Dûheme

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My illustrated adventures in lucid dreaming…


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