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As an adult in America, I am in a unique spot. I have been on public assistance most of my adult life. I require food and medical to get by. My paychecks don’t even provide me with enough to pay for rent and utilities on time.

And yet, people in my country find it funny to make light or villianize people who need help. We say we’re the country with the biggest heart and possibilities.

Yes, I’ve made finacial mistakes in the past, but I’m paying on the biggest debt. I should get a tax return, but my government has stolen it to pay for student loans. Unfortunatly I didn’t finish college. I stopped after 6 months. I couldn’t do it. But you know, I don’t need an online degree.

What I need is a chance to prove myself and the world that I am worthy of even existing. See, people are unwilling to allow the poor the chance to rise above the poverty level. Our “democracy” is an oligarchy. The highest bidders won. We spend most of our money on hardly the things we can afford. We slave away. We are our khakis. Our country has been taken over by corporations without the cool. Blade Runner is but a simple fantasy.

The reality is much more saddening. We give our children crap to dull them from being children. We have everything at our fingertips. We don’t see the sick, the homeless, The Shattered.


We walk past them at night. We move a bench over from them on the morning bus. We laugh at their attempts to rise above it.

See, I’m 30. I’m the old man yelling at the wind. I’m screaming, actually. About the state of us, how we’re headed, and how we meet nobody else in standards.


In retrospect I understand that we have to bend in the wind sometimes. But I stand tall. I break the wind and yell at it.

We don’t need more technology!”
“Fuck the system. Fix the system!”
“No wonder kids are fucking stupid, the music doesn’t make sense!”

On and on I go in my mind to no one in particular. But these things take hold and don’t let for for days and days.

“We don’t need war! We don’t want war!”

Yet the face of the battlefield is changing. The enemy is us. We are the enemies that take the shots to the chest. Not the people who hold back others. Not the ones who robbed the world. Those people are still on top.

And they will be. They will be till the end of money. And its not the Illuminatti, Masons, or anyone else. See, the more I think about it those people don’t exist. Or if they do, they don’t exert much power. It may be because they are like Rich Dolans secret society members. It may be because they can’t. It may be they just don’t give a fuck.


But, I’m still here yelling in the wind. I’m still here trying to make my way through the world. And if people stop and listen, maybe you can hear me.

And while I yell at the wind, it changes and shifts. Things are progressing for us, for everyone. We are seeing climate changes freak everyone out. We are seeing harmless drugs becoming legal. We are spreading LGBT marriage rights.

Because people are yelling in the wind. Because I yell in the wind. You yell into the wind.

And people hear us and make those changes occur. It’s never overnight but gradually and then the momentum picks up.

So, yell at the wind. See changes occur.


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I hate UFOs. I hate them utterly now. Its because of several reasons, and I believe that we can’t escape them because they affect all of us in the UFOlogy field.

The people associated with UFOs are so varied and have wildly different levels of believability you have to research them all. I’m not going to name people, but when you can’t vett your people you have a problem. But others in the field are so awesome I have to listen to them even if I have to download a crazy podcast. This is a problem that we face. We have to have people who wouldn’t normally associate themselves with the field in scientific studies that will bolster our cases. For example, the O’Hare UFO event in 2006 was witnessed by over 300 people. It shut down the airport for several hours and accounts and footage of the event hasn’t surfaced yet. I would like to assume that out of those 300 people we had one person who is respectable enough to step forward. And if that person was a scientist that could confirm or deny the report of a UFO in a respectable manner, all the better.

The other problem with the people in the field are the witnesses themselves. I’m a UFO witness and I’ve shared my account before. But I’m so unsure of what exactly happened that I don’t talk about it anymore. And if I doubt myself, how can we trust any memories? I know that we tend to trust people like police officers, military personel, and teachers more than a man down on the river. But whose to say that any of them are able to remember it or be more truthful than the others? We can’t, and we have to vett everyone. Eh, that’s not a bad plan, but we also lose time and money doing so.

So, the people involved are a huge problem. How do we fix this? Data. We collect the data and keep it in an open source where we can filter results by thousands of factors.

Imagine a database where if we wanted to research the top colours worn on the day of a UFO or alien encounter we can. Or air temperature, or other variables at the snap of a finger. MUFON isn’t searchable like that, private collections of data certainly aren’t either.

The data collected is another issue. In the last 15ish years we have reports of lights. That’s fucking it? No real concrete landing evidence? No interesting ship designs? Just a bunch of different coloured lights bouncing around the skies?


The data from UFO encounters needs to be studied by anyone who wants to look at it. And the data needs to be in-depth about everything from the sighting to emotional states of witnesses before, during, and after. We need more data than what we get.
We can’t capture a UFO as civilians, so until we do, we need data. Searchable, quantifiable data in our hands. Minutes after the report goes live on the network. And the other thing is the occupants, or lack of interactions. I’ve noted elsewhere that the occupants were so varied and interesting… but they’re boring now. Grays. Grays. Grays.

Thanks Whitley.


But my biggest issue with UFOs are them. The ufo stereo type has evolved and changed over the last 50 years to be anything from a flying coffee can to balls of light. The biggest change is from nuts and bolt designs to light ships powered by love.

While the phenomenon can change, the underlying message is that as our opinions and knowledge change, they do too. They always seem to be one or two steps beyond our current tech and they change right before we make a leap in technology.

And I can’t tell you if they are nuts and bolts or if they’re light ships. In my own sighting it looked like a red light surrounding a physical craft.

And that pisses me off. We don’t know a damn thing. About the crafts, occupants, or anything really. And we have so many people telling us what they are. Or who they are. And not one of us has a theory that we can definitely say is the truth, and not have it evolve or outright change eventually. We have our thoughts, but we also fall back on classical thoughts on UFOs when we can’t decipher new data.

And I think if I’m to pay attention to UFOs any time soon seriously I need
A) people I’m not going to write off the moment I see them.

B) Data. Data that anyone can search and promote findings in an unbiased manner online or publications. Data that tells us something more than an anecdote does.

C) UFOs being better categorized by people, and solid theories and ideas on how we can test hypothosis’ of researchers.


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The Forgotten. We’re the people you ignore in your daily life. The cashiers, the cooks, the janitors of the world. We are the faceless army of people that fight to survive. We make ourselves slave away every day to make ends meet. We have no security nets, no food, no health care. We are a breath away from failing.

We make up 15% of America. We make up the majority of the poorest of poor. And we’re The Forgotten. The systems in place to “help” us either don’t exist or don’t help at all.

We are told there are programs and projects to give us food, housing, utility assistance. There are but the guidelines and paperwork neccessary to apply for help are designed to prevent us from getting help.

When you’ve moved six times in the last 10 yrs and you lose important documents like Social Security Cards or Birth Certificates and don’t have a way to recover them you’re screwed. Because to receive assistance you need all that and more, so you don’t starve or freeze to death.

And when The Forgotten have had enough bad things happen. You have a father killing his family then himself. You have people lighting up movie theaters with guns. Because they had no way out other than violence.

And they are labeled bad people or worse, terrorists. But what if its the governments that cause these people to break down and snap are to blame? Those people were born bad, or it was eventually going to happen.

Because The Forgotten don’t exist. They don’t happen in capitalist countries. Just in those evil socialist and communist nations. The brown people we need to bomb are the ones who do that to their poor.

No. Americans do it too. We’re some of the worst offenders of human rights needs. We are having 40 billion dollars stolen from the food assistance program across the nation.

For bombs. For war. For anything but the people who deserve help. We are The Forgotten. Children are starving. Adults are dying from lack of medical care. The elderly are starving and dying.

Why? Because our nation is greedy and wants to make money. Wars “make money”. Well, they do actually. But not for the nations. For the private industries and corporations that provide the weapons of war. The supplies neccessary for war.

And we keep feeding bombs into planes to kill those brown people who are trying to send terrorists to kill us. While our own nations are creating “terrorists”.

Because they’ve been forgotten. They’re tired of starving, or moving, or feeling helpless.

And when someone feels so powerless that violence and killing is the only way for the plight to be noticed, its wrong. It is sickening. But people will turn to the simplest method of being noticed. So they are not forgotten.

And it hurts my heart and soul to know that people feel this is the way to make waves.

Because the system is designed to do so. We are told that wombs are to be controlled. We are told that higher education will save us. We are told that we have what we need.

We don’t have what we need. We are The Forgotten. Our lives are shown on TV when its gone to hell and we’ve done something horrible. People gather and call us horrible things to make themselves feel better for not caring.

For a “Christian” nation we sure do a piss poor job of caring for the weak. For a country that is “The land of opportunity” we sure seem to love keep the poor still poor.

And The Forgotten will never forget what you’ve done to us. The lies you told to keep your government job and lifetime healthcare. The bombs you dropped instead of food you could have given. The pain of watching a loved one die because we couldn’t afford chemotherapy.

And I do not advocate violence. I do not advocate any harm to innocent people.

What I do advocate is understanding and sharing. I advocate for people to give a hand up when you can. I advocate for prosperity through peace and services designed to erase debt, hunger, and housing issues.

Because if we can stop dropping bombs and feeding The Forgotten, those people can rise and become active citizens and people of the world. When you show that we are not the enemy to your nation we will help you rise.

Because we just want to be noticed and understood. We want to not be second or third class citizens. We want to be remembered.

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The future of warfare is going to be much different than any of us could ever imagine. I think that if we keep pushing the boundaries of human ability, the next step is mechanical.

If we humans make our world inhospitable and have to fight in wastelands, we humans will need to adapt. To our environment, to our physical needs and abilities. And if cybernetic upgrades are necessary I do believe that we will do so.

Maybe we will do it willingly. Maybe it will be forced upon us. But I do know that films like Elysuim and Robocop (2014) are a sign of the future.

But it might not be nations we fight. It might be a total civil war, or World War III. And it will be person against person if a WWIII breaks loose.

And we do have this to worry about.

That can be weaponized in minutes, because we already have automated turrets that can confirm kills up to a mile away. North Korea already has them placed along the DMZ, and they kill people weekly.

But when warfare changes, its drastic and instant. Look at Tokyo and Hiroshima.

And in movies and video games these are kickass and cool. Reality has shown us (or should have by now) that it isn’t.

If drones were to take the human equation out of warfare, Id have no issues with them. But they don’t. They make us look at the inhumanity of war, especially when its a school full of kids and not a terrorist cell blowing up.

We can rage all we want that we need to make sure a mistake like that never happens again, but it will. The Pentagon and DARPA and any other government scan promise better software, and that automated systems are the future.

But it won’t happen. We need a human at the helm of any killing device. Because the human can choose to disobey orders, to feel that gut instinct to not shoot.

Machines can’t. They do as programmed. They do as instructed.

And we need to stop and consider this: is fighting wars that necessary? Especially if its not an extinction level event like WWII?

What would it take for us to not fight wars? The armed services of all nations standing down, disobeying orders? An alien threat?

If you want to answer these questions, feel free to in the comments.

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There are three hidden wars going on in America right now. And three important things are being destroyed systemetically. Women, the Poor, and our privacy. All three are highly important to a “free” society. This is the first of three parts.

Women: take a look around you. Do you not see the rape culture that has infected boys aged 15-25? That they think they can take what ever they want from you because they’re “men”? And the people standing up for women are being destroyed too. The man who started the ball rolling to get the Stubenville victim justice is facing investigation. Why? Because he let loose data that convicted the rapists.

Lawmakers are currently trying to take the right to control your body away from you.

Laws are inacted to punish you for making a highly personal choice: abortion.  For example. The American dream extends only as far as they can control your reproductive rights.


“Slut” shaming

Being sexually active and not being afraid of it isn’t wrong. Its what you should be doing. We humans are sexual creatures. And women have a right to be <em>or not be.</em>

I will be honest: women are limited by society and peers for being sexually active when men are given a free pass. Fuck that. Sexuality is your choice: to be or not be as <em>you see fit.</em>

Not to mention that I want more women to be open about their views and ideas on sexuality.

Why? Because maybe men will finally realize that they are assholes. Nothing like a man being told he’s not sexually satisfying to put him in his place. The flipside of the coin is a harsh truth.

And just because you aren’t sexual in the ways society and peers think you should be is <strong>A-OK too. You don’t have to be either.</strong> People are beautiful. You are too. And if you reserve that beauty for a specific partner or just yourself, its your choice.

It also brings to light the forced standards of beauty and place in society. You know what your told about the preconcieved notion of good looking vs ugly. Fuck that too. You are who you are. Own it. Find even just one aspect of yourself that you love and <em>celebrate it!</em> Because if you can find one thing you love about yourself there will be more.

Also, fuck makup. Be yourself, naturally. Celebrate your beauty that you have without the chemicals and poisons you paint upon yourselves.


You ladies are told how to act and be mothers if you chose to. You are the parent of your child/ren. Not your friends. Not your mother. You. And if you have a partner they are too. But do not allow people to shame you into feeling like you are a bad mom because you do it your way.

Tough to do, but its a simple truth. You raise your family the way <em>you</em> see fit. And if you make mistakes, that happens. Sometimes when I really think about it I freak that I’m a shit dad. But I realize my wife would tell me.

But women are told all the time how to be a real mother. Fuck that. You decide how you raise your kids and do it.


You need to take back the rights stolen from you. I and many men who are real men will help you do so. Do not stand idly while men <em>and </em>women steal your right to freedom. Lawmakers, religious leaders, and peers are destroying it for you.

Ladies… you need to take a stand and demand your rights, legal and sociological, <strong>NOW!</strong>

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I am a gamer, and I love making things go boom, slice, vroom on my Xbox 360. But the newly announced Xbox One is a breach of our privacy. The media center itself doesn’t, but the Kinect 2.o camera system does.

1. The Kinect microphone is always on, always listening. This is neat for people to walk into a room and say “Xbox. On.” and it comes to life, but that means the built in microphones are always listening to you, just in case you want to turn your system on. Its convenient until you realize that it has the capability of recording you at anytime. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed or denied that any telemetry data  picked up by the microphone or camera system will be recorded or sent to servers in Redmond…

2. The Kinect Camera is always on, recording and watching you. If you are having sex in your living room and the system is off, its still watching you. If you walk across the room, its watching you, just in case you do a hand gesture indicating you want to swipe the screen or switch blades. Once again, Microsoft has not confirmed or denied that your recordings of activity will be sent to them.

3. The Xbox One might have the capability to tell if too many people are in the room. There has been some rumors that the system will not allow people to not watch films or play games if they don’t have a license. The Kinect 2.0 sensor can detect up to five people in a room at a time. For example;  if there are too many viewers for say Elysium it will prompt you to have less people or to pay for viewers. This is a breach of privacy of anyone much less large families. Not to mention the law regarding the amount of viewers at one time is vague.

In the case of motion pictures, including videorecordings, and of other audiovisual works, one of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner is to perform or display the work publicly. Unless videorecordings are sold or rented with public performance rights or are licensed for public performance, they should be considered home use only and should be restricted to private showings in the home to a “normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances.” The only exception to this is the face-to-face teaching exemption.

So according to the FCC, normal circle of family and social acquaintances is the defined amount of people allowed to view a film at one time. Microsoft would need very specific definitions of what is too many viewers, and could arbitrarily create a number that they deem as too many. That number could be more than five, which is the amount of people who can be sensed by the camera.

With this in mind I want you to take a look at this. The NSA is setting up a data center that is designed to capture all electronic communications inside and entering the United States. The claim is to keep track of potential terrorists and criminals, but it will collect Emails, text messages, Tweets, and any thing you send or receive through the Internet. This is another breach of our privacy, but I want to make something clear.

If Microsoft collects all data received by the Xbox One Kinect camera your data will pass through the NSA collection center.


So if you’re smoking a bowl and playing COD, don’t be surprised when the police come knocking on your door asking about illegal activities in your residence.

 But most importantly, if Microsoft is going to record and store the visual and audio data that the Kinect collects, what are they doing with it? Most would say that its there for a visual DRM scheme, and for targeted marketing. Any form of that data being used to me is a violation of my privacy. There is a reason why I hate the fact that the Xbox will suggest games for me to try based on previous purchases and games played. Its creepy.

So if you are looking forward to the new gaming console, keep this in mind before you purchase.

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