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  1. Pontsler says:

    So, I discovered your show shortly after discovering Randall Carlson oh…. what? October 5th or so. Yeah, right at the end of the Symposium. Here’s the real kick in the nutz, I was just an hour’s drive from the symposium. So many people whose work I so admire and I missed it. What great cosmic fuckery conspired against me, occulting the knowledge of this symposium! Here’s my sad face….

    I am a professional vagabond who enjoys protracted hours of boredom punctuated by occasional moments of sublime frustration. …And from time to time I might fix a helicopter. Which gives me plenty of time to listen to shows such as your own. Thanks for the great show.


    1. D-ron says:

      Thanks for listening, too bad we missed you at the Symposium, but there`s always next year right?

    2. Wesley brown says:

      Keep-in it the fuck real! Love the show and would say don’t change anything cuz its a great format. Would love to hear a good Edgar cayce episode but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be that great. I haven’t heard anyone say this but I think Edgar cayce was tapping into his own dmt in his brain. Also what about davinci being somewhat autistic and having a psychedelic trip in the cave he went to?(mabey) Or how king tut was an inbread little mutant cuz his parents were related. Fun stuff… Anyway peace from new Hampshire! Oh and are you having john Anthony west on? I just came in my pants a little…

  2. Rene DeFazio says:

    Heys guys,
    I want to buy a Grimerica t-shirt (to wear to the Oscars…not this year!) Can’t seem to find it on your website, help!
    Cheers, Rene

    1. Darren says:

      Hey Rene,
      How’s things? Great to hear from you. My wife, Lisa is halfway through the book and absolutely loves it! Says its her new fave! T- shirts are available with donations of 25$ or more, but in your case how would you feel about a trade for an autographed copy of the book for my lovely wife? I think we only have large and medium in stock right now I believe. Hope all is well man, keep up the great work!

      1. Rene DeFazio says:

        Hey Darren,

        That sounds like a great trade, I’ll sent one to the Grimerica address (anything special you want us to write?). I’ll take a large T, Tamara and I are getting married in Sedona in March, I’ll send you guys some photos of me in my Grimerica shirt. By the way I’m loving the show, I have been listening to you guys on the night-shift leaving in my ear plugs even during my break! You guys are the perfect duo and sooo fuckin funny, your timing is crazy good. Congrats on 100 shows!


        1. D-ron says:


          Perfect! I can’t think of anything, whatever comes to you I suppose lol. Make it out to Lisa Dawn. Shoot me an email with your mailing addy and I’ll get that shirt out to you! Thanks Rene! I’m glad your liking the shows, thanks for the great feedback. Can’t wait to have you guys back!


  3. Joel says:

    Just subscribed to your show guys, I listen to other pod casts of similar a ilk and having only just this year discovered yours I have to say it far out shines the others! I love the value for value ethos, the laid back and friendly attitude and the ‘realness’ to your show that makes you unique. Keep up the good work, and keep it Sur-real. 😉

  4. Marcel says:

    Hi It was great to meet you two at the modern knowledge event. Every time I check back here I see more cool stuff. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Paul Elder …
    I thought you might like to have Bright Garlick on your show some time. He is mountain of wisdom and has some of the coolest ET contact experiences i have seen yet.
    Maybe a good way to find out about him is to check him on you tube. He talks very openly in those.
    Namaste m

    1. Graham says:

      Hey Marcel,

      Sorry for the delay. Nice to meet you as well. Glad you found some stuff you liked. We’ll check out Bright’s stuff….. we haven’t really gone down that hole yet and I’m looking forward to it.

      Keep in touch,

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