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My introduction to professional paranormal investigation/journalism, came in the summer of 1997. I was living in a small seaside town, in Devon, located in the beautiful Southwest of the UK. Exmouth then had around 25,000 people living there. Its main income came from tourism, and fishing, it also had a thriving little commercial docks.

At that time I was still earning my living from being a taxi owner. Life was pleasant, routine, just an ordinary town, with all of us leading ordinary lives, that was all to change for me, when the UFO’s started to show up in our night time skies!. In the space of just three months or so, some 40 events were reported in the area, involving over 120 witness reports! I, as a very keen amateur ufologist, had been fascinated by this aerial activity, and decided to join a local paranormal research group. My brother-in-law was the sports editor of the local paper at that time, and during a conversation with the editor, the subject of theses strange sightings in the local skies was brought up. My brother-in-law told him that I was a ufologist, ands so, a couple of days later my phone rang. The editor of the paper asked me if I could write up the events for the paper! Although I was a total amateur writer, I agreed to do so, and so it was that I started my journalistic career!, ending with me writing a weekly column for the same paper, on all matters paranormal.

The types of UFO’s reported were weird, to say the least. We had the FT’s, axe-head shapes, cylindrical shapes with wings, and orange glowing orbs. Along with the UFO’s, we also had sightings of USO’s, strange glowing lights, which came up from the bottom of the sea, and rose quickly into the air. Things became a little mad, during those two months or so, throughout the local area!. Reports of ghosts, big cat sightings, strange, lit-up creatures, all cropped up!. It was if the entire area has been supercharged with paranormal energy! We also received reports of animal mutations, this brings me to what is, perhaps, the strangest event of all, during those mad two months of 1997.. a sad case of mammal mutilation, which occurred in the exact area of a USO sighting, within a day or two of the sighting itself. A case for which I was to turn out to be the first on the scene, to witness a most peculiar, and tragic sight!. A strangely mutilated pilot whale!!!…

The poor creature was around 15-20ft long, its carcass was in perfect condition, apart from a very weird wound. A wound which even the official from English Heritage, who are responsible for the disposal of whales carcasses, could not explain away. Its entire genital area had been very neatly removed!. A perfectly circular wound had “cored” the whole area from the body. The edges of this wound were smooth, and showed no signs of tearing or teeth marks. As a ufologist, I immediately recognised this wound as being very similar to wounds reported in cattle mutilation cases.

This wave of paranormal activity in that area only occurred every ten years or so, and had done so for at least 100 years by then. During the last period of activity, in 1987, yet another whale had been washed ashore, again with strange mutations. This time it was a cuviers beaked whale!, a very rare species, this poor creature had its lower jaw removed! This action was, at the time, put down to souvenir hunters, after the teeth of the whale. Only one problem with that explanation, ..female cuviers beaked whales (which this one was) have no teeth!. These two cases were the only beached whales in that area, during the 10 years.

The whale was not the only creature found mutilated during that wave of paranormal activity. On Woodbury Common, an area of grasslands just above Exmouth, (itself a very strange place with burial tumuli (around 40!) a very well preserved Iron age fort, and a history of big cat sightings, UFO’s, ghosts, and witchcraft,) came reports of deer found with heads missing, their flesh stripped to the bone, but with no knife or bit marks on the bones themselves.

One morning, towards the end of the two months, we awoke to perfect silence!. There was no paranormal events anyway in the entire area!, no ghosts, no big cat sightings, no UFO’s/USO’s, nothing! It was if these events had been turned off by some paranormal switch!. In the next 9 years that followed, there was only the very occasional ghost story heard, perhaps a vague big cat sighting, nothing major at all!..This area had gone into a long paranormal “sleep”.

There is much, much more to this story. But I shall leave that for the next time!. Until then bye for now!..

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