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Hey just wanted to do a quick post here to let everyone know that I’m trying my hand at doing some guided meditation videos and that I have a new YouTube channel just for it. Go to and please subscribe and share if you’re into that sort of thing. I will have some new stuff up very soon and I welcome your comments and suggestions!

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Hello again Grimericans! Before you ask, no, this is not a post about the late, great, Kurt Cobain or the conspiracies surrounding his death. I’ve already done that post. With this being posted somewhat around the anniversary of his death that would be an understandable presumption. Nor does this post have to do with the spirit of a teen. I just thought it was a clever title. But now I’m regretting it with all of your questioning. But it’s too late now. Moving on; the topic of this post is something I have teased a few people with. Good ‘ol Darren even mentioned it on an episode of the Grimerica Show putting immense pressure on yours truly to get this sucker out. But like most things in my life, I’ll do them when I’m good and ready, regardless of how much an overbearing, tyrannical Canadian overlord pushes me. So with that, if you haven’t guessed what the subject material is yet, it’s is on paranormal smells.


So the idea for this post came to me after a video call from my favorite (and only) little sister. She was at her place, eating strawberry sherbet with a side of pickles, or whatever pregnant women do, when her nostrils where suddenly hit with the distinct smell of Copenhagen chew. This fleeting aroma triggered an emotional (she was pregnant at the time) and instinctive feeling that my late grandfather had taken time out of his busy schedule of cheating at cribbage in heaven, to come and pay her a visit. She immediately called her favorite brother to ask what he knew of such phantom smells. When he didn’t pick up, she called me. All the better for her as I am of the fortean mindset (See what I did there?). I told her what I knew, which was admittedly not as much as I would have liked and basically said that if she wanted to believe that it was our cribbage cheating grandfather checking up on her and the bun in her oven, then there was nothing wrong with that. I then suggested that I might do a blog post on the phenomena. Actually what I said was, “I’ll write my next blog post on the subject.” And here we are, four or five months later, two or three blog posts in between, and I’m semi being true to my word. It’s not that I didn’t want to jump into the topic, quite the contrary. I just had a heck of a time finding much information on the subject. In fact, after hanging up with my sister, I did a preliminary search of close to two hours on the interwebs resulting in just about bupkis. It’s not just that I couldn’t find a lot on the subject but that after finding the link or small paragraph on a page that covered it, it was not any new information. After coming to this realization, I then thought to myself that someone should write a comprehensive article or even a book on the phenomena. The next day, in a synchronicity that scored relatively low on the Canadian Third Party Ranking system, fortean researcher Joshua Cutchin popped up on my podcast feed, promoting his new book on paranormal smells on the show Mysterious Universe. I then decided that I wouldn’t write this post until I have read his book. “The Brimstone Deceit:  An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, and Monstrous Miasmas”.


The book is more than I could have asked for. Not only covering supernatural scents that involve the presumed spirits of the passed on, but as the title suggests, it also covered the otherworldly odors associated with UFO’s and their occupants and the monstrous miasmas involved with bipedal hominids. But for the purpose of this post, we will focus on the scents of spirits aspect. Something that became very clear to me was that I could not write a post as in depth as his book. Then I realized that I didn’t have to. That’s what the book is for. I will try to cover the more prominent points and then recommend the book if you are still interested in more information. Which will be likely. Something that popped out to me is the often association of tobacco smoke with male spirits. Now while what my sister smelled wasn’t smoke, it was still tobacco, which I find relevant. The range of smells attributed to the supernatural is wide and varying. Smells of flowers or perfume are often attributed to female spirits and the Blessed Virgin Mary which was said to smell “not spicy, not the smell of roses… but a very fine perfume.” And along the religious line, saints were said to exude pleasant fragrances. Heaven itself is said to have “an extraordinary perfume” which rises at all times.


It is important to note that a phantom smell is usually an element of a broader set of, what one site calls, “‘symptoms’ of a haunting”, while the sudden manifestation of a mysterious scent is usually taken to mean a presence from the great beyond. What you smell, as mentioned, can vary widely. Logically, any mysterious ‘bad’ smells, like rotten eggs, rancid meat and even feces are often associated with bad spirits or entities whilst pleasant aromas such as flowers, freshly baked goods and sweet perfumes are attributed to good spirits and entities. The odor of sulfur or brimstone traditionally has connotations of hell or demons. I will not go into the sulfur connection here and will once again direct you to The Brimstone Deceit for its conclusion. There are of course exceptions. As the author Joshua Cutchin notes, one of the few associations between floral scents and negative beings is the ‘kuntilanak’ (or ‘pontianak’) of Indonesia. This smelly spirit finds its roots in ancient Malay mythology which describes the kuntilanak as a horrifying female ghost. She is often said to be dressed entirely in white and can be linked to the lady in white mythos of which we have examined before, but for the purposes of this post, it is said that it “smells of flowers or strong perfume” and awaits its victims to drive by so that it can cover their eyes causing crashes so that it can feast on their blood. Charming… Likewise, the tobacco smoke that is often associated with male spirits has stories of not so nice entities. This makes sense since people that aren’t pleasant in life are probably not going to be in the afterlife regardless if they are smokers or not.


While tobacco smoke and floral perfumes seem to be the majority of the scents reported in the sensing of passed loved ones, other things associated with those who have passed often pop up in the reports as well. As with a specific perfume that was always worn by someone no longer with us, aftershave and cologne can be detected when an alleged spirit is present. Someone who loves to bake or cook can be associated with delicious smells from which there is no obvious source. In one forum I found the following description of what the poster believed to be his late father:


…and on two different occasions when I was really sad having a hard time I smelled beer, sweat, and marijuana, that was his smell…


So it’s obvious that “pleasant” is a relative term. It all depends on the observer and as with our other senses, odors can be interpreted differently between different people which can lead to a debate on what a smell is or if it’s even present. This fact alone can make it difficult when trying to investigate paranormal smells. While there are some instruments for detecting odors, sometimes called “electronic noses”, they are not cheap (over $2,200 USD) and aren’t always applicable for the smells in question. Gas and cigarette smoke are a couple scents that this particular device would aid in finding. Even if a smell was isolated to a particular room or location with no obvious source, it doesn’t really prove anything. But it is data. And data collection is an integral part of any investigation. Smells are interpreted in our brains so while there is possibility of misperception, although it isn’t very likely. If you would like to know more how the olfactory works, here is a link that can help you out. So to quote from Cutchin’s book one last time, actually quoting a quote from odor psychologist Trygg Engen saying on the sense of smell,


It’s actually better to think of this ability in terms of not forgetting [emphasis added] rather than remembering… While visual and auditory memories usually decrease with time, often exponentially in light of new experiences, odor memories remain intact.


Before I let you go, I would like to mention something called phantosmia, which is a medical condition that can be caused by a head injury, nasal or upper respiratory infection or nose polyps.  It can also be caused by, “temporal lobe seizures, inflamed sinuses, brain tumors and Parkinson’s disease” plus a variety of other things. It causes olfactory “hallucinations’ which can vary from individual but may be either foul, called cacosmia and is more common, often being described as “burned, foul, spoiled, or rotten”, or they can be pleasant. It can be sensed in one nostril or both and may be ever present or wavering. Indeed, there are many possible causes for this condition. One popular myth is that smelling burnt toast when there is none is a sign of a stroke or brain tumor, but according to Dr. Adam Simon, chief medical officer at, this is simply not true.  Saying, “A stroke can affect any area of your brain, so it’s possible that your sense of smell can be affected, but there’s no particular smell that you need to worry about. You’re actually just as likely to smell nothing at all.” Either way, please consult your doctor if you experience the symptoms of phantosmia, so that your doctor can rule out any serious underlying disorders that may be causing the detected smell.


So I hope this was worth the wait. I again recommend reading Joshua Cutchin’s book even if you’re tired of hearing about supernatural scents, it’s worth it. How about you? Do you have any experiences with phantom smells with seemingly no source? I would love to hear about them as I’m sure the other readers would as well so leave them in the comments below if you are so inclined. Well that’s it for me Grimerica! Stay classy.

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Thanks to everyone whose been following along, hope you’re having fun! Fewer Easter eggs this week, but more sneakily hidden, I hope!


The Moai


Strawberry Graham


Dunlop shoes are apparently very hot in this universe.


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As the Island slept, I, the Moai, looked on and stood guard atop my Ahu platform from Midnight on. The Moon my sister imperceptibly traversed the deep shadowy pools of the Sky’s Nighttime adornment. Sister Moon’s glacial Spirit was heavy yet somehow aloft in the Void, arcing, arcing, glowing, softening. And somewhere the Almighty Sun continued marching its Milky Way from one grand Equinox to the next, the Moon its mirror.


One past Midnight, a somnambulist Ant named Synchro crawled down in a striation at my brow, which was chiseled into its final form by one of my Worshipers long ago. Synchro the Ant hoofed along my sturdy neck with a dirt payload on his back. O, how he built majestic anthills in his sleep, particulate by particulate, no grain of sand out of place. Night after Night I watched this industrious fellow as the Constellations cycled round and round. It was around the Time when he sleepily finished his most whimsical anthill yet — with labyrinthine tunnels that matched the Stars’ paths in some peculiar way — that I prophesied how Synchro the Ant would days later meet his demise in an avalanche of scree along the declivity to the Shore nearby. His Lilliputian body sunk into the Earth, recycled to be then of the same Matter his Slumberland anthills were made, his body the Cornerstone of the Anthill Temple of the Nth iteration. That’s Death; that’s dying. That’s simply Life heard from the mouth of the Moai, no beguiling.


Two after Midnight, the Moon hung high above, and just out of the corner of my eye a kinetic cousin to me Mr. Comet put on a light show as he streamed into the Big Dipper’s reservoir and fizzled out, as if winking at both me and the Moon.


Three on from Midnight, the Spirit Hour was in full bloom, plumes of Energy waltzing every which way, the Soundscape silent yet saturated with the Life Force ready always to arrive anew with a vigorous yawn or sonic boom — a hushed breath of flower’s perfume or seaward Tempest signaling doom. My sister the Moon was at ease in the Firmament, her location ephemeral, her brilliance enduring. Surrounded by her Star kinfolk, she knew no worry, was in no hurry to race to the Horizon.


Four past Midnight came in a timely fashion, with it the Birds began orchestrating their timeless symphony, warbling, cooing, tweeting, repeating, and feeding on the Worms who innocently had come up to drink on the Morning dew. That’s Death; that’s dying. That’s simply Life heard from the mouth of the Moai, no beguiling.


At Five on from Midnight, my sister the Moon was still alive but nearing the Horizon: her favorite hiding place. O, how she and the Almighty Sun do delight in crisscrossing and all the while painting Heaven’s canvas with all the Colors of the Light spectrum pallet. She embodies Light. See her in all her phases, waxing and waning, costume-changing in the confines of her boudoir in the mesmerizing Palace of the Nighttime Sky.


Six after Midnight happened swiftly, and with it my sister the Moon was gone, tucked behind the Horizon, lost from my ancient eyes for a Time. But nevertheless she would soon return sensuously so, all aglow, and Poseidon’s Tides would be the first to know. The Moon would again — from Midnight on — arc, arc brightly amidst the Dark.



In dedication to my sister J.C.O. Vaya con Dios, mi querida hermana.



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Interview starts 35:40   Stuart Hameroff MD, joins us to chat about the research into quantum consciousness and his work over the years with Sir Roger Penrose. It’s more like an orchestra with musical resonances in all cells and neurons. We chat about how consiousness happens at a deeper level than the neuronal pathway, and possibly with the resonance and frequency of the microtubules.  We also chat about quantum coherence, nanotechnology, photosynthesis and photon collection, NDE and OBE’s, transcranial ultrasound, and much more.   This is a great long uninterrupted chat with Stuart and we get into all sorts of fascinating topics and TOE’s.   In the intro we share some listener emails, and precog dreams. And we talk about synchronicities and some of our previous episodes. Links to stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Join the chat / hangout with a bunch of fellow Grimerican’s   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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Val has decided to save me from my own ineptitude and hopefully, save The Robert! in the process.

This week’s Easter Egg shout out goes to Grimsteak, the mighty Fortean meat cutter who takes up his blade against both ignorance and cold cuts! All the rest are devoted to general Grimerican wackiness.


Mothman Lurking

Dunlop shoes


Mothman flying


Moai Cuteness!


Grimsteak 1

Grimsteak 2

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A Tiny lil’ Graham


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My Dearest Grimericans. It pains me to have to type this out, but due what I can only describe as a “difference of opinion” with one of the Grimerican boys and also to unforeseen circumstances, this will be my last blog post on Grimerica. Whilst I wish I had the patience to let his argument slide, this disagreement in moral principal won’t allow for that kind of leeway. So with a heavy heart, I must say farewell. And before you, my massive fan base, starts sending me emails pleading for me to stay, I must insist that in doing so, while thoughtful, it would be futile. There is just no way that I can continue writing and working with a person who believes, well… I’ll just leave that alone. And for those of you who haven’t realized that this is published on April Fool’s Day, then now is a good time to tell you that you fell for my Fool’s Day prank, and while I’m at it, I might as well tell you the subject of this blog post:


Examining the Trickster Archetype/Mythos




You just can’t talk archetypes without bringing up our old buddy, Carl Jung. Jung’s theory of archetypes stems from his theory of the collective unconscious. The idea that the unconscious mind, at least part of it, is derived from the ancestral memory and experiences of all mankind. In this web of memories and instincts lay common patterns of mythical characters and motifs that all of humanity is unconsciously aware of. He argued that the collective unconscious can have deep and profound impact on individuals who can live out these patterns of archetypes. He also put forth that these memories could be the origin of men’s belief in reincarnation. Whether or not you believe that we all are connected through this proposed collective unconscious, it is hard to dismiss the similarities of the mythical characters that show up all over the world in many cultures and religions. The Great Mother, the Hero and of course, the Trickster, to name a few.


The Trickster archetype, as mentioned above, crosses many different cultures and religions. Folklore around the globe is riddled with different types of Trickster spirits, anthropomorphized animals, and gods and goddesses (Okay, maybe not too many goddesses). While these characters take on different forms depending on their region, the one thing that most have in common is their personality. It’s what makes the trickster a trickster. They are both admired and despised. Cast as thieves and liars and then held in reverence for their caliber and fortitude. They are the creators of elaborate, imaginative schemes that are skillfully executed and then by the same token, painted as a fool. They are forever the practical joker, and their pranks can be either malicious or benign. You never know if they are trying to impart wisdom or just trying to get a sick laugh. The Trickster itself can be duped and humbled, and then call attention to the folly of man. Indeed it would seem that for every admirable facet of their character, there is an equal and opposite one attached. Let’s explore a small selection of Tricksters from around the globe. I’ll try and keep it brief. I promise.



The Tales of Sang Kancil

Malaysia & Indonesia


Sang Kancil (pronounced: sung kahn-chill) is a clever mousedeer (a small, mostly herbivore ungulate that inhabits primarily South and Southeast Asia. Picture Bambi with stumpy legs, weird nose and solid black eyes). The collection of traditional folklore are popular children stories and are amongst the most famous folktales in the Malay and Javanese cultures of Malaysia and Indonesia. They tell of the sly mousedeer named Sang Kancil, outsmarting mightier creatures than it using it quick wit. This theme is popular in all Trickster analogs. As with most traditional folklore, these stories have been passed down orally from generation to generation so it is common to have multiple variations and names to stories. One such tale called “Kancil Steals a Cucumber” or “Kancil and the Farmer” relates the cunning mousedeer stealing cucumbers from a farmer’s garden. Successful in its attempt, the trickster makes fun of the scarecrow’s inability to keep the mousedeer away. In doing so, Kancil punches the scarecrow only to break through and get stuck in the glue the farmer used to make it. The farmer finds Sang Kancil and throws it in a cage. Later that night, the farmer’s dog comes to mock the mousedeer saying that it will be the morning’s breakfast. Using its wit, Sang Kancil remains unprovoked. This confuses the dog who then asks the mousedeer why it remains so calm. Sang Kancil replied that no breakfast would be made of him and that he was to wed the farmer’s daughter and become a prince. Adding that the dog got the raw end of the deal for all of his loyalties to its master. The dog begged the mousedeer to trade him spots so that he can become a prince, something that Sang Kancil obliged to. The next morning, all the farmer found in his cage was his own dog, happily wagging its tail.



Anansi the Spider

West Africa & the Caribbean


This itsy-bitsy spider is said to be the god/spirit/keeper of all knowledge and stories. The origin of the honor being bestowed is probably the most popular tale. There are a few variations but it goes something like this: The sky-god, Nyame had possession of all stories, leaving none in the world. Anansi sought out the Sky-God and asked for the price of the stories. Nyame gave the spider what he thought to be a high price to pay. For Anansi to buy the tales, he must bring the Sky-God Onini the Python, Osebo the Leopard, and the Mboro Hornets. Though his cunning and wit, Anansi easily brought back all three. Tying the Python to a palm branch to “measure it”, the leopard fell into a hole dug by the sly spider and then the trickster helped it out with the use of its webs, thus trapping the feline, and the hornets he trapped by producing fake rain and offering a hollowed out calabash plant as shelter, then closing the lid. Upon delivery of the three specimens, the Sky-God then named Anansi the GGod of all stories and from that day on, all stories are called Anansi Stories. You might recognize the character from a few comic books as well, appearing in both DC’s Justice League of America and Marvel’s The Amazing Spiderman.



The Coyote and the Raven

North American Natives Tibes


Popular characters in many different Native American tribes are the Tricksters Raven and Coyote. Although I don’t know of any tribes that regards them both as their main trickster players, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few. Something that these characters have in common, and indeed, most anthropomorphized tricksters, the two previous included, is their small stature, relatively weak physical strength and their extreme intelligence that they use to deceive perceived bigger, stronger characters. Whether it’s stealing the sun for mankind or freeing the buffalo on the Earth, these two Tricksters are important players in the cultures of Native peoples of North America. In Europe, the Fox is the Coyote’s counterpart, and sometimes instead of the Raven, it’s a Crow. Why are these creatures so common in Trickster tales? A French anthropologist, Claude Lévi-Strauss, suggested a stucturalist theory that says the Coyote and Raven obtained their mass mythical status as a result of being seen as mediator animals between the living world and the next.


There! I told you I’d keep the examples short! I had to! There are so many Tricksters that permeate the cultures of the globe that to try and examine them all in a blog post would be next to impossible. Well, if I wanted to keep you reading, that is. But there are so many, many more! In some Greek tales, the one and only Hermes plays the trickster part. The now well-known Loki is the mischievous prankster in Norse mythology. And if you have kids then you are probably familiar with Trickster God Maui. In the movie Moana, he is a demi-god which I guess is fair because depending on the source, he is either a god or a mere human. One similarity I feel should be pointed out is that the Trickster often has the ability to shapeshift. Every trickster character mentioned has a story or ten of it changing shape to further its current goal. Maybe that is why this ability has been given to the trickster. To trick. If seeing is believing, than the Trickster has got one up one you.


In regards to the previously mentioned Greek God Hermes, I did notice a small relation with alchemy and the Trickster. I recently finished Joshua Cutchin’s amazingly well written and researched book, “The Brimstone Deceit: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, and Monstrous Miasmas” and in the end chapters, he discusses the origins of Alchemy and Hermeticism. Hermeticism derives its name from Hermes Trismegistus, a kind of mixing between the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. Both were the gods of magic and intelligence and in Hellenistic Egypt and back in Greece, they were generally seen as one god. What does this have to do with the Trickster? Well Hermeticism is synonymous with Alchemy and a fundamental concept of which is the Two Contraries. A principal where, for the alchemist, there are two primary ways of viewing reality. The rational, intellectual and scientific way and the instinctive, imaginative and nonlinear way. Two opposites that balance one whole. An idea that can be seen in the Taoist yin-yang symbol. This concept embodies the Trickster to a T. The paradoxical dichotomy of rational and irrational. Is there something to this thought? I don’t know. Just saying.



Now in a moment of synchronicity, I was typing out this post while simultaneously catching up on some back episodes of Mysterious Universe when what do the hosts, Ben and Arron start discussing? Rhetorical question. It was tricksters. They helped provide some insight that I had not previously thought of and will share some of that here. They were discussimg a book called, “Holy Madness: Spirituality, Crazy-Wise Teachers, and Enlightenment”. Yet another book to add to my list of “Must Reads”. They quote the author, Georg Feuerstein, saying:


From the conventional point of view, the crazy-wise teachers are eccentrics who use their eccentricity to communicate an alternative vision to the one that governs ordinary life. They are masters of inversion, proficient breakers of taboos, lovers of surprise, contradiction, and ambiguity. They share this skill and penchant with the figure of the trickster and the clown… He’s a being who is really clever but unprincipled, delighting in the irrational… There is an element of malice in many trickster spirts, though they are never entirely demonic… They are out to best their adversaries and spare no cunning to achieve their goal. As part of their duplicity, they often pretend to be stupid… The trickster knows no shame because he does not delineate between right and wrong.


So I think that is a good place to wrap it up. Again, the Trickster bench is deep and would be more of a book project rather than a blog to try and examine them all.  Maybe a part 2 is in order. Before I leave, I want to leave you with one with one more gem from Ben and Arron. It is a short tale of the Winnebago Trickster, Wakdjunkaga, moments after the creation, the Trickster scattered all creatures by means of an enormous flatulence. This same trickster keeps his penis in a box and is assumes a life of its own, and he also orders his anus to guard some geese he has just killed while he catches up on some sleep. Its anus’ alarm is, you guessed it, more flatulence. So there’s that… Sorry again if I gave you a panic attack with the thought of me leaving. I doubt it, but a guy can dream, can’t he? So which Grimerican did you think I had a tiff with? Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Leave comment below. Well that’s it for me Grimerica! Stay classy!


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interview starts 58:25   Author of China Weird, Carl Joseph DeMarco joins us to chat about his new book, and his research while living in China. We chat about how his interest in the strange started, Qi Gong, energy work, UFO’s, Yeren the chinese sasquatch, invisibility and much more.  We also get into shamanism, native americans, alternative history and the genealogy of the Chinese.    In the intro Graham get’s into some listener feedback about the last geoengineering segment and talks about the new Harvard study about to start up. And Efrain Palermo – our first ever guests joins us and we chat about his many interesting projects. Efrain discovered the Phobos Monolith so we chat about that a little bit. Thank you to all the listeners, especially for supporting the show and for sending in your feedback and stories.   See the links below for all the stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show:  JRE and Alex Jones Efrain and his Sun projector chinese youtube, kanas lake monster   Please Help support the show. Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Join the chat / hangout with a bunch of fellow Grimerican’s   Leave a Voicemail Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher    Sign up for our newsletter

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     Out of nothing emerges something bold: the Moai. The density of my stone façade and eyebrow’s fold mean business, as does my clockwork mind musing both on the minutiae and also the capacious matters of all the known and unknown universe. Listen now and listen well, for the Musings of a Moai will cast you under a thrumming spell. Now clear your whirling mind, and the Moai will likewise whirl your sterling mind back into the flux of a timeless motif cache that’ll seem déjà vu but will be something altogether new and never passé. Will you take the red pill? Will you sit still and peruse the thrilling musings brought to form from the pinpoint tip of this Moai’s inky quill? My Moai psyche is born from solidified volcanic ash within an Easter Island perfect storm, an Easter Island ocean swell. I’ll unearth all myth and will forever live to tell how infinite souls, and civilizations all the same, do interminably cycle through Heaven and Hell, Heaven and Hell — Heaven and Hell. But fear not, for Nirvana, that small chance you’ll break free from that tumultuous cycle, can be reached if only you’ll catch a wave on this Moai’s nerves and neurons a-musing on how all our everlasting souls can thus be saved, can thus be atoned under the scrutiny of Moai eyes made of stone.

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The saga continues! Val and I are teaming up to valiantly rescue The Robert!

I’m not telling you how many Easter Eggs I hid this week, let’s see if you can find them all. Most are conspiracy theory/Grimerica themed and one is a shout out to Felix Berto, who is a bonafide Easter Egg hunting hound!

Hope you don’t mind!


Three lil’ moais!

The Flat Earth


Felix The Cat

More Felix

A regal looking Graham (I draw him as Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters, due to a long running inside joke.)

Cuddly lil’ alien

Illuminati confirmed

More Grahammy goodness.



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