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Its OCTOBER my favorite month of the year! I love it! I love watching the leaves an needles turn, the change in the smell of the forest and rotation of the sky … It is also a time of year many gatherings and celebrations are/were held. I’m thinking mainly of HALLOWEEN of course!  Halloween has become a wonderful celebration one that connects with a great many cultures. It is why I adore it so much. During one day a year many nations share a common collective frequency. The traditions of Halloween touches us on a level that not many things can do. There is the costume wearing, trick or treating, and storytelling.  Some old, some new, some mythical, some true, but it’s the creepy scary ones that shine during this time of year.

Stories are a huge part of a traditional way of life for the Ojibwe. I grew up in this type of environment. A little bit of the obscure still thrives in the forests of the world. The stories I was told as a child are vivid ancient stories of observation; an indigenous cultures way of teaching scientific theory, life lessons, and spirituality. Some of these teachings are full of mysterious riddling songs and phrases. Although much was not being passed down likely out of FEAR. Not very many know more than a few of the general Aadizookanag, stories that when told have “power,” living legends, very spiritual. Many are told in conjunction with the mitigwakik, mide drum or other tools; scrolls, flutes, rattles, places of value, and so on. Telling them in this manner is forbidden, but I have purpose and that is steeped in preservation, exploration, and revitalization. We are in a time where these teachings need to be remembered. Many folks in the scientific communities talk of Aldo Leopold and his “Sand County Almanac.” His way of viewing the world and documenting it so descriptively inspired many to view the world in a different way. Indigenous cultures have done the same for ages, but through oral legends. I feel very fortunate to be born into a family that kept as much as they could alive with in the legends of old.

Do you believe in witches and warlocks, ghosts, spirits, zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and Wolverines?  Yes I said Wolverines. Do you think there is possibly some truth to the myths of some of these spooky tales? Why do we imagine such scary and horrifying creatures? Why have writers and poets written of such beings? Are they all really that terrible? Even if you aren’t a believer in such things as an afterlife, otherworldly dimensions, monsters, or aliens. There are still those dark thoughts that creep into your imagination.  Even before your first scary story or movie as a child, you dreamt or had that Inherent thought of terror or doom especially in the dark. Where did that fear of the unknown originate from?

The world I grew up in there are a few legends that talk of some of these beings. The first encounter was with a being called Makade’zhingi’maazhikwe, rough translation a witch. Why a witch, well because of what many think a witch that practices darkness looks like in this present time. The word describes what many already believe they possibly look like and is a word that those who know this legend do not like to speak its name. Literal translation, that black lady thing who has a leaking face (boils) and smells bad. I guess it could also be demon like as well as the legend goes. Either way it is considered majimanidoog, bad spirit. I have wondered for many years if this encounter might be part of the root to why there are many other stories of demons, warlocks, witches, and the devil himself. Fear was not ever spoken of until after this event. No one seems to know the beings true origination. It scared me and I had terrible dreams about it for many nights as a young teen.



The Bright Eyes and the Witch Demon

There was a time when the Anishinaabeg, all nations, lived the good life in harmony with each other and all our relatives. There was a time when we gathered as one. Chi’zagaswe’iwe, the great gathering/council, much like the United Nations does today. There was a time when the Anishinaabeg would gather, celebrate, and share knowledge from the heart in a good way to help each other. My family and those who attend the lodge we are caretakers of speak of this time. There is a song we still sing from this time, “Ombe maa’jaa’daa O’dibaa’konigaade,” come over here, come this way, let’s make some decisions from the heart. This song was sung by the spiritual/medicine men and women who were entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the site for the gathering each nation had a specific gathering area within the lands they lived. The gathering occurred in a cycle that followed the cycles of the moon etched into grandfather turtles back and every 13th full cycle (13 moons in a year, every 13 years) the celebration place was prepared for the gathering.  This legend tells of the place where turtles arm rests along the river.  This as you will see has to be within the earth peoples lands. I think I may have found the site, but have also wondered about the other nations and their sites.


Grandfather Turtle

Grandfather Turtle Teachings

It was during one of these gatherings that the tribes of the water brought an unknown heaviness with them as they entered the sacred area. No one had ever felt such things at the great celebration. Many felt a warm weighted presence, awaniibiisa, a warm foggy misty rain, but there was none to be seen only felt by the people around the gathering. It was during the great council of the Ogimaa, head men (chiefs), that the people of the water discussed the events that happened in their communities.

The water nation talked of a time when the rains did not come for many months out of the year. The air was dry and Giizis, the sun, was burning the land. Great fires took many lives. Food was bad before it could be eaten. People were sick with things they could not take care of and asking questions that could not be answered. Their medicine men and women went in search of the cause. They had to find the sources. Undo what had been done. In their search they came upon a small agaasate’igan, small dark house, near the fire mountain. One of the spirit women knew of a young family who lived near the fire mountain. The woman practiced with her, but she had not seen her in many full moons. They found the place poured out with a stench and heaviness. They saw two small spirit homes (graves). A withered man and woman walked up to meet them, both with no spirit to be seen in their eyes. They looked like odaminwaagan, a doll made of jack pine roots and grass, wiry and coarse. Mainly used by those who had bad purposes. Whatever they had in the dark house was the purpose of Giizis scorching the sky. The drying lakes and rivers would bring death to all if they could not fix this cause. Then the Chiefs waved to some men at the back of the great council lodge, lodges built of young saplings covered in boughs. The men ran out of the lodge and soon they carried forth between two chi-mitig, large branches the dark house spoken of and placed it in the center of the council lodge. The people of the water said their medicine men and women tried many times to break through the hardened walls of dirt and rock, but could not. We had not the strength nor knowledge how to see into the darkness. The dark house was majimanidoog.

Mide lodge

The Great Council Lodge – we do not to build to its original grandeur, but if needed we could.


The great council of men a chatter of whispers came to a quick silence. Then the dark house crumbled and fall away like a rumble of thunder and the witch demon rose like it was born of the earth. It spoke and as it spoke its stench of rotting and its resonating whispered voice filled the air pouring out into the already unseen foggy mist. No ear was untouched, some on the outside of the lodge screamed in pain. It spoke but its mouth was not seen, nor face. It was black, long curling hair with tallness and eyes that were hollow. “You ask, I answer. I come from beyond your sight. I am the beginning. I live everywhere. I am preparing away.” All were bewildered because it spoke and they understood. Then the people of the earth and fire rose from their seat upon the ground and sang like so many songs are sung “bizaani’ayaa neyaabi, be still silent go back to where you come from.” This song is still used in certain ceremonies. The witch demon began to ningizo, pour back into the rubble where it rose from. Quickly some of the people seated near the bad spirit covered it with the rocks and soft pile of dirt, once on top of the witch demon it hardened like a turtle shell and took form again. The whole time it laughed like a teasing woman. Some of them could see its face as they covered it. Some said was neither man nor woman others said it looked more like a women spirit all agreed it smelled bad and face dripped like pitch from the tree. The witch demon went silent. The air around got thicker. Some were pushed down and could not stand.

The Chiefs of the earth people, called for the medicine people to come to the council. The medicine people knew that a bad spirit was brought. When the medicine people entered the lodge each one brought a light that filled the council lodge with a cool drifting wind and the remains of Sky’s hair, Wiingashk, sweetgrass. The sweet smell filled their noses and woke them. The bad spirit did not like this and the dark house shook like a rattled. (This part is very interesting to me because of what the sound of a rattle is to be why we use it.) Some say they could hear it bouncing like a wiigo’bigiw, ball made of tree sap and basswood ties. They instructed that the lodge be taken down and that a smaller lodge be built around the dark house.  Sweetgrass was placed around the small lodge and the bad spirit did not speak or move. It was there that the medicine men and woman called to the Waa’waaseyazhig, bright eyes. Many of the medicine people believed the Bright eyes would help as they thought the bad spirit came from the fire mountain. Bright eyes are guardians from the earth who lived within the mountains (like dwarfs) and could not see in daylight. Their eyes were bright white because of the many ages living in the dark within the caverns of the earth. They are a part of the little people nations. Part of those who were here before.

The Bright eyes came at sundown. The medicine people spoke with them and after much talking the Bright eyes walked up to the small lodge and as they approached the people heard a young woman’s laugh and it spoke, “You cannot see me, though I am already at your door.” Again all heard it speak as though it was right at their ear. The Bright eyes lead man struck his bakamaagan, club, to the ground and like a gopher makes his path in the earth it struck the lodge the dark house was in and it snapped like fire and the witch demon hissed like a ginebik, snake. The Bright eyes said, “It cannot stay here Anishinaabeg. Go and live the good life.”  The Bright eyes then walked back into the night.  At sun up the Anishinaabeg gathered and some decisions were made. The water people were already weakened, it was decided they had already suffered much loss many of their people had begun to lose their minds. Some wandered on their own with no contact for months, some years. All after brining the witch demon into their community.  The fire people, stood and talked of their strength in their teachings, and of a very old medicine man who lived in the forest but looked like a young man.  All nations then agreed the fire people would take the witch demon and find a way to send it back. If they were unable to send it back it was to be brought back to the gathering place of the earth people.

Native American-legneds-giant humans

Misaabe – Giants of the North

Four years passed and news from the traveler’s reached every earth nations heart and a sadness grew. The traveler’s began to talk of a warming mist in the sky over gabe’bimaadagaa’kajii, the long cold walk along the ice, to land of the Misaabe, giants, where the people of the fire, water, and wind lived. They also talked of sickness in their land and were afraid to enter where they once traveled on welcoming paths. Another four years passed and news had grown darker. The fire people began to build high walls to keep others out. They were afraid of the forest and they fought each other. The people of the Wind had no losses and the Water people were healing, but the land was not. The people of the earth grew more concerned for the people of fire. No travelers had been sent from those lands in many years. The time of the great gathering had come. The nations began to gather. The Giants and Bright eyes joined them, but there was no site of the fire people. They waited and on the fourth day they sent out their naandawaag, scouts.  But as they were preparing to leave a group of Anishinaabeg entered the celebration carrying with them the dark house. The Chiefs, of the three other nations asked the withered looking men to sing the celebration song of their people, but they could not. They did not remember, they knew nothing of the greetings only that they were given directions by an old man who lived in the dark forest to bring the dark house to a place that would take many moons to travel. That they would have to travel the long cold walk along the ice and that many people would be waiting. The medicine people surrounded the dark house with sweetgrass and sang their songs. The dark house shook and rattled. The chiefs of the other nations asked the men who brought the dark house about their homelands. The men said much of the food is bad before it can be eaten. What is good goes to the chiefs and their families. The animals go too far into the woods where many are afraid to enter. There is bad spirits that take your life if you get lost in the night. They will follow you home and take you and eat you if you scream. They knew nothing of the original teachings no ceremonial songs of greeting, healing, and no stories of the star people, creation, and Sky. They knew nothing of their teachings or where they came from. Then they heard the sound of the mitigwakik and one of the men asked, what is that? It bothers me here and he pointed at his heart.

That night the Bright eyes and Giants spoke with the medicine people. They worked with them to try and send the witch demon back to where it came, but they could not. They knew nothing of its origination or how it came to our world. The witch demon laughed, poked fun at them every time they tried saying things “I am the beginning and the end. I will be here long after you leave. I will come back.” One of the young women got too close to the dark house and she curled to the ground. When they reached for her she looked as an old woman. The witch demon got stronger and the dark house began to crack. The Bright eyes and Giants moved quickly. The Bright eyes would take it deep into the mountains to the fire rivers. The witch demon howled like the wolf brothers, then laughed, “You miss him it shakes inside you when he cries. Like him you will not be as one again, I will return and take what is mine time in time.” The Bright eyes blew some seeds taken from the sacred red cedar tree that only grew in Sky’s forest on top of the dark house and sang the words of regeneration given to them from Sky and the Giants poured water from the river over them. All watched as the trees grew to saplings. The dark house shook violently one last time and the witch demon spoke no more. The Bright eyes took the mound and carried it deep into the earth. One family from the earth nations were instructed to keep strong the site and the entry to the Bright eyes world hidden. The Bright eyes left and never returned, but there are those gifted in the recent past and present who say they have been seen. The Giants did not fare so well, but that is another legend.

End notes:

The gathering site: I think this might possibly be the Old Stone Fort site in Tenseness. It is also documented that the site was used as a ceremonial place only. They at first thought the stone wall and structure of the place was built by Europeans, but upon further review and carbon dating they found the site to be much older and possibly built by the Middle Woodland tribes. I also have noticed that when looking at the area from above to me and some family members it looks like a turtles arm/fin. I want to speculate more based on other findings, but this blog is already so very long and just want to show the possibilities of the legend.

Old Stone Fort

Old Stone Fort Site in Tennessee

The Bright Eyes: The indigenous nations of the Tennessee area also refer to these beings in their lore as Mooneyes, because their eyes were white and glossy like the moon. Further making the area of the gathering more creditable to me as the possible site of the origination of this legend. A further investigation to the site and speaking to the local tribes would be needed.

The Misaabe (Giants): There is already speculation by many archeologists about them. Ojibwe lore speaks of them residing in the northern colder areas spreading past the Taiga and further… But this would take another blog posting to go in further detail.

The long cold walk: This to me is obviously talking about the Land/ICE bridge theory. My grandfather always taught that we were at one time, one culture, one nation the Anishinaabeg, with one purpose. We lived, adapted, evolved, and became the caretakers our instructions guide us to be. Our ignorance and forgetfulness of these has changed that. There is also reports of DNA testing done that points to some of the indigenous cultures being related to those of European decent. Despite the fact that scientists also know that there were indigenous people already living in the Americas all very interesting and fascinating.


The Witch Demon:  Is it still around? That is the lingering question. Within the research of the Old Stone Fort in Tennessee I came across a disturbing haunting that had some similarities to the actions and mannerisms of the bad spirit spoken of in the legend. People dying, hearing voices, not being able to stand and that these haunting’s have been documented for 200 years. Even by some very prominent people over time. The Bell Witch they call it. The legends surrounding it include a cave, a family, and more recently an unearthed grave of a young indigenous woman possibly from the Hopewell tribes. The bones were found all alone uncommon in the area because the tribes buried their dead in mounds. The bones were taken to the Bell Witch cave and locked up. Upon retrieval of the bones to be transported to one of the mounds. The bones were gone nowhere to be found. The Hopewell were they the family (tribe) that were to keep the site strong? Did the Bell family have ancient roots in those that brought the witch demon back to be silence or Hopewell ties? It’s all a bunch of lingering thoughts that need more investigation.

Timescale: I realize timescale is very important, but our legends are thousands of year of observations and some of the legends have to be picked a part because as you can see some of them can get very lengthy some are just short instructional pieces on how to manage an area of the forest. It’s all very fascinating and depends on how you view them and are taught to understand them. There is no right or wrong to them. Just an inherent understand that is felt with in the spirit of oneself.


Thank You!

I would like to thank Mr Jeff Belanger for the information about the indigenous woman’s unearthed grave and missing bones.

Original Art HUGE thank you to my niece Leo.

Other pictures come from Google search Thank you to those who post them.

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The Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania, is nothing short of BREATHTAKING! Who hasn’t heard of this place except for me, I have read article after article, blog after blog, watched a documentary and this forest has enchanted me with all of it’s local legends and scientific studies that have supported the Romanian peoples legends of the forest. I cannot stop thinking about it. A few months ago I watched a television show that did a documentary on the forest. I found myself in awe and have been having small anxieties about it after seeing the documentary. So much was revealed to me that was hitting home. I had to researched what I could a bit further and all of the stories I’ve read about the forest are consistent from what I was able to find on the web; which was a lot from Dr. Adrian Patrut. ( What excites me is that the information and data collected really seems to support the peoples stories of the enchanting forest. This forest has captured the attention of my very essence, because of the legends and the amazing similarity in the topography, vegetation, paranormal, and spirit activity that the forest is comprised of.


The topography and environment; oak trees more importantly red oak, heavy mists, a river, a lake, natural springs, and the most important a “circular” meadow where no trees will grow. The Paranormal and spiritual local legends of the people such as sickness, disappearances, laughter from women, orbs of light, and disc shaped UFO’s all have similar resemblance to a legend I was told from the time of my birth. Since the time of the documentary I have been excited, scared, eager, restless, and in denial. It just has always seemed impossible and mysterious to me. How could one of my most mysterious legends of my childhood have tangible bearing in this world? How could this possibly be real? This legend… so unreal, it’s real? I have wondered about the forest of this legend all of my life and to have possibly seen it on TV and to know that it might be a real place I could go to, to see it, hear it, touch it, and smell it has kept me up pacing the floor many a night. Even now I am wondering could this be the great black forest of the moon?

I first started this blog off by talking a little bit about me and my grandfather and grandmother my influences why I am feeling such a connection to some place I’ve never been at least not in this experience. But that has nothing to do with the connection to the legend and the connection to a tangible place in this world. I once thought the Schwarzwald in Deutschland was the place of the legend and I thought I was going to find my destiny there, but when I visited, there was nothing there that connected to the legend. The forest is beautiful and has it’s own mysterious essence for sure and other possible connections with legends I am aware of, but not the one of greatest mystery to me. The legend or legends are very lengthy and my family tells this legend in four different parts.

1-The Black Forest of the Moon Battle, 2-Sky’s Flight Song, 3-Sky and Ziibiininii, 4-Ziibiinininii Flight to the Moon


Seems the world has known about this mysterious forest except me and my family. My grandfather was a soldier in the Korean war and I now wonder if he knew of this place he traveled so much when he was in the army. He kept many things quiet as to not bring unwanted attention to the community and I feel he would’ve never told because he knew that I might leave and go there and…. maybe never come back. For a long time I started to wonder if this legend was a just fairy tale bedtime story, because I never found an earthly connection to the legend with the exception of a few things and maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

So this is the legend translated and passed down through my family orally from elder to youth and as the chi-ayaa’aa (great ancient ones) would start them “this is the legend as it was told to me many years ago when I was a young boy or girl.”



The black forest battle of the Moon….

Many ages ago some of the Star people sick and dying came upon the moon in their travels looking for a new home. Skywoman greeted them and offered to help them. Sky took them to the black forest of the Moon and greeted the Deer people with gifts giving thanks for entering their home and using the plants. The Deer people showed the Star people how to gather the plants they needed and with the medicine they made, many of the Star people were healed. Sky offered the Star people a home and place to stay. Many of the Star people were ancient travelers and the young were too young to travel on their own so they stayed. Other Star people heard of the great healing and came to the Moon. Sky again helped, but there were some that were greedy and began to fight with those that lived on the Moon. The forest was her home and the Deer people were a peaceful people. Sky created many of the trees and plants out of her loneliness for companionship and the mist that covered the forest every morning were the drops of her ancient tears from the sea. For many years the Star people fought over the forest and many of the Deer people and Moon people as they were now called died. So Sky in an effort to save these peaceful people walked a path around the forest and sang the song of flight and as she sang Nagweaab (rainbow) could be seen in the mist. When Sky had finished her path the forest was gone and only a deep hole remainded. But this did not stop the fighting, this only angered the greedy Star people and they fought more fiercely. Many of the Moon people were dying, because they did not have the means and will to fight back any more. They defended the Deer people and their home and now they were gone. It was then that Sky gave her last light to help the Moon people and showered the sky with a blinding white light and gone forever she was. For many years after the battle, the Moon people grew strong and then one day a child was born who was more Spirit than Moon and because Sky was spoken of in their stories of the great black forest they knew her very well. Sky had returned.

Sky’s flight song….

So it was Sky who brought the song of flight to the Moon people and showed them how to travel to the many different worlds (degrees, dimensions). Sky never forgot about the forest, she longed to be among the trees again, but she did not remember where it was. So for many years she sat on the moon and looked through bagonegiizhig (the hole in the sky). Then one day she saw some trees dancing to the sound of her songs and Sky ran to her sisters and asked them to come with her to the world of Akii. So they gathered in the waawiiye’wigamig (roundhouse – literal translation that roundhouse that sings, my grandfather would sing “waa we yea, waa we yea” ) and sang the song of flight. The roundhouse shook, rattled, and hummed as Nagweaab danced around the house and the sisters sang the song of flight louder and soon their house lifted up and went down Nagweaabs spine through the hole in the sky. When the roundhouse touched the Earth Sky’s eldest sister the wisest of the girls opened the door and slowly she walked out looking around for signs of danger. When all was well she waved at her sisters to come out. One by one they came out and marveled at the dark forest. The roundhouse and the light of Nagweaab had destroyed some of the trees where the roundhouse sat and Sky could feel their passing as soon as she stepped out of the roundhouse. Sky knew she had found the black forest and because of the trees that died she promised the other trees that nothing would ever grow in the circle again so that no one would ever need to die so needlessly when she visited. Sky and her sisters visited the forest without fear and no one, but the Deer people, the birds and other animals ever approached them. However one day Mitigomizh (Oak) a young man who lived deep in the woods with his mother and grandmother was out hunting one day and had gone further than he had ever gone. The day was hot and the trees were not a comfort from the heat so when he came upon a river he stopped to cool himself. Sky had been out walking among the trees through the bent and twisted arms; spirit walking so she didn’t harm them. The trees moved with her walk and she never had to touch the ground. Then suddenly they lifted her high up when she got close to the river. Sky heard something in the river below. She looked down and saw a man standing in the water splashing it over his head. She sat down on the arm of the tree and watched him as he drank from the river, caught some fish and finally fall asleep under the trees. Sky was amazed that this Ziibiininii (river man) was able to see and catch the rainbow fish with just his hands. Curious and uncertain why she was unafraid, Sky went down to him as he slept and admired his courage to be alone in the black forest. She watched over him until he woke and back up into the trees she went. When Mitigomizh woke he looked into the sky and saw it was dark and gathered his things and hurried home. When Sky returned to her sisters she said nothing of the man she saw on her walk in the forest. Sky and her sisters continued to return to the black forest, but for many months Sky did not see Ziibiininii again.


Hole In The Sky


Sky and Ziibiininii…

One day Mitigomizh grandmother became sick and his mother sent him out to pick some plants to help her, but they did not help and his grandmother got worse. Mitigomizh mother told him that there was a place far beyond the river where the Deer people lived, they could help. So Mitigomizh went to find the Deer people. After four nights  Mitigomizh came upon a meadow in the forest. He noticed foot prints like his own as well as deer tracks. Further in the meadow he saw the grass had been beat down in a round shape and many other foot prints of different sizes like his own. Mitigomizh decided he would stay for the night, believing the Deer people lived there.The next morning Mitigomizh was awakened by a rumbling and humming like the wings of nookaashii (hummingbird) but much louder in the sky and when he looked up he saw a shiny roundhouse with many different bright colors on top and the sides spinning round and round. Mitigomizh grabbed his things and ran to the forest and watched the roundhouse fall to the meadow. For a moment he back further into the forest, but then he saw a door open and a beautiful young girl walked out and then another and another 12 of them each more lovely than the last and it was the last that had his inside soaring. When Sky stepped out onto the meadow she knew Ziibiininii was near. Sky closed the door behind her and ran to her sisters to hide. Mitigomizh hid all day and watched the girls dance and sing songs until the sun began to fall. It was then that the girls returned to the shiny roundhouse and Mitigomizh watched as the roundhouse lit up with many different colors again and disappear through the hole in the sky. Again he spent the night in the meadow thinking these girls must be of the Deer people, but the next morning the roundhouse did not return so he gathered his things and went in search of the Deer people again. Mitigomizh crossed the meadow and when he reached the trees on the other side he was stopped abruptly at the edge by the sight of the largest deer he had ever seen. He blinked his eyes and when he looked again he saw the deer change in a flash of bright yellow lights. The deer changed and it looked much like him and the girls from the roundhouse. Mitigomizh was frightened and like a tree did not move as the man walked up to him. The trees began to shine and glow like the moon as the man walked up to Mitigomizh. When the Deer man got close enough he said, “Hello Mitigomizh I know why you are here. I can show you the plants your grandmother needs” and so the Deer man took him to the forest and showed him how to gather the plants. Mitigomizh still curious about the girls asked the Deer man about the girls. The Deer man told him they are the sisters of the moon and visit often. The Deer man took him back to the meadow and said you must hurry your grandmother is very sick. The Deer man changed back to his true form and offered his back to Mitigomizh and carried him swiftly home. The plants he was given by the Deer man healed his grandmother and when she was well enough he told her and his mother of the Deer man and the girls from the roundhouse that came from the sky. His grandmother and mother both looked at each other and recalled ancient stories of the Moon people and the black forest that the Deer people had told the Anishinaabeg. Days went by, Mitigomizh could not forget the girl from the moon and so he went to the meadow once again. When he reached the meadow he sat and waited and in four days the roundhouse returned. When the girls came out of the roundhouse Mitigomizh ran out into the open and waved at them. The eldest of the girls screamed and gathered her sisters together and fled back to the roundhouse. Sky the shyest of the sisters was happy to him. For many days Mitigomizh returned but the roundhouse did not and he wonder if it ever would. Then the Deer man approached him and asked him why he was so sad. Mitigomizh told the Deer man what happened and asked how he could get close enough to the girls to speak to them. The Deer man laughed, but took pity upon Mitigomizh, because he knew of his family and the tragedies they had overcome, the loss of his great warrior father and their people. So he showed Mitigomizh the song to change his form. The great black forest whispered and hummed the trees danced and glowed as he change his form to a tree. Many days passed and still the roundhouse did not return. Mitigomizh was about to give up, but then that morning he heard the rumbling and hum in the sky, quickly in the spot he stood not too far in the meadow, but beyond the edge of the trees so he stood alone he changed himself into a large oak tree to give shade to the girls while they rested. This would allow him to be close and listen to their songs, watch their dances, and maybe talk with them. When the roundhouse touched the ground and the door opened, the eldest sister again came out and looked around before the sisters joined her. They danced and sang all morning following the worn paths they had made during their visits and at midday one of the sisters said, “look let us sit under this tree and rest.” Sky already knew this was not one of her trees, but did not say a word as they gathered beneath its shade. The eldest sister then looked around and said to her sisters, “I do not remember this tree.” Sky shy as she was wanted to touch the tree, but dared not. She walked up to the tree and looked at it up and down wondering how Ziibiininii was able to do this, he was not from the Deer people. This made her smile and Mitigomizh seeing Sky so close and her smile made him lose his form and he began to change back to his true form. This frightened the girls and again they ran back to the roundhouse. Mitigomizh called to the Deer man again asking for his help. The Deer man laughed at him and asked him why he didn’t choose something they wouldn’t be afraid of, something they could hold. This gave Mitigomizh courage and he waited for many days again before the roundhouse returned. This time he changed into a spotted deer and waited for them to forget their fear before he walked out into the meadow. The girls were not afraid and walked up to him and ran their hands over his soft fur and sang songs to him all morning. Mitigomizh disguise was so complete that even Sky was unaware that it was him. So forgetting her shyness and because of her love for the Deer people she let the little deer crawl up on her lap and sang to it the lonely songs of the black forest. This touched Mitigomizh so deeply he could not bare to never see her or be without her again. So he quickly changed into his true form causing the girls to scream and run, but so did he and he picked up Sky and ran as fast as he could to the forest holding her in his arms and not looking back. Sky’s sisters cried and screamed at the man to bring her back, but he did not return. They waited until night fell and believing Sky was lost forever they returned to the Moon. Mitigomizh ran until he could breath no more and stopped to catch his breath and looked down at the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in his arms and to his surprise she was sleeping. When Mitigomizh returned home with her and told his mother and grandmother of what happened they told him of the Moon people and knew that this beautiful girl was one of them. They quickly made a soft bed for her and watched over her until she woke. When Sky woke she realized she was not back on the moon, but that she was still in the black forest. Then she saw the chi ayaa’aa  enter the waakaa’igan (house). Mitigomizh grandmother walked up to Sky and offered her some water. Then Mitigomizh and his mother walked into the house. Sky sat up the moment she saw Ziibiininii and felt herself take flight. This frightened the women and Sky realized she had lost control of her spirit. Mitigomizh came and kneeled by her and asked if she was feeling better. Sky smiled and said, “Aayaa Ninde Ziibiininii (oh yes, my heart, river man).”


Roundhouse interpretation

Ziibiininii flight to the moon…

So it was that Mitigomizh was called Ziibiininii and his family gave Sky the name Giizhigookwe (Skywoman) because she came from the sky, it is not known if Sky ever told them who she really was, but after many years of living with Ziibiininii and giving him a son Sky began to wonder of her family on the Moon. Many times they went to the meadow, but her sisters never returned. Sky and Ziibiininii then talked of the roundhouse and they talked of the forest and the battle. She told him of the Moon people and her family. She told him of the Deer people and their struggles to survive and live in peace; how they have moved from place to place always being hunted by those who would use them for evil purposes. Ziibiininii could still see the loneliness for her family in her eyes so one day he built her a roundhouse in the meadow out of the trees that were willing to help, the maple, the birch, the oak, the cedar and the Deer people offered their fur to bring happiness to Sky again. Ziibiininii painted it the colors of which he remembered seeing and this made Sky smile again and for a time she was happy, but the many visits to the meadow and the roundhouse only reminded her of family. She only wanted to tell them how happy she was and so that they could meet their grandson and show them how strong and courageous he was, much like his father and grandfather. Chi-eyaabe (great horned buck) Sky named him and taught him the songs of the black forest and the will of the river. Then one day while her and chi-eyaabe were sitting in the roundhouse Sky showed him the song of flight and not ever thinking the roundhouse would fly it did and up to the hole in the sky they went back to the Moon. When Sky and chi-eyaabe did not return from the meadow Ziibiininii went to the meadow and saw the roundhouse was gone and he knew Sky had returned to the Moon. Every day Ziibiininii went to the meadow, but Sky and chi-eyaabe did not return. On the Moon Sky and chi-eyaabe feasted and celebrated their return and chi-eyaabe was happy to finally meet his grandfather and grandmother. Many months past and neither Sky nor chi-eyaabe thought of Ziibiininii, but while playing with his new friends chi-eyaabe came across the roundhouse he had come in and he was reminded of his father. Chi-eyaabe ran to his mother and asked her when they would be leaving to go see his father. Sky got up from her place next to her family and took her son by the hand and went to the roundhouse. Sky could not hide her tears as they sang the flight song back to the world of Akii. Swiftly she ran to their home but when they reached their home Ziibiininii was nowhere to be found, their home was not livable the top was open and snow filled the inside and no fire had been lit for months. Sky then called to the trees looking for the Deer people and they whispered to her where their home was. Sky again grabbed her son’s hand and swiftly ran to the Deer people’s hidden home near the meadow and as she ran her tears fell and where her tears touched Akii little springs of water appeared and flow to this day. When Sky and her son reached the home of the Deer people the people took her to where she desired to go the most. There she found Ziibiininii much, much older and dying laying in a bed sleeping, she kneeled be side him with tears in her eyes. Ziibiininii woke feeling the presence of something familiar and seeing Sky unchanged and more beautiful than the first day he had seen her, sat up and touched her face and smiled. Sky overwhelmed with grief and sorrow for the years they lost leaned in and gave Ziibiininii a kiss and in a flash of the brightest red light Ziibiininii and Sky were gone. chi-eyaabe quickly ran to the meadow, but the roundhouse was gone. So it is believed Ziibiininii and Sky returned to the Moon to live out the rest of their days together. To this day the meadow will not bare trees, the springs still flow, the river still runs, and the ancient trees still whisper of ancient songs and bend and disguise the visits of the Moon people. My grandfather would say only those who posses the essence of the Deer people and Sky will know they are in the great black forest of the Moon.

Travel Creeps Hoia Baciu Pic

Now you tell me does that not bare close resemblance to the Hoia Baciu forest. I am in such denial though. How could this forest of legends be on another continent? It is this part that has me perplexed. But the facts are there, the recent legends hold true, there is evidence that supports it, light orbs of different colors, yellow, red, and white. Heavy mists that seem to come from nowhere, spirits among the trees, disc shaped objects in the sky, people disappearing forever. Was the old man Hoia Baciu taken back to the Moon? Did the Moon people need sheep? I know that sounds funny, but did they? The little girl disappearing for many years and coming back the same age as she left, but never the same again. Until I actually go there myself I will never truly know.


RoundHouse Pohnema Night and Day Log

(The top image is the resent “modernized” lodge made to the specifications of my grandfather. My family and the community it serves use it during the winter months. The bottom image is the original made out of young tree saplings, oak,cedar, maple and balsam and used in the spring, summer and fall. Try to imagine it covered in Balsam and Cedar; it is a sight to see.)

One of our most sacred of ceremonial lodges is built in the image of the waawiiye’wigamig, our Mide ceremonies are held with in it and hold to the legend, some of the songs that are believe to be of that time are still sung. “Maagwe bimose’ya (while I was out walking something happened…. This is a song my great great great grandfather brought back to the lodge and only our family sings it, because it is considered a “family” song, but it is speaking of Sky and Ziibiininiii out walking and finding each other) How could this be true? If one could see the spirit path walked of me pacing my bedroom floor at night thinking about the trees, the springs, the river, and the meadow, and the Deer people one would think I’m nuts. Then again maybe I am, maybe I’m just a strange girl that has yet to mature into a woman even though by age I should be.

Romania-Vlad the impaler

There are many other legends that have occurred in this forest, the origin of the little boy drum, the legend of the underwater panthers, the origin of the deer clan, who many believe don’t exists. But the legends I grew up hearing tell me they do in some of us. There are many connections to the Deer clan I have personally come across in my life but one I have often wondered about is Vlad Tepes. I have always been fond of him, strange yes he makes me smile when I think of him. I always thought he might be of the Deer clan spirit, because of his legend and dreams I’ve had of him, yes I have dreamed of Vlad Tepes. I’m not talking of the slandering stories told by the merchants who opposed his ideas of how to guide his people, but the ones of his shapeshifting into different forms, wolf, deer, mist, human. Could he be a descendant of the Deer clan. The Deer people were peaceful, but when moved to battle were some of the fiercest warriors and unpredictable, because they could change their form. They carried spears made from the shedding of their horns and yes impaled their enemies. Their eyes are said to light with the darkest of reds, blood red as my grandfather would say. They did not like liars, cheats or any evil spirited people and did what they could to maintain purity of the spirit. Vlad Tepes was this and much more to the Romanian people and to me. I was fortunate enough to have had a friend in college who was from Romania and he told me local legends of Vlad Tepes, but never once mentioned the forest, which I found odd after seeing the documentary. He was more of a “city” boy I guess when I think about it. But yes Vlad Tepes maybe of Deer clan spirit. The Deer people were hunted and tortured for their “secrets” and over time their numbers grew so low they had relations with the Anishinaabeg and towards the end of their time they were the most feared so much so they were called maajii’maanidoog “devils”, but that is another legend that deserves it’s own telling.

Further reading on Hoia Baciu Forest:
However there is much, much more if you just type in Hoia Baciu Forest.

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The legends I grew up being told, tell of an event that occurred between ancient beings and the Anishinaabeg (the good beings)…. I would love to be able to recall this event from the string of life/consciousness that flows within me. I would love to be able to recall this event and say that I was there and one of the eight that were gifted with the experience of this event. Somewhere, buried very deep, those ancient memories are there still for those that were apart of the ancient worlds if only we could recall those memories when we enter each new world. I think we are shown snippets of those moments in time in our dreams, deja vus, and coincidences. I feel that when this happens it is time for us to know and use that knowledge to help each other.


My grandfather after his tour in Korea dedicated the remainder of his life to the revival of this knowledge and way of life which in it’s simplest form is summed up in one phrase and is used in all ceremonies of the Mide (mi-day). Mino-bimaadiziwin (live a good everlasting/eternal life). I was raised and brought up with these teachings and the legends that go with them. Theses legends and way of life attempt to instill great respect, love, and care for all living beings. I say attempt, because we all are very capable of either greater good or greater evil. We either choose to live a good life or bring evil to it. The teachings within these legends attempts to help us find our way through the darkness that wants to envelope us every waking moment of our everlasting life.


One of these legends has been weighing heavily on my mind for a few years now. Hurricane Katrina initiated my spiraling of wonder about the legend along with a dream I actually had about her during that year at least I think it was about her it was weird to me that the storm was given a female name. The dream: I was at the edge of an ocean in my dream. I have never been to the coast or ever stepped foot in any ocean or sea.  I dove into the water and when I felt the water touch me skin I felt myself change. Soon I was swimming around freely as if I was apart of the water. I looked at my body and I could tell I was an otter. I love otters I thought to myself. I swam deeper into the ocean and when I could not hold my breath any longer I changed again, a dolphin this time, I could hear movement in the water, I followed the movement and sounds, soon I saw a flicker of a light in the dark blue when I got close enough I felt like I hit a wall or door something solid and closed my eyes quickly when I opened them I was a mermaid (not how you think a mermaid looks, more like what Ancient Aliens call the Reptilians with hair, scales, gills, webbed feet and hands) and swimming toward the bright light in front of me. The closer I got the brighter the light became and the heat intensified, I had to shield my eyes because the light was so bright, but then the heat the light gave off dissipated and I knew I would be able to see. When I pulled my hand away from my eyes I saw this cloaked being just sitting at the bottom of the ocean. I swam up to it’s face and when I got close I saw myself sitting in the cloak and I or it spoke and all it said was “soon.” Then there was a flash of light and I closed my eyes again, when I opened them I was on the surface of the ocean and spinning around  in the water, the sky was dark and clouded as I spun. Then I ascended out of the water and the air and water began to move in elliptical paths around me, I moved closer to the shore and could see the land was wiped clean no trees, no people, nothing. When I reached the shore and stepped on the beach, the sun broke through the clouds and I looked up and then I woke in my room.

Reptilian woman

Hurricanes like Katrina and numerous other devastating tropical storms, tsunamis, and typhoons have increased greatly within the past few decades increasing my curiosity in the ancient legends passed on by our ancestors. Hurricane Sandy and typhoon Haiyan both very destructive water spirits just recently ripping through the eastern coastal areas. Both very devastating in deaths and economically the US in particular has taken a huge loss. Katrina alone devastated the coastal forests of the southern region with a loss of 19 billion board feet and 5 million acres of forest lands, approximately $5 billion total in revenues lost. This critical event seems to have started a downward spiral of terrible habitat loss for many species and has caused the US to look elsewhere for wood products some directly affecting habitats where many endangered species reside. This is important because one of the most important teachings is that we, humans, will not survive without out our friends (others species). We depend on them for our very survival; friendship, food, and maintenance of the land. The destruction of the forests as such has caused much decay and mold which brings massive swarms of insects. When the timber is finally dried massive fires from lightning strikes can occur or from the flick of a cigarette butt which I’ve seen so many people do when driving. Sinkholes tend to occur when there is nothing holding soil together such as tree roots.


All of this really makes me wonder about the ancients and their knowledge of possible future events and how they received that knowledge is something of a mysterious other worldly mystery or so it seems. If you research the data collected over the years you will find that since the early 1800’s storm activity both on land and at sea has increased exponentially in the past few decades along with increased human activity and as the experts say it is all due to the rise in the temperature of the water, the air, the earth; global warming, of which I am in agreement with however; this was foretold many ages ago in one of our legends or so it seems and many of these events probably could have been avoided. This legend is steeped in mystery and is one of the greatest pinnacle events to occur with the Anishinaabeg.


The Legend: During a time of great silence Akii had grown dark and cold and Skywoman looked down from her home in the sky and saw the people were wandering in silence and struggling. They had consumed all that there was; many had begun to even devour the land that they walked upon and some began to hunt each other. The nights were cold, long, and dark. Skye did not want to see her children so lost and feared darkness had awakened. Bound to her home in the sky she cried out to her father, Chi-Manidoo (the great spirit), and asked him to help her children. So from eight contiguous degrees Chi-Manidoo called for the Wawezhitaawoog (Spirits that prepare the way, best translation) to help the Anishinaabeg and show them how to live a good everlasting/eternal life, bimaadiziwin. These eight beings descended upon Akii in their hooded cloaks and Akii shook and rumbled, the sky went dark as the beings continued to descended from the sky with fire, wind, water and the very earth beneath them ascended like the waves of the sea. A great many beings were destroyed, except those who Skye had provided a safe place to dwell; an island far from danger, one tribe from each of the sacred directions were gathered together and awaited the return of Giizis (sunlight). When the time of Giizis returned the people gathered together at the center of their island  as instructed by Skye and at midday they watched the beings descend from the sky and move among them. They did not speak, but were heard, they did not move but were swift. Anishinaabe, first man, everlasting man, he whom we have come from appeared before them in a flash of light and instructed the Anishinaabeg on what to do. These beings asked that one man and one woman from each tribe follow them and they promised they would return in four days and four nights. One by one, one man and one woman chosen by their people walked away and followed the Wawezhitaawoog (Wu-way-zhee-ta-woo-g) into the forest and became unseen. So each night the people lit a fire until their return. Upon their return each person who left a young man and  woman returned as elders with hair white as snow and eyes that could not view the bright sun; each carried items of a different kind. Upon the eve of their return theses elders gathered their tribes together and began to speak of their journey and what they had learned.  They told of  how the Wawezhitaa removed their hood and if the were able to look upon them instructions were given to each tribe. The tribes were to maintain the care and continued regeneration of the land, the wind, the water, and the fire so that all beings may live and survive. The tribes of the east were given the teachings of the wind(air), the tribes of the south were given the teachings of the water, the tribes of the west were given the teachings of the land, and the tribes of the north were given the teachings of the fire. These teachings included all animate living beings that dwelled with in those elements. The Wawezhiitaawoog also gave instructions on the clan system and the Midewin ceremonies. It was during this instruction that when it was time for the eighth Wawezhiitaa to reveal itself was when the people could not look upon it. So bright was it’s light the eight coward, some ran and hid, others buried their faces in the earth. This upset Chi Manidoo and with it he gave warning.”You who are to be good beings, who cannot look upon my guardians, you who cannot see are bound to destiny. Everlasting life will perish unless you learn to live with the land, the air, the water, and the fire. You who will be devoured by those who you have devoured. They will come by water, followed by air, turned into land, and rain fire from the sky. You who do not see beyond self will suffer the most if you never look upon the guardian of gaa-ge-manidoo-minjimendamowin (everlasting spirit memory, closest translation), Your place is small, live a good life, or suffer destruction of wind and water. Then begin new light.” Then Chi Manidoo sent this guardian into the ocean to wait until the Anishinaabeg were ready to receive it’s knowledge. There it waits, waiting for the Anishinaabeg to look upon it with a sense of wonder and not with emptiness. My grandfather would describe emptiness as an insatiable hunger that knows no bounds.

Druid moon

There is so much more to this legend so much more detail, but to tell it all takes 4 days. I am seriously doing my family an injustice by writing some of it down, but the ancients did, so it must be ok, right? It was difficult trying to find connections of similar legends outside of indigenous american legends. However there is plenty of similarities in other areas such as: The Druids; if you have been reading other posts of mine you will note that I am basically in love with them and their close similarity to the knowledge I grew up learning. But yes the The Druids. How are they depicted and describe, they are beings who wear cloaks. These cloaks that are worn might be in imitative respect of the eight that came. Why not; they were mysterious and powerful and provided us with great knowledge, why not dress as they did and embody everything they taught us. They themselves The Druids are something of a mystery as well. Oral tradition such as the one I grew up in and new discoveries show they had great knowledge of the elements and the sky paths. Thoth, the Atlantean: indeed. This island that was shielded from destruction could that be Atlantis? Isn’t that the place where all great knowledge might have come from? The mysterious island that disappeared beneath the ocean or as Ancient Alien Theory suggests, it flew off. The eight people that were selected to teach the tribes the knowledge were elders when they returned, but they also lived extremely long lives. Many generations of lives, Thoth was he one of them, did he attempt to write some of these teachings down? Seven tablets where is the eighth; there is none because they didn’t receive the knowledge. Just my silly thought. There is also the clan systems that are seen among all the different tribes. Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern tribes/cultures all have clan systems. Some still practice them today. The indigenous people of America, Scotland, so proud, love them, love that I have roots in that culture as well, Japan with their imperial and noble clans and the most widely known samurai clans,  and I would even consider the Sumerian class system part of the clan teachings, although the idea of the classes are some what different, meaning no one is considered a slave and considering years of evolution can imagine how some might evolve their original teachings in different ways. The similarities are found where each clan/class were/are/is responsible for maintaining certain tasks within the community. Then there is the great return of someone or something, prophecies of mass destruction and so on.

Mysterious 8

I think we all understand and feel that there is something lurking in our spirit something that seems to be stalking us, a dread that isn’t going away unless we really make some serious efforts in maintaining, sustaining, loving, caring, and respecting not only each other, but our home, the only one we have right now. I am beginning to wonder if this 5th mass extinction that is being discussed is going to end as the legends foretell, by our own doing our own hand.  These cloaked beings enlightened us on scientific and spiritual knowledge of our home. I am still left wondering if the eighth and final being was one that was to teach us about consciousness itself, how it travels, how it flows, where it comes from, where it goes, where we came from, where we can go, the past,present and future, the sounds used in creation; unfathomable knowledge….

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Last night I had the most peculiar of dreams, a gift was given and it is something that I cannot shake. Something that wonderful and amazing is something you don’t put on a shelf and forget about it. It is of one of the most sacred and humblest of gifts and I am so not worthy of such things. I haven’t a clue of how to care for such purity, innocence, love, and beauty. I would never want to be the cause of any harm that may come to such a rare and majestic being. I would rather in it’s entirety die never to return again than to harm such a being and because I lack such knowledge and experience I am terrified of what I dreamt. The purest of beings born of pure love one of the four original creations between Skywoman and Everlasting Man that lived with them on their “magical” island in the west; greatful yes, scarred yes, completely unworthy yes. Who am I to dream of such things. I am crazy, weird, and strange at best, just a mere insignificant shadow of the legacy of a once great society of beings, humans/everlasting man/Anishinaabeg (the good beings).

I had to work so I spent most of the day in a captivated state of consciousness. A colleague even stated “you are not here with us today are you.” I giggled, smiled and said to him, “No I am not.” I don’t know if you ever have dreams like that? Dreams where you can still feel the wind on your face, the smell of a flower, the touch of someones hand, the breathe of someone or something, their words whispered in your ear, the feel of a rock or tree; like you were actually there or the adventures/events actually happened. For me: dreams like that are real and happen often, the spirit world/dimension/degree is an accessible place for some. It is not quite that place we are traveling to when we are ready to journey, but more like a stopping place on the way there, most refer to it as purgatory, for me it is another world, another place along the path of the souls, “we are spiritual beings, having an Everlasting Man (human) experience.” The belief is that some are able to visit these worlds and come and go, my grandfathers referred to them as spirit walkers/flyers, ancient beings with ageless knowledge that are experiencing this worlds time.

There is no scientific or psychological explanation for such dreams for me, no matter the amount of research done on dreams they are an unknown. I have read many books, articles, papers on dreams but none are as helpful as my grandfather or others with in my family. One thought interested me and it was that “the dreams we dream are based upon the feelings we are feeling during that time.” If that were true then I would dream of my family members who have journeyed on every night and I would be able to talk with them every night as my greatest of mentors my grandfather and uncle both have journeyed on and I need their help now more than ever, even the comforting cooing of my brother is sorrowly missed and think of him always. So I hold fast to ALL of my ancestral teachings and beliefs. If that makes me weird, crazy, and pathetic to some then I am and wholeheartedly stand by those teachings and beliefs. Most would view my dream as a silly childs dream, but not according to the legends I grew up hearing. A dream of this nature is one that would never be allowed to be revealed to anyone except the person who dreamt it and the elder/spiritual advisor (most call them Shamen). However, since I have broken many practices already why not go with the most taboo, right and talk about my dream and share a legend with you.


Lost 40 pic 051

The Dream: I woke, meaning I opened my eyes like I always do when I have these types of dreams, I am fully aware I am dreaming or spirit walking. I opened my eyes in my dream and I was sitting on my twin bed holding my cedar flute. I was looking out my bedroom window thinking how lovely it was outside and that I should be out in the forest and getting some sun. The chessboard stone floor was cold to the touch on my feet as I put them down on the floor and put my hand in the rays of the sunlight coming through the dark brown blinds that covered the window and I could feel the warmth. Then my locked bedroom door swung open and a blinding flash of light startled me, I had to cover my eyes, when I was able to look in walks a person, someone I don’t know. I can only say I know of the person because the person was someone I recognise. The person walked in holding a medium sized brown box, like one that would be used for shipping items through UPS. The person walks up to me and puts the box in my lap and says “here, for you.” I look at the person and asked why he was there, the person said, “open the box.” The first thing I saw was the red and white material. I pull the red material out and just as the material was almost fully out of the box, the box shook in my lap. I laughed and asked, “what is in here,” looking up at the person in front of me smiling. The person then said “watch this,” as I was about to pull out the white material out jumped one of the most sacred of beings to me, a Unicorn, Ninde’an (my heart). The Unicorn jumped out of the box kicked it aside, jumped into my lap, and nuzzled it’s nose under my neck and chin. He was no more larger than a full grown Beagle. I was afraid and shaking running my fingers through it’s long, curly, silky mane and tail; his body was soft, smooth, and firm. His horn was just as white as his mane and body and felt like a piece of dried coral. His eyes were like looking into the sky at night, deep, dark blue and shimmering like moonlight on rippling water. I looked up at the person standing before me with tears in my eyes and asked, “why?” The person wiped my tears and said, “To see you again, remember” and pulled us into the sunlight coming through the window and the unicorn began to shift colors in my arms like a prism would do when put into the sunlight. His horn began to pulse like a pulsar. The next thing I remember we were on the edge of a forest next to a river and the Unicorn was as large as a horse. We got on his back and he began to run across the water I could see the rivers end and see the ocean ahead, I could hear the heartbeat of the person in front of me as he whispered into the Unicorns ear, but it was the splashing of water on my face that woke me. When I woke I was in my own bed, but I could still feel all those sensations.

Why is this dream so significant to me and my family. Those who attend the Mide ceremonies will understand the significance of the Unicorn in the Mide “Society” because Unicorns are a part of the ceremonies of a certain degree; the edge of the “known” universe is what I refer to that ceremonies degree as and maybe someday I will explain why, but not today. The known legends told to me by my grandfathers of the Unicorn will only be known by a small few. No: most won’t know, truly only a few will know parts of their tales not many know all the legends of the Anishinaabeg and infact I think non-live now that actually know them all. Sad that much is being lost. The storytellers have kept them secret for far too long and only told in half stories to elude others from fully knowing; all from fear of persecution like so many other cultures and their way of life the teachings went “underground” in an effort to save them. That said here are a couple of the legends of the Unicorn, Ninde’an as my grandfather called him.

Skywoman and Everlasting Man what a pair they are their legend is one of creative passion: I wonder will they ever meet again, but when they first met their first touch many wonderful things happened. Yes uncontrollable desire and love for another being, but from that touch of desire four other beings emerged “pop” “pop” as my grandfather would say “like those fires popping in the night on your birthday.” He was always a day off. Although not born of what we consider conventional birth; these four beings were born from the first touch of desire and passion; the first touch, a flash of light, heat and an unbreakable bond was created and from that light emerged four beings ( energy is not “lost” when transferred but transformed) Maanidoog (Spirit/magic folk), Ninde’an (Unicorn – my heart ) or Gaagii- Ninde’an (my everlasting heart as Skye called him), Me Me gwe sii (Water dwelling beings lil hairy dwarf folk), Misaabeg (giants). Each of these beings were born possessing great knowledge of the earth and made it their home, living with Skye and Man on their island (I want to speculate Rodinia Supercontinent). Each being has their own legends. The Unicorn being of interest right now; so extraordinary is their healing abilities that just one touch or breath from them one could be healed of all ailments even if one were close to immortal death. If pure of spirit the Unicorn would come to you and heal you; if so your heart desired and your purpose was pure. If seen not just anyone can approach them. They know nothing but purity, love, compassion and goodness. They run from darkness so if your spirit harbors even a shadowy drop of darkness you may not be able to see, hear, smell or touch them. This is because of the cylindrical vortexed horn on their head, like a pulsing frequency broadcasting an unknown cloaking sound, the Unicorn travels, searches, and hides with it. My grandfather used to say to hear it’s song takes the rarest of beings because to him only Skye was able to hear his song and seek him out. Ninde’an (nin-day-on), the Unicorn, wasn’t a very large being just a little bigger than a goat, but due to several ages of transformations with other beings and not in the sense of what you believe a mother gives birth to a child, Ninde’an’s family grew and became more vulnerable due to their compassion and were easily captured for their traveling and healing ability. Mankind went mad with searching for them till a small few remained. This angered the Maanidoog so they pleaded with Skye to find them a safe place to live. There were so few left they were almost impossible to find. So Skye whispered to Ninde’an and he lead his family to a place Skye called the island within a star. Some refused to leave because of their compassion for innocent life and found their own places to dwell and no one truly knows where Ninde’an and his family went or if any of them have survived.

Fast forward to the late 1970’s and early 1980’s there was once a little strange girl running around in the forest who loved to talk to trees, rocks, fireflies, and the rain. She had the most peculiar of childhoods and loved listening to the stories of old. Ninde’an was one of her favorites especially because one of her grandfathers believed that the island within a star was close by, but she was never allowed to visit that place because it was guarded and protected by the most foulest of creatures, the most pitiful of Maanidoog, the Windego, like a darkened vampire, not all are bad though; so it seems, but some steal life, so many people were and are terrified of them, but they protect the most precious of beings. To the little girl she wondered did this mean the Windego was only bad because we were bad? Still she did not fear the stories her grandfather grew up hearing about the island. Her grandfather told her many a stories of people who had to spend a night on the island. Some ended in tragedy drowned or never heard from again so came back with stories that if stranded there overnight do not stray too far into the woods and do not by any means swim in the lake within the island this will upset the Windego and they will harm you. Still to this day I have not set foot on that island but the stories told have lead me to believe that the small hoof prints seen on the beach from time to time just might be Ninde’an. My grandfather seemed to think so. Why not protect being of greatness with one of the most feared. (+/-)

As always I like to find the connections with other cultural legends which help me grow as a being of this world and maybe understand a little more of who we are. No legend is more important than the other, we are all one species of being clamouring to find a truth in who we are. Doing this has helped me find a little of my way. So yes as always I find connections and always they are like flashes of light in the dark much like as you would see a firefly in the night…. The Middle East once called this animal a unicorn, but recently the name has changed to an oryx due to better translations of their ancient texts. The Karkadann, as stated in their ancient text, a deer like creature with one horn. It too had extraordinary gifts and it brought good luck and if eaten it would chase away demons. The Japanese believe the unicorn or Kirin as they call it has a shaggy mane and the body of bull, they believe it’s gifts were that it was able to sense a person’s guilt and in judgments of criminal nature the Kirin was called upon and if found guilty the Kirin would pierce the guilty person through the heart. The Chinese believe the Kilin was to have sprung from the earth and revered as one of the four sacred animals of their culture. The Kilin is also a good omen who foretold the future of special births and was multicolored. It is also believed that it appears in many different forms and only comes to this world when goodness is prevalent. The Celts believe Nuada road a unicorn into battle and it was only after he had jumped off the back of his friend that his arm was cut off and the Unicorn was captured and tormented by the Fomorians. The Celts also believed that the Unicorn possessed great healing powers and only came to those who were of innocence and pure of heart. Some of their legends tell of evil men baiting the Unicorns with women who were innocent and pure of heart to capture them and take their horn because it possessed great healing power. The authors of the bible even refer to the quality of a Unicorn many times, but my favorite quote is the one from Job 39:9, “Will the Unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?” My grandmother, of Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Finnish/Dutch descent and for some reason would read that to me when I would spend the night. I think she knew and now after all these years the dream and what all my grandparents and family instilled in me I do and don’t understand why, why me, I am not worthy to dream of such things, knowledge, and love; afraid yes I am. My family would say by sharing this makes me unworthy and they maybe right, but I also think we are fading too fast like the forests of our world, turning into unaccessible petrified pieces of knowledge. My greatest fear is that by sharing this with you I am exposing Ninde’an to his devourers once again and I have so naively baited the trap, but maybe things have changed that is why the person who brought him to me is someone who is themselves exposed to many things good and evil, but seems very well prepared for the exposure. Very humbled and grateful to that being I will forever be. I could go on and on and kind of have. There is just so much more to explore and imagine. This is just a part of how I have been taught to look at spirit dreams with a little of my own edge and knowledge of other cultures and scientific theories. My knowledge is minimal, but it does help some.

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Ever wonder what type of energetic spirit light production goes into the formation of a living beings spirit-consciousness? How much positive and how much negative? Most definitely a good amount of intense, passion, and energy is required when the spirit-consciousness of creation is innately rotated into existence. The sounds made would be extraordinary too wouldn’t they; waa hii hii, waa hii hii, waa hii hii; words spoken in a certain tone during certain ceremonies that remind me of vortexes and rotations. When sung consecutively you get that weird sensational feeling; wonder what would happen at A-432 or the “right” frequency. What if something happens during the formation or development of a spirit-consciousness? Why would something try and tamper with the development of a spirit? These silly thoughts have been running through my head as of late and they have brought me to the edge of thoughts and imagination, thanks to the world I grew up in; legend upon legend of why things are the way they are.There is most certainly is some sort of continual struggle between good and evil, dark and light, gravity and antigravity, matter and antimatter, animate and inanimate.

Charm Scattering

Believe it or not, but this all started from the most peculiar finding of a four leaf clover and it’s most obvious “tagging” of photon scattering of some sort. I don’t know, I could be way out in the universe somewhere with these thoughts and I am no Physicist, but that is what the image on the leafs reminded me of, photon-photon scattering and tagging. Tagging occurs when there is fluctuation or tampering with the “force field” (Higgs Boson) of essence that surrounds or binds the elementary particles that are in the process of creating something magnificent and spectacular like a four leaf clover, a frog, a rock, you or the universe itself. So simple and delicate the process of creation and consciousness is that we struggle with the depths of trying to understand it. This fluctuation is noted as a good reaction by Physicists, because it is in essence what is needed to start the creation process, maybe, but what about the bad there is good in bad in everything, all it takes is one small change to create a different spirit-consciousness. These quantum fluctuations/changes are believed to be important in the formation of the universe as they are the direct reason for expansion/inflation or maybe the creation of the universe itself. Wow! How many cultures have legends of a creator sending out a thought that expanded and created the universe. Thoughts take you where you never expected they would much like our creators thoughts, “in his image(imagination).” Such simple yet exotic and colorful imaginations we all have.

But I need to slow down and get back to the four leaf clover and it’s tagging. The tagging got me to wondering what happened why scared or tagged? Was it sick? Did something try and hurt it or posses it? Maybe something was trying to steal it’s life. Aaah yes, I wondered did it have to do with the several nights of heat lightning and thunderstorms. We have been seeing more of these this summer, more than we have in the past few years. A bit odd. We also had our lights out for several hours due to Lightning striking close to our home a few nights prior to the discovery of the Clover. This brought me back to the legends I grew up hearing. The ones about the Binesiiwag (Bi-nay-see-wug) and why they come and why they are so dangerous and yet revered, sacred, and precious. Was this clover under some sort of attack; why the Binesiiwag had to strike near our home? An open door is an open door no matter the size as my grandfather used to say. A four leaf clover what does its essence represent; good, purity, love, luck, a rare spirit-consciousness. Was darkness trying to stop or steal it’s cultivation or did the Clover protect us from bad luck, hatred, impurity etc. According to legend it isn’t a far fetched idea.

Devils Tower

Long ago back to a time that is now locked in the mists of legends. Chi-manidoo sent out his most loyal watchmen, the Binesiiwag (thunderbird beings), to search for a new home for his most delicate of creations, Everlasting Man. The Braves of the these ancient beings were fiercely loyal and dominant and much like all ancient beings do, they also were able to wield the four sacred spirits; fire(light/white), Water(liquid/blue), Earth(minerals/red), and Air(gas/yellow). They searched many lengths of time and found a few suitable homes; so it was then the Binesiiwag had found our new home, Akii (The dynamo/essence/ all that is Mother Earth). However Akii (A-kee) was still so young when the Binesiiwag found her and with their fourth sight the Binesiiwag found many terrible dark spirit beings devouring her essence. The darkest; none like they had ever seen. An other world they came from for they did not have life, but stoled life to live. A great war broke out and many Binesiiwag were devoured by the dark spirits; the bad spirits were so prevailing, they devoured all life forms leaving nothing but darkness. Some were like giants, some were like snakes, others were like us. It wasn’t until Chi-maanidoo gave the Binesiiwag lighting that they were able to put the dark spirits to sleep. Chi- manidoo then ask the Binesiiwag to watch over Akii to keep the dark spirits from waking. After all was quiet Akii began to weep; her body was so scared from the battle so Chi-manidoo filled her deep scars with the tears from the Binesiiwags thoughts of their lost loved ones and others he surrounded with vast forests, and those he could not hide he painted with the wind from the Binesiiwags feathers. One he did not hide but left towering above a large valley for it was a Binesii who had given his life to close the spirit path the dark spirits had opened and over time the grandfathers, spirit rocks who joined with Akii many ages ago, turned him to stone. So it is believed that every time lightning strikes evil or bad spirits are sent back to sleep and the lighting keeps them from crawling out. It is also said to be careful where you go or what you do there were many pathways opened and darkness only sleeps.

Combinnation Symbols

Throughout the world we live in there are many cultural ceremonies, legends, lore, and symbols that remind me of this great battle and the fight for life-consciousness. The one many are probably most familiar with is that of the Titans and the Olympians, Kronos, the devourer, imprisoned for all time with Zeus and his lightning bolts keeping watch. The Rig Veda’s also mention Indra the god of lightning; his legend I find most peculiar and his Vajra a divine instrument that produces lightning and is used to kill sinners and was used to slay an evil being who took serpent form. How could I ever overlook the legends of the Might Thor or should we call him Donar, wielder of Mjolnir, protector of mankind. Lei Gong and his wife Dian Mu of Chinese myth and legend are gods of thunder and lightning who punish evil spirits for using their knowledge to harm human beings. The Aztec World Tree I find very fascinating as well with it’s birds “shooting” at a being surrounded by some force field, looks very much like Feynman’s diagram and also possibly includes the legend of Akii and the Thunderbird Beings of course that is purely my own imaginative interpretation of it. Then there is the legends of battles in the Celtic Mythological Cycle between the Tuatha De Danann, the Firblogs, and Fomorians as told by Druid Bards for generations and passed down in oral tradition, much like the legends I grew up hearing from my family. The Tuatha De Danann, supernatural beings of light with eyes that glowed blue and hair as bright as the sun possessing four sacred treasures one being a sword that glowed bright and shot lightning bolts. The Fomorians the supernatural shapeless undead beings from an other world who pillaged and plundered all that existed. The battles ended when the Dagda put them to sleep after the Fomorians stole his harp. It is also interesting to note that Fomorian in the ancient language means chaos.

Someday I believe we will understand or remember all that we have lost as it is plain to see the ancient ones possessed knowledge and wisdom most of us only dream about as we struggle to try and decipher their legacies, but that will not happen until all forms of study, research, and knowledge are combined and studied together. I think we have become too specialized in certain fields of study and focus our attentions on one single subject, when in fact the universe lives and breaths all aspects of time, space and dimensions. It is the past, present, and future all at once, all in one thought of one or maybe several beings.

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They are an extraordinary medicinal family and their roots run deep through the earth and are recorded in the night sky, just some silly thoughts about relatives from the past. 

I was totally going to continue the creation story, but I have decided to write about a family member who was/is from the not too distant past. He is among the ones I have not only heard legends about, but dream about as well. Hm…. Spirit essences/ Consciousnesses are truly something of an amazing unknown are they not? It is curious to me and some of you may feel the same way; how can one dream of someone who they never met, seen pictures of, or spoke to and describe them to family members and scare them with detailed descriptions of them. I am in no way claiming to be anyone special, because I am in no way more important than a bee, a lion, a flower, a tree, or you. However, I am very certain there are many of us who experience the same things and in my semi isolation of a world it was stressed to me from childhood to “keep it secret, keep it safe,” “People will think you’re crazy,” No one will understand you and they will put you in an institution,” because we believe that we can visit with spirits that have “passed on.” They speak to us in our dreams, whisper in our ears, and emerge in our spectrum of sight/light. Some folks are able to experience all interactions some maybe just one or none; really depends on the evolution of your spirit/consciousness.

I have been raised in a family who is known throughout the surrounding communities as a “traditional” family who still follow the “old ways;” old to some, but alive and present they are to me. Very few love our family; many hate us, but most fear us. They won’t admit the fear, but it is ever present in their eyes when we talk with them and they quickly rush away after a brief encounter. I feel the legends are what scare them the most. They are unusual and a bit strange, but I can’t help but love them and all their oddities and weirdness. While some children have grown up with Disney and their childhood stories, no I am not knocking Disney love their stories, but I grew up with Family legends/lore of real people some of which are family memebers, animals, plants, and stars at least so the legends say.


My family may never forgive me for writing these legends and teachings down as it is VERY taboo to record them, because they were meant to be spoken or sung in a certain tone of voice or melodic song, but most importantly the legends that involve teachings are meant to be lived; taught as a way of life not as child’s play or a daydream. I guess maybe I’m tired of feeling like a caged bird and this is my last chance to fly and maybe set my family free in away; free from fear of persecution and really a whole lot of bullying that comes from believing in certain ideas and concepts of our existence and spirit/consciousness or maybe I feel the old ways need to evolve a little otherwise they will not survive. Very few follow the old ways and live it. Although due to the many efforts of my grandfather and his friends there has been a resurgence of folks wanting to learn more about the old teachings, but still only the same few come to the ceremonies and lodges. I just hope someday my family will see it as I do as knowledge that is meant to be shared; knowledge that is deep within all of us, all clans and that will find kindred among those that understand the ancient teachings for we all have one original teachings/laws/theories and all are too similar to be ignored and all point to one all eternal Law/theory of our exisitence in this universe. Scientists, Mathematicians, Cosmologists, Physicists, Archaeologists, Paranologists all take part in this with the finer details, while Myths and legends ignite the imagination and evolve the spirit/conciousness.

So…. here is the legend of Ge-nii-wab, my great, great grandfather’s journey to the sky world….

Legend says that prior to my great, great grandfathers leaving the skies had rattled, shook, and rumbled for three days and the lake had never seen so many water spouts. This means a great many spirits traveled here to this world during that time and so it was that the mighty Binesiiwag (thunder bird beings) came at his moment of passing or journey as we like to call it and took him up to the sky and in a few colorful flashes of light he turned into a Binesii (thunderbird) with blue and silver iridescent feathers and was gone, but not before he said “I will return when you need me the most, when the rivers and skies start to run dry. Look for me in the northern skies”

Hmmm….. My great, great grandfather what a man he was/is. He has been on my mind lately. Just the other day I was sitting outside on the stone bench outside my home laying back, looking up at the sky, and was thinking about his legend, the storms and water spouts, the way he left…. I haven’t really thought of him in several months, but odd thing is, is the moment I thought of him on a beautiful partly cloudy, sunny day a small storm cloud rumbles up seemingly out of nowhere with thunder booming and lightning flashing. I was kind of scared at first and then the rain came soft and light; made me feel like I was being hugged. The rumbling cloud passed over my home all in a matter of approximately 15 minutes with no reoccurrences. When speaking with other relatives later that day about the small storm cloud, they laughed at me and said “Where? There was no storms today it was beautiful and sunny.” This only makes me wonder… was that my great, great grandfather?

Ge-nii-wab; my great, great grandfather was a spry man in his old age. He was a farmer and a caretaker of the people of the community having the largest garden and farm in the area. He also had a special relationship with the wild horses that still run through the forest today. Although today those horses are like the mystical beast of the forest, a siting of them is very rare. I have yet to see them myself, but am making plans to go in search of them. Some say they went back to the sky with my grandfather when he left, others say the horses feel the loss of their companion and have retreated to the safety of the forest. Special indeed it seems my grandfather was/is. When he had ceremonies people would come from hundreds of miles to sit at his door; back then most indigenous folks walked or still road horses to get where they needed to go at least in this area they did. They would come anyway just to listen to the teachings and ask for spirit healing. Some say he had the most eloquent healing voice and when he used a drum you could feel the song moving inside you.

Horse spriit

Thinking back about my grandfathers legendary journey I find many kindred beliefs and similarities among other clans such as; The Celts, they believe the Faye were able to transform into birds and some spirits could appear as birds. Sumerians believe spirits exists as birds in the underworlds and Islamic believe all spirits remain as birds until judgment day. Hindus also feel that spirits take form as birds so they can travel between earth and the outer worlds. The Turkish have a belief and in some passings they utter the words “his/her spirit bird has flown away.” The Chinese have a legend of a large bird, Peng, who rises from the water into the sky; could it be that Peng was there to help my grandfather on his journey? I also cannot ignore the Quetzal and the Mayan belief that Quetzal is the spirit of the people, but one of my favorites is that of the Norse legend of the Golden Cock that shines like a thunderstorm and is an immortal guardian and is a symbol of returning life and spiritual guide, which I think my grandfather has been for me at times a guide and his last words were that he would be returning when we needed him the most when life must return. I wonder is he an immortal guard watching over me.  Silly but it’s kind of hard not to think in those terms when there is so much to support ones childhood legends and from many other clans across the globe.

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I have totally taken too much time on this piece I almost scrapped it and said screw it, but the past few nights have changed my mind. This one is kind of personal in a spiritual/essence immortal/eternal consciousness kind of way if that make sense to some of you. Maybe, maybe not, if not then maybe this will be a nice fantasy read for those of you who are uncertain of my meaning. I would love to skip it all together, but I cannot because it is the continuation of creation and I am truly wondering what I’m getting myself into.


I am sure many of you are familiar with vibrational healing through sound/music like the Tibetan use with their bowls something I like to refer to as the singing rainbow. I am a believer of such methodologies and practices as I too am familiar with certain songs and sound that are used for certain purposes. Frequencies are extremely important and literally make us who we are they can attract or repel, create or destroy, agitate or soothe. I also believe that some knowledge was meant to be forgotten. Might be a possible explanation for why a lot was not written down and why there are whispers of secret knowledge in different clans across the earth. If you could imagine the destructive nature of a spliting atom and bring that into this world imagine how destructable sound could be, like that of a shattered flute and at very high decibel. However we have such a curious nature; myself I want to understand and know more and become as wise as the ancients. There are so many “secrets” I feel all Legends under this scattering sky hide and I am uncontrollably in love with them all and trying to figure them all out tickles me on the inside; which brings me to Living Legends and their songs/harmonic frequencies….

Some of you may know a very popular legend among the indigenous people of North America one that is told of a woman that lived in the sky; Skywoman. This is a very personal legend for me as one of my grandfathers at my birth gave this name to me and the other one always told me “she has returned in you.” Both never really knew each other which makes it all the more mysterious for me. Niso-giizhigokwe, my name, Skywoman aka 3rd sky world woman, 3rd heaven girl all depending on who you ask to translate the name. My grandfather the one who did not seek my name used to say “3 times you have returned what you looking for? Who are you looking for? What did you leave behind? Why come back, are you needed?” He was and is such a mysterious, oracle, Yoda type man…. Elegant he was/is.


Like all other legends passed down orally there are some differences among the different clans, but the essence remains the same and maybe it was romanticized a bit for me so I would appreciate who I am and my birth name, but this is her legend as told by my family, Skywoman and the song heard across the water….

Mewinzhaa gaa izhiiwebak giiwe (This is as it was told long, long, long ago, I guess) There once was a pure spirit; A woman, one born of the stars and lived among the sky people, but she was not of their origin. Chi Maanidoo called her daughter and she possessed supernatural knowledge of the water and recreation. One day after spending time upon time alone and wondering the stars, looking as she had many times at the worlds before her she began to cry, this cry was nothing like what the Anishinaabe know of as wet tears, but Skywoman’s cry came in the form of a thought one with a desire for something to love, she missed her companions. This cry drifted out into the wilds of the stars and reached Chi Maanidoo, the sound he heard was so alluring nothing like he had ever heard, Chi Maanidoo could not help but follow the sound and find out where it was coming from; when he came upon his daughter and saw she had descended to Mother Earth and was drifting on the waters looking up at the sky; seeing her loneliness Chi Maanidoo gave her a gift and with one breath many islands came out from the water. Chi Maanidoo filled the seas and islands with many plants and animals for her enjoyment; believing his daughter was happy once again Chi Maanidoo left her alone with her new companions. Skywoman was happy for a time, but desire is a strong feeling and she again became lonely and seeking the comfort of Mother Earth she entered the water and once again Skywoman’s thought drifted across the water. It was at this time Everlasting Man who lived on one of the islands was out hunting and heard the most beautiful whisper of a song on the morning breeze it filled his thoughts with longing and wonder, not even his mother or sisters sang more lovely. When he got back to the people he asked who was singing such a lovely song. The people could not hear the song only he Everlasting Man could hear the song, so he set out to find out where the song was coming from. He traveled to the west for four days and came to a river like sea where the song became more potent and enchanting. Everlasting Man could see an island across the way and continued his journey another four days. When he reached the island where it felt like the song was all around him and his feet touched the shore Everlasting man began to shake uncontrollably and he fell to his knees, the shaking bundled up inside him and when he saw Skywoman coming out of the water he felt it take flight. Skywoman touched the place of his heart with her hand and he felt all the shakes fly out and a cool calmness fill his inside. Everlasting Man and Skywoman lived together many years on the beautiful island and everything they touched together a song would ring out and it was there they had 4 children. The first two were born pure spirits possessing supernatural powers of the four gifts of Mother Earth and the one almost destroyed her freezing her till she and many of Chi Maanidoo’s creations died, because of this Chi Maanidoo sent them to live among the star people. Not long after this Everlasting Man left Skywoman to help his people, while she was carrying another set of twins, these twins became the first Anishinaabe but that is another legend ….

Many legends grew from this one, the origin of the water drum, Turtle Island, legends of the Moon, legends of the Mide all incorporating songs and sounds used for healing ones “essences.” This legend as you may note contains a song and is meant to be sung more like hummed and lulled like a lullaby with small taps from the water drum while telling her legend. The Celtic legend of Uaithne and Boand is similar in respect to sound or song. Uaithne the harp, Boand the enchanted listener and from their union they created 3 children that possessed musical knowledge like no other. “The Oran Mor as the primordial sea meolody, always creating, both in the hearer and the one singing. It is the myth of Uaithne and Boand who between them gave birth to the 3 strands of music: sorrow, joy, and peace…..” There is also the Irish legend of the isle to the west Tir na n’Og, where Ois’in mortal man was brought there by Niamh it was an island thought of as paradise where supernatural beings lived and eternal beauty, pleasure, music and happiness abound and like Everlasting Man, Ois’in the adventurer needed a guide like Skywoman, Niamh. “Tir na n’Og, the mythical Blest Isle of the West. Would it not be wonderful if we could rediscover this mystical paradise for ourselves; that place where the primordial melody sings loud and clear?” I feel Mr. Mills is on to something and have enjoyed reading his work and making connections with the legend and lore I grew up with. I also believe the indigenous legend of Skywoman (Boand or Niahm) and Everlasting Man (Uaithne or Ois’in) compliment his second hypothesis. “If the Oran Mor is intrinsic to the whole of creation, then those disciplines that study creation and her creative energy – the sciences, psychology, theology, linguistics etc. – Along with the myths of indigenous people will bear this out.” (Oran Mór and text, Frank Mills, 1998)


I am also intrigued with the song of the 3 Cauldron’s as they too are tools used to create harmonic melodies/frequencies, Tibetan singing bowls come to mind here as well as the Water Drum, the Little Boy drum, and the rattle. These musical tools “given” to us by the creator/great spirit/god all relate to creation and sounds of creation, but those are other legends that are worthy of their own retelling/reviving, but are worth mentioning as they are tools used to honor our wondrous beginnings of consciousness. Ever wonder what our consciousnesses sound like are they as lovely as Skywoman’s or Uaithne’s? To hear those frequencies would be something wouldn’t it; like a plants, an amimals, or a rock, closer to the universe we would be if we could tap into those frequencies and hear them.

The Rig Veda Hymns also are very closely related to Skywoman and Everlasting Man; where Shakti (Skywoman) and Lord Shiva (Everlasting Man) perform the dance of creation. When reading the many translations of the Veda hymns and some of the comments people have regarding their idea of what they all mean I cannot help, but think of Skywoman and Everlasting Man “Upon a desire arose in the beginning, this was the first charge of thought” “Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he have the power to create” “Shiva is matter and Shakti is the essence/spirit that which moves within” “Lord Shiva and Shakti perform the dance of creation.” Shakti and Shiva are a pair that can be related to, especially once all of the creating is “done” what does Lord Shiva do, but “withdraw into himself.” This part of creation leaves me with questions why, why were they drawn apart; Skywoman/Shakti and Everlasting Man/Lord Shiva? Maybe the legend of Niamh and Ois’in can answer it for me. Everlasting Man did not return because he could not, even though he meant to. There is a secret there that is not being told I think. I love ancient legends eternal are they not.

There are also many other similar legends not so much pertaining to sound, but similar all the same within the essence of the creation: The Mayan and part of Popol Vuh Ixiyacoc and Ixmucane the supreme pair the grandparents of all the Mayan people. The African legend of Iyadola’s babies. Where Iyadola descends from the sky and the hunter leaving , Iyadola becoming lonely, and her and the hunter creating man. These and others are like Skywoman and Everlasting Man, Shakti and Shiva, Uaithne and Boand creation cannot and will not happen unless both are present and all are centered on frequencies of spirits and matter.

I think String Theory and M theory are like that of Skywoman and Everlasting Man and replacing any one of the legends with them is necessary as they are all equivalents; where String Theory is Skywoman all tickles and giggles and Everlasting Man is M Theory the membrane binding those vibrations together and like f(x+y) where X= Spirit/Harmonic Frequencies (Skywoman) and Y = Vessel/Matter (Everlasting Man) our humble beginnings. Silly thought but one I have and will continue to ponder.

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The universe; how mysteriously beautiful and alluring it is. So easy to understand yet so complicated to fathom the thought of such creation. I’ve tried many times throughout my life to imagine a universe in one thought, but alas I am not omnipotent and have failed many times over. I know many of us struggle everyday with the want to know and understand why it exists as it does, but we never really reach that finite answer that says, “yes” this is the deriving point of all creation. This is what the Universe is; this is where we originated from. Certainly Mathematics and many other scientific fields help us come to a sort of understanding; the most recent which I find very fascinating is that organic molecules have been found in space. However; that finding and many other still do not explain the entirety of the essence or consciousness as I like to refer to it as, behind the “magic” that is the universe.

So for now I hold to the legends and the myths told to me by my family and the lore’s that I have come to know through my own personal spiritual growth and that are kindred to the Mide way of life. It is these teachings and the legends of Pythagoras, Einstein, Newton, Odin, Thor, Aryans, Anishinaabe, Druid, or Celtic and many more that have help me reach some sort of imaginative conscious understanding of the origins of life in the cosmos.

Creation; this has been a word I have thought about many times over and more intriguing to me are the sounds of creation. Something I will most likely touch on in the future. Today I want to share a part of the creation story one told to me as a child, one consisting of the earliest conditions of the universe and one similar to other legends in other cultures from around the earth. This living legend is part of a long tale of creation and migration and because it is quit lengthy I will only tell a portion of it as it is told by my family and it starts as follows….

During the time of great quietness a time what we would call peace after a long epic war in the outer worlds was a wondering and lonely omnipotent being that came across a darkness that was full of nothing. Longing as this being did for companionship and looking at the darkness Chi-Maanidoo in one thought saw all that there was, that is, and that will be. Chi-Maanidoo (the great spirit/consciousness/essence) sent this thought out into the darkness and as the wave of it touched the void it crackled and shook until it broke through the nothing’s barrier creating a bright flash of blinding light that scattered the darkness farther than any man could ever see. As the wave of thought (consciousness) traveled through the darkness it continued to flow like water, crackle like a fire, and shake like a bee. As Chi-Maanidoo’s thought shook clouds of mist and dust fell here and there and one could see the likes of the light of many thousands of fireflies.  

I love legends such as these and the Celtic belief is much similar to the beginning of this creation story. They too have many oral legends or lore that I find very kindred to my spirit, possibly because I also have historic ancient roots among those traditions as well. Their legend begins much the same with an “eternal quietness and then a great spiraling wave of melody subdued at first but gathered momentum until at last a great crescendo and then there was life, but it did not stop there the melody continued its song filling all of creation.” (Oran Mór and text, Frank Mills, 1998)

I also cannot ignore the Hindu Veda hymns of creation which were never intended to be written, but to be past down orally The Aryan belief in “secret”  knowledge reminds me much of how my family believes it is a way of life not something that should be written down but lived and taught. A part of the Veda Hymns poses similar beliefs:

“There was neither non-existence nor existence. There was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond. There was neither death neither immortality. There was no distinguishing sign of day or night.”  “Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning. With no distinguishing sign, all this was water. The life force was covered with emptiness. That One arose with the power of heat breathed by its own impulse. Other than that, there was nothing beyond.”  “Desire upon That One in the beginning. That was the first seed of mind. Poets, seeking in their hearts with wisdom, found the bond of existence in non-existence. Their cord was extended across. Was there below? Was there above?”

There are a few other legends as well I find fascinating and intriguing; so many to choose from so many to ignite ones curiosity and imagination. The Norse Folks legends talk of other worlds such as Muspell, Ginnungagap and Neflheim and a possible war in those outer worlds and then Asgaard is created where Odin resides watching over us like a protector and Thor the almighty his might and strength to see that it is done.  The Dine as well speaks of other worlds/universes outside the one we know so little of and there are those who also tell tales of creation as a thought such as the Mayan.

How imaginative all these legends are and yet so close to what we know right now and over time I am sure some words may have been changed to reflect the changing knowledge of our growth, such as the fireflies, bees, harmonic melodies, neither mortal or immortal and so on. These changes brought imaginative thought to children over time as they were told and as they do now when telling them and bringing them back to life as is a belief of my family when speaking of legends such as theses. Whatever the belief and reason for the legends, myths, or lore the initial essence and teachings behind them still remains intact these creation stories are very similar some small differences, but when the pieces are put together kind of like a jigsaw puzzle my silly thoughts think it shows us a map; a map that may show us the way to our past, present, and future.  What an adventure that would be wouldn’t it.

I have been raised to believe we all derive from the same root and I have total admiration for those that seek to find this truth all those scientists, mathematicians, physicists, paranormal seekers, Legend and Lore keepers. This is where I find my home for now, in the legends and lore of our ancient ways of life until the day the Ancients call.


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