Chemtrails and Carbon Nanotubes?

Might there be a link between chemtrails and carbon nanotubes?
Reference news article about nanotubes available at New Scientist.
Please read the above article first! Okay, I found this article interesting and while it does not mention chemtrails at all it seems there are some unanswered questions about these “found” nanotubes. Let’s take this piece by piece.

“Carbon nanotubes have turned up in the lungs of children living in Paris – the first time they have been detected in humans.”

My first question here is have they ever tried detecting them in humans in the past? It seems this is presented as an accidental discovery. Scientists have studied them by injecting them into mice with seemingly negative side-effects.

“James Bonner at North Carolina State University in Raleigh says the detection of nanotubes should be treated with caution, as other studies of air pollution over the years have failed to find them. “In my opinion, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to what these structures really are, especially the material in the lung cells from patients,” he says.”

Quite interesting here as the article implies that they know exactly what these structures are, stating how great they are in “computing, clothing and healthcare technology”. Supposedly, while these carbon nanotubes have been found in dust and car exhaust, the quote above says that in previous air pollution studies over the years they haven’t been found. Is this not contradictory? Over what years have these referred “air pollution studies” been conducted? From what I have found, carbon nanotubes were first created in the early 1950’s by Russian scientists and were actually re-discovered by Japanese scientists in 1991. Nowhere have I read that these are naturally occurring substances. So, my thinking takes me to 1991 and the proliferation of chemtrails since then and especially in the last ten years. I suppose if we test a more general slice of the population and not just asthmatic children we will find that the CNTs are much more widespread. Morgellons disease has been linked to nanoparticulates falling from chemtrail spraying so maybe the CNTs are the catalyst as they are taken into the lungs and root themselves there. They could also create a microscopic infrastructure of sorts for other nefarious black-op type endeavors like allowing the flow of certain frequencies to latch onto or vibrate within the nanotubes causing any number of symptoms from voice-to-skull to virtually creating the appearance of any number of diseases. I mean we could really speculate on the dark potential of this technology. It’s crazy. Let’s move on to the last point of the article I wanted to make.

“If we are breathing in nanotubes, it’s probably nothing new and fossil fuels are a likely source, he says. “I guess we’ve been breathing them for a very long time. But it needs more work, for sure.”

And there you have the last damning statement to tie it into “man-made climate change” as well as totally ignoring the documentation of the synthetic origin of CNTs. My gut feeling is that CNTs and chemtrails are linked together. What we need is someone that studies the chemical makeup of chemtrails and the air samples within those to be made aware of carbon nanotubes and how to look for them and identify them.
What’s your opinion on this possible connection? Please comment below!
Also, wanted to let everyone know that I just updated the Chemtrail Gallery with new photos and a slightly improved layout so go look at it!

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One comment

  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    This is painfully disturbing. Especially seeing as They are trying to pass these air toxins off as simply a side effect of fossil fuel pollution. That way, They “conveniently” turn the finger on to the common consumer, knowing most will be unable to sacrifice their personal transportation, and eventually shrug it off as a sad but unavoidable evil.

    Though I think its entirely possible that there are additives in petrol of a devious nature as well. Honestly, if you wanted to initiate a mass extinction, you’d have better luck contaminating the fuel supply than you would the water these days. We’d all be unknowingly infecting one another when we pull up to the pump.

    I wonder if Morgellons and these carbon nanotubes are just the test, to see how well an actual chemical or viral attack could be spread? Both seem to be things entirely engineered, with no risk of being confused with a common biological occurrence. This makes them excellent markers. A chemical/biological attack isn’t really useful unless you can control precisely who is getting hit.

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