Chemtrails will be the death of us

Greeted by chemicals
I woke up at around 8:30 this morning, fed my three dogs, and took them out back to do their business. First thing I see is a big fat chemtrail. I can’t even have one moment to enjoy the beautiful early autumn Wisconsin weather without these bastards trying to kill us with aluminum dioxide and who knows what else. I took a moment to look around the rest of the sky and GODDAMN they were busy. These were not “jets” or “airplanes”. These were drones. There was no roaring sound typical of jets, in fact they were completely silent. In the ten minutes I was outside I counted at least six of these aircraft.


One little…


Two little…


Three little UAVs…

In the photos above, the drones are flying next to and through the massive chemtrails left by the previous perpetrators. In the top pic you can get an idea of the scale that these chemical clouds disperse into. Given a half hour or so, the chemtrails become indistinguishable from normal clouds to the average “sleeping” citizen. I think that most people won’t even bother to look up as they’re too busy looking down on their shiny new Apple tracking devices.


“V” for vendetta. Yeah, I have a vendetta all right.
The three photos above were just a couple more disgusting, blatant chemtrails that became apparent as I looked around at the sky from my yard. It is extremely unnerving to view the destruction of a brilliant blue sky, degrading into a hazy, filmy, spidery mess.
The strange curved chemtrail.


Awww, it has a friend now.



Slowly moving through the sky and spreading.


The curved chemtrail after 20 minutes.
The last series of photos above here I documented a strange curved chemtrail and its progression through the southeastern sky. After first observation, it was joined by an additional trail made by another aircraft. They slowly drifted northward through the sky and you can see the remnants of previous chemtrails lower on the horizon. Look closely and you’ll see the separation of these chemical bars at the tree line. In the fourth photo, I captured a crow flying into the frame from the left – a sign or omen, or perhaps a “tipping of the hat” to the work of Crrow777? The last photo shows how these chemtrails become wistful and disguised almost as normal cloud formations.
So many people out there are all wigged out and distracted by the climate change debate while themselves being chemtrail deniers. Connect the damn dots and remember that everything our overlords do has a multi-tiered agenda. The fourth “blood moon” is about here.
People, you need to start looking up.


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  1. I think the scariest part of this is how little control we have over whatever chemical/ virus/ mutagen is in contrails. Even if they’re nothing more than your run of the mill pollutants, we have no choice but to inhale these leavings.

    1. I really got riled up over this. I think I’m going to submit a letter along with these photos to my state reps. Of course I’ll probably be flagged and targeted as mentally I’ll. It’s really the most we can do though but at least it’s something.

  2. Whoa…..
    Did I inadvertently catch a UFO in the top photo???

    1. I think you DID! A little red one….wow, nice shot!

      1. Yeah almost looks like a flying red turtle with a blue head.

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