Cloud Mummies Vol.12

Hey There! Just a quick note this time:There are 8 Easter Eggs in this one… one of which is a bonus, (hint, it’s my nickname, Nap) HOORAY!!!! Now get to reading.


Panel 1: Alien face in hair

Panel 1: UFO on balloon

Panel 3: “Patty” The Patterson Gimlin sasquatch

Panel 3:Dunlop (as in Graham) on shoe.

Panel 4: Grimerica in cleavage

Panel 4: Nap in the shorts

Panel 5: Don’t take the shot!

Panel 5: Grimerica logo


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  1. Felix "Berto" says:

    Alien face in hair 1st tile, 1st tile UFO on balloon, 3rd tile: Sasquatch Patterson-Gimli (sp?), Dunlop on tip of converse shoe, Grimerica in cleavage, Nap scribbled on red shorts, Grimerica puffing moan and UFO powered headphones logo inside star on balloon. Is that 8?

    1. You have a keen eye sir! Bravo!!! I’ll post the answers Friday for all to see.

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