A Cold Thought


     An idea occurred to me whilst I was engulfed in a hot shower and deep in thought; or as I like to say, I was wandering through the forest. It was simple, maybe the stories of humans living to be 800 are linked to earths cold history. While a warm climate is the current norm of planet earth if one had to define it a “normal” state it would be cold. My scientific rationale is best explained by Dr Ronda Patrick and Joe Rogan on episode #672 of The Joe Rogan experience. See Attached link. In a nutshell mice given certain cryotherapy live longer. So I wonder if ice age humanoids lived longer with natural unwavering cryotherapy and when conditions warm our candles burn hotter.


Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Notes

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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    Definitely a theory that deserves some exploration. I’d love read more about this!

    To offer a little peer review, the major thing that would make me doubt a 800 year life span is that most all societies are very dependent upon the reallocation of wealth and property from elder to younger. While you can argue that this is due to modern economic practice, the phenomenon didn’t emerge arbitrarily, and appears to be an artifact of the earliest civilizations.

    People are actually living so long in the modern era that resources remain with the elder for such a time that they are depleted, and no longer viable in assisting the younger generation. If people did at one point live for multiple centuries, what kind of societal organization did they enjoy that allowed them to circumvent this?

    I can also accept that I may have no idea what I’m talking about… as my real expertise lies in drawing boobs.

    1. Graham says:

      mmmmm boobs.

      very interesting Nap. There is also the other side of this where the view is that only do we really thrive in warm climates and that is what has enabled us to extend our lives and populate like little bunnies.

      thanks for the post.

  2. Adam Loyal says:

    Great Points, and speak of; boobs do great in the cold.

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