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Hello my fellow grimericans!

As last year banged to a close, and we all stared wide-eyed at the political circus rounding through it’s final act, I promised a rather ambitious project: A primer of conspiracy theory in the modern age. As I stared down the project and began an outline, I realized I was in some serious trouble. Each of the major categories of conspiracy web out into a thousand glittering strands. A list of conspiracies stating just the very basics of who, what, where, when, how, and why quickly became overwhelming, especially if I aimed to track them all, and not simply the ones I believe to be relevant.

I’m altering my intentions. Now I mean to talk about 100 different things relating to conspiracy and alternative media. This list will be completely capricious. I do hope it will be revealing and that I might introduce you to some very interesting stuff. Much of it is not new, and some of it will be down right old. Still, I bet you’ve missed quite a bit of it. After all, there is so much to see!

With that said, let me present this week’s winner and theme. The category is Occult Symbolism and the winner is Heliofant and his video, I Pet Goat II. I found this video some years ago, as I was delving into symbolism, masonry, illuminati, hollyweird, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell (among others). This video is a rich tapestry of symbolism rampant in popular media, weaved into a narrative of the controlling interests of the age pitted against the individual yearning for something better. There are lots of videos breaking down the various visuals that claim all sorts of things about this film. Some of them are full of crap, some are not. Personally, I stay away from these derivative videos and let Heliofant speak for Heliofant.

If occult symbolism interests you, here is some follow-up homework: – a site discussing hollyweird symbolism, nefarious sites, and occulted art

Southland Tales – a movie so rich in Illuminati symbolism (and hollywood star power!) that it begs the question “What is going on in the southland?” – the mathemagician himself explores the meaning in numbers, letters, and basic symbolism in an accurate and hopeful manner.

The Key to the Universe by Harriette Augusta Curtiss: Written by a couple of Christian Mystics around the time of World War One, this book is a rich exploration of number, letter (hebrew), and tarot.




1. I Pet Goat II *****
I love this film! It flips the script on the fear, apathy, and hopelessness so often found in popular media. Let us each find the Christ consciousness that dwells inside!

2.Southland Tales **1/2
The best part of this movie is the incredible proliferation of various memes and symbolism that are (and were) so very prevalent. In one scene, Justin Timberlake sports one eye and a Baphomet in blood on his t-shirt while dancing with a dozen Marilyn Monroes. Also, the war between North Korea and Hollywood is at the forefront (if ever there was a more impotent devil than N. Korea, I have yet to see it…). This movie is entertaining despite itself. No wonder you’ve never heard of it before!



1. ****1/2
Marty Leeds is on to something. The originator of the 1-7-1 english gematria cypher (most commonly referred to as the Marty Leeds Cypher) aims to show you that you are at the center of your universe. One of the great illuminators of our age, he casts a bright light on the occult. This is a great reference for numerology, cosmology, occultism, and especially the art of gematria.

2. ***1/2
Although I really like this site, it is hard to come away from it with any sense of hope. It is rich with current happenings and some very strange stories I’ve seen no where else, but it is a bit of a downer. Still, the purveyor knows his business. Enter at your own risk.



1. The Key to the Universe by Harriette Augusta Curtiss *****
I love everything about this book except its final verdict. Do these brilliant and rare theologians really believe that the human race is bound to find perfection in celibacy? I am not of the crowd that believes our sexuality is the cause of our problems (although I believe our inability to deal with our sexuality in a responsible manner is indeed central to our problems – responsibility being the key to this critique). That said, the first 400 pages (nearly the entire book) was a revealing, poetic, intoxicating read. And its a hundred years old to boot! It goes to show that we’ve had the truth all along.

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