Did You Hear That?

No. You didn’t. But just because you didn’t hear it, doesn’t mean it didn’t affect you. What I’m talking about has been pointed to as a possible explanation for hauntings, or at least, the experience of hauntings. Some say that it is used by the creature known as Sasquatch to stun its prey or to scare off intruders that dared enter its territory. It has been implied that the U.S. government and governments of other super powers have utilized it as a weapon. It has even recently been blamed as for the cause of the events leading to the tragic fate of the hiking party of Dyatlov Pass. I am of course talking about infamous infrasound. So if you’re like me and only had a rudimentary understanding of infrasound and hadn’t done the research to pry open its secrets, fear not! One of us finally did!


 suspicious airquotes dr evil lasers



So what is infrasound exactly and how can it have the effects on us that were previously described if we can’t even hear it? Let’s try to break it down and to cover all of the bases, let’s start with that rudimentary knowledge I talked about. All creatures have a range of hearing. Sound frequencies are measured by units called hertz. For humans, the general range of hearing is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. So “Infra” comes from Latin meaning “below” and on the other side of the spectrum, we have “ultra”, which also comes from Latin meaning “above”. So infrasound is below the normal range of hearing for humans and ultrasound is above it. So infrasound and ultrasound are both out of the range for us mere mortals to hear but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still mess with us. Still don’t know how? Fine. Allow me to explain further. Better yet, I’ll let this diagram explain it to you.

sound-diagram 1 There. Now you should be an expert.


Sound is the result of vibrations. These vibrations expresses themselves in the form of waves and just like when waves in liquid form come into contact with an object, say a piece of driftwood or a boat, it can have affects upon it by transferring the energy of those original vibrations to the object. Sound waves work in the same fashion. When a sound wave hits your eardrum, it causes it to vibrate. These resulting vibrations are then interrupted by your brain. There’s a “raise your vibrations” joke somewhere in there. Your eardrum can sense the vibrations that are within its range of frequency. Now we can’t talk about infrasound without talking about resonance. And if you’re lazy and didn’t want to click on the link explaining resonance, I’ll try my by best to explain. Resonance is the tendency of a system or an object to oscillate with greater amplitude or force at some frequencies than others. Basically, if given the right frequency, an object will oscillate more than it would with another frequency. A resonate frequency is when a frequency generates the relative maximum oscillation. This means that even a small frequency can generate large oscillation in an object or system because of stored vibrational energy. It makes its peaks higher and it troughs lower because they line up reinforcing each other. It’s like kicking your legs out and bringing them back in at the right time to gain momentum on a swing using the momentum from the previous swing. Tesla explored this idea and even created an earthquake machine also known as Tesla’s Oscillator.




Tesla really, really hated physical education… like a lot.


Infrasound in Nature

Speaking of earthquakes, they have been known to generate infrasound. It can be caused from the shifting of the tectonic plates. It shouldn’t be any surprise that infrasound is present in nature. Aside from earthquakes, other phenomenon that can generate infrasound include storms, waves, and volcanic eruptions. There are animals that can produce infrasound as well including lions, tigers, and bears; oh my. Okay, not bears but other animals like whales, the American alligator and elephants among many others. The ability to hear infrasound by animals has given rise to the theory as to the reason why some animals can ‘predict’ natural disasters by hearing the infrasonic waves that preceded them. And what about Sasquatch? It is safe to say that without any undeniable proof of the existence of the cryptid known as Bigfoot, it is impossible to state definitively on whether it can produce infrasound or if it can, what it uses it for. Again, it has been asserted that the North American Wood Ape uses infrasonic waves to stun its prey, such as deer, like the lion or the tiger can do to its prey. Here is a video of just such an assumption. There was no microphone on the trail cam (although if it was infrasound that was used, it wouldn’t have mattered.) and skeptically speaking, there is no way of knowing what causes the deer in the video to stop abruptly. A huge hairy hand grabbing the deer at the end of the video followed by blood splattering the camera would have made me more open to the idea that it was Sasquatch. I recall a conversation I had in the Gralien chat room where someone expressed their frustration with the seemingly magical abilities given to Sasquattle. From being able to stun prey or would be Squatchers from getting too close to sensing infrared beams from trail cams. (A discussion for another day.) But the fact is, is that these traits have been attributed to real, non-mythical creatures; although, I do take issue with someone getting a weird feeling in the forest and stating that it had to be Bigfoot. But like everything that is claimed about the elusive, hairy hominid, until there is a body, whether it’s living or dead, the world may never know. Now, before the ‘Devils of the Forest’ steal my train of thought like it has so many times before and you end up reading a couple hundred words of me debating with myself on its existence, let’s move on.



“He’s doing it again!!!”

Evil Government Infrasound Weapons

So if infrasound can cause physiological effects on humans, what would happen if it was weaponized? Well, it already has. Or at least, it has been claimed to have. One of the main pioneers of  infrasound, Vladimir Gavreau, was said to go on to create a weapon that produced focused infrasound that would supposedly render a person incapacitated. The story of how he discovered it is an interesting one but one that has been repeated everywhere on the internet and so I’ll spare you. But in case you haven’t heard the story, you can click here to watch it. But what about infrasonic weapons today? Well the government isn’t claiming that it has any infrasonic weapons in its possession, not any that I could find online at least. And trust me, I looked. But sonic and ultrasonic weapons are a different story and sound has a long history of being weaponized. There are of course anecdotal reports from people claiming to be victims of infrasonic attacks, some of which are in conjuncture with microwaves in order to, which they believe, ultimately cause their death. And whilst I would love to find some definitive evidence on whether there either is or isn’t such weapons and more over their use or non-use on these seemingly innocent victims, I’m sure that any government that is using such weapons will disclose their use of them shortly after they disclose any of their knowledge and their covering-up of extraterrestrial life. So, until then, infrasonic weapons and their use on civilians will remain in the realm of conspiracy.



Because you know… the sound waves…

What Ghosts Sound Like

So by now you’ve probably heard that infrasound can cause the experiences of a haunting and don’t say you haven’t because it was in the first paragraph of this post. But for some of you, the reasoning behind this explanation for some hauntings may still elude you. It all comes down to the effects that infrasound can have on the human body. So like I said before, everything has a resonance. Your eyeballs resonance is at about 18.8 Hz or 19 Hz. So when a relatively small sound wave that you can’t hear begins to resonate your eyeballs, you can start to see things. These hallucinations have often been described as blurry, grey figures. Now if you couple this with other effects of infrasound such as paranoia, stress, the feeling of being watched along with nausea, headaches amongst others, it would appear that you’ve created the perfect haunt-tov cocktail. And if you add someone who has a ‘hyper-sensitivity’ to these frequencies, the results could be scary… literally. And of course I’m not suggesting that this is the case with all hauntings, far from it. I am suggesting that it is a very logical reason for some of them. And through the use of the scientific method, there are ways of differentiating such cases, trending being a primary one.



I said “trending” not “trendy”…


There is still a lot that we don’t know about infrasound and the effects that it has on us. But if you happen to find yourself in the middle of the forest and suddenly feel like you’re in danger and need to leave the area immediately or maybe making supper in the comfort of your own home when you suddenly get a horrific headache and it feels like your insides are going to burst or even if you find yourself at your computer reading this post and you catch a blurry, grey figure out of the corner of your eye, maybe, just maybe, you’re the victim of infamous infrasound. The question you have to ask yourself, is whether or not it’s intentional.

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  1. D-ron says:

    great post man, could be your best yet, and that’s saying alot. Wasn’t there rumours of infra-sound frequencies that make you shit your pants?

  2. Fortean Mind says:

    Yes my friend. You are referring to the “Brown Note” amply named for obvious reasons. It is as elusive as a Unicorn although admittedly less magical…

  3. Pat O says:

    Worth the read just for the term “Sasquattle”. I don’t know if you made that up or it’s a legit part of the Fortean vernacular but consider my mind blown.

  4. Fortean Mind says:

    I would love to take credit for its creation but its origin comes from a thread in The Bigfoot Forums in which commenters tried to come to a consensus on what the plural of Sasquatch should be. Sasquatches, Bigfoots and Bigfeet just didn’t seem right and so out of the chaos, the term Sasquattle was born. There is also an awesome thread on what a group of Sasquattle should be called. I think a “murder of Sasquattle” was in the lead the last time I checked. I first heard the word on ‘The Bigfoot Show’ whose tagline is “The show about Sasquattle” and like you my friend, my mind was also blown. So I’m just trying to spread it were I can. You should too.

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