Dream Snake

One night last week, among the usual dreams of getting lost in a train station or discovering i’m not wearing pants in a high school classroom, I had other images floating through a particularly magical part of my dream. I saw a silver snake, reverse “s” shaped. The objects important meaning in the dream was lost when I woke up but I did this quick sketch of it. 


Later in the day when I had time to do some research I went to google image search. After an exhaustive five minutes, the only thing I found resembling my dream snake was a necklace on sale on eBay.co.uk. Using keen detective skills and a few mouse clicks, I found the seller was a pretty cool jewelry store in Utah called Badali Jewelry. I wrote to them asking what the inspiration was behind their snake necklace. 

Since it had appeared to my unconscious mind it must be some sort of Jungian archetype. Perhaps it was an ancient symbol from the Sumerians or, dare I say it, a projection directly into my mind from the Annunaki!

Dear Evan,

  We thought it was a suiting shape for a snake – S. It’s the most natural shape for a snake hanging in the air.

Best Wishes,

Loria Call

Badali Jewelry

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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    At the risk of getting too heady, perhaps this is the Ouroboros, the alchemic symbol for the cyclical nature of all things, represented by the snake who consumes its own tail. Your snake has either broken from the expected cycle or is just beginning to embark.

  2. Evan Forsch says:

    Ouroboros! That’s very cool. You should do tarot readings.

    1. Napoléon Doom says:

      Ha! They have them at Ren faires, but they’re always cute girls in tight corsets… I can’t compete with that! 🙂

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