Grimerica Talks to Nick Redfern


Darren and Graham chat with Nick about his research in the Forteana, his latest book “Monster Files”, his upcoming book “for nobody’s eyes only” among many other crazy things. Nick, as always is fascinating to chat with and is not afraid to stick his neck out a bit with some well balanced opinions. 

Nick Redfern’s Blogs

Mysterious universe, why we don’t find bodies of sea monsters!

Nick’s upcoming book “For Nobody’s eyes only”

Paradigm Symposium 2013, Minnesota

KGRA Paracon, Kansas City

MUFON conference in Oct 2013

Nicks twitter


Cherry Cherry Boom Boom – Come Back from San Fran Insrumental

Boom Boom Satellites – Soliloquy (Gremly Remix)

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe


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