Grimerica Talks to Nigel Wright (a.k.a The Crazyufologist)


Today’s guest is the crazyufologist Nigel Wright. 

The Grimerican’s open the show with some current events; the train crash in Quebec, Canada and the uprising in Egypt. Fan emails and new books on the shelf are read.

Darren and Graham chat with Nigel about all sorts of crazy stuff. UFO’s, and the links to the paranormal and high strangeness. UFO flaps in the UK and mammal mutilations, Area 51 and Nigel’s healing experience and Glastonbury are talked about.

Nigel’s twitter: @crazyufolgists

Nigel’s email:

Nigel’s blog:

Nigel’s kindle book “Chasing the Shadows”

Nigel and John Downes book “The Rising of the Moon”


Pierlo – Barbarian

Revel in Me – Cottonmouth feat. Holly Grey

Spiedkiks – Ear Conflict on Main Street

Tags…UFO, Mutilation, Big Cats, Crop Circles, EMF, Glastonbury, Ghosts, Medium, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Healing, UK files, Paranormal, Orgone, MIB, Men in Black, Area 51, Pine Gap, Mysterious Universe, The Gralien Report, No Agenda, High Strangeness, 

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