Happy 9/11!


Fourteen years ago I was in my cubicle on the 89th floor of World Trade Center 1 when the planes hit.  Only four out of about twenty co-workers were at the office with me at the time. By luck or miracle we all survived. Back then I was just a mild mannered graphic designer. Didn’t pay much attention to current events. I’d like to say 9/11 was a shamanic trial by fire for me; that I was transformed by the trauma to a better more magical person. The truth is all I gained was an interest in current events and PTSD. A few years of Jungian therapy helped a lot with the latter. 

My four co-workers and I had our 15 minutes of fame. After filming us and asking questions for about an hour we appeared for a few seconds on CBS this Morning, and other news shows. The most interesting media encounter turned out to be a reporter for the German news magazine Der Spiegel covering 9/11 as part of a team of reporters. He was focusing on the 89th floor. A year later the book of his groups report came out in english. Reading it was surprising. He spelled my last name wrong which is funny because Forsch is german. He also got a few minor details wrong about our ordeal. The factual errors turned out to be a tremendous boost for my mental health. The nightmare of 9/11 was just that, a terrible nightmare. Surreal. Unreal. It couldn’t possibly have happened to me. When I read the errors in the Der Spiegel report, knowing he’d gotten it wrong was strangely the proof I needed to help it feel real.

As time went on the conspiracies about this day blossomed. The biggest conspiracy of an “inside job,” via Bush & Cheney is still hard to swallow. I always disliked Bush. I have trouble believing he can make sandwich much less mastermind an evil plot. Cheney is both smart and evil. I can believe he would hatch some nefarious plans that included sacrificing all of NYC and half of DC to benefit his twisted ideas of patriotism and line the pockets of Halliburton in the process. But did he? Most of us can’t wrap our heads around that kind of evil. Myself included. To point the finger at anyone other than Bin Laden seems crazy. But if Bin Laden could do it, why not Cheney? Or Rove? I don’t know. And the one thing I do believe is, I never will.

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and mind expansion. That’s what I hope to focus on with this blog. But ever since 9/11 dropped the anvil of world events on my head politics and conspiracies have also been of some interest and will also have a place in this Rabbit Hole. 

So, speaking of conspiracies, next post, Jade Helm 15: Better or worse than Jade Helm 14? Stay tuned…

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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    Great article! My interest in the unexplained was similarly rekindled by a major life upheaval and the resulting mental anguish that followed. I was just reflecting on this today, before I saw your post (is that a synchro, I’m not sure.) Delving into the rabbit hole is oddly therapeutic. I think sometimes it takes true horror in our life to shake us free of our daily dogma. Looking forward to your upcoming posts and illustrations!

  2. Evan Forsch says:

    Thanks Napoléon! Lost Bread is great. Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to your upcoming article on killer kittens! Sounds promising!

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