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They are an extraordinary medicinal family and their roots run deep through the earth and are recorded in the night sky, just some silly thoughts about relatives from the past. 

I was totally going to continue the creation story, but I have decided to write about a family member who was/is from the not too distant past. He is among the ones I have not only heard legends about, but dream about as well. Hm…. Spirit essences/ Consciousnesses are truly something of an amazing unknown are they not? It is curious to me and some of you may feel the same way; how can one dream of someone who they never met, seen pictures of, or spoke to and describe them to family members and scare them with detailed descriptions of them. I am in no way claiming to be anyone special, because I am in no way more important than a bee, a lion, a flower, a tree, or you. However, I am very certain there are many of us who experience the same things and in my semi isolation of a world it was stressed to me from childhood to “keep it secret, keep it safe,” “People will think you’re crazy,” No one will understand you and they will put you in an institution,” because we believe that we can visit with spirits that have “passed on.” They speak to us in our dreams, whisper in our ears, and emerge in our spectrum of sight/light. Some folks are able to experience all interactions some maybe just one or none; really depends on the evolution of your spirit/consciousness.

I have been raised in a family who is known throughout the surrounding communities as a “traditional” family who still follow the “old ways;” old to some, but alive and present they are to me. Very few love our family; many hate us, but most fear us. They won’t admit the fear, but it is ever present in their eyes when we talk with them and they quickly rush away after a brief encounter. I feel the legends are what scare them the most. They are unusual and a bit strange, but I can’t help but love them and all their oddities and weirdness. While some children have grown up with Disney and their childhood stories, no I am not knocking Disney love their stories, but I grew up with Family legends/lore of real people some of which are family memebers, animals, plants, and stars at least so the legends say.


My family may never forgive me for writing these legends and teachings down as it is VERY taboo to record them, because they were meant to be spoken or sung in a certain tone of voice or melodic song, but most importantly the legends that involve teachings are meant to be lived; taught as a way of life not as child’s play or a daydream. I guess maybe I’m tired of feeling like a caged bird and this is my last chance to fly and maybe set my family free in away; free from fear of persecution and really a whole lot of bullying that comes from believing in certain ideas and concepts of our existence and spirit/consciousness or maybe I feel the old ways need to evolve a little otherwise they will not survive. Very few follow the old ways and live it. Although due to the many efforts of my grandfather and his friends there has been a resurgence of folks wanting to learn more about the old teachings, but still only the same few come to the ceremonies and lodges. I just hope someday my family will see it as I do as knowledge that is meant to be shared; knowledge that is deep within all of us, all clans and that will find kindred among those that understand the ancient teachings for we all have one original teachings/laws/theories and all are too similar to be ignored and all point to one all eternal Law/theory of our exisitence in this universe. Scientists, Mathematicians, Cosmologists, Physicists, Archaeologists, Paranologists all take part in this with the finer details, while Myths and legends ignite the imagination and evolve the spirit/conciousness.

So…. here is the legend of Ge-nii-wab, my great, great grandfather’s journey to the sky world….

Legend says that prior to my great, great grandfathers leaving the skies had rattled, shook, and rumbled for three days and the lake had never seen so many water spouts. This means a great many spirits traveled here to this world during that time and so it was that the mighty Binesiiwag (thunder bird beings) came at his moment of passing or journey as we like to call it and took him up to the sky and in a few colorful flashes of light he turned into a Binesii (thunderbird) with blue and silver iridescent feathers and was gone, but not before he said “I will return when you need me the most, when the rivers and skies start to run dry. Look for me in the northern skies”

Hmmm….. My great, great grandfather what a man he was/is. He has been on my mind lately. Just the other day I was sitting outside on the stone bench outside my home laying back, looking up at the sky, and was thinking about his legend, the storms and water spouts, the way he left…. I haven’t really thought of him in several months, but odd thing is, is the moment I thought of him on a beautiful partly cloudy, sunny day a small storm cloud rumbles up seemingly out of nowhere with thunder booming and lightning flashing. I was kind of scared at first and then the rain came soft and light; made me feel like I was being hugged. The rumbling cloud passed over my home all in a matter of approximately 15 minutes with no reoccurrences. When speaking with other relatives later that day about the small storm cloud, they laughed at me and said “Where? There was no storms today it was beautiful and sunny.” This only makes me wonder… was that my great, great grandfather?

Ge-nii-wab; my great, great grandfather was a spry man in his old age. He was a farmer and a caretaker of the people of the community having the largest garden and farm in the area. He also had a special relationship with the wild horses that still run through the forest today. Although today those horses are like the mystical beast of the forest, a siting of them is very rare. I have yet to see them myself, but am making plans to go in search of them. Some say they went back to the sky with my grandfather when he left, others say the horses feel the loss of their companion and have retreated to the safety of the forest. Special indeed it seems my grandfather was/is. When he had ceremonies people would come from hundreds of miles to sit at his door; back then most indigenous folks walked or still road horses to get where they needed to go at least in this area they did. They would come anyway just to listen to the teachings and ask for spirit healing. Some say he had the most eloquent healing voice and when he used a drum you could feel the song moving inside you.

Horse spriit

Thinking back about my grandfathers legendary journey I find many kindred beliefs and similarities among other clans such as; The Celts, they believe the Faye were able to transform into birds and some spirits could appear as birds. Sumerians believe spirits exists as birds in the underworlds and Islamic believe all spirits remain as birds until judgment day. Hindus also feel that spirits take form as birds so they can travel between earth and the outer worlds. The Turkish have a belief and in some passings they utter the words “his/her spirit bird has flown away.” The Chinese have a legend of a large bird, Peng, who rises from the water into the sky; could it be that Peng was there to help my grandfather on his journey? I also cannot ignore the Quetzal and the Mayan belief that Quetzal is the spirit of the people, but one of my favorites is that of the Norse legend of the Golden Cock that shines like a thunderstorm and is an immortal guardian and is a symbol of returning life and spiritual guide, which I think my grandfather has been for me at times a guide and his last words were that he would be returning when we needed him the most when life must return. I wonder is he an immortal guard watching over me.  Silly but it’s kind of hard not to think in those terms when there is so much to support ones childhood legends and from many other clans across the globe.

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