Living Legends and their Harmonic Frequencies….

I have totally taken too much time on this piece I almost scrapped it and said screw it, but the past few nights have changed my mind. This one is kind of personal in a spiritual/essence immortal/eternal consciousness kind of way if that make sense to some of you. Maybe, maybe not, if not then maybe this will be a nice fantasy read for those of you who are uncertain of my meaning. I would love to skip it all together, but I cannot because it is the continuation of creation and I am truly wondering what I’m getting myself into.


I am sure many of you are familiar with vibrational healing through sound/music like the Tibetan use with their bowls something I like to refer to as the singing rainbow. I am a believer of such methodologies and practices as I too am familiar with certain songs and sound that are used for certain purposes. Frequencies are extremely important and literally make us who we are they can attract or repel, create or destroy, agitate or soothe. I also believe that some knowledge was meant to be forgotten. Might be a possible explanation for why a lot was not written down and why there are whispers of secret knowledge in different clans across the earth. If you could imagine the destructive nature of a spliting atom and bring that into this world imagine how destructable sound could be, like that of a shattered flute and at very high decibel. However we have such a curious nature; myself I want to understand and know more and become as wise as the ancients. There are so many “secrets” I feel all Legends under this scattering sky hide and I am uncontrollably in love with them all and trying to figure them all out tickles me on the inside; which brings me to Living Legends and their songs/harmonic frequencies….

Some of you may know a very popular legend among the indigenous people of North America one that is told of a woman that lived in the sky; Skywoman. This is a very personal legend for me as one of my grandfathers at my birth gave this name to me and the other one always told me “she has returned in you.” Both never really knew each other which makes it all the more mysterious for me. Niso-giizhigokwe, my name, Skywoman aka 3rd sky world woman, 3rd heaven girl all depending on who you ask to translate the name. My grandfather the one who did not seek my name used to say “3 times you have returned what you looking for? Who are you looking for? What did you leave behind? Why come back, are you needed?” He was and is such a mysterious, oracle, Yoda type man…. Elegant he was/is.


Like all other legends passed down orally there are some differences among the different clans, but the essence remains the same and maybe it was romanticized a bit for me so I would appreciate who I am and my birth name, but this is her legend as told by my family, Skywoman and the song heard across the water….

Mewinzhaa gaa izhiiwebak giiwe (This is as it was told long, long, long ago, I guess) There once was a pure spirit; A woman, one born of the stars and lived among the sky people, but she was not of their origin. Chi Maanidoo called her daughter and she possessed supernatural knowledge of the water and recreation. One day after spending time upon time alone and wondering the stars, looking as she had many times at the worlds before her she began to cry, this cry was nothing like what the Anishinaabe know of as wet tears, but Skywoman’s cry came in the form of a thought one with a desire for something to love, she missed her companions. This cry drifted out into the wilds of the stars and reached Chi Maanidoo, the sound he heard was so alluring nothing like he had ever heard, Chi Maanidoo could not help but follow the sound and find out where it was coming from; when he came upon his daughter and saw she had descended to Mother Earth and was drifting on the waters looking up at the sky; seeing her loneliness Chi Maanidoo gave her a gift and with one breath many islands came out from the water. Chi Maanidoo filled the seas and islands with many plants and animals for her enjoyment; believing his daughter was happy once again Chi Maanidoo left her alone with her new companions. Skywoman was happy for a time, but desire is a strong feeling and she again became lonely and seeking the comfort of Mother Earth she entered the water and once again Skywoman’s thought drifted across the water. It was at this time Everlasting Man who lived on one of the islands was out hunting and heard the most beautiful whisper of a song on the morning breeze it filled his thoughts with longing and wonder, not even his mother or sisters sang more lovely. When he got back to the people he asked who was singing such a lovely song. The people could not hear the song only he Everlasting Man could hear the song, so he set out to find out where the song was coming from. He traveled to the west for four days and came to a river like sea where the song became more potent and enchanting. Everlasting Man could see an island across the way and continued his journey another four days. When he reached the island where it felt like the song was all around him and his feet touched the shore Everlasting man began to shake uncontrollably and he fell to his knees, the shaking bundled up inside him and when he saw Skywoman coming out of the water he felt it take flight. Skywoman touched the place of his heart with her hand and he felt all the shakes fly out and a cool calmness fill his inside. Everlasting Man and Skywoman lived together many years on the beautiful island and everything they touched together a song would ring out and it was there they had 4 children. The first two were born pure spirits possessing supernatural powers of the four gifts of Mother Earth and the one almost destroyed her freezing her till she and many of Chi Maanidoo’s creations died, because of this Chi Maanidoo sent them to live among the star people. Not long after this Everlasting Man left Skywoman to help his people, while she was carrying another set of twins, these twins became the first Anishinaabe but that is another legend ….

Many legends grew from this one, the origin of the water drum, Turtle Island, legends of the Moon, legends of the Mide all incorporating songs and sounds used for healing ones “essences.” This legend as you may note contains a song and is meant to be sung more like hummed and lulled like a lullaby with small taps from the water drum while telling her legend. The Celtic legend of Uaithne and Boand is similar in respect to sound or song. Uaithne the harp, Boand the enchanted listener and from their union they created 3 children that possessed musical knowledge like no other. “The Oran Mor as the primordial sea meolody, always creating, both in the hearer and the one singing. It is the myth of Uaithne and Boand who between them gave birth to the 3 strands of music: sorrow, joy, and peace…..” There is also the Irish legend of the isle to the west Tir na n’Og, where Ois’in mortal man was brought there by Niamh it was an island thought of as paradise where supernatural beings lived and eternal beauty, pleasure, music and happiness abound and like Everlasting Man, Ois’in the adventurer needed a guide like Skywoman, Niamh. “Tir na n’Og, the mythical Blest Isle of the West. Would it not be wonderful if we could rediscover this mystical paradise for ourselves; that place where the primordial melody sings loud and clear?” I feel Mr. Mills is on to something and have enjoyed reading his work and making connections with the legend and lore I grew up with. I also believe the indigenous legend of Skywoman (Boand or Niahm) and Everlasting Man (Uaithne or Ois’in) compliment his second hypothesis. “If the Oran Mor is intrinsic to the whole of creation, then those disciplines that study creation and her creative energy – the sciences, psychology, theology, linguistics etc. – Along with the myths of indigenous people will bear this out.” (Oran Mór and text, Frank Mills, 1998)


I am also intrigued with the song of the 3 Cauldron’s as they too are tools used to create harmonic melodies/frequencies, Tibetan singing bowls come to mind here as well as the Water Drum, the Little Boy drum, and the rattle. These musical tools “given” to us by the creator/great spirit/god all relate to creation and sounds of creation, but those are other legends that are worthy of their own retelling/reviving, but are worth mentioning as they are tools used to honor our wondrous beginnings of consciousness. Ever wonder what our consciousnesses sound like are they as lovely as Skywoman’s or Uaithne’s? To hear those frequencies would be something wouldn’t it; like a plants, an amimals, or a rock, closer to the universe we would be if we could tap into those frequencies and hear them.

The Rig Veda Hymns also are very closely related to Skywoman and Everlasting Man; where Shakti (Skywoman) and Lord Shiva (Everlasting Man) perform the dance of creation. When reading the many translations of the Veda hymns and some of the comments people have regarding their idea of what they all mean I cannot help, but think of Skywoman and Everlasting Man “Upon a desire arose in the beginning, this was the first charge of thought” “Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he have the power to create” “Shiva is matter and Shakti is the essence/spirit that which moves within” “Lord Shiva and Shakti perform the dance of creation.” Shakti and Shiva are a pair that can be related to, especially once all of the creating is “done” what does Lord Shiva do, but “withdraw into himself.” This part of creation leaves me with questions why, why were they drawn apart; Skywoman/Shakti and Everlasting Man/Lord Shiva? Maybe the legend of Niamh and Ois’in can answer it for me. Everlasting Man did not return because he could not, even though he meant to. There is a secret there that is not being told I think. I love ancient legends eternal are they not.

There are also many other similar legends not so much pertaining to sound, but similar all the same within the essence of the creation: The Mayan and part of Popol Vuh Ixiyacoc and Ixmucane the supreme pair the grandparents of all the Mayan people. The African legend of Iyadola’s babies. Where Iyadola descends from the sky and the hunter leaving , Iyadola becoming lonely, and her and the hunter creating man. These and others are like Skywoman and Everlasting Man, Shakti and Shiva, Uaithne and Boand creation cannot and will not happen unless both are present and all are centered on frequencies of spirits and matter.

I think String Theory and M theory are like that of Skywoman and Everlasting Man and replacing any one of the legends with them is necessary as they are all equivalents; where String Theory is Skywoman all tickles and giggles and Everlasting Man is M Theory the membrane binding those vibrations together and like f(x+y) where X= Spirit/Harmonic Frequencies (Skywoman) and Y = Vessel/Matter (Everlasting Man) our humble beginnings. Silly thought but one I have and will continue to ponder.

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  1. Possibilianist G-gnome says:


    Interesting blog! I have been wanting to explore frequencies/vibrations more.

    Lately I have been having my own personal experience with something similar. I get this partial or full body vibration or “shiver or goosebumpy thing”. Usually I am listening intently to music and it is triggered by song. I am also usually exercising at the time, sometimes enjoying a beautiful scene, and almost always intensely present in the moment. It makes me feel absolutely alive and blissful. I have been playing around with it a bit and can sometime ride it out for a minute or two…..

    1. smnorthbird says:

      Thanks so much for the comment. You most certainly are on the same wavelength “absolutely alive and blissful” makes you feel your spirit take flight, letting go is the hard part we are so attached to our shells, like turtles we are sometimes. 🙂 I would love to believe that we live in a universe where there are no frequencies/vibrations that would have us feel the exact opposite of those feelings , but we all know that, that is impossible. Balance: just the right amount of good and bad, 🙂 but love the blissfulness of the shivers and flight. Just a minute or two is all it takes sometimes.

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