Loring Air Force Base and Ufo’s in Northern Maine

When I was about 16 years old I went on a long weekend vacation with my girlfriend (at the time) and her family.  We went to a little town in extreme Northern Maine known as Limestone.  This was a total culture shock to me as, at the time, I was a city guy.  Coming to a town where a good portion of the town didn’t even own a phone was mind blowing to me, but it was really peaceful.  Within the last day or so of our trip we were travelling down a road no wider than a car width, yet it was a two way street surrounded on both sides by some of the thickest woods I had ever seen.  I was sitting in the furthest rear seat of the minivan looking out into these woods mesmerized, and even though it was pitch black, hoping to see a moose.  At some point I looked up into the sky and above us, and slightly behind, was a glowing orange light hovering a few hundred feet above the tree line.  At first I paid it no mind thinking it was a reflection of a car’s headlight or maybe even the moon.  I realized after a few seconds that neither was possible.  We were the only car on this dark, desolate, dirt road and there was no way for our own headlight reflection to reflect back and up; and even if it were possible, there was nothing for it to reflect off of.  A strange feeling began to wash over me as I realized I was looking at a UFO.  I stared for what was likely only ten seconds, though it felt like minutes had passed at the time, as the ball of light suddenly darted across the sky and out of sight within the blink of an eye.  I told my girlfriend what I had seen and, seeing the shock in my eyes, she believed that I had seen SOMETHING out there that night.  The strangest part of this story is what happens after.  From that night on, just about every time we had a sleep over I would awake in the middle of the night, go over to the window (sleepwalking), open the blinds and stare off into the night sky.  She would call to me and ask what I was doing whereupon I would become irate, climb back into bed, and fall asleep; I would have no memory of this the next day.

15 years has gone by since that night and yet I can still remember it as though it were yesterday.  Although I have thought about it many times throughout the years I have never done any research on the area…until now.  I discovered that Limestone, Maine is home to Loring Air Force base and has a bit of a rich UFO history.  (I want to add a quick disclaimer here.  The term UFO is used here to mean LITERALLY Unidentified Flying Object.  I do not pretend to say what I saw, or any of the stories I will relate here, are referring to extraterrestrials.  I fully believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, but without definitive proof these sightings must be considered terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial equally.)

On the nights of October 27th and 28th 1975 there were multiple sightings of a UFO that flew into the Loring Air Force Base and patrolled the base for nearly 40 minutes.  Caution was observed at first but intense anxiety became apparent when the UFO began hovering over the nuclear weapons storage facility located within the base.  Calls to hail the UFO went unanswered.  When the UFO finally left the base, heading towards New Brunswick, it almost immediately dropped off of radar.  Reports of the incident tell of silent, unconventinal movement, with turns with no radius and extreme rapid movement; appearing at one end of the base one moment and the opposite end the next.

Retired pilot Michael Wallace reported in a self made Youtube video being called into a briefing where you needed “secret” level clearance to receive the information.  They were briefed on the appearance and told that if local media caught on to the news or influx of military help that was ordered that they would report it to be a Canadian helicopter that had been harassing the base.  Wallace goes on to report the following night being in command of the #2 plane in a 3 plane formation headed outside of New York on a refueling mission.  On the return flight home, as the squadron was over Maine, Loring radioed the commander of the squad and asked to change stations.  With curiosity in his mind Wallace tuned in on an extra radio in his flight and heard the tower say the UFO had returned and was currently flying overhead.  They ordered the commander to hand command over to Wallace and go radio silent, approaching the base at his discretion.  The commander confirmed and faded into the night sky.  As Wallace returned back to the base he heard radio chatter discussing what was going on and clearly heard “We lost it” over the radio.  During the mission debriefing the commander of #1 plane was not present.  Days later Wallace saw the pilot and asked him about the incident.  His response was that he could not talk about it, and Wallace would not believe him even if he could.

This is one account from military personel that were housed at Loring Air Force base during these nights in 1975.  I have sent out an email to Mr. Wallace for further comment and requesting any other information he may have on that or similar incidents at Loring Air Force Base.  I am awaiting a response currently.  I will update this blog with any new findings on these and similar cases at Loring.

Until next time….

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  1. Graham says:

    Hey Jared.

    Nice post and good work. Funny how those experiences stick with us. Hopefully you hear back and I’m looking forward to hearing more on this one.


  2. Randy McNally says:


    Thanks for sharing your ufo at Loring story. I live just across the US border in New Brunswick. I was born into and grew up in the midst of kc-135’s and B-52’s flying overhead. I have some stories of my own and have heard numerous others from people I know about ufos in this area part of the world I’m on facebook if you want to chat further https://www.facebook.com/randy.mcnaly/posts/10154126941906332?notif_t=like&notif_id=1484522017267019


    1. Jared Grace says:

      Hey Randy,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I’m on Facebook myself, I’d love to hear some of the reports you’ve heard as well. I will try to find you later today. Again, thanks for taking the time to read.

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