Madman’s Guide: Quarterly #1 – Fall 2016

I’ve settled on a format for blogging at Grimerica. I will be writing volumes of 3 and possibly more articles. Each volume will be followed by a standalone post that will aggregate whatever I’ve been interested in lately in the form of videos mostly, but also factoids, podcasts, images and so forth. The goal of course is to post stuff that will intersect with Grimerican interests and possibly weave a vague theme with the differing elements.

Best of luck this weekend of the half moon. I am currently in Seattle for the Esoteric Book Conference. If you are also there, hit me up on twitter: @ulyssesnewcomb. Let’s grab a beer.

#1: So I recently learned that Samhain is pronounced “sow-in”. Like “sound” with a silent “d”. It is the time when the veil is the thinnest. Timing is everything, use this at your advantage. You are welcome.

#2: The sounds of space.

#3: A lot of predictive models both esoteric and not are predicting major changes this fall. See #1.

#4: “Mock human sacrifice at CERN.” Note how this was performed in front of a statue of Shiva the destroyer. There is a statue of Shiva the destroyer at CERN. I remember the Satanic panic of the 90s and how everyone was terrified of Dungeons and Dragons and Heavy Metal music. But CERN does this shit and it gets barely 48 hours of media play. I love the “analysis” that concludes the video is staged. Of course it’s fucking staged! That’s what a ritual is! That is exactly how you generate an effect from a ritual. The filming of this, the release, the subsequent debunkings. That’s the ritual.

#5: Make up your own mind but remember when CERN did this?

#6:  John Brandenburg was on Skeptiko: This one’s for the hosts in the hopes they’ll get this guy on. Brandendurg is a plasma physicist who discovered extremely convincing evidence of an artificial nuclear explosion on Mars. You want to know about this, it’s a big one.

#7: Kurt Vonnegut on the shape of stories. You don’t need a hint for this one I’m sure.

#8: A short documentary about the Ponte Tower. Rebuilt from rubble.

#9: Wrest control of your thoughts. All the way.

#10: This Rubin Report on “persuasion” in politics (ie. mind control) is pretty bang on:

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  1. M. Andrew Jones says:

    I love the Vonnegut, Ponte Tower, and Fitts-Major pieces. I liked what Fitts-Major said about markets, and it gave me the idea that we need to create our own markets. Value for value! Let’s stop trading debt paper and giving each other stuff we actually want (silver, weed, et al).

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