Madman’s Guide Vol. 1 Issue 1: Grimerighost

Thy will be done!

Thy will be done!

It’s been said there are two types of people in the world:

Those that divide everything into two camps and those that don’t.

Opening paradox

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel may have been the first to articulate this strange paradox into what has become know as Hegelian Dialectics. It is a brilliant micro/macro model of society describing its mechanism convincingly enough that regardless of other belief structures one may hide in, Hegelian Dialectics still conceivably apply. 

Hegelian Dialectics in brief are as follows. An idea ie. thesis + Opposing idea ie. antithesis = synthesis ie. both ideas giving birth to a third entity, a new idea. So what we have here is a clever way of intuitively consolidating the opening paradox. It de-frustrates the simultaneity of dualism and pluralism by explaining it as a mechanism for lived reality.

Here is a gloriously ugly diagram explaining this.

When you zig, it zags.

Hegelian Dialectics were a big influence on Karl Marx who developed the idea into a more politically/socially relevant theory. So effective a model Hegelian Dialectics is that Marx's rejigged version of it eventually became the communist manifesto that defined and predicted pretty much all of Capitalism's subsequent developments including its late stage runaway aspects. That is impressive content generation coming from a statement that is pretty much just one sentence long. 

In addition to Marx, Hegel influenced essentially all philosophers since his formulation of dialectics. Even the fringe ones that I used to think were breaking the mould (they were, but not like I thought they were.) 

Robert Anton Wilson the probably author of Principia Discordia slips into mild Hegelianism when formulating the Principia Discordia's order/chaos thesis: Imposition of Order = Escalation of Chaos.

Terence McKenna speaks of launching one's memes with force into the memetic ecosystem that they may be tested in opposition to other memes. This strikes me as hegelian: Idea vs. other ideas. 

Peter J. Caroll's will/perception model of magic owes at least a minor debt to Hegel. More on this in a future article.

Thing is though, Hegel was describing something that has been contended with since written language and abstract symbols have existed. I'm referring specifically to math. Not military-school-system-2+2=4-and-don't-you-dare-think-about-it-just-write-the-answer-down-and-do-as-you're-told type of math. I'm talking a near total abstraction of ideas - to the point of destruction - into little squiggly lines. People laugh at occultists living their life by the markings of lines on parchment but they fail to remember that lines on paper put men on the moon (probably). Lines on paper created gods for which millions of people died. And unless you are one of a handful of humans, lines on paper bind you to a lifetime of debt and slavery. 

Let's do the math shall we?


When I was granted the honour of initiation into the Grimerical pantheon of bloggers I had two simultaneous reactions - a hegelian psychic state if you will. One was excitement, the other terror. Honesty and integrity were no longer to be abstract self-imposed values. With my views on public display, honesty and integrity become key deciding factors of my growth towards the writer I want to be. Shoving my ideas forth in the arena to contend with the rest of the world means their value may now be measured by toughness. And this gladiator means to win his freedom.  

Make no mistake. Us weirdos are - on some not negligible level - collaboratively building a new cosmology. This is what reclaiming the world looks like. What do you think the renaissance looked like? People drinking booze and making art. They "talked" about things until those things happened. To use a Runesoup-ism: If you can map the world you can conquer it. And do you think the current world owners want to be conquered? Try to evict the landlord, see if he likes you then. 

It is with that tangent that I draw in part upon pythagorean numerology to substantiate my previously paragraphed claim. From what I understand of Pythagorean numerology, it is an attempt at preserving the understanding of an even older form of symbolic thinking. A thinking, if not born, then at least cohered in the cradle of Egyptian civilization - funny coincidence, the Egyptians were master squiggly line makers. 

I will now refer to John Anthony West and overlay his explanation of pythagorean thinking over hegelian dialectics. Do you have a beer in hand? Ok good, me too. Let's change the world.

Synthesis is the Three in the holy trinity of numbers. It is the unifying result of tension in polarity.
3! 3 singularities ah ah ah ah ah!

3! 3 singularities ah ah ah ah ah!

One is the creative force, the setup of the joke, the spark that lights the fire. Birth. The Absolute, unity. The Thesis.

Two is multiplicity, opposition, polarity. Two by virtue of not being singular is irreconcilable with the concept of singularity. It is plurality. The anti-thesis. 

Three Is reconciliation of opposites. A wholly separate entity from One and Two and only related to those two antecedent principles by origin. To use a mundane example: You are not a blend of your parents. You are an individual resulting from and representing the union of your parents. Though a reference to your mother and father, you are an entirely separate entity. Air is neither water or fire. Heating up water gets you air. "That's a  miracle you see everyday" he says, winking at the alchemists. 

Furthermore, with little effort, we already express the unifying force of Three in our language. Two parents and a child make a couple into a family. 3's superpower is reconciliation. 

I think this thread of pythagorean numerology tugs at the origin of a lot of religious beliefs. Trinitarian gods are very common and generally do express the same thing as we've just discussed.

We could keep going and make associations. The three act structure in literature and film. Jokes generally are made of setup, punchline, tag. The rule of thirds in visual arts. Your turn now!

Three is that hidden harmony in everything which appears polarized. The soothing of tension. It's difficult to write about and every attempt I make at describing my experience of this frustrates me as it ends up digressing into increasingly lame and ineffectual stabs at a target that not only moves but seems to actively avoid attempts at definition.  Trust me, I spent more time editing the above paragraphs than I care to admit. I implore your forgiveness. 

This is what I see in the Hegelian model. A cosmic principle, intellectually elusive. But intuitively obvious when applied to mundanely observed things; such as society, a relationship, an argument, a business meeting; or the banner under which happen a podcast, a blog, a community of weirdos, future things yet to exist. The Grimericumbrella if you will.

Bringing it home

Here I come to save the day!

Here I come to save the day!

With all expansions into enormous and slippery corners of reality there must always be a return to practicality. Darren will confirm this - though he may be in a state of low altitude perma-flight  (that's called sainthood in some circles). I think in pretty much all cases, at some point the fuel runs out and the ship must land. I Don't know about you but this is where I feel the most lost. I can not drag myself to a stable model of morality. Good and evil are too spectrum-y. So I certainly do not feel drawn to activism. For reasons which will become clear in future articles, I have a severe allergy to righteousness and telling-others-the-right-thing-to-do. 

I have no degrees, no specializations, my mind has not been sanctioned by authorities. I am an expert in nothing but my own experience. I do not know what is my message, just that I have one. I have lived a strange life and found a few useful tricks along the way that may be of use to you as well. Caveat emptor.

Now I will tie a knot on this thing but only because I think I have to. Please pull at the string so we can watch it all unravel. 

Graham, in our frustrating metaphysical scenario, is the believer/thesis/Father. Darren is the skeptic/antithesis/Son and Grimerica is the what-happens-in-*your*-head/synthesis/Holy Ghost. Grimerica has become it's own entity separate from the components of which it is made. I'm sure you are familiar with the structure of a fractal. You know how each component reflects the whole in it's entirety? Yeah, like that. As above so below. Do you want to know the big thing? Go to the little thing. 

The Holy Grimerican Ghost has come to operate with it's own vaguely knowable set of moving codes and parameters. An agile target escaping definition. I was called and this series of articles is my answer. I declare these words a holy pilgrimage.

I am Grimerica. May I find God.


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  1. M. Andrew Jones says:

    Well done.

    I’d like to add an addendum: If you can see the problem in the world, and you know what you prefer, you can paint the problem with your solution instead of the solution given to you by the-powers-that-be.

    Let’s take crime and terrorism as an example: too many people are hurt and killed by criminals. The solution we are given is the removal of all weapons. But this won’t work as only law abiding people would give up their weapons. The criminals are thus creating a climate of victims. Instead, arm the commoners: with knowledge, training, and – dare I say it – weapons. This way, the commoner can defend himself if he is attacked, and can also come to the defense of his neighbor. The individual’s solution is to gain knowledge, training, and weapons.

    So there’s my take on the Hegelian dialectic: paint the problem with your solution. That’s what the tyrants are doing.

    As for the number 3: well there is a can of worms. I think I’ll have to write up a full post on that… But I thank you for your insights. Some of what you say I have not heard before, and I’ve been looking, lol.

  2. Ulysses says:

    Thank you for reading!

    Have fun following your nose.

  3. M.A Newhall says:

    Been wanting to write a civgene on this. You nailed it.

    Hegelian Dialectic is how a psychopath can control an emapth. But only if he is blissfully unaware. Never accept binary choice. Always consider a third possibility. This and first past the post voting systems are how a small group of corrupt can dismantle a natural law of a free people.

    Legal distribution ensures there is always a third choice in a government.

    Hegelian Dialectic is how a psychopath can control an emapth.


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