Martian Rorschach

The Legendary Lee Speigle recently wrote on Huff Post about all the objects people think they see on Mars. Putting aside all debate on the reality of these objects I was struck particularly by a “Martian God Statue” image that was “enhanced” in a YouTube video by Paranormal Crucible

NASA’s photo on the left, Paranormal Crucible’s artistic rendering on the right.

Below, my artistic rendering


To me the NASA photo looks much more like The Venus of Willendorf

than a greco-roman statue. 

Is it me? Do I just see boobies everywhere? The short answer is yes. 

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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    I believe I suffer from your same condition. There’s a cabinet at my parents house that I’ve never NOT been able to see a pair of booms in.

    As for the Martian statue, I want it to be there, but I wonder if it would be in as good of condition as its purported to be, given the limited atmosphere?

    And yet, boobs.

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