Shamanic Sound and Breath Journey

I had previously attended an event put on by Kai and Serah… so I kind of knew what to expect. But I had no idea what type of experience I would have this time around. The previous one was a gathering of a couple hundred of us all lying down in a large circular room with an array of ancient instruments pumped through a massive sound system. There were incense burning, crystals and other new agey type stuff. I’m ok with that. Guys were walking around with Didgeridoos throwing sound through the air at you. Chimes and beautiful vocals rang throughout.

I love audio as it is, so this was amazing to me. It really affected my physically… at one point my body was vibrating. It started with a small shiver and built up to a full vibration and it felt like every cell in my body was alive and vibrating. It was like the wildest guided meditation but live, with amazing energy, sounds and smells.

So when I heard about another little event put on by this fabulous couple I didn’t hesitate to sign up. This was the Shamanic Sound and Breath Journey, in a smaller venue with only 12 of us. With towering Bose speakers hooked up to all kinds of instruments I knew I was in for a treat. It was a very loving atmosphere and it started with us gathering in a tight circle setting our intention for the 3-4 hour evening. Kai then went around and did a sort of reading with each of us in turn. I didn’t really like what he had to say to me and I didn’t agree. But I forced myself to be openminded about it and in a genuine effort to grow I really tried to look deep inside to learn something about myself.

After we had settled in on the floor they taught us a breathing technique to follow for at least 30-45 while the music was played fairly heavy and loud. I think this was to shake things up and out a bit.  After that we would relax to a smooth flow or all kinds of music and just enjoy the ride. Throughout this journey they would come around the room and perform hands on or crystal healing. One of the guys would roam around with his didge – I had no idea what crazy sounds that instrument could make.

I’ve always known that our Chakra’s were true energy centers in our bodies, but I hadn’t really felt them physically before this experience. Needless to say…. it must have been a little ways into the journey and my whole body was vibrating with the beautiful music. I heard the didge coming closer to me and the sound must have been thrown at my root chakra because I felt this swirling vibration just above my pelvic region over my root chakra. The feeling moved up my body a bit to the next two chakras. That went on for a while until I felt this twinge beneath the skin at my third eye. This shocked me – a real physical sensation beneath the skin.

Soon after that she came around and jabbed the point of a massive crystal into the top of my head. She had my head in her hands opening up my chakras. I felt my third eye open up, and although my eyes were closed I felt my vision change/open up slightly. I now felt my whole head vibrating and I could honestly feel the vibrations going through my crown. I soaked it in for a while and then became completely aware that everything was open except for my heart and my throat. Soon after thinking this he comes over and somehow knows to put one hand on my heart and one hand on my throat. He goes through his healing ritual and sure as shit I completely open up. My heart and throat are vibrating and it’s flowing up and down through my whole body. He releases his hands for a few moments waiting. Then he puts them back seemingly to check and make sure he was successful. Well, he was… they all were. It was blissful – full on vibrations coursing through my body.

After a while the sensations calmed down and it was just relaxing to a variety of music, singing and sounds. Once it was over we all got back together in a circle and checked in. Some of us talked about our experiences. Every one was unique and there was truly lots of love in the room.

I’m absolutely fascinated with that space where science and spirituality overlap. There are so many studies now that are showing there is more to our reality than what we are lead to believe. For me, practically speaking meditation is a large part of this, and mindfulness specifically. One of my favourite science based mindfulness researchers is Daniel J. Siegel. Check out his audio “the mindful brain” or his new one “Mindsight” . It’s absolutely fascinating and I can’t help but wonder why this isn’t yet a main part of our culture. There are literally thousands of studies on meditation with many positive results.

I practice regular meditation not because it has been scientifically proven to be beneficial but because I truly enjoy it. I enjoy the relaxation and the physical and emotional awareness it brings. For me it could simply be considered as plain ole practice for staying in the moment. A friend of mine recently said she thinks that whenever you are completely present you are meditating. I agree with that to a certain extent but for me it goes deeper than that. I hear a lot of people say that they can’t calm their minds down or they think way too much and they can’t meditate because they can’t stop thinking. They feel that you are supposed to be able to complete shut you mind off during meditation. It’s a common misconception.

It’s more about watching your thoughts, without judgement and just learning to become aware of them. As this ability increases the gap between your thoughts increases and the monkey mind does slow down. I don’t believe you can ever truly silence it, but what a gift to be able to stop and make a conscious choice whether to continue negative thinking or switch to something positive. There was a time when I could not imagine sitting quietly for more than a couple of minutes. Now I would actually consider a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat.

Lately I have been practicing a wide variety of Monroe Institute, Hemi-snyc mediations, OSHO active meditations and group guided meditations. Hemi-sync plays different frequencies of sound in each ear and is shown to bring you to the meditative state much quicker. What took those poor monks hours can now take just minutes. I just started practicing OSHO meditations and they are a little more active. They are usually divided into 15 minute segments for a full hour. You go through some sort of physical stage, like dancing or jumping up and down and then you end up sitting or lying quietly in contemplation. It took me a bit to get over my fear or moving around like that in a group….. sober! Recently I practiced a full day of meditations and reiki healing in a large pyramid. That was a great experience and I will tell that small tale another time.

My next little quest will be a sensory deprivation flotation chamber 1 hour meditation!! I thought I would have to travel far and wide but there is one right here in Calgary.


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