My 2013 recap (A few days late)

Hello fellow paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike.  We’ve come into yet another year and as I look back on what 2013 has brought me, both professionally (not much lol) and personally, I got to thinking about some of the paranormal stories that captured my attention and my imagination throughout the year.  Firstly, I want to take a minute to mention a few of the new people and discoveries I’ve made this past year.  As someone who has always been involved in researching and learning more about the paranormal I really did not know a lot about the podcasting world and for the most part, up until mid year, really only listened to MU.  Now granted MU is amazing and I am not knocking that show in any way at all but with only one podcast to listen to each week (2 now gentlemen if you’re reading this, signing up for plus FINALLY in the next day or two) I was left searching for more throughout my daily grind.  Finding Darren and Graham here at Grimerica has been great and their podcast has opened me up to some new ideas and adventures I’d like to delve a bit deeper into and hopefully I will do just that in 2014.  Great work guys.  Keep it up this year, eh?

I also found Cam and Kyle at Expanded Perspectives and they have greatly influenced my paranormal research, etc throughout this year.  Listening to them mentioning their hesitations at beginning a podcast and seeing the success it has had thus far has left me with a desire to do the same, when time permits. For now I am more than happy writing this blog (and perhaps others to come this year) and interacting with you all as I can.  Of course a shout out to the guys at the Gralien Report, Jim Harold and his paranormal podcast, and anyone else I may have missed…you guys are great teachers, researchers, and investigators.  You all delve into this field in the right way and give credibility to a field that is often laughed at and shunned in the mainstream media.  I am honored to call you all acquaintances and hopefully in 2014, friends.

Moving on from that I want to take a few minutes to mention some of the headlines and stories that captured my attention throughout 2013.  Here’s a look back at some of my favorites.

I have to start with a documentary about a location that I have lived in for a large portion of my life.  Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare directed “The Bridgewater Triangle” documentary about the unexplained phenomenon that haunts the area of south eastern Massachusetts.  Though I have to be honest with you all, I have not scene this production as of yet, I have studied the area and have had first hand experiences there.  The reports of everything from UFO encounters, to mass hauntings, thunderbirds, and who could forget the pukwudgies.  The reports are many and very detailed and it is about time someone took the time to look into this location.  The Hockomock swamp, where much of this activity is centered, has a very creepy and ominous feeling even during the day-I can attest to this first hand.  Though creepy does not equate to anything supernatural the reports certainly have needed research for a while.  I recommend everyone (including myself) to watch this documentary.

2013 is the first time I have heard of the slender man as well.  The first situation in which I heard of this creature was in a computer game that many in the gaming community swear may be the scariest game of all time.  The goal of the game is simple, wander around in the woods while trying to avoid the slender man and retrieve pages cryptically written on (Help me), who will creep up on  you and scare you to death.  I have to admit, after watching this video I needed to play. Recently a video surfaced out of Russia that some believe shows the slender man himself.  Though I am a bit weary of the video, the creepy factor is certainly heavy.

The stories that have surfaced on the web about children who remember past lives have intrigued me from the start.  These children are often able to recall locations, details about friends, family, and locations, and in some cases, even the way they had previously died.  Some of the most compelling evidence involving these cases are the birthmarks or scars that are often associated with the way the previous life had come to an end, appearing on the children who believe they are that person reincarnated.  Having read Tom Shroder’s book “Old Souls” was one of my favorite reads of the year, though the book came out many years ago.

Though this is only a small sampling of what I have learned about and discovered this year, I wanted to mention these few topics as it is a step away from the typical ghost and UFO stories that everyone knows about.  Every day fringe topics pop up around the world and, though often mocked by the mainstream media, deserve the attention that many other news stories get.  It’s been said often but until these topics get serious coverage they are going to continue to be considered nothing serious and filler for some news stations.  Hopefully with the coverage given to the topic by the likes of Micah Hanks, Ben and Aaron, Jim Harold, Cam and Kyle, Graham and Darren and with people like RPJ and all the others that ask the hard questions, question the facts, and seek the truth, these topics will finally get the respect they deserve.  A great job to everyone and continued success to us all in 2014.

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  1. Fortean Mind says:

    That game looks creepy. If I ever have some free time, I’ll have to check it out. I am very suspicious of the video from Russia though. Especially since it’s only been about five years since Slender Man was created. I suppose with all the people who do not know the meme and truly believe in him, what was filmed could be a tulpa created through their combined consciousness. I think they covered that theory on MU once or twice. Anyways, I hope your schedule works out and you get more opportunities to post. I look forward to reading them.

    1. paranormaljared says:

      Yeah I’m with you on the video from Russia. I like the idea of a tulpa, it’s certainly possible. But considering the slender man was just sort of created I don’t know if I buy what the tape shows as anything in particular, let alone the slender man. With that said I am also of the mind that legends and myths and mythical creatures stem from something true so with that said…where did the slender man really come from? What mythos? I honestly haven’t been able to find that out so if you or any other have an explanation let me know while I continue looking into it. Either way though I think it’s a creepy video.

      I actually downloaded the game but have yet to turn it on. Maybe tonight as it’s a rainy foggy day (and hopefully night) this would be a good time to scare myself to death haha. As far as my schedule goes I’m going to stick to a very set one I think for the better part of this year, or at least until things settle down around me. With that said I’m going to be good to go on the blog(s) with regularity I’m hoping. Talk to you again soon. Thanks for reading.

  2. D-ron says:

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