My dreams or something more?

For many years I have experienced dreams in a very vivid way.  Now not all the dreams I have are of this vivid, almost lucid, style; there is however a certain consistency in them that is the reason I write this now.  As a lover of the paranormal I often dream of hauntings and, at times, alien encounters.  There is nothing strange in that as I spend a good portion of my time thinking about, researching, and asking questions about paranormal activity.  What becomes strange about these dreams is that they all have the same reoccurring idea and feelings to them.  Recently, over the past year or two, I have learned to sense this feeling within my dreams and stay focused on them rather than wake up from them.  Don’t get me wrong, the experiences are often terrifying but I truly feel as if there is something more to them.  I want to retell a few of them here that I still remember very well to this day, in some cases almost a year later, and I welcome thoughts and comments about what this could be.  Perhaps it’s nothing at all.

The oldest dream I can remember that involved these same feelings (of which I will describe later in as much detail as I can) involved me walking around in a previous house that I had lived in.  Prior to this dream I had had these feelings before but as this is the oldest one I can vividly remember without making up filler facts I will start here.  I was walking in my kitchen when I felt a tug on my shirt, I knew at that moment in my dream that it was about to happen again.  Suddenly I feel a force come into my body, I’m lifted into the air and left hanging, weightless.  This is usually about the point that I wake up however in this instance I remember telling myself “this is just a dream, stay with it” and I did.  Often times I am able to turn around while hanging in the air, other times I am paralyzed; this particular dream was the former and I rotated myself in midair.  I began hearing whispers, something trying to tell me something, though I was unable to understand it at the time.  After struggling to hear these whispers I was suddenly dropped and I woke up from my dream.  Though these dreams are very intense and I can obviously remember them after an extreme amount of time has passed, I never wake up with a jump or screaming, I simply open my eyes.  I find that to be a strange part of this.

The next dream I can remember well occurred about six months ago.  I had hit a rough patch in life and was forced to stay at my father’s apartment for an extended period of time where I slept on the living room couch.  Not a great situation but it is better than sleeping on the street.  On this particular evening I was awoken (in my dream) to a sensation of something in the room with me.  I stood up and began to look around when out of nowhere the force entered me again;  This time with quite a bit more violence.  I was lifted into the air and hung there for a second or two before being thrown through my apartment door (I will say here that I don’t know if the door was open in my dream, closed and I slammed through breaking the door down, or simply passed through the door itself) over the railing and down the stairs.  Again I simply opened my eyes at that point, and though I do remember gasping a little there was no sudden jumping or anything like this.

The last dream I remember well, and the one that actually led me to write this blog tonight, occurred only about two weeks ago.  In my dream I was at a neighbor’s house and as I was getting ready to leave I recognized that I was in a dream.  I remember knowing that if I went to his basement I would be able to create this happening again.  I clearly remember telling myself “hmm, I wonder if I can create that feeling again.  I haven’t sensed it in a while.”  So off I went down a flight of stairs and into a door on the right side at the bottom of the stairs.  The room was well lit with another door on the opposite wall that I associated with an entrance to his garage, though I never got that far.  I took no more than four or five steps into this basement and felt it a split second before being thrown into the air weightless again.  I hung there for what seemed like minutes but I know was only seconds.  The sensation was stronger this time, it very rarely is a “good” feeling I get from this but this time there seemed to be a lot of anger.  As I mentioned before I am often able to move around while being hung there…..however this time I had no need to try to move on my own.  I remember hearing a bit of a growl or a grinding type of noise (though full disclosure here I may be adding that in now as I think back on it, I cannot be positive about this) I was, I don’t know whether to say dragged or thrown but I think the better description is dragged (though I was still weightless) across the room aggressively and I noticed a small wooden door, no more than maybe three feet high.  I was being dragged to this door and I knew very well that I did NOT want to go in that door.  Just as I was being dragged into it I was able to move my leg to press it against the wall to stop myself.  It was then I woke up.

I have had this dream many times, more often than these other locations, happen in the home I grew up in.  I don’t mention these accounts here because I cannot clearly recall the details of them other than the room (my old bedroom) and the feeling of being grabbed, pulled into the air, and hung there weightless.  I can attest to the feeling I get every time I wake from these dreams (a feeling that I am getting as I write this as a matter of fact and that in and of itself is a bit strange to me as I am sitting at work in my office on lunch and have no reason to be having these intense feelings).  The best way I can describe it is the sensation you get after you get a cold shiver.  Goosebumps all over your flesh, hairs on your neck standing up, and you can simply feel prickles all over your body.  The one part of my body I notice feeling strangest each time is the upper part of my legs by my quads and hamstrings.  The sensation is always the strongest there and I often have to rub them or simply lay there and try to forget about it for a bit before the “shiver” feeling goes away.

I mentioned this story briefly during a paranormal podcast recently in the chat room and a woman who claims to have a “vision” of people and what is going on around them mentioned the thought of alien encounters.  For some reason that is often what I have associated this with, although the dream itself always feels more of a ghostly variety.  I really do not have any answers, and frankly I’m not really all that afraid of it even though at the time it is occurring it is some of the most intensely scary moments I can imagine.  I am learning to allow myself to sense these feelings in my dream and to know I’m in a dream so I can stay with it.  In my everyday life I have trained myself to sense my surroundings well and have had confirmation on multiple occasions about paranormal activity being found or believed to be in an area that I sense.  This is what I am trying to do with these dreams now and hopefully I will have an answer someday.  I just feel like there is something to these that I am supposed to understand.  Though I do caution myself that each time these dreams occur (especially lately) they seem to be getting more intense and more violent (I don’t know if that is the right word given that I don’t remember being hurt in them and I don’t wake up in any sort of pain but it is the best word I can give to describe it at the moment).

So that is my story for now.  If and when this happens again I will make it a point to blog as soon as possible in hopes of giving you all the most accurate information.  With all that said if any of you have thoughts on what this could be, perhaps it’s nothing more than a bad dream, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you’d have a similar situation but do not want to post please feel free to shoot off an email to me. I’d love to hear from you all.  Thanks for taking the time to read.

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  1. Hey, Jared.

    Question: How old were you by the time you had the 1st dream you’re recounting in this post?

    1. Jared Grace says:

      Hey RPJ, I’ve had some pretty intense dreams throughout my life..but this variety of dream with these same feelings have only been happening the last maybe 2 years. I’m 31 now.

  2. Hmm. A second question would be: In these dreams, do you have the same age you have in waking life?

    1. Jared Grace says:

      And yes…I’m the same age as I am now in these dreams. It’s as if it’s happening in my reality.

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