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  1. Jim Peters says:

    I have been listening to your podcast for a couple of months. I sometimes work the night shift and your shows (along with NO AGENDA and THC) really make me look forward to working that shift! As past producer, director, editor and videographer for a public access cable talk show on paranormal subjects, I really appreciate what you guys have created and what it takes behind the scene to consistently create such a quality product. Therefore I have subscribed to your newsletter and next will become a donor and not a boner and give you some GAS money. May your passion for these subjects keep you making more shows for years to come!

  2. BUANG88 says:

    Great podcast guys. I really enjoy what you put on the table. Keep up the interesting conversations. Check out my shenanigans at

  3. Spigot says:

    Best podcast around. I just can’t wait to hear the boys bring great conversations every Saturday mornings. Please keep up the great work and I’m sure that it will(hate to say pay off) pay off in the future. Keep bringing the human kind enlightenment and again, thanks a lot for all you do. Go Canada hey!

  4. Craig Ward says:

    Just started listening to you guys. I’m from the UK and listen to podcasts regularly whilst working.

    You have recently asked for more newsletter sign ups. I’d like to point out in case you didn’t realise its not very easy to find the link took me a few minuted.

    If I may recommend making it more accessible may just a direct link near top of home page.

    Just getting started and already learning to expand my mind thanks so much guys never give up.

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