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First of all, to all of you out there that take the time to read my blog (and any others that the hard workers here at Grimerica put out) I’d like to apologize for my long delay and thank you for again stopping in to check out “A Paranormal World.”  As most of you can understand, life sometimes gets in the way and time, as relative as it is, sometimes slips past you as well.  Regardless, I am back now and I hope you all enjoy the rantings of a New Englander as the seasons change to the spookiest of all as we embrace the beauty that is FALL.

One of the topics I enjoy talking about, on here and in my personal life, is religion.  Partly because it is so taboo for most people and partly because I genuinely enjoy knowing what people think on the topic.  While some people scare the daylights out of me with their blind faith and never questioning attitude, others truly put together solid, well thought out arguments on the topic.  Personally, though I’m technically Catholic I am certainly not practicing and would classify myself more in the spiritual realm than anything else.   While faith is important to a lot of people, I often wonder how much of people’s faith is simply the placebo effect.  With that said, I was browsing through my Netflix queue this afternoon and came across a documentary called “The Unbelievers”.

The Unbelievers

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this documentary, it is essentially the pairing of Lawrence Kruss and Richard Dawkins traveling the world and talking about science, faith, and the cosmos.  While I do not believe everything that Dawkins in particular (this was my first real introduction to Krauss) has to say on topics, I highly respect the man and his opinions always come with a high level of research and understanding; something that makes him all the more trustworthy.  They both tackle the atheist perspective brilliantly, and without giving away too much of the film (that I’d recommend you watch as well), each tasking themselves with bringing atheism to the mainstream.  They talk in length about the “Age of Reason” and why people need to think for themselves and be rational.  While I preach the same motto of not simply being a follower but doing your own research, the film and the presenters themselves fall into the one part of “rationality” that I can never seem to fully get on board with.  Science is great, and science holds the key to the universe (I truly believe it can get there) but science is far too limiting in its current understanding.

When science looks to topics such as the supernatural it runs into the dilemma of not being able to come to a rational understanding of it.  Why?  Because science is based in facts and data that can be replicated in a stable environment.  For the most part I find this to be the exact way in which the world should be approached.  However, there is so much on Planet Earth, let alone the entire universe that is not understood, how can one be so bold to claim that science has all the answers?  Here we approach the problem with claiming there is no higher power, no GOD if you will.

Dawkins and Krauss talk about how the universe could have been made from nothing (The Big Bang).  While I firmly believe The Big Bang to be fact, I can’t yet wrap my head around how something can come from nothing.  While Krauss talks about how nothing can come from something, citing mass religious extinctions and the death of enlightenment periods throughout our history, how something as massive as our universe can come from….well….NOTHING just doesn’t make sense.  Now perhaps Krauss is onto something here and I simply don’t have the amount of information I’d need to wrap my head around such a weighty topic, but for now I have to stick with my own personal beliefs, my own faith.

I find it difficult to believe that something as complex as human DNA can be created simply by the Earth being hit asteroids, meteors, and the like and the right combination of protons, electrons, neutrons, etc hit in the right possible way and *poof* here became life.  With that said let me slightly digress for a moment and ask the reader this.  If that is your belief, if that is truly what happened, why could that not have happened to any number of infinite planets we have in outer space?  What makes humanity so special?  We’re not that special, that is the answer.  Back to my current point.  I’ve mentioned this in previous posts and I’ll mention it again here now because I believe it is important to the conversation on God and if there is one.  Perhaps our DNA is too complex and special to be a random act of happenstance.  Perhaps a higher power did create us.  But maybe, rather than that higher power being the Catholic God, Allah, or the countless other Gods and Goddess mentioned across the world, our creators are the extra terrestrial beings that were advanced enough to come up with our DNA code.


If The Big Bang did create the universe, what created the energies that created The Big Bang?  In fact, what created the being/thing that created the energies that created The Big Bang.  It goes on and on forever.  As far back as the mind can take you without making you feel dizzy and a little sick to your stomach.  However you’d have to imagine that at some point there was nothing..and thus something created from nothing.  Dawkins and Krauss certainly bring up great points, and they are certainly well read, well researched individuals worthy of our highest respect, but I think it is far too early in humankind to close the door on faith and the cosmos and how they may be intertwined.  We simply do not know nearly enough to qualify ourselves as experts on either topic.  There may be experts on such topics as we currently understand them, and I wouldn’t call it a huge leap to say Dawkins and Krauss fill the rolls nicely, but I ask the readers of this blog, the scientists hard at work everyday trying to solve the mysteries of the world and universe, and Dawkins and Krauss themselves to leave a little wiggle room.  Do not allow yourself to be cornered into believing the answers are clear when we know so little.  To give Krauss credit, he does mention the wonder and happiness being proven wrong can give a person.  Perhaps one day we will definitively be able to do just that.

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  1. Pat O says:

    Nicely done! I’ll have to check this doc out when I’m done burning my way through Trailer Park Boys S8. I totally agree that religion has become far too taboo of a topic lately, mostly I think because everyone is afraid of being branded a right wing asshole or religious extremist. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here people.

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