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Grimerica Talks to Reverend Michael Carter


Podcast: Play in new window | Download  Rev. Michael Carter chats with Darren and Graham. Don’t think this is all about Religious scriptures and Aliens… Rev Michael Carter is so much more. This is also about an old school reiki master and the coming out of a Contactee. We talk about his book, “Alien Scriptures”…


Grimerica Talks to Chase Kloetzke


Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadChase Kloetzke, Author, UFOlogist, Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator extraordinaire joins the boys on this Ep to chat about some of her creepier encounters while chasing these illusive phenomenons. Although a tad late for Halloween, Children of the Corn meets Signs meets Blair Witch in this episode!! Check out Chase’s radio…


Grimerica Goes to Paradigm 2013


Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadRed Pill Junkie and Graham join Darren to summarize the experience at the Paradigm Symposium 2013. They chat a bit about all the presentations and the good times over the 4-5 days. Links to all the guests and their sites: Micah Hanks and the Gralien Report. Scotty Roberts…