Psychedelics and the UFO phenomena

Hello Grimericans, I am attempting to write a book that deals with psychedelics and the UFO phenomena. I’m interested in collecting anecdotal reports from people who have had these experiences while on a mind-altering substance. While I’m not necessarily looking for entity encounters as that can go into a whole different realm, I am open to reports that do include abduction and physical contact with beings while maintaining the UFO experience itself. I have had an experience myself while on lsd with 3 other friends about 16-17 years ago and it has stayed with me so I’m approaching this as an experiencer and participant. Please feel free to email me at You can visit my Amazon author page at and my blog is at

I’m particularly interested in reports that contain synchronicities or a good deal of high strangeness. Please include the type of substance and dosage, along with your story – the more detailed the better. Also interested in the context of your psychedelics usage, i.e. For fun, spiritual enlightenment, etc.

If possible, please also provide me a name that you’re comfortable with publicly(it can be your full name , first name, initials, etc. ) and also just a brief and simple statement granting me (Matt Schmitz) permission to use your story in my book.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I may have something to contribute, happened last month actually, but it was during a fever hallucination and I was only on NyQuil (30ml.) If that counts, I’d be glad to give you a write up and draw you some sketches. Let me know.

    1. Matt Schmitz says:

      I’m in over my head at the moment with the psychedelics man but I would still love to see a dedicated blog post about this as it does pertain to altered consciousness.

  2. Mr. Owl says:

    I saw this request for reports from people dealing with UFOs and psychedelics and thought to myself: do people really think they’re ready for this? Finally, after all of these years? I have noticed that, in recent years, the stigma towards these types of experiences has begun to thaw and that it is actually now a pretty hot topic. For myself and others close to me, these two experiences have gone hand in hand. Whereas in the past I have felt that I couldn’t even begin to tell of my experiences because psychedelics played such an important and integral part, while at the same time instantly negating the validity of my story. I often think to myself, as if I was relating my experiences, ‘It never would have happened without the psychedelics’ and my poor listener thinking, ‘Well, of course not, you were tripping balls.’ It is of course, a very self negating conundrum. The implications behind the connection between the two are earth shattering and I feel may have the potential to reveal more about the true reality behind the phenomenon that anything else that has come along in quite some time.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. I find it even difficult for myself to wrestle with these two topics together even though my experience has proven some connection. It could be the larger question of the role our consciousness (altered or otherwise) plays in conjunction with the phenomenon and reality as a whole. I’d like to hear more of your perspective as much of my interactions have resulted in me defending my decision to link psychedelics with UFOS even though this concept goes back decades. I know enough to not put all my eggs in this basket but it’s a puzzle piece that needs to be added finally. You may find a recent post on my own blog echoes a couple of your own sentiments.

  3. Mr.Owl says:

    Hey Matt. That book ain’t going to write itself. Get back on that horse my friend. The time is now for this subject to really be explored. If you don’t write about it somebody is going to beat you to it. Peace!

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