Racism, Poverty, and Profit

Racism and bigotry has come full circle. No matter who you are, there is a group to hate. Don’t like darkies? That’s a classic. But if you’re into hating your elders, whites, or males, your time has come! No longer is the bottom rung only for minorities or females! Progress has put us all on the bottom! Want to hate on the children? Millennials are lazy! Want to hate on your parents? Old people are senile and crazy! Want to hate on the rich? Robber barons! The poor? Also lazy, those ingrates! Want to hate on anyone with a different skin tone, language, class, caste, religion, nationality, or profession? Your time is now! We hate them all! Especially you, fucking calicos!

Some people notice the increasingly harsh tone coming from all sides. They warn it’s a divide and conquer strategy. Divide the commoners against each other in order to control them. Of course, this can only be the case if there is a bold conspiracy to control us all… Or might it be that we are simply a chaotic race in which parasites abound? Frauds, gangsters, murderers… Our chaos is their order. We lose our humanity to gain a profit, and the people become all the more poor.

We are poor. We are poor of spirit and poor of materials. We are poor of understanding and poor of health. Confusion reigns. Life is hard on all of us. Yet, we all seek profit instead of prophet. What is the difference? Profit is the money in my pocket, debt paper demanding the chattel of the future pay for here and now. Enslave them before they are born! It is the small heart of the cruel man taking and taking, but never giving. The profit is individual. For these people, bigotry is nothing personal. It is sound business. We hate ’em all, even our own, and we profit.

What we need is prophet. We need people that add to others as well as themselves. We need innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs seeking the good of the win-win solution. Our problem isn’t actually racism, as most of us are quite accepting of others. That is only the divide and conquer strategy of those that would have us look the wrong way. Our problem is poverty. Our problem is that we are convinced we are morally bankrupt as well as physically.

Our answer is true wealth: a wealth of good information, of proper action, and kind participation. Leave the small minds to debate small topics, and go about your own business. Stick to what works. Reform yourself and lead by example. Don’t bother with permission. The ones granting permission don’t have your interest at heart, only your control. Somehow the lunatics have taken control of the asylum. But I will live in an asylum no more. I’d rather beg forgiveness than ask permission. So I work hard, and when I can’t take anymore, I socialize and play among my friends. Just having friends proves I’m a good person. Cheats, thieves, and charlatans only have marks. When they look about the world, they see only victims and fellow perpetrators.

We don’t have to involve ourselves in the hate and bigotry so often fed to us. It is our choice. Do we want to concentrate on all the terrible things done to us, and by us? Let justice claim us all. We will all be blind by the end of the day. Or shall we allow mercy to tug our hearts, and remind us that despite our faults we have many triumphs and many virtues? Forget the ongoing battles between this and that group, offering only hate and violence as a solution. Focus on your values. Focus on the valuable. Focus on the good you can do for yourself, for your friends, and for the world at large. If the haters come at you, keep to your business, or tell them what you think. If they try to take by force and come at you with violence, hit ’em in the mouth and defend what is yours. That is your right.

We are victims none or victims all. Give good to the world, or get what you get. There is no taking without giving. If you refuse to give, know that nature will eventually take you. We all end up in the grave, even those that live to be 103 and steal their whole lives. The question is what we will be between now and then. Personally, I like the give and take. I give that others might take, and take that others might give. In the end, I only hope to add some wonder, some thought, and some goodness to my kind. We need a world of prophets, a world of tihinkers, seers, and doers. We don’t need to suffer the lies and deceptions of the devilish few. This is our world as much or more than it is theirs. We can answer with kindness, love, and hope, or we can be caught up in the violence, fear, and hate, and see ourselves washed from the world. The choice is ours. The choice is yours.

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