Mysterious Black Sky Ring over Grunthal, Manitoba, Canada


Witnessed on Friday, August 15th 2014 near Grunthal Manitoba

So basically around 9 last night we were driving home and Brenda and Dave spotted this black ring on the sky.We pulled over and got out and took pictures and watched it for a few minutes.  I looked like it was moving slowly towards where we were.  We got back in the truck and within a few seconds it was gone.  From the time we noticed it until it was gone was probably less then 5 minutes. It was close to Grunthal


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  1. G-gnome says:

    I’m a little surprised at how nice these pics turned out. They really seem to do it justice although I wasn’t there in person.

    It looks very similar to the story open minds had a while back from the UK. Black ring looking like this one. I believe the other one ended up being an actual smoke ring, quite large of course. Generated from a ground based fireball or explosion.

    I wonder what was happening in the town at the time and if any other pics will surface on the web.

    Thanks Darren,
    link to Open Minds article.


    1. Rienone says:

      It’s a smoke ring. Saw them making these over and over again at Bonnaroo. Check this out!

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