Seven, the Chevron, or Number of Magic

There’s a lot of discussion about magic, how it works, and how to work it. In numerology, 7 is the number of luck, talents, intuition, and manifestation. Seven is the cutting edge, the ever present now, expanding, constricting, dividing, and multiplying as we move into the next moment.

Magic is how the universe operates. We do not get to know it all, but only a piece. Our consciousness is always one less (6 is the number of consciousness). It does not matter if we do not understand how the world works, and our weak, insistent arguments can not nudge, influence, or hijack what is possible. The true operation of magic is aligning ourselves with the true work of the world, instinctually, subconsciously, and consciously.

But if we can only manipulate the conscious mind, how are we to tune our instincts and our subconscious? How do we influence that which we cannot access? What if I told you we can access our instincts, and our subconscious?

The heart is the seat of our instincts. Our emotions let us know when our spirit is lacking. Fear in its many forms empties us and saps our instincts. Love in all its forms fuels our heart, and makes it lighter than the proverbial feather. When our heart is light, the proper course opens of its own accord. It is an obvious path if we are in balance.

The belly is the seat of our subconscious. There is increasing science to support a direct line between the gut and brain. We have “gut reactions” and often “go with our gut” about certain things. But our subconscious is only as healthy as our appetites. The world is here for our pleasure, as God made it pleasing to us. But we should not overdo it. If our virtue becomes vice, we will destroy ourselves by becoming slave to the material body and its insatiable wants.

Finally, there is the mind, the conscious mirror of symbol and glyph. Our words and thoughts cascade like a river over rock, and we easily confuse this unending rush with the world as it is. If we think a thing hard enough, can we make it so? But the world is not so easily manipulated.

The key is balance. We seek to balance the hope of the heart, the precision of the mind, and the appetites of the body. If we want to live full and interesting lives, we will need all three aspects of our selves. The universe does not expand with ever increasing complexity so we can ignore one part or another.

The relationship between the holy trinity and the cutting chevron is emblematic of sex magic with the active seven serving the role of the phallus, and the near circle of three serving as the yoni. Our balance must accept the honest state of the world. Although we are also magic, we are small compared to the unending string of stars and galaxies. We should not put ourselves above our true station.

Magic is more than we will ever know, but magic always works, hence why we practice. Practice what works and practice your magic. If we put ourselves in balance, we can access it with greater ease and to better ends. Yes, there is black magic, in which we occult our small discoveries, and hoard our base understandings. Dark magic lords its slight advantages against others. But dark magic is always a small thing compared to light. Dark magic is a groping and selfish endeavor, mistaking the elephant in the room for a mere rope, a tree, or a serpent.

Light magic is revealing and explosive. Light serves the senses, and thus makes sense. Not only do we see the elephant, but the world in which it stalks. Dark magic is forever fading, as the devil quotes scripture better than all the others. But the devil does not understand the words, as he trips on his own lies. White magic forgives us of our unending imperfection. White magic is maximizing our strengths to minimize our weaknesses. The world isn’t meant to be perfect. It is simply meant to be balanced, and that balance must be our own. We can practice our balance, and learn to stand, walk and run; or we can lie, cheat, and steal, and put off our balance for another day. But do not fool yourself. The universe will have her due, in this life or the next. Live in the light or die in the dark. The choice is yours, magician.

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  1. Ulysses says:


    Do you use a particular system of numerology or an amalgam? Something else?

  2. M. Andrew Jones says:

    I studied various authors and use what works for me, but mostly I just stare at my hands and do simple math. The rest is intuition. If others have discovered the truth studying nothing but nature, I can do the same. The numbers start to tell their own stories after a while.

    Here’s a story in number: 1/7 = 0.142857142857142857142857142857….

    Notice any pattern? (Hint: start with 7 and double)
    Which digits are missing?
    What other numbers offer a repeating infinite fraction when dividing 1?

  3. M. Andrew Jones says:

    Also, I did write a small book about what I’ve gleaned (and been given). I don’t know why I’m so reticent to share… Give me your mailing address and I’ll send you a copy on the house! But you have to blog about it if you like it…

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