Speaking of Sasquattle

Part II of an Infinite Part Series

The Bigfoot/U.F.O. Connection


Hello Grimericans! Well Now that the holidays are over and my goal of at least one blog post a month is royally screwed and thrown out the window, I decided to return to my series of posts about our Hairy Friend of the Forest. If you missed part 1 of the series, you can find it by clicking here. In this post I will be discussing the high strangeness associated with our friend the Wood Ape, and its sometimes uncanny coalitions with sightings of the high strangeness in our skies. Now many will scoff at the mere idea that these two phenomenon have anything to do with one another. I get that. I am guilty of scoffing too. But in the spirit of open-mindedness, and since this is the only request I’ve gotten from anyone on the Bigfoot topic (a-thank you G-Ram), I decided to grab my headlamp, secure my rope to a steady anchor and climb down the rabbit hole. Before you decide to ignore even the possibility that such a connection exists, you too should remember that you’re probably on this sight because you are also open minded and honestly, what’s it going to hurt?


Okay, bad example.


                Believe it or not, there is a long history of Bigfoot-like creature sightings in close, and in some reports, extremely close proximity to U.F.O. sightings. There are even a few reports of what appears to be Sasquattle on board, if not piloting the unknown craft. Now it would be easy to say that if someone is making up a report about seeing a Sasquatch running through a field then it would be just as easy to say that there was a strange shaped object with lights hovering overheard as well and vice versa. I’m sure in some reports, this is the case. Enthusiasts and investigators of both phenomenon need to understand that not all reports are true and even the ones where someone actually saw something, the story can be embellished or parts of it could be ‘filled’ in with false memory or as some have speculated, with screen memories. Some of the “screen memories” are so outlandish, that they might only serve to discredit the person who’s reporting it. Of course this doesn’t mean discount everything someone says about an experience, but it does meant you shouldn’t automatically assume every detail is accurate. How many stories and reports have you read or heard and how many of those do you think aren’t completely truthful or down right falsities? Oops… I appear to be getting off into a tangent. Let me just check my bearings and adjust the helm of this ship accordingly and we’ll get back on course.



Finally, a pirate reference.



So let’s set aside the woo-hoo factor for the rest of this blog and take these claims as seriously as any other. In researching this blog I came across a post of MU by our friend Micah Hanks. In it he relays a passage from the late Mac Tonnies final book, ‘The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation of Indigenous Humanoids and Aliens Among Us’, in which Tonnies wrote:

 It bears mention, that eminent primatologist Jane Goodall had defended the scientific search for “Bigfoot,” a cryptohominid commonly described as enormous. Assuming a gigantic and purportedly foul-smelling primate can successfully lay low, it may be substantially easier for an intelligent technical society, with a tested capacity for stealth and a full repertoire of disinformation tricks, to dodge our radar.

Could advanced technology be the reason why the creature known as Bigfoot remains obscure to mainstream science? It would definitely answer the question as to why solid proof of its existence is effectively null. Some might say that this theory is just too convenient. It explains why they manage to evade capture, it explains how a breeding population large enough to sustain the amount of sightings reported every year, it could even explain how every photo of the cryptid is blurry. I can think of a few instances in my life that I wish I had a device that would blur any images captured of me. But this theory also has no tangible data to support it. There are, anecdotes and claims from psychics that reportedly converse with our also supposedly psychic forest friend. Why can’t we just take the word of these people that report long telepathic communications with Sasquatch? It’s simple. You can’t prove paranormal with paranormal. So until psychic abilities can be proven and measured definitively by science, this source of information is invalid regardless of how entertaining it can be.



 Letters from the big man 03

“What do you mean no one believes that I’m psychically talking to you? Did you show them the picture I told you to draw?”


But we’ll save the in-depth look into the reported psychic abilities of Sasquatch for another time. So besides a few reports of people actually seeing Bigfoot-like creature onboard unidentified aircraft, (sometimes called a race of beings known as Sasquans or by other similar names) the main reason why researchers of both the UFO and Sasquatch phenomenon, are because of the sometimes uncanny coalition between sightings of the two. Yes, yes. Coalition doesn’t necessarily mean causation but that’s why it’s called a hypothesis. That’s also why it’s called research. With out checking out the facts and exploring the possibilities, how can we lay this question to rest? So let’s go over some of the possibilities of any coalition between the two.


  1. Sasquatch are exiled criminals and Earth is a penal colony.

This suggestion has it flaws and it also has a few plausible points of argument. One of which is that if you were to exile criminal from your planet, nay, your solar system, double nay, your part of the galaxy, where would be a better place than to dump him/her than a planet full of curious, violent creatures who would love to dissect them if they got a chance? But on the other side of the spectrum, once enough of these outlawed creatures were placed here, what would be stopping them from setting their differences aside, (if any) and simply taking over? Ah, but you’re thinking that maybe the beings that put the offenders here somehow put safeguards in place like limiting their range of mobility to certain territories or maybe even a language barrier that prevents them from understanding each other. Or maybe even a safeguard that would make them destruct if they got to close to each other. Either way, maybe you might want to leave your cash at home the next time you’re in the woods and maybe go hiking in a group. Remember, there is strength in numbers. And always be weary of a Sasquatch throwing up gang signs.


  1. Bigfoot is the E.T. equivalent of a lost chihuahua.

Okay, maybe not a chihuahua, but you get the picture. A lost pet that has run off into the woods whilst the owners are on vacation. And despite these beings being far superior in both intellect and technology, their civilization has somehow yet to come up with putting a chip in their pets. Oh sure, they can anal probe humans all day and are basically giving away implants to track abductees left and right, but when it comes to popping one in ol’ Junior, what? They can’t find it in their budget? I just don’t see this one being plausible.


  1. Speaking of anal probes…

This hypothesis is my favorite. It includes the aforementioned, highly intelligent and technologically advanced race of beings above that traveled and undisclosed distance of space and time to our home world and finds not only a civilization of that expands the reaches of the globe and another intelligent being that hides from the former. Now if you’re going to research the one, why not the other. Or any other cryptids for that matter? Could that be why Nessie has taken a hiatus as of late? Could our favorite Scottish cryptid been taken aboard one of these crafts and experimented on? Maybe dissected like a junior-high experiment? Or maybe Nessie is a delicacy in some parts. Maybe our hairy friend is as well. Maybe they take “Messin’ with Sasquatch” to a whole other level.


  1. Self-exiled/refugees.

One idea that I’ve come across is that the Big Guy is here willingly, whether it be because it did an unspeakable wrong or a cultural taboo that sent waves of guilt and gazes of shame upon it. So overwhelming was this guilt that it had to travel light-years to try to escape it. Or maybe it was trying to escape from something else. Maybe a political party or a dictator. Maybe a tyrannical army. If the latter is true, what happens if whatever is looking for these defector Sasquattle finds them, and in effect, finds us?




“Humph… Me has lot to think about.”



So what do you think? Is there a possible connection between the two phenomenons? If so, what do you think that connection is? Is it one I mentioned here, or is it one that you’ve thought of or heard somewhere? Please, leave it in the comment section. Oh, and before I go, I would be remiss if it didn’t mention the UFO and Sasquatch researcher, Stan Gordon. He is probably one of the most versed people in these two topics intertwining. And since no one left any feedback on my last feature ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, I decide to give it another go. Well that’s it for me Grimericans. Stay classy.


Down the Rabbit Hole


An interview with Stan Gordon

An article that references a few sightings and explores the idea that both phenomenons are thought forms/tulpas.

An article by Brad Steiger about Momo and the formation of a Sasquatch/UFO investigation team.

A nice, lengthy read.

A discussion on a few sightings in good ol’ PA.

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  1. Graham says:

    Well, thanks for getting out of the NA wood ape box for a bit here.

    Maybe they are from inner earth flying saucers left here hidden in plain sight to keep an eye on global warming!! Lol, just kidding.

    Maybe it’s more about the area, and it’s high strangeness, ie portal or ley line kinda thing, and sometimes in those areas these phenomenon overlap and intertwine ?!?!
    Thanks FM

  2. Pat O says:

    1) Have you seen Willow Creek yet? It’s Bobcat Goldthwait’s found footage Bigfoot movie. There’s no UFO connection, but there are a couple really great sequences in there and I’d love to hear your take on the ending.

    2) Coast to Coast has done several shows on all the people that go missing from our National Parks every year. Author David Paulides has written a series of “Missing 411” books about the phenomenon. He’s very unbiased and goes to great lengths not to offer an theories on what could be causing all these people to vanish, but there seems to be “proof” of a Trans-dimensional/Bigfoot connection to some of the cases.

    Now this I can buy. Bigfoot riding in spaceships from another planet? Doesn’t sound right to me. Bigfoot slipping through naturally occurring wormholes that pepper the landscape? That I buy.

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