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The past few months have been a time of serious transition for my family and me. We stand on the verge of following dreams that we’ve carefully thought over and have endlessly imagined. In the midst of all this I decided to launch a blog, upon which I have hopes of building something meaningful – a platform to disperse opinions, ideas, research, etc. I can easily talk the talk of our underground community in all matters of conspiracy subjects, ufo and paranormal research, psychedelics, and every aspect and theory one can throw under that umbrella. One particular subject, though, has weighed on me with some level of guilt, or rather, has me personally distraught. I feel a sense of responsibility to myself, my family, and to anyone who might visit my corner of the internet. What I’m talking about is our food and water, without which I wouldn’t be talking at all. I have long been aware of the blatant manipulation of these vital resources by a number of institutions and corporations and I think anyone who visits Altrusian Grace will most likely be aware of this already. There is genetic corruption of what nature has made perfect, the never ending creation and introduction of toxic chemicals into the over-processed food of our restaurants and grocery chains, the poisoning of our water both intentional and unintentional through fluoride dumping, landfills piled high with discarded pharmaceutical drugs draining into the ground, and even such things as the mining of uranium upon native lands. Check out some of these recent articles:


One can almost certainly not escape this madness. We become what eat and drink and I propose that we have yet to see this transformation in all its sickening glory. The substances that go into our bodies are of utmost importance. This is the first step of revolution and it starts from within yourself. This is how I’ve decided to proceed and do more than just talk the talk. I’m going to practice what I preach here and let clean food and water be my medicine, my foundation upon which my mind and body grow strong. No more will I play willfully ignorant to the fact that our sovereign being is constantly under attack by powers that wish to slow-kill us, breed us as disease-ridden and infertile, and ultimately lay claim to the title of gods. Here, with me making this pledge to treat my body with the respect it deserves, the revolution begins. I challenge anyone reading this to do the same and take back what should be our natural right in the first place. So what exactly am I doing? I am now fully four weeks in to eating a 90-95% organic, GMO-free diet. I got fed up with feeling like shit after always eating shit and I can tell you they’ve made it hard for the average person to make the switch: proliferation of fast food, cheap and low cost garbage lines the store shelves, and it’s all so very convenient! And why does eating better always cost more? One would think that food with less chemicals and processed ingredients would cost less, requires less energy to produce. And why should we pay more to prevent cancer or degrade our DNA? I’m not perfect by a long shot as I’m still learning this new lifestyle, tweaking it and perfecting it. I am being acquainted with a plethora of new food companies and brands and figuring out what tastes good and what I like in the health food arena. It’s quite ironic that I was a chef for almost 20 years and I come to find out that I know nothing. This path, it all starts with developing a simple knowledge base centered around the labeling of food. From there I went fully on the offense with my grocery purchasing. What I would like to do is try and break this down into bullet points for those who might be interested in my approach and who might be looking for a way to start a new lifestyle.

  • Stop buying everything you normally buy at the grocery store! Chances are the majority of food you have is not entirely good for you. This sounds easy to do but habits are hard to break. We are literally addicted to much of this junk.
  • Take some time to spend a couple hours at a grocery store. If you don’t have a Whole Foods, Trader Joe, or Outpost Natural Foods near you then you’ll probably have to jump between a few of the other “normal” chains. I currently don’t have any of the natural food stores near me so I tend to shop between Woodmans, Aldi, Target, and Pick N Save in order to find my desired items. The reason you want to initially set aside a block of time is so you can read labels and compare brands. It sounds boring and tedious but if you do the legwork now, your shopping will be easier later.
  • Know the differences between Organic and Non-GMO labels. My first choice in a product will have both a USDA organic label AND a Non-GMO Verified Project label. These are easy to spot although sometimes they are printed on the back or sides of a package. Be aware however that one doesn’t always mean the other. USDA organic doesn’t mean it won’t contain GMO. Also, a product that states “made with organic ingredients” only means that a minimum of 70% needs to actually be organic. This is when you need to dive a little deeper into the ingredient label to determine the possible harmful chemicals used. You should also become familiar with the PLU number on produce as this can tell you whether the fruit or vegetable has been grown organically, traditionally, or is genetically modified. You can view a quick guide to PLU numbers HERE.
  • Get familiar with some of the terms listed in a product’s ingredients. Look at some of the things you already have in your pantry and check them out online. You may find some interesting bits of info, some of which might just disgust you enough to toss it in the trash or even have a crime scene cleanup crew dispose of it. For example, L-cysteine, an amino acid often synthesized from human hair, duck feathers, and hog hair, is found in highly processed bakery goods. Here is a recent video from Ryan Gable of The Secret Teachings about ascorbic acid (what many companies like to call vitamin C) and citric acid:
  • Sometimes you just can’t win. Once in awhile when I’m looking for a certain item – for example the natural sweetener stevia – I’ll see four or five different brands all with different combinations of organic/non-GMO/ingredient lists but none of them meet all of my criteria. In a case such as this it might be best to just move on and do without it, but if you absolutely need it then go with lesser of all the evils. You’ll at least have the satisfaction that what you’re consuming is a step above the crap you have eaten before.

Like I stated previously, this is a work in progress. I’ve encountered difficulty in finding items I am totally okay with eating such as bread. Bread is currently my nemesis, especially since I don’t buy into the gluten-free craze. My opinion on gluten allergies and whatnot is that these are caused by genetically modified wheat and the pesticides used on the crops. Most of these products are just as bad as the rest of the processed food slop and I think many people pick gluten-free items thinking they are healthier in some manner. Nobody had gluten allergies a couple decades ago, so don’t fall for that label. Anyways, I’m working hard on this eating healthy thing now so it’s no longer an issue for me later on. I am incorporating more raw foods into my diet and more organic grains and just out of coincidence by what I’ve chosen to eat I’ve become vegetarian. I found that I had more than enough enjoyable food that tasted great that I didn’t even get around to thinking about meat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still down with eating a great free-range, antibiotic-free, non-GMO piece of chicken but right now I have no need or desire. Overall, there is a noticeable difference in my feeling of well-being and it’s incredible. To actually FEEL healthy just based on what you eat – what a concept! Next up I’m tackling our family’s water situation.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Ryan Gable of for all the hard work he’s done in researching and getting the word out about our food. He’s been the straw that broke this stubborn camel’s back simply by being real, honest, and someone who actually lives what he talks about. I have the highest level of respect for that.

So, until I get these new chemtrail photos uploaded, please think about what you shove in your mouth. There’s a revolution about to begin…

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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    PREACH ON! I’m in total agreement with you. The unnecessary sugars and fats added into many products tap into the human evolutionary preference for such food, developed in a time when sources of this were not nearly as abundant (fresh fruits) or required greater energy expenditure to access (meats). The market has managed to manipulate our natural drive into an addiction. YAY!

    Impeded bodies and illness are happy accidents for companies pushing this stuff on us. They keep everyone feeling insecure about there appearance, and feeling drained, tired, and unhappy. Unhappy people are more likely to buy something that promises a temporary reprieve from the misery of their existence. No one is actually suffering from a iphone deficiency, or but its a great little toy to anesthetise ourselves (myself included.)

    It seems as if there’s no escape either! Most homes aren’t equipped with space enough to grow food, or enough to provide for a family as their staple dietary source. If you’re lucky enough to have the land for it, you’ll have to contend with the weather and devote time and energy to your crops or livestock which most people, given the demands of the modern economy, cannot. Hydroponic gardens are a work around, but immediately flag you as a drug dealer, and invite big brother into your affairs.

    And I’m going to jump down off my soap box…

    What I mean to say in my rambling is that I wish you the best of luck in your journey. “They” won’t make it easy on you, but it sounds like you have the confidence in your decision to stay the course.

    1. Your points are all blog posts in themselves. Hopefully I’ll be able to address the gardening aspect in the future when life is expected to transform for us here. I’m not worried about government, as I’m already on the radar so fuckem I’ll hydroponic it up.

  2. Evan Forsch says:

    What you’re proposing is an insanely radical cultural change! Like trying to make Gujarati the official language of North America. I admire your conviction and look forward to updates on your journey. This transition would make a great book.

    1. Evan, is that not what we need? I think that within the next 10-15 years it will become evident to the mainstream that the western diet is at the root of all our rising diseases. And it’s not necessarily our fault, but rather the deliberate scheming of elitist power wolves bonding the pharmaceutical, food, banking, and military industries together. We begin the fight against the system with healing and making ourselves right.

  3. Adam Loyal says:

    Nutrition is really important. About 10 years go I started getting symptoms of early onset Alzheimers. Turned out I was deficient in b12 and folic acid. I went from looking at my cat, turning away and asking where the cat was to my memory and cognitive abilities being sharper than I can remember. I’m completely sold on nutrition over big pharma.

    1. Adam that’s great! Food and nutrition is our medicine 100% for sure.

  4. ForteanMind says:

    Awesome blog post my friend. The challenge of this change for most, especially those without the resources and funds, is as you said, the abundant convenience of EVERYTHING else that doesn’t meet the criteria that you laid out. These products are cheaply made and cheaply available and are on every shelf of grocery stores and gas stations. This is one of the many ways of keeping the impoverished as such. The majority of those who can’t afford this lifestyle change are probably not even really aware of what goes into their food that they can afford; and this is made so by the limited availability of the resources to inform them otherwise. One would have to make a determined effort to find such informative material and an even more concerted aspiration to achieve this aim of such a radical (culturally speaking) life change. When then adding the aspect of supporting a family, as in some cases, the goal becomes even less achievable, probably to the point of even going just a little further than initial research. A disparaging scenario indeed my friend. I am happy, however for your determination and look forward to hearing progress in the future. Hopefully, your efforts and those of others similar to yours, will help ignite the movement to turn this practice mainstream. Let the revolution begin. Cheers.

    1. It’s a catch 22. The chemicals in the foods keep people dumbed down so even when presented with the information they’ll continue to buy the same things. It might be hard but ultimately we have to vote with our dollars. My family budget is taking a hit but it’s been absolutely worth it, and now since I’ve been doing this new products I am interested in have appeared almost magically on the shelves. I’d say it’s quite synchronatic. The ultimate goal is to wake people up, and we must become extremist in this sense and present extreme information. But still how many people were apathetic when it came out that Pepsi and other companies were using aborted fetal tissue to flavor their drinks? Or that Burger King was found to be using horse meat? My crusade is beyond just eating healthy, it’s about avoiding this satanic ritualistic poisoning. Taken into that context the majority of consumers have participated in necrotic cannabalism on a mass scale. What the fuck???? Then mix our food situation with things like mass mind control through media, television, Canadian podcasts (LOL, jk), LF, RF, and EMF weapons. Throw in some chemtrails and geoengineering to extend control of the weather, climate changes, gain advantage in wars, make shitloads of money through willfully engineered problem action solution scenarios, etc. And all that is just the tip of the iceberg. We will never become an enlightened species if we don’t put an end to this. RAAAAAAA!!!! Fuck….. Ok I’m done. 🙂

  5. A Aron P says:

    Matt InTheHat, I’m totally on board with what you’re preachin. The closer you get to the source of nourishment, the better information that gives the body to build with. I am a walking hypocrisy as I say all this. I work on the road and so suffer, living out of hotels makes for very poor food choices.
    *eggs from a boiled bag… just how many eggs are in one bite? And what else is in there?
    *hamburger meat at the store…. same question how many cows?
    And here’s another question. How much misery are we consuming? I guarantee that none of those animals that contributed to the big mac or whopper were ever happy animals.
    We try to stock the pantry with organic and non GMO dried goods. We supplement the freezer with a quarter cow we bought from a local neighbor. It’s name was number 8. A half a pig from another neighbor. A couple of rabbits from our rabbitry and roosters from hatched eggs from our flock. We also keep bees for the honey and for the bees sake. The gardening should start this year too.

    Anyway, I like your rant. Keep your head up, We’re getting there. All humanity has to do is hold it together for a couple hundred more years and we’ll be squarely in good times.

    1. Thanks for the comments. You make some good points here in regards to eating meat. I was listening to a guru not long ago about this very subject and his advice was to eat in relation to the evolutionary scale. The further away you are with what you consume, the better. So a chicken is better than a pig, a fish is better than a chicken, etc. The higher up the evolutionary chain you go, the higher the level of consciousness the organism has and thus the greater impact on karma. So yes, when you consume misery you are negatively affecting your own state of well being.

      And don’t worry so much about being a “hypocrite”. I’ve deviated on occasion due to necessity but I jump right back on board as I’m able. A good point to make here is that it might not be bad to indulge once in a while. Those questionable things we eat may just help our body continue to recognize and build tolerances against their effects just like the immune system.

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