Synesthesia And Me


When I recognized my synesthesia I was startled, simultaneously realizing that I already knew I had it. A few weeks ago I was Skyping with Red Pill Junkie and the subject of mandalas came up, a sort of visual geometric symbol that people report seeing often within a spiritual context. As with many realizations I have this one popped up while deep in thought and immersed in a hot shower. With hot water running on my scalp and my eyes closed I tried to envision a mandala in the fluctuating patterns of colors that naturally pervade my vision when my eyes are closed. I didn’t see mandalas just a light blue washed denim color pattern in my vision. I kept watching the colors and I turned the water temperature up hotter as I was getting cold and got a sudden and very distinct feeling ‘this feels like purple’. I realized that the color pattern I was now seeing was a blotchy pattern of purple. I began cycling the temperature hot to cold and back again to see if the color patterns changed, to my delight they did. They shifted to a dark green puddle like pattern and then to a sky blue stripish puddle.With scalding heat a pale blue pattern of fast blizzard snow turned to a blinding hot white color.

Knowing that my perception of heat is overlaid on my vision it has me thinking about what other senses of mine may be crossed. I only see the patterns with my eyes closed or in the dark; It makes me wonder what I’m not seeing by keeping my eyes open.

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  1. Snow says:

    Wow! Extremely perceptive and insightful yet deep. Very much like some kind of almost unseen and most often imperceptive, thermal energy dispersal that seems to be taking place.

  2. Napoléon Doom says:

    I have read before that in infants, synethesia is the norm. Babies can taste colours and smell sounds, just the way we can we can with some psychodelic assistance. Eventually, we form solid synaptic connections that prevent us from experiencing stimulus around us in this unexpected way. However, I have to consider the possibility that we are being trained to see the world in a very limited spectrum, and that perhaps all those supposedly skewed senses are the more sincere experience of our surroundings. Given that, it might be possible that Mandalas are communicating a much deeper experience than what we take in with the eyes alone.

    1. Adam Loyal says:

      I really like your speculation on mandalas communicating the deeper experience. I would love to speak to a mathematician with mandala experience.

  3. Evan Forsch says:

    COOL! I’ve got Grapheme-Color Synesthesia. For me, every number, letter, day of the week & each month has it’s own color. For example, Monday is green, number three is blue and October is brown.
    It’s one of many topics I’ve got half written posts about. I also suffer from Lazysthesia.

    1. Adam Loyal says:

      Have you had any experience with psychedelics? I would love to know if people with pronounced forms of synesthesia have atypical psychedelic experiences.

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